Gelatin Melting Tank: The Complete Guide

Are you interested in starting a softgel manufacturing plant?

If yes.

Then having a gelatin melting tank would be among the top of the list priorities.

Well, I have this complete guide to allow you to understand some of the vital elements regarding this equipment.

I’ll actually take you through all the fundamental information you’d really like to know.

And by the end of reading it, you’ll know the basic definition, parts, working principle, and technical specifications of gelatin tank.

Most importantly, I’ll also recommend to you an ideal and reliable manufacturer of this equipment to possibly purchase it from.

So let’s first of all start with describing this unit to get a basic idea of what it entails;

What is Gelatin Melting Tank?

It refers to equipment for melting and keeping gelatin mass at a preferable temperature before supplying it to encapsulation machine.

Gelatin melting tank

Gelatin Melting Tank

What happens is that during softgel manufacturing, there is always a stage of gelatin preparation.

And to achieve efficiency in this stage, you need to have high-end instruments for the task.

It’s during this stage that all the ingredients for preparing gelatin have to be in place, you melt, keep and transfer them accordingly.

The operation of this particular equipment is through intelligent temperature control of the water bath.

The design of a gelatin tank is in a way that allows you to feed different types of ingredients, mix and melt them appropriately.

Of course, for efficiency during the encapsulation process, the gelatin has to be homogenous.

For that reason, gelatin tank will enable you to have sufficient space for all the gelatin material which you require in softgel encapsulation.

So let’s change focus and look at some of the reasons you’d necessarily need a gelatin tank in your softgel manufacturing plant.

Why You Need Gelatin Melting Tank

Of importance is to understand that in softgel manufacturing, there is every particular stage the process has to go through.

Soft gelatin capsules

Soft gelatin capsules

Therefore, the primary reason for needing this equipment is to prepare homogenous gelatin material to use in softgel encapsulation.

Listen, there is absolutely no way you’ll avoid using this type of tank if you’re into softgel capsules manufacturing.

It is the item that you need to mix all the relevant and necessary materials for preparing gelatin to use as the shell for softgel capsules.

Solid Gelatin

Solid gelatin

So in other words, what I mean here is that you indeed require this unit to facilitate the key processes of manufacturing softgel capsules.

Secondly, gelatin melting tank is also suitable if you’re into manufacturing of medical cannabis oil softgel capsule.

You see, producing of this type of product is also by preparing the capsule shell which is technically known as gelatin.

Of course, preparation of this shell takes place only in a melting tank through heating.

The essence, in this case, is to ensure that the gel mass is heated in this tank and becomes relatively tender.

And to achieve this, you’ll have to ensure you that use the necessary ingredients while regulating the temperature of the unit.

Again, you also need a melting tank to process the shell of paint balls.

When you’re manufacturing paint-balls, you’ll have to prepare the gelatin which forms the cover.



The procedure is more or less similar because you’ll still need to heat the gelatin materials to form a suitable shell.

It is this shell that will hold the fill material, which later upon drying becomes complete paintballs.

And finally, if you’re a manufacturer of body supplements, you also require this particular instrument to accomplish the process.

Body supplements, in this case, mean dietary and work-out substances that facilitate hormonal activity and muscle growth respectively.

Most of these supplements are often taken orally and so there’s the need for ensuring that the shell is attractive and edible.

The best way of realizing this is by having a high-quality gelatin melting tank which supposedly should be easy to operate.

In a nutshell, this is equipment is necessary for all the applications which require preparation of gelatin shells for material filling.

Parts and Components of Gelatin Melting Tank

Well, understanding the components of this equipment is also a fundamental aspect especially to enable you toknow how to operate it.

It is therefore for that reason that I want to discuss the major parts and components of this unit herein.

At the same time, you should also be aware that an ordinary gelatin melting tank has quite a number of parts and components.

Gelatin melting system

Gelatin melting system

Besides, the designs and models of gelatin melting tanks may vary, which also means that they’ll have a few different parts and component.

Thus, we’ll only look at the main ones which you ought to have an idea of particularly if you’re obtaining this equipment for the first time.

1. Motor

This is a component which converts electrical energy in mechanical energy that then powers the gelatin meting tank.

The motor is vital because it helps in facilitating the mixing, melting as well as transferring the gelatin mass appropriately.

It follows that the size and capacity of the motor vary depending on the quantity and design of the equipment.

2. Stirring Paddle

It is the part that the machine uses to break down the bubbles which tend to generate during gelatin melting process.

Internal section of gelatin melting tank

Internal section of gelatin melting tank

In most cases, it’s available in rather small-scale and laboratory gelatin melting tanks

The essence of this component is to increase the rate of the melting process and at the same time reducing vacuuming time.

So at the end of the process, you’ll experience an improved efficiency.

3. Control System

This refers to the components used for regulating a wide range of parameters that determine the functioning of this equipment.

Control system

Control system

Obviously for you to achieve necessary efficiency and performance, you have to set and control various strictures including temperature.

So with this unit, it has a control system that enables you to regulate all these operations in a bid for desirable results.

And in most cases, the system is PLC and touchscreen controlled, which is better since it guarantees user-friendliness and effectiveness.

4. Universal Wheels

These wheels are suitable for moving the equipment from one point to another if there’s need to.

