Mini DPL Lab Fluid Bed Dryer

Mini DPL Lab Fluid Bed Dryer

Mini DPL Lab Fluid Bed Dryer is a modular and robust multifunctional lab unit for drying, granulation, powder layering and coating. Featuring an easy discharge and negative pressure system, SaintyCo Mini DPL Lab Fluid Bed Dryer is suitable for any R&D and laboratory applications.

An intelligent touch screen control system and alternative glass for clear observations offer total control of the entire fluidization process. Mini DPL Lab Fluid Bed Dryer is a cost competitive fluid bed dryer granulator for R&D available in standard and custom design.

  • Uniform and rapid drying
  • cGMP compliant design
  • Predictable performance
  • Multi-functional lab unit
  • 2 bar shock resistance
  • Nozzles can be accessed in process
  • Alternative glass container for clear observation
  • Intelligent Touch Screen Control System
  • Negative pressure system

Mini DPL Lab Fluid-Bed Granulator &Coater

Lab Fluid-Bed Granulator & Coater DPL-0.2DPL-0.5DPL-1DPL-3/5
Product Container Volume(L)Top Spray25926
Bottom Spray211.51556
Tangential SprayN/AN/A615
Capacity(kg/batch)Top Spray0.5~0.20.3~0.80.8~1.53.0~5.0
Bottom Spray0.5~0.20.4~0.90.8~1.53.0~5.0
Tangential SprayN/AN/A0.5~1.01.0~3.0
Power SupplyConsumption(Kw)24.26.612
Power Source220V/60Hz,Single Phase220V/60Hz,3 Phase
Rotation Speed2900 (r/min)
Air Volume(m3/h)320560650986
Electrical HeatingPower(Kw)1349
Temperature RangeRoom Temperature~120℃
Compressor AirPressure(Mpa)0.4~0.6
Machine Dimensions(mm)A1258140016002500

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