Double side sticker labeler is an equipment used for pasting stickers on two sides of a container, i.e., front and back.

This guide provides comprehensive details about numerous aspects of this labeling machine.

Hence, it gives you more practical ideas on making your purchase decision when looking for one.

Why Is Investing In Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Beneficial?

A Double Side Sticker Label

Double Side Sticker

This piece of labeling equipment presents a host of advantages, making it one of the best investments to have in your production plant.

Some noteworthy reasons making it an ideal investment include the following;

  • Offers high reliability

You can use this machine to label numerous product and container packages with limited downtime, if any.

It is efficient and easy to operate hence dependable, especially in an industrial setting.

  • Cost-effective to run

Typically, the running cost of a double side sticker label applicator is quite low.

Most of its operations are automated, which eliminates need for human labor, thus reducing operating costs.

Moreover, it is energy-efficient and reliable, making it easy to have a proper schedule within a particular timeframe.

  • Guarantees safety

This labeler is integrated with different safety features to protect the operator from imminent harm.

Modern designs also come with several sensors that detect any machine’s malfunction and stop the operation.

  • Enhances product appearance

You can be certain of getting an enhanced product appearance when using this equipment for branding.

In essence, this is important in a typical business world because it allows you to stand out and increase turnover.

  • Increased production throughput

Often, this instrument is faster and timely.

Hence, it allows you to easily increase your general production output since it can label products within shortest time possible.

  • Highly durable

The materials and construction design of this equipment makes it resilient to many physical and environmental factors.

Ordinarily, this is advantageous since, in the long run, it enables you to save on costs you’d otherwise incur in repair and replacement.

There Are Many Benefits That Come With Investing In A Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

There Are many Benefits That Come With Investing In A Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

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Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Is Made Of Which Components?

A standard double side sticker labeling equipment comprises numerous parts and components.

Each part of this equipment plays a specific role in ensuring it fulfills its labeling functions accordingly.

The main components of this machine, however, include the following;

Control unit – It consists of automated control and monitoring system integrated into a human-machine interface for operating the machine.

Frame – Also known as the chassis, its role is to support all the machine components to provide stability during labeling process.

Hopper – This part is specifically designed to feed the stickers you are using when labeling containers and bottles.

Conveyor – It is a component that enables product transfer from one section of the machine to another.

Labeling station – It contains labeling heads and pads designed for printing labels on different product surfaces.

Peel plate – The design of this component enables it to cut the stickers out of backing papers.

Machine sensors – They vary and are usually designed to relay different machine signals to the control unit when there is a sudden change effected.

Arm – It actuates a seamless labeling process by providing the roll feed with tension and braking.

Discharge plate – It detects and prevents label offset.

Drive roller – The design of this part allows it to pull backing web to halt each labeling sequence with assistance of pinch rollers.

Web unwind cylinder – This part is where the label rolls are located.

 There Are Various Parts Of A Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

There Are Various Parts Of A Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

What Is The Ideal Material For Constructing Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

Different manufacturers use a wide range of materials to make double side sticker labeling equipment.

Essentially, this device comprises different parts and components, all designed with different materials.

But the most dominant material for constructing main parts of this machine is stainless steel.

A typical stainless steel material portrays immense corrosion resistance, and this is vital, especially in different environments where it is used.

Besides, this material is also hardy thus durable hence it can endure aggressive mechanical conditions without wearing out easily.

And importantly, stainless steel material is easy to clean and maintain.

Ordinarily, this is vital, especially when using the machine to label food and beverage products since hygiene is always of great concern.

Notably, stainless steel is available in numerous variants, but the preferable ones include 302 and 316.

Which Industries Use Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

Several sectors dealing with different products often use double side sticker labeling machines.

Usually, the essence is to brand the product or imprint specific valuable information about the product for end-user awareness.