Gelatin melting system with wheels

Gelatin melting system with wheels

Ideally, the universal wheels in most of the models that have them are often installed at the bottom of the bucket.

They are crucial because they enable the equipment to be flexible enough especially when you’re using it in a busy plant.

5. Thermometer

It refers to a device which measures the temperature of the tank as it melts the gelatin ingredients.

It is, of course, an important component because it gives you an easy time to determine whether the formation of gelatin is ideal.

Industrial thermometer

Industrial thermometer

What I mean here is that there is a certain degree at which you need to melt the gelatin materials inside this tank.

So the thermometer will allow you to know whether you have attained the right melting temperature.

6. Vacuum Mixer

This component is responsible for carrying out a thorough blending of all the different ingredients that you place inside the melting tank.

It operates at high speed hence allowing the gelatin mass to ultimately attain homogeneity in regards to the ingredients.

In other words, this component is responsible for facilitating dissolution of all gelatin ingredients during the heating and melting process.

7. Flange

This refers to a ridge which is responsible for tightening the closing ends and strengthening to prevent the material from spillage during melting.

8. Speed Reducer

This refers to a device which regulates the melting speed of the tank.

It comes with varied settings to enable you to set it accordingly depending on various conditions.

The speed reducer is a necessary component in this unit since it facilitates the homogeneous mixing of the gelatin ingredients.

9. Tank

This is arguably the most prominent component of this particular equipment.

The tank is the metallic container that holds the gelatin ingredients together, and it’s where actual mixing, heating, and melting occurs.



The size and design of the tank also vary significantly, but the good thing is that they are always available in different capacities.

Working Principle of Gelatin Melting Tank

It happens that you prepare the gelatin by blending the powdered gelatin material and mixing it with other ingredients.

At this point, the melting tank heats up to a temperature of about 80 degrees.

This,however, is dependent on the nature of the ingredients. But water should make up for 30-40% of the mixture.

This is to mean that there are instances when you’ll regulate the temperature of the tank to beyond the specified if necessary.

Portable gelatin melting tank

Portable gelatin melting tank

The tank then maintains the specific temperature, and in the process, melting and hydration takes place.

During melting, the ingredients also blend and the time it takes may as well vary still based on the nature of the ingredients.

The melting tank then de-aerates the substance by vacuum as a way of allowing it to have minimal air.

Remember that the heating, blending and de-aerating processes all occur inside the melting as quickly as possible.

So upon melting and hydration taking place, all the gelatin ingredients turn to become a relatively thick syrup. In most instances, it’s always known as gelatin mass.

During this process, every component such as color, plasticizer, andopacifier among others are added and thoroughly dissolved.

After that, the gelatin mass is then conveyed to from the tank via the filters into the feeder tanks.

And that’s basically how the gelatin melting tank works.

Technical Specifications of Gelatin Melting Tank

Like any other equipment involved in the processing of materials, you’d expect gelatin melting tank also to have particular technical specifications.

Technical specifications of gelatin melting tank

Technical specification of gelatin melting tank

Some of the major ones include the following;

· Type of Material

Ordinarily, the ideal material for manufacturing this equipment ought to be stainless steel.

What happens is that the conditions it’s subjected to and the ingredients it handles from time to time call for a resistant material.

Most of the units available are made of stainless steel given that it is resistant to heat, corrosion, and attrition.

· Capacity/Volume

The truth is that this specification is dependent on the particular application for using this unit.

Of course, it is necessary always to ensure you go for one that has enough capacity for your needs.

In most cases, laboratory or R&D melting tanks are often small in size as opposed to the industrial ones.

· Temperature

By any standards, this is the parameter that determines whether or not the gelatin melting tank will heat the ingredients accordingly.

It is always important to understand the specific temperature range for melting particular gelatin ingredients to satisfaction.

· Mixing Speed

There is a component in most of the modern gelatin melting tanks which allows you to control the mixing speed.

Evidently, some ingredients would require faster-mixing speed; others moderate whereas other slower speeds.

While on this subject, you also need to know that mixing speed is essential in determining the output rate.

And for that reason, it is a structural specification of a melting tank that you must look into.

· Design of the Structure

What happens is that different manufacturers come up with different configurations of their specific gelatin melting tanks.

Well, the design might probably play a minimal role in overall efficiency and performance of this equipment, but it’s equally an important aspect.

Design of the structure plays an essential role from the perspective of aesthetics, convenience as well as usability.

· Tank Dimension

The dimension, or simply put it the overall size of the tank is also a significant specification of this equipment.

You see, it is what determines the space that you’ll need to install or place this instrument.

So it is always better to figure out the space you have and whether the dimensions of the tank would fit in appropriately.

It will allow you to enhance efficiency in handling the process and also preventing you from suffocating the workspace.

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Ultimately, you can now make the right choices when it comes to purchasing the most suitable gelatin melting tanks.

Additionally, I’m quite sure that you can now tell the various elements regarding this equipment.

Of course, this arises from the fact that you now understand the basics such as components, working principle, and technical specifications.

Moreover, you also know the right manufacturer just in case you want to purchase this type of equipment.

So, I leave it to you.

You can join the conversation and leave your inquiry, suggestion or concern of this equipment in the comment section below.

We will be glad to offer the necessary support.

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