DM-20 Gummy Depositing Machine

DM-20 Gummy Depositing Machine

Saintyco DM-20S Gummy Depositing Machine is the 2nd gen production line of functional gummy such as THC gummies. This equipment can make assortment sizes of candies, ranging from 1-7g. It has a total capacity of 6000-10000 gummies per hour.

SaintyCo manufacture and supply DM-20S Gummy Depositing Machine to increase the whole production efficiency. You can reduce labor costs, save space, and enable flexible production quantities. It has easy cleaning and changeover design that will allow your product to focus on quality and control.

DM-20S Gummy Depositing Machine from Saintyco is made of food-grade stainless steel material. It features rapid startup and low scrap rate, thermostatically controlled heating system, de-molding machine, pneumatically driven by pedal or button pressed, and mounted on wheels. Fully certificated by CE, GMP, and leading standards.

Saintyco DM-20S Gummy Depositing Machine is best for a small space with few staff. Its dimension measures 1252X920X1937 mm, weighing 300 kgs. The size of the plant will suit your room. The depositing speed is 7-10 times per minute. Air pressure; > 0.4 MPa. Power supply; 220V 60HZ 1P 5KW and Hopper Size is 25L.

With this advanced and continuous plant, you can customize gummies based on your gummy design. It can be configured according to your production needs. Tell us about your application, we will provide the best way to integrate our machines into your production line.

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Premium Quality Gummy Making Machine
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Flexible Production

Gelatin or pectin gummies, hard candies and other products can be produced with the DM-20S Mini depositor.

Consistent and accurate

Servo control system produces consistent shape and piece weight as well as precisely controlled
dosing of active ingredients. Products have a high-quality appearance and long shelf life.

Easy to operate

Simplicity is a decisive benefit with all operator actions prompted by instructions on the HMI screen.

Simple to operate, clean and maintain

Hygienic design, stainless steel construction, and programmed washout cycles allow quick and thorough cleaning for the fast changeover, and there is easy access for maintenance.

2-IN-1 Depositing and De-Molding

Integrated System Ensure The Whole Production Efficiency.

Quick Release

All molds are Teflon coated aluminum with ejection pin, allowing quick release of gummies. Mold customization is available based on your gummy design and dimensions.

Aviliable for silicon molds

Aviliable for silicon molds

.DM-20S Gummy Machine

  • Output:6,000-10,000 gummies/hr.
  • Entry-level operations or experimental and development work in larger operations.
  • The DM-20Sdeposits a high quality, smooth product with a consistent size and shape, and high piece weight accuracy.
  • The hygienic, starch-free process is ideal for pharmaceutical products where validation is required.
  • Vitamins, minerals, fibre and energy supplements can be incorporated and can be sugar-free and less than 1% fat.

Gummy Molds:

  • Recommend Quantity :100pcs/set.
  • Teflon Coated Aluminum with ejection pins
  • Silicon molds available.
  • Customized Size & Shape Variations
  • PLC with touch screen control
  • Servo drive depositing with demolding device by pedal press
  • Mounted on wheels.
  • No compression air required
  • Optional second hopper for two colour or centre-filled products
  • Rapid startup and low scrap rate
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Food grade stainless steel material
  • Thermostatically controlled heating system
  • Recommended weight per batch: 8-10 kg
  • 4g gummy
  • 8 strokes per minute
  • Finish within 20 mins
  • 8 times* 20 mins*20 cavity=3200 Unit
  • 3200 gummies*4g=12kg
  • 6000-10000 gummies per hour
Technical DataDM-20S
Capacity6,000-10,000 gummies/hour
Depositing speed7-10 times /min
Power supply220V 60HZ 1pH 5KW
Hopper Size25L
Weight300 kgs
Dimension1252X920X1937 mm
Gummy weight 1-7g(Customize for other weight)

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