Gelatin Service Tank: The Complete Guide

Gelatin service tank pays a pivotal role in the manufacturing of Softgel gelatin capsules.

Therefore, you need to know what it is, design, specifications and how it works, among other important aspects.

You’ll get all that information in this guide.

Actually, my aim is to make your Softgel encapsulation process a success and profitable.

Have a look.

What is Gelatin Service Tank?

Even before we start off, we need to ask ourselves the obvious question of what a gelatin service tank is.

This will help us understand which equipment in the manufacturing of gelatin we are discussing.

gelatin service tank is that equipment whose purpose is to store gelatin mass at a convenient temperature.

Gelatin service tank

Gelatin service tank

The gelatin service tank also acts as a holding tank for the gelatin mass before passing to the encapsulation machine.

Why You Need Gelatin Service Tank in Softgel Encapsulation

Gelatin service tank is an important equipment in softgel manufacturing, but why do you need this tank?

  1. Maintain Gelatin Temperature

To start off, you need to keep gelatin within a particular temperature and state for it to be effective.

You can achieve this by using gelatin service tank.

This is because it has special components that maintain the temperature of the gelatin within a given range.

  1. Allow for Systematic Release of Gelatin

Another reason is that during the production of gelatin softgel capsules, you need to release the gelatin systematically.

The gelatin service tank serves the purpose of holding the gelatin as they flow during the encapsulation process.

This allows for continuous production while at the same time controlling the gelatin flow.

Now that we know what a gelatin service tank is, we need to look at the reasons as to why you need this tank.

  1. Mixing Gelatin

Lastly, while gelatin is in the service tank, mixing takes place which ensures that the gelatin has a uniform temperature.

By doing so, the gelatin remains tender thereby facilitating the encapsulation process.

Parts of a Gelatin Service Tank

Getting to know the components of a gelatin service tank will help you understand how this equipment works.

It will also help in the overall maintenance of the equipment in case of a breakdown.

Parts of gelatin service tank

Parts of gelatin service tank

This section discusses the various parts of a gelatin service tank to give you a better understanding of the equipment.

· Three layers  – Inner layer, Heating Jacket, Insulation Jacket

The gelatin service tank is made up of three layers which help it to perform its functions.

Allow me to take you through each of these layers.

To begin with, we have the inner layer where you will store the gelatin.

This layer consists of polished steel due to its resistance to corrosion and rust.

It is also tolerant to a high temperature making it ideal for the storing of gelatin.

We also have the heating jacket whose purpose is to supply heat to the gelatin.

Water circulates in the heating jacket which conducts heat to the gelatin.

Lastly, there is the insulation jacket whose purpose is to prevent loss of heat to the outside environment.

You need to maintain the gelatin at a constant temperature for it to be effective for its purpose including during power shortage.

· Heating system

There are two types of heating systems that you can use in a gelatin service tank.

First, we have those that use electric heaters.

These types of heating system convert electric current to heat that the gelatin service tank uses.

Even though these heaters are cheap to buy, they cost more to use and maintain.

Partly due to the amount of electric current it consumes.

We also have the water heaters which use water to pass heat through the gelatin service tank.

What happens is that hot water passes along the gelatin service tank in a circular kind of motion passing heat.

This requires that you heat up the water before passing through the tank.

· Intelligent temperature controller

These controllers detect changes in temperature of the tank through sensors and initiate a process of maintaining the temperature at the pre-set level.

This can either be when the tank’s temperature is high or low.

· Pressure gauge and regulation system

The purpose of the pressure gauge is to regulate the input pressure of the fluid to match the output level.

This is important since failure to do this may cause the tank to malfunction.

· Security and safety valve

With the safety valve, there is maintaining of the pressure of the gelatin storage tank.

What happens is that when the pressure in the gelatin storage tank is too high, the valves open automatically to relieve pressure.

It helps in protecting the tank from exploding due to inbuilt pressure.

· Sight glass

The sight glass enables you to observe the level of gelatin inside the storage tank.

You can locate this transparent glass tube at the side of the gelatin service tank.

Normally, it runs from the top of the tank to the bottom thereby ensuring correct observation of the content inside the tank.

· Barrel bottom and top

The barrel bottom and top of the gelatin service tank have a conical shape.

This ensures that the service tank can handle the inbuilt temperature and pressure of the gelatin.

· Lid locking mechanism

The service tank normally has an airtight lid locking mechanism which prevents the gelatin from spilling.

The lid locking mechanism also prevents contamination of the gelatin during storage.

· Drain valve

At the bottom of the gelatin service tank, there is the drain valve.

Excess water and steam drain through this valve.

There are different sizes of drain valves which depend on the size of the gelatin service tank

· Compressed air system

A compressed air system is a system that supplies compressed air to the service tank.

The system consists of various components.

This includes the air intake filler, air compressor, after cooler, air receivers and air dryers.

How Gelatin Service Tank Works

One of the questions that you may be asking yourself at the moment is how gelatin service tank works.

Allow me to take you through the working process of the gelatin service tank.

SaintyCo Gelatin Service Tank

SaintyCo Gelatin Service Tank

Let’s read along.

The main purpose of the gelatin service tank is to store the gelatin in preparation of the gelatin soft gel capsules.

Here is what happens.

Depending on the type of gelatin service tank that you use, you can channel gelatin into the tank in two ways.

That is through gravity or pressure.

You can use pressure to force the gelatin into the gelatin service tank.

This is common when the service tank is in such a way that the inlet is horizontal to the tank.

You apply external pressure on the gelatin which forces it into the service tank.

On the other hand, gravity is where the service tank has a hoper on top of it that allows you to place the gelatin.

This then flows into the tank by use of gravity.

Once inside the service tank, the heat jacket supplies heat to the gelatin.

This is through the hot water that runs through it.

The heat jacket covers the entire service tank which enables water to circulate it.

You can control this hot water by use of the pressure valve to ensure that the pressure inside the service tank is within limits.

An agitator runs down the tank which rotates clockwise to ