Mini FBG Laboratory Fluid Bed Processor

Mini FBG Laboratory Fluid Bed Processor

SaintyCo Mini FBG Laboratory Fluid Bed Processor features strategically positioned top spray granulation and bottom pray coating functionalities. Every unit is precisely designed and machined according to strict cGMP requirements for efficient and hygienic material handling.

Mini FBG Laboratory Fluid Bed Processor offers great productivity with an easy to dismantle and assemble structure. It is ideal for R&D and laboratories.

This fluid bed process is available in custom and standard designs.

  • Mini means small size and capacity.
  • With top spray and bottom spray functions.
  • Metal filter blowback clean cartridges
  • Each parts can be mounting and dismounting very easily.
  • Intelligent control.
  • Process data printable.

Mini FBG Lab Fluid-Bed Dryer

Lab Fluid-Bed DryerMini-FBG
Productive capacity50-200g
Volume flow0.8m3/min
Blower0.75Kw  2900r/min
Heater15~120℃  0.5-1Kw
Compression air0.4-0.6 m3/min  0.15Kw
Motor0.18Kw  2100r/min

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