Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler: The Ultimate Guide

Today, you are going to learn interesting facts about effervescent tablet tube filler.

Many at times you’ve seen effervescent tablets coming in packaged tubes looking quite appealing.

And perhaps you wonder how this phenomenon is possible or rather what makes the fit the tube in such an organized manner.

Well, today you’re just in the right place to get the information about the effervescent tablets tube filler.

In this guide, we’ll focus on its functions, benefits, types, key units as well as the working principle of this equipment.

Furthermore, I will also explain to you a few considerations when buying this device, its URS as well as typical applications.

So let me first of all show you what this machine entails;

What is an Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler?

I’ll be rather quick here;

Effervescent tablet tube filler refers to equipment that is specifically designed to package the effervescent tablets into individual tubes.

Of course, this is after tablet compression process.

Tablets in tubes

Tablet in tubes

It is one of the most commonly used devices in the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, the reason behind this is because of the efficiency and fast process at which it helps in packing these tablets.

Primarily, this machine is designed to pack layered filing of tablets into a tube then putting a plastic stopper in the top.

Automatic effervescent tablets tube filling machine

 Fully automatic effervescent tablet tube filling machine

Like you would expect with any other automatic machine, it also features various aspects that guarantees is with steady performance and reliable operation.

Don’t worry;

We shall discuss all these features and several parameters of this device later on in this guide.

Also, as you’ll come to learn, later on, this equipment comes in various models.

Therefore, your choice is purely pegged on what you feel suits your needs.

But that is a discussion for a later chapter.

For now, I want to take you through some of the core functions of an effervescent tablet tube filler.

Functions of Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler

In this section, I’ll really be brief;

This is the thing, something that both you and I know is that modern technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

So even in the pharmaceutical field, the use and continuous use of machines is increasing as a way of reducing dependency on labor.

In this case, it merely means that this machine plays critical roles in the overall production process of the effervescent tablets.

The first vital function of this equipment is that it helps in packing the best tablets into the field of individual tubes.

You see, what happens is that with effervescent tablets, packing them into such tubes is fundamental especially for the effectiveness and the market.

 Packaging in tubes

 Packaging in tubes

So it’s utterly important to ensure that you pack them into such individual tubes before taking them to the market.

The other fundamental function of this unit is combining proven systems with the primary intention of delivering an improved version of productive levels.

For that reason, when thinking of investing in this machine, remember these are its main functions that it will play.

That notwithstanding, let me also take you through the benefits of effervescent tablet tube filler in the next section.

Main benefits of Tube Filling Solutions for Effervescent Tablets

Well, like I did mention in the previous section, the need for machines in the current era especially in production is essential.

Most of these processes only become a reality because of the reliability and efficiency that the equipment brings on board.

That said, it becomes entirely evident that use of tube filling machines for effervescent tablets supersede the shortcomings.

 Effervescent tablet tube filler

Effervescent tablet tube filler

So let’s look at some of these benefits albeit briefly and deduce important points why it would be ideal to invest in such machines.

· Filling according to the rotation principle

This one is arguably one of the key benefits of using this machine for filling effervescent tablets on a tube.

Remember filling this item is not a walk in the park.

You have to dedicate time, energy and focus on getting everything right, even when using this special equipment.

So let me explain to you briefly what makes this point a benefit of tube filling solution for effervescent tablets.

What happens is that this device guides the tablets through up to approximately eight channels, depending on the model of machine.

At this stage, counting takes place, while still lying flat down hence fed to the filling station of the equipment.

The design of this machine is in a manner that these tablets pass through filling tubes that rotate at extremely high speeds.

The forces which result from the high rotating speeds cause the tablets to stand up and slide into the waiting tubes automatically.

And in the long run, the effervescent tablets are manufactured in an extremely gentle manner bearing in mind that they are fragile.

So as you can see, this entire process makes it clear how beneficial this device is when it comes to the production of these items.

It is this rotation principle that even makes the work easier for you to identify all the necessary prospects for the product.

· Improved productivity

Listen; this one is without any doubt.

In fact, should you get a more suitable effervescent tablet tube filling equipment for your specific needs, you’ll really improve your output.

This is what happens;

When using this equipment, you’ll hardly need to inject any form of rigorous labor.

And since this is an automated machine, it means that almost every aspect of it will only require controls of the respective parameters.

So at the end of the day, you’ll notice that your output will increase immensely and the production costs reducing.

The time you also take to package the tablets will also be super-fast.

Remember in this case, you only need to make adjustments to the settings, and you’re good to go.

The advantage of this is that your effervescent tablets will get into the market quite faster.

