G-600 Gummy Production Line

G-600 Gummy Production Line

SaintyCo’s G-600 gummy production line is perfect for large-scale gummy production. These machines are capable of producing up to 240,000 gummy units per hour.

Our gummy production lines will execute your idea efficiently and accurately, giving you room for flexible customization.

The hoppers with servo-drive add flavor and color to your product with a variable feed speed peristaltic pump. We have designed 2 systems so that you can make dual-color gummies for your business.

Our G-600 production lines also feature efficient de-molding devices, PLC controls, LED touch panels, and more.

SaintyCo’s machinery is a great option for a starchless CBD/THC/vitamin gummy business.

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Premium Quality Gummy Making Machine
to Rocket Your Business


Sugar and glucose Dissolving Tank & Storage Tank with Control Panel.

Color Touch Screen

Simple to Use Touch Screen Control System

Gummy Depositor

All Stainless Steel Construction


Single Hopper with Servo Drive Controlled Dosators (80).Automatic adjustment for easy fill volume changes. Fill volume range 1-15g.Dual hoppers for two colors and center filled as options.

Auto Mold Lubrication System

Sprays oil onto tooling molds to allow easy release of molded product

Auto Dosing System

Integral dosing system allows the quick addition of ingredients,such as CBD/Vitamin, colors. flavors and acid.Dosing pump transfer the ingredients to premix with syrup.

Ejection System

Demolding plates coupled with dual brushes and air blowing allows for efficient and easy ejection


3 Level Cooling Tunnel with 20hp Chilling System & 0-20⁰C controls. Food grade final cooling belt.

Quick Release Molds

Special design of the mold installation structure makes it exceptionally easy for assembly and disassembly by hands. No tools are needed in the process.

Gummy Metal Mold

All molds are Teflon coated aluminum with ejection pin, allowing quick release of gummies. Mold customization is available based on your gummy design and dimensions.

Gummy Silicon Mold

Available for silicon molds

G-600 Gummy Production Line

Semi continuous cooking system for both pectin/gelatin gummy
-2x 500L Jacket heated Pectin and sugar dissolving tank with High shear mixer and variable speed drive.
-1x 500L cooling and heating gelatin tank with high shear mixer, variable speed drive and Sweep mixing with scrapers
– Heated transfer pump with variable speed control
– Hot water recirculation system including Jacket transfer pipes, water tank with heaters and recirculation pump
– 1x600L Jacket heated storage tank with sweep mixing with scrapers and variable speed drive
-Integrated electrical cabinet including control of main power of each cook and control of VFD, and Temperature
-Load cell weighing sensors as options
-SS316 Food contact part

CFA Dosing System
-Static and inline mixers for colors, flavors and Acid
-4x20L tanks and dosing pumps for CFA

Depositing and demolding system
-Servo driven and Siemens PLC control
-Auto mold lubrication system
-Teflon coated 40 cavity metal mold with ejection pins
-Quick release mold set of 520 pcs
-hopper heating system
-Dual hopper as options for dual color and central filled gummy
-LED HMI 10′ Siemens Touch Screen
-Dual brash and air blowing demolding device

Cooling system
-FDA Approved Non-stick cooling belt
-20HP Air cooling with designed enclosed cooling tunnel
-Electrical cabinet with 0-20C temperature and humidity control

Coating system
-Z type Conveyor from cooling tunnel to coating drum
-Variable Speed control
-Oil, wax and sugar coating available

  • Production capacity: up to 600kgs/h
  • PLC control system
  • LED touch panel for easy operating
  • Specially designed de-moulding device
  • Different shapes are made via change-over of moulds
  • In-line injection, dosing & pre-mixing for proportional addition of liquid
  • Dosing pump for automatic injection of colours, flavours and acids
  • Available for one colour, two colours jelly candies
  • Sanitary construction
  • Deposited hard candies can be produced on the same line by changing moulds
Technical DataG-600
Production capacity600kg/h
Rated depositing times25~65n/min
Electric power needed160kw 220/380V
RefrigeratorMT120 15,000 kcal/h
Compressed air consumption

Compressed air pressure


0.4-0.6 Mpa

Conditions needed for the cooling system:

1. Room temperature

2. Humidity




Length of the whole line 16-18m
Gross WeightApprox. 8000Kg


G600 Pectin/Gelatin Starch Free Gummy Production Line Layout:

G600 Pectin-Gelatin Starch Free Gummy Production Line Layout

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