In an ideal world, this equipment is used in almost all sectors where product labeling is a requirement, such as the following;

  • Beauty and cosmetic production
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Food and beverage manufacturing companies
  • Water packaging industries
  • Petroleum products companies
  • Chemical manufacturing sector

Labeling Of Cooking Oil Using A Double Sticker Labeler

Labeling Of Cooking Oil using A Double Side Sticker

How Does Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Function?

Ordinarily, the working principle of this machine takes place in different phases before the container or product is ultimately labeled.

Here are these main stages;

  • Preparation

This phase entails ensuring the equipment is in the right state and ready to operate.

It also involves counter-checking all the needed materials are available and sufficient before commencing the process.

  • Bottle feeding

The operator feeds the bottles or containers to be labeled in the machine through the hopper.

With the help of a conveyor system, the bottles move to the labeling station.

  • Labeling stage

At this stage, the labels to be applied on the bottles or containers already contain relevant information and are of the right size and shape.

Hence, here the labels and the containers will move concurrently, allowing the labels to stick appropriately.

To guarantee and maintain precision in labeling process, the in-feed systems maintain the right spacing.

While at it, the peel plates cut the web films from the respective backing paper.

Stickers continue moving consistently in straight lines while the machine applies them on both sides of the container.

  • Discharge

Once the labels stick on the surface, the product exits the machine to move to the next step in the production process.

Modern double side sticker labeling machines with automated functions often identify and reject products, which do not meet the required standards.

How Accurate Is A Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

The exact accuracy of this machine usually varies depending on several factors.

For instance, the actual texture of the product surface is a core element, which determines labeling accuracy of this machine.

Nonetheless, most of these machines exhibit a labeling accuracy of ±1mm.

How Does Standard Side Sticker Labeling Machine And Multi-Purposes Double Side Sticker Machine Compare?

The major difference between these types of side sticker labeling machines lies in applying labels on different containers.

In essence, the design standard side sticker labeling unit allows it to stick labels only on specified bottles or containers.

For example, if the machine is designed for a flat container, it implies it can hardly label containers with different shapes or orientations.

On the other hand, a multipurpose double side sticker unit can label different bottles or containers of various sizes and shapes.

Thus, it means it does not have any restrictions on specific containers as far as labeling is concerned.

Multi Purposes Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Multi Purposes Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Why Is It Important To Label Products?

Product labeling is vital and usually attributed to numerous reasons, including the following;

  • It provides product specification

Normally, different products have different features, including packages and designs.

Besides, the actual product content may vary; hence the labels make it easy for the end-user to understand the specifications.

This is significant in incidents where different products contain similar package, but the contents vary in terms of grade or any other aspect.

  • Makes it easy to identify a product

Often, labels come in handy in identifying the specific product type to stand out in the market.

This identity makes it easy for the customers to distinguish one product from another and select their preferred one in the market.

  • It provides additional information

In some instances, manufacturers tend to add more information regarding the product.

The essence is to enable the end-users to have adequate information about the particular product.

Hence, it only becomes possible to use labels to relay such information.

  • Makes it easy to promote the product

Ideally, labels are always unique based on the preference of product manufacturer.

Therefore, producers need to label products in unique ways to reach the target market easily and subsequently increase sales.

In essence, when you use the labels appropriately, they can efficiently act as a marketing tool for your products.

  • It is a legal obligation

In many countries, it is a legal requirement for any packed product to have labels.

Such labels need to contain various information such as manufacture date, expiry date, batch number, ingredients, net weight, etc.

What Techniques Can You Use To Fix Faulty Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

Occasionally, this machine may encounter different mishaps that would hinder or delay its operation due to downtime.

However, it is important to understand various ways of identifying such mishaps and fixing them within the shortest time.

Some methods you can use to fix different errors on this equipment include the following;

Curling labels – Solving this fault requires strong adhesives, fine-tuning the compression levels, or using dry bottles.

Labels Peeling off– Reducing adhesive volume on the labels is the best way of solving this error.

Misaligned labels – The best approach to solve this issue is by correctly adjusting the machine and minimizing quantity of adhesive you are using.

What Are The Varieties Of Double Sticker Labeling Machine In The Market?