And this one enables you to capitalize on the waiting demand.

· Fewer parts, modular concept

Another essential benefit of using this machine is that it uses a small number of format parts.

This is to mean that such parts are kind of easy to install, clean as well as maintain.

In other words, what I’m trying to say here is that there is no need at all for changing the format parts so that you can fill the tablets into varied tube lengths.

All you’ll need to do is carrying out a few and minor adjustments.

The main benefits or rather essence of this is that it helps in reducing downtime and retooling times to a bare minimum.

Additionally, most models of this machine also come with a modular architecture that enables you to upgrade with several options if desired.

At the same time, automation level for controlling systems for this equipment is also individually configurable.

What’s more, is that that you can diverse the instrument and implement it for monitoring the process.

· Increased Accuracy

When dealing with this machine, it is quite obvious that the accuracy is higher than any manual operation.

The rate at which this equipment fills the tube with the tablets regarding the accuracy of the same is just appealing.

So you can be pretty sure that the number of errors you can record when dealing with this device is all time low.

And for that reason, it enables you to increase efficiency in the overall production process which is quintessential in attaining desirable results.

· Line integration

Well, line integration for any manufacturing process for that matter is significant in yielding best results within the shortest time possible.

One good thing with the machine is that it offers all-in-one solutions for effervescent production.

This integration ranges from taste masking and granulation to tableting, packing in tubes and different types of cartooning systems.

So it happens that this machine incorporates flexibly configurable transfer units.

These units are ideal for connecting tube filling systems directly to process and secondary packing devices that are installed.

So at the end of it all, you need line integration as a way of guaranteeing reliability and efficiency in this process.

And given that you can attain it by using this machine, then it’s an advantage from your end hence making investing in this machine worthy.

Primarily, these are the major benefits of tube filling solutions for effervescent tablets which you ought to know.

And as you can see, these benefits are indeed making investing in this machine a worthy cause, which you should never hesitate if need be.

And talking of investing in this equipment, it would also be ideal to know the specific types of the same that are in the market.

So in the next section, I want us to look at these types in pertinent details and deduce more critical elements.

Types of Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling machine

When it comes to identifying the most suitable effervescent tablet tube filler for your needs, you must first know the right model.

In this case, what I mean is that in the market, you will possibly find different types of this equipment tailored for wide-ranging operation.

But for the sake of this guide, I want us to look at the two main categories of types of this particular machine.

Fully automatic effervescent tablet tube filling machine

 Fully automatic effervescent tablet tube filler machine

And they include the following;

· Semi-automatic effervescent tablet tube filling machine

As the name suggests, this is the type which fills the tablets in the tubes, but you can operate it manually or automatically.

You see, the key point here is that this type of device gives you the flexibility to determine how to operate most of its parameters.

And what it means is that not all of its operations or parameters are tagged to the automation of the machine.

Nevertheless, it features almost all the possible elements which you can find in a fully automatic tube filler.

It also offers high quality and reliable tube filling solutions for the effervescent tablets.

Possibly the only shortcoming of this type of machine is that it is not ideally reliable and efficient for large scale effervescent tube filling.

But if you’re going for relatively small scale production, this can be a suitable choice for you anytime.

Another point to note is that in the market, you will find several types of semi-automatic effervescent tablet tube fillers.

So you need to be diligent when making the right selection especially in regards to the specific model you’re buying.

· Fully automatic effervescent tablet tube filling machine

It is another common type of equipment which is presently available in the markets.

Incidentally, many manufacturers nowadays opt to produce a fully automatic tube filler as a result of the several advantages it holds.

Well, also as the name suggests, this device is entirely automated in all of its aspects of operations.

And by the way that’s the only significant difference between this machine and the semi-automatic one.

In a nutshell, this one can get the auto pack, and auto loads these products in the correct sequence and fill according to the planned program.

It is also capable of auto-capping the tube after sensing the correctness of fill.

Additionally, still, on its auto-capabilities, it’s fitted with an auto-unloading system for segregating the incorrect tubes automatically.

And this explains why the accuracy of this particular machine is on another level.

You see, most models of fully automatic effervescent tube fillers are fitted with PLC with accurate programming.

This plays an essential role in monitoring the controls and movements of the equipment at each stage of operation.

And to make it even more reliable and efficient, it has high-tech sensors that help in increasing or enhancing precision and automation.

So as you can see from this description, this is one machine that you can never fail to have for purposes of filling effervescent tablets in tubes.

Maybe the only shortcoming worth writing about this machine is that should one operational element fail, it becomes difficult to attain the best results with it.

