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EcoTab-17 Tablet Press

EcoTab-17 Tablet Press

EcoTab-17 Tablet Press is a double-pressing automatically revolving piece-pressing machine which could make grain be pressed to be round pieces, carved characters, special shapes, and double color piece prescription. It is mainly used in manufacturing piece prescriptions for pharmaceutical industry enterprises like the chemical industry, foods, and electronics.

  • The cover is made of stainless steel with a close type. The inner tablet surface is also applied with stainless steel materials which could keep surface luster and prevent it from being polluted crossly, complying with GMP requirements.
  • Equipped with an organic transparent window which could help to observe the status of the pressing piece. The side blank could be fully opened, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • All monitors and operating components are in good order.
  • Applying frequency-changing, and speed-regulating apparatus to do electricity regulation. The convenient operation and smooth revolving are safe and correct.
  • It is equipped with overload protection apparatus. When pressure overloads, the machine will stop automatically.
Technical DataEcoTab-17
Quantity of Punch&Die(set)17
Max.Dia.of Tablet(mm)45
Max.Thickness of Tablet(mm)14
Max.Depth of Filling(mm)28
Rotate Speed(r/min)20
Production Capacity(pc/h)20400
Motor Power(kW)7.5
Overall Size(mm)920×890×1540

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