You can find double sticker labeling machines in a wide variety.

Ideally, this is advantageous because it significantly broadens your choice to ensure you get the most suitable one.

The common variants of this machine in the market include the following;

  • Semi-automatic variant

It is a relatively versatile unit, which applies self-adhesive stickers on containers with different orientations and shapes.

This machine is reasonably practical and convenient since you can use it to apply stickers on containers with relatively low mechanical pressure like plastics.

Moreover, it is affordable to buy and economical to use since it labels numerous containers within shortest duration.

A Semi Automatic Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

A Semi Automatic Double Side Sticker labeling Machine

  • Fully automatic variant

It arguably exhibits the highest production throughput since it operates automatically without human intervention.

This unit can easily adjust and re-adjust accordingly when there are changes in size or diameter of the container.

Usually, it is preferable in a busy industrial setting where labeling speed is of essence.

A Fully Automati Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

A Fully Automatic  Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

  • Multi-functional variant

As its name suggests, this machine applies labels on containers with varied shapes, dimensions, and orientations simultaneously.

It features a solid design construction and can efficiently operate at extreme speeds and still attain the required accuracy.

  • High-speed variant

It is a high production capacity unit, which can label thousands of containers within minimum time.

Furthermore, it can harmonize label application process with a conveyor that moves the containers or products.

As such, it guarantees high efficiency, performance, and reliability, making it suitable for industrial production.

  • Horizontal variant

It is designed to label containers or products with a horizontal orientation.

Often, this type of double ide sticker labeler is suitable for labeling containers either partially or fully.

Ideally, it lays containers on its side and attains support from idle roller, enabling it to label the containers accurately.

What Aspects Must You Focus On When Buying Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

It is imperative to consider numerous factors when buying this equipment since it is a significant investment.

The main elements to focus on include the following;

Power rating – Establish the power consumption level of your preferred machine to ensure it befits your requirements.

Technology – Most modern variants are integrated with latest automated technology. Of course, this is essential since it enhances efficiency and performance of the machine.

Space – You can find this equipment in different dimensions, thus ideal to ensure your choice fits your available working space accordingly.

Material – The specific material used for constructing this equipment is a fundamental concern you should never overlook. It determines the stability and durability of the device.

Usability – It is advisable to always go for a double side sticker labeler you can easily operate.

Ability to upgrade – Due to imminent production expansion, always go for a variant to handle future upgrades.

Maintenance – Ensure you choose a variant you can easily maintain and conduct changeover faster to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Parts availability – You should always consider a machine with readily available repair and replacement parts. It averts unnecessary downtime during production process.

Is There Warranty Upon Purchasing Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

Normally, it depends on the specific manufacturer you are buying from.

Different manufacturers have different guiding principles surrounding warranty terms and conditions.

At times, manufacturers usually provide a warranty on specific main components of the machine.

In separate cases, you’ll find some manufacturers giving a comprehensive warranty covering the entire machine.

Hence, it is advisable to always inquire from the respective manufacturer you are purchasing from to ensure you understand the finer warranty details.

Nevertheless, most companies usually provide a warranty of about 1-2 years for these machines.

How Do You Determine The Production Throughput Of Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

Different aspects influence the actual production volume of this machine, including the following;

Type of machine – Since this equipment is available in different variants, it means they produce different volumes depending on actual design.

Technology infused – A tech-laden double side sticker labeler guarantees faster labeling rates and consequent high production volume and vice versa.

Power rating – Ordinarily, most highly powered units tend to have higher production throughput than underpowered units.

Size – Bigger machines generally have more production volume than smaller units.

In a nutshell, the production output of this equipment is not definite but varies based on several factors such as the few ones mentioned above.

 The Size Of The Machine As Well As Its Type Will Affect The production

The Size Of The Machine As Well As The Type Will Affect Your Production

Which Label Variants Can You Use With Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

You can use this device to apply two main label variants as follows;

  • Removable stickers

These are custom adhesive labels that guarantee safe binding when applied to the container surface material.