Therefore, you always need to be on the look.

And what I mean here is that you must always ensure that you monitor all the operational aspects of this machine.

Basically, these are the major categories of effervescent tablet tube fillers that you more likely come across when shopping for one.

What you, however, ought to know is that they come in several models of course because of different manufacturers.

But in most cases, the working principle and many other elements surrounding the operation are seemingly the same.

Key Units of Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

As you would expect, this kind of machinery has to combine a number of units to deliver desired results and guarantee efficiency.

It’s actually important because for all the operations to yield expected results, you also have to understand the basics of these units.

And it’s for that reason I want to highlight for you some of the major units of an automatic effervescent tube filler.

They include the following

i. Cap vibrating unit

ii. Tablet feeding unit

iii. Ttablet inserting unit

iv. Tube feeding unit

v. pressing unit

vi. Electric unit

Now let’s briefly discuss these units one by one;

· Cap Vibrating unit

The role of this unit to essentially load the cap to the hopper by manual, and automatically restructuring cap to rack for plugging by the vibrating system.

Cap hopper

Cap hopper

· Tablet feeding unit

This one is for placing the tablet into the machine via the hopper.

When you put the tablets manually on this unit, it is sent to the tablet position automatically.

Tablet feeding channel

Tablet feeding channel

· Tablet inserting unit

The role of this unit is to send the tablet into the tube automatically.

This happens by pushing the cylinder once the tablet and the container are ready.

Pushing tablet int tubes

Pushing tablets into tubes

· Tube feeding unit

The essence of this unit is to help the lining of the tube into tablet filling position once you put the tube into the hopper.

Tube hopper

 Tube hopper

· Cap pressing unit

It plays the role of capping the tube automatically once there is the slightest detection of a tube.

Cap pressing unit

 Cap pressing unit

· Electric unit

This unit is in this machine is for facilitating PLC controller which is essential in enhancing the effectiveness of the multi-function alarm system.

Electricity box

Electricity box

The thing is; these units may differ slightly depending on the model of the machine.

Additionally, you may as well have other more units that I haven’t mentioned here on a particular unit.

But the most important thing in this case to have an idea of the basic unit that this type of equipment uses.

Because it will make it easy for you also to understand how it works.

And speaking of how it works, we want to look at the working principle of this machine in the next section. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn more from the same.

Working Principle of Automatic Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler

You know, if you’re dealing with any machine for that matter, it’s always ideal to have a basic idea of how it works.

The essence of this is to make it easy for you to interact with the equipment.

Also, it allows you to enhance the efficacy of the process and subsequently attaining desired results.

So I want you to know some of the essential aspects revolving around the working principle of automatic effervescent tablet tube machine.

And because most things to do with machines are usually somewhat complicated, I will try to be as simple as possible.

Remember the aim here is just to give you an idea of the basics surrounding tablet tube filling of this machine.

So what happens is that you load empty tubes manually as an operator into the tube hopper of this equipment.

From the hopper, the tubes are forwarded automatically to the filling position.

Then the next thing that happens is that the tablets are then loaded into a pre-feeder hopper.

The essence of automatic loading of tablets into the pre-feeder hopper is that it allows you to again load about more tablet at the time.

This machine has two channels where the tablets are guided once they get on the tablet table of the equipment.

The preset distance between 2+1 pneumatic stop-ins assures high accuracy when it comes to counting.

In this case, you need to take note that you can adjust the distance quite easily to enable it to count odd or even number of tablets.

After this stage, the tubes are then filled under rotation.

Do you remember the filling according to the rotation principle we did discuss earlier?

Yes! And that’s why it’s one of the greatest benefits.

The design of this equipment is in such a manner that supports fast and gentle filling of relatively fragile tablets into the tubes.

Once the tubes are filled, they are fed out to a position from where they are inspected for counting of the tablet in the tube.

And in case there is surplus to requirement, capping takes place automatically.

There is a sensor which rejects the capped tubes and allows the uncapped ones to proceed for further labeling requirements.

So that’s how basically this particular machine works.

By the way, it is so simple and straightforward than you can ever imagine.

All you need to know is understand the basics of operating it especially in regards to the control systems.

And now that at least you have an idea of how this machine works, I want us to go through some of the elements to look into when shopping for one.

Consideration when Buying Tube Filling Solutions for Effervescent Tablets


This is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to purchasing any machine for that matter.

You see, nowadays, several manufacturers have come on board, and they produce quite several models of this equipment.

So from your point of view as a purchaser, it becomes challenging to determine the best one which suits your needs.

