DM-50X Mini Small Batch Depositor

DM-50X Mini Small Batch Depositor

At SaintyCo, we manufacture high-quality confectionery equipment to streamline your production. Anything from gummy bears to lollipops can be made in this depositor.

Our mini small-batch depositor produces up to 18,000 sweets per hour and a depositing speed of 35 times per minute.

SaintyCo’s flexible design features different molds, a batch cooking system, a PLC control system, and more.

Our advanced servo-driven depositing system ensures the consistent shape, size, and weight of each piece. This allows for minimal waste and footprint, as well as helps you cut costs.

If you want to add multiple colors to your pieces, we offer an optional second hopper. The hopper has a capacity of 30L, which is perfect for a small business.

SaintyCo’s small-batch depositors also prevent the recycling of starch, making this equipment safe for healthcare products like gummy supplements.

Professional small-batch depositors will help you grow your business.

Premium Quality Gummy Making Machine
to Rocket Your Business

Servo-Driven Depositing System

Provides sustained control of product dimensions and weights ,with negligible scrap rates and accurate dosing of Active ingredients.

Electrically heated hopper

Suitable for single colour products,a second hopper can also be incorporated for two colour or centre-filled products.

Easy to Operate

Simplicity is a decisive benefit with all operator actions prompted by instructions on the HMI screen.

Manual operation

The conveyor carrying the moulds to pass through the depositor and get deposited automatically

Mould Stacker+ Cooling Cart

Automatic mould stacking and cooling cart system integrates with ServoDose DM-50X confectionery depositors to eliminate the labor needed to handle moulds in low output production environments manually.


Pneumatic driven air cylinder for demolding, Changeable demolding plate to fit both metal and silicon mold.

Gummy Metal Mold

All molds are Teflon coated aluminum with ejection pin, allowing quick release of gummies. Mold customization is available based on your gummy design and dimensions.

Gummy Silicon Mold

Aviliable for silicon molds

DM-50X Mini Small Batch Depositor

  • Consistent high quality and accuracy
  • High quality, low-cost alternative to traditional methods
  • Production to validation standards
  • Learning Center
  • Servo-driven depositing system
  • Indexing mold conveyor
  • Electrically heated hopper, optional second hopper for two-color products
  • Full PLC controls with recipe management and alarm handling
  • Quick product changeover
  • Up to 30 strokes/min
  • 2g to 16g product weight
  • Wide Application in nutraceutical, medicated, and functional supplement market.
Technical DataDM-50X
Capacity18,000 gummies/hour
Depositing speed35 times /min
ApplicationsGummy, hard candies, lollipop, toffee
Power supply220V 60HZ 3pH 5KW
Hopper Size30 L
Mold typeSilicon, 2D &3D metal mold
Dimension and weight1180X786X2019 mm 300kg
Gummy weight 2-16g(Customize for other weight)

DM-50X Drawing

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