You can always remove the sticker from the container without leaving any adhesive marks or residue.

Moreover, you can reuse these labels once you remove them from the container or product.

Even so, with time, they create a strong bond on the product surface and become difficult to peel.

  • Non-removable stickers

As the name indicates, these are permanent labels hence used only once.

Generally, they have solid resins that enable them to create permanent bonds between product’s surface material and stickers.

When using these label variants, it is vital to ensure you use an ideal adhesive to bond them in different environments.

Which Material Surfaces Can Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Label?

You can label a large variety of material surfaces using this particular machine.

However, the main ones commonly used with double side sticker labeling equipment include the following;

  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)

Does Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Use Adhesives?


The stickers for labeling containers and products usually use a wide range of adhesives, which include the following;

Importantly, you need to know the right type of adhesive to use depending on the type of labels and product surface.

Also, it is imperative to determine whether the specific adhesive you are using is suitable for the environment where the product will be used.

For instance, specific adhesives are ideal for products used in hot environments and others for relatively chilled surroundings.

Pressure-sensitive, thermosetting, contact and hot melt are some common adhesives used in double side sticker label applicators.

What Are The Ideal Ways Of Enhancing Productivity Of Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

You can use many interventions to maintain and improve the overall performance and efficiency of this equipment.

The most practical ones include the following;

  • Replacing or repairing all non-functional or worn-out components with manufacturer-recommended genuine ones.
  • Always clean the conveyor system since most adhesive stickers and dust often stick on their surfaces.
  • Make sure the photoelectric sensors stay clean always.
  • Apply anti-rust surface treatments on a stainless steel frame and other open components.
  • Ensure the cutter blade is always clean, given it may easily damage the labels during cutting process.
  • You should lubricate all the moving parts to reduce friction and prevent them from wearing out faster.
  • Frequently, check the machine to establish any faulty parts before they worsen.

What Are The Common Product Shapes You Can Label Using Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

It depends on the specific type of double side sticker label applicator you use on your products.

Often, multi-purpose units can label a wide range of shapes, unlike horizontal and vertical units, which can only label particular shapes.

Nevertheless, the common shapes this machine usually label include;

  • Round
  • Flat
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Square

What Are The Key Features Of Typical Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

A typical double side sticker labeler features a wide range of characteristics depending on the model.

In essence, some models have basic features, whereas others come with advanced features.

But the common ones for the most suitable unit include the following;

  • No roll, no labeling feature to control sticker wastage
  • Inkjet printer
  • Stainless steel framing construction
  • OCR systems for monitoring coding and barcodes among others
  • Pressure units for flawed products rejection
  • Integrated safety system
  • Easy-to-change label applicator height
  • Gap-detecting sensors
  • Integrated AC drive system

What Are The Limitations Of Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine?

Most modern double side sticker labeling machines have fewer shortcomings, such as follows;

  • It could be costly based on the specific manufacturer you are buying from and particular model you are purchasing.
  • Some variants tend to be bulky since they need to adequately meet the production requirements hence occupy large space.
  • Industrial variants tend to consume quite a lot of energy; thus, you are likely to incur huge utility bills.
  • Most automated designs require thorough knowledge and understanding to effectively operate and troubleshoot.

How Do You Conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) For Double Side Sticker Labelling Machine?

FAT is an important exercise when purchasing this equipment since it ensures you get the best unit for your production needs.

Besides, it allows you to establish the machine you are purchasing meets the minimum required standards.

The protocol for conducting this exercise is as follows;

  1. Planning

It encompasses drafting all the specifications, drawings, and standards of the customers.

This phase is essential in establishing the acceptability and credibility of the machine you buy.

  1. Documentation of materials and engineering

It involves assembling the complete set of all reference documents such as datasheets, drawings, calibrations, ITP, etc.

  1. Testing

This stage entails carrying out the actual evaluation of the equipment to validate its credibility and ensure it meets the required standards.

It is the ultimate stage, and once it establishes the machine accomplishes the outlined elements, it goes to approval stage.

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