And this becomes even harder when you’re a first timer.

For that reason, I want to highlight for you some of the essential features that you need to consider when buying a tube filling machine for effervescent tablets.

Definitely, it shall do your work in terms of selection somewhat easy and eventually enables you to obtain the most suitable unit.

So here we go;

· Size and design

Listen, before you spend your money on any effervescent tablet tube filler, ensure that you factor in the essence of size and design.

You may ask yourself why this is necessary or significant.

Let me expound it a little bit;

 Effervescent tube filling machine

 Effervescent tube filling machine

The size of this machine in most instances is what determines its capacity and ability to fill a particular quantity of tubes within a specific duration.

So you’ll find that fairly small size is suitable for small scale production in most cases.

And the reasonably large ones are in most instances used for commercial production purposes.

While at it, size is also an important consideration as far as your workspace is concerned.

This is to mean that you have to select the right size and design that can fit into your workspace.

· Compatibility with other equipment

This is the thing;

In a production setting, like it is the case with effervescent tablet filling in tubes, is a line process.

This is to mean that you require more than one machine to accomplish the entire process.

Therefore, what this implies is that whenever you’re shopping for this equipment, you need to ensure that it is also compatible with others that you’ll connect it with.

In this case, you either need to go through the user manual of the equipment or inquire from the manufacturer to determine all its compatibles.

The significance of this is that it will allow you to enhance efficiency, reliability as well as save on other unnecessary additional costs.

· Speed

The truth of the matter is that in the current competitive business environment, factoring in the rate of production is significant.

You see, when you consider the speed, it means that your products will be able to get to the market relatively fast.

And this undoubtedly is advantageous because you’ll always be ahead of your competitors hence giving you an edge in the market.

In a nutshell, when buying an effervescent tablet tube filler, always consider its rate of filling.

It will make it possible for you to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to invest in.

· Power consumption

The moment you decide to invest your money in this equipment, it is equally vital also to consider other areas of reducing the expenses.

And this is where the power consumption or rating of the device comes to play.

Remember in some instances; you’ll always be operating this machine non-stop depending on the quantity you target to produce.

It thus means that consumption of power will be inevitable and hence the necessity for ensuring that you control it.

What this means is that you need to find a model which has a moderate power consumption.

You should never go for one that consumes excessive power or which needs to use more power since it will only mean that you spend more.

And because this is business, you have to find a way of minimizing your expenditures if you have realize attractive turnover.

· Usability

It is also another fundamental aspect that you have to factor in whenever you’re thinking of purchasing this type of machine.

What happens is that you need to find a device that you can easily use or operate regardless.

So when shopping for this machine, you need to first of all test all its operating systems and determine whether or not you can operate it.

The fact that you can operate a machine is important because it makes your work easy hence enhancing overall productivity.

In other words, I’m trying to say here is that for every purchase decision, always ensure that the machine is user-friendly.

· Construction material

You also need to consider the type of material used for manufacturing the equipment.

You see, this is a type of machine that you will use vigorously and at times in harsh environmental and physical conditions.

So it is critical to make sure that you go for one made of hard materials which are resistant to various physical and environmental elements.

In most instances, the materials for constructing most of these machines, regardless of the model are more or less the same.

But you should realize that there could be some variance on a few but crucial parts.

· Technology

Well, almost all effervescent tablet tube fillers are automatic.

And you know this one is only possible as a result of proper integration of technology.

The reason I’m saying you need to consider technology is that rarely would you operate this machine manually.

In fact, most of the operations from the start are automated.

So the level of technology incorporated in the machine has to be hi-tech.

The technology used should be easy to use and all the commands you issue from the control systems should be reliable and in real-time.

That way, you are guaranteed of attaining desired results all the time when filling the effervescent tablets on the tubes.

· Manufacturer

This is the thing;

While the working principle of this machine is seemingly the same across all available models, it is important to take note of the manufacturer.

What happens is that there are specific manufacturers that have put their names on top of any list when it comes to producing these machines.

SaintyCo Effervescent tablet tube filling machine

SaintyCo effervescent tablet tube filling machine

In simple words, they have established a good reputation which makes the buyers to prefer most of their models.

Of course, there are many reasons why you would prefer one model over the other in the market.

The bottom line here is that if possible go for the established manufactures in the market.

These have stood the test of time and proven that they produce reliable products ideal for your needs.

· Technical specifications

Then last but n t least, you should also factor in the technical requirements of the machine that you’re choosing.

I’m repeating this for the umpteenth time; the working principle of these machines is more or less the same.

