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EcoTab-35 Tablet Press

EcoTab-35 Tablet Press

EcoTab-35 updated high speed rotary tablet press is a new generation high press for tablets, upgraded from the high speed tablet press. The sub-speed rotary tablet press can compact round and irregular shape tablets of various specifications and its output configuration and functions have been improved to a higher level than the traditional tablet press. The capacity and pressure of this sub-speed rotary tablet press series are very high, its pre-pressure is consecutively adjustable, its structure is compact, it’s simple to operate and maintain and it runs reliably working with several kinds of materials. The running and operating cost is low with favorable performance price ratio advantage.

  • The rotary tablet press complies with GMP requirements.
  • The high production efficiency satisfies large batch production demands.
  • It’s equipped with a forced feeding device, and various types of impellors are suitable for different materials to ensure the feeding precision.
  • The pre-pressure is consecutively adjustable which extends the pressing duration. The high-speed rotary tablet press runs smoothly pressing complex materials.
  • The tablet pressing chamber is 360° dead angle, special installation is adopted for the tablet discharging mechanism, and the under guide track and under roller are convenient to operate, dismantle, and clean.
  • With a special oil-resistance and dustproof system, the tablet press can effectively avoid mold blocking and provide its mold with an increased damping coefficient.
  • An independent view window with high definition is designed for the high-speed rotary tablet press.
  • Controlled by PLC and man-machine interface, it’s simple to operate.
Technical DataEcoTab-35
Number of P/D35 units
Die ModelIPT`D
Maximum Compression100 kN
Max. Thickness of Tablet7 mm
Maximum Depth of Filling18 mm
Maximum Diameter of Tablet25 mm
Max speed45 RPM
Maximum Capacity  (layered)189,000 T/hr
Power of Motor11 kW
Area to be Occupied1290 x 1170x 1900mm
Weight3500 kg

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