 Technical specifications

 Technical specification

However, it is some of the technical specifications or features that make them different from others in the market.

When you are looking for one, ensure that it has all the typical technical specifications that would enhance reliability, efficiency, and output.

Technically, these are the major considerations that you need to have in mind when seeking Tube filling solutions for effervescent tablets.

If you’re a novice, it would be important if you consider getting assistance from an expert in this industry.

But the bigger picture here is to make sure that you buy equipment that will serve you efficiently and reliably all the time.

Moving on faster, in the next section, we want to look at the URS of effervescent tablet tube filler.

I want you to get an idea of what all the requirements you need to know when buying this machine.

URS for Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler

Straight to the point, URS is simply an abbreviation for User Requirement Specifications.

You see, whenever you’re buying machinery, there is a regulatory body that helps in ensuring that the manufacturer maintains the required standards.

So it is this body that comes up with these requirement specifications for every machine to enable you as the user obtain quality standard equipment.

Take note of the fact the URS is a compulsory document given that it provides a list for all requirements for effervescent tablet tube filler.

 Effervescent tablets tube filling machine

Effervescent tablets tube filling machine

In this section for that matter, I want to take you through the URS for this equipment; they include the following;

I. Approvals

It is primarily the section of the document which shows all the officials and technical team that reviewed and certified use of the equipment.

II. Introduction

Here, you’ll get to know information surrounding a general description of the machine, its details, design, scope, and other pertinent information.

Usually, it gives basic information regarding the machine.

III. Overview

This is the section that gives relatively detailed information about this equipment.

It principally focuses on the use, capacity, rating, and working principle of the machine among others.

Additionally, it is at the overview where you will also find other requirements of the machine including cleaning and maintenance.

IV. Specification

Here, the main focus on a wide range of process description and design requirements.

Basically, it describes the type of operating system of the tube filler, desired speed, utility requirement, and tube filling system.

It also describes the overall operation, input specification as well as the spare parts.

V. Compatibility and support

The elements revolving around this URS include the availability of the machine, circuit diagrams, user manuals and warranty letter among others.

VI. Safety requirements

Ordinarily talks about all the safety features and general protection of the machine and the operator.

Some of the aspects of this URS include power failure and recovery.

VII. Manufacturer acceptance tests

VIII. Qualification requirement

Gives information regarding all the necessary documents, post ordering, specification remarks, delivery of the equipment among others.

IX. Constraints

X. Scope of supply

XI. Quality standards

A section documenting compliance of the machine as far as the required quality standards are concerned.

XII. Abbreviations

This section highlights all the abbreviations used in the document for easier understanding and interpretation.

That said, let’s now shift our focus and look at some of the typical applications of this tube filler you’re likely to come across.

Applications of Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler

Now that we are here, it only implies that we’re almost getting to the end of this guide.

And the significance of discussing these applications is only to give you an idea of areas where this machine is commonly used.

As you’ll find out, most if not all of these applications are normal, and you possibly might have come across some.

So let’s quickly look at them in brief;

Tube packaging

Tube packaging

· Pharmaceutical industry

It is arguably one of the most popular sectors where the application of this particular tube filler seems to be common.

In fact, all of the effervescent tablets are used for pharmaceutical applications.

Therefore, it becomes apparent when I say it is the most popular industry for the use of this machine.

Different effervescent tablets are packed in different types of tubes.

And it is this machine that makes it possible for this process to become a reality.

Many pharmaceutical companies especially those that have a specialty in effervescent tablets use this machine.

· Food and beverage industry

Not as popular as the pharmaceutical industry but we have a few that specialize in packing their food and beverage food products on tubes.

So they use this machine to ensure that the items are filled according to their preferable standards in such tubes.

· Nutraceuticals

These are dietary supplements and food additives produced by a wide range of companies.

Some of them prefer to pack their products in tubes hence the need for this type of machine to facilitate the packing.

So you’ll find that some of these dietary products get into the market in the form of the tube for consumers to purchase.

Like I did tell you, the applications of this equipment are things that you have come across at some point in time.

And as you can see clearly, the use of this machine is not for strange products but just for common ones you see routinely.


From this guide, you cannot refute the essence of effervescent tablet tube filler in the production process.

What’s important though is that at least for now you have an idea of what this equipment entails.

And that’s why it is vital to figure out all these details before finally deciding to spend your money in acquiring one.

The positive thing is that today, this guide has covered all the fundamental elements you ought to know before investing in this equipment.

So for now, all I need is to hear from you regarding anything to do with this particular tube filler.

Feel free to live your comment, suggestion, inquiry or compliment in the comment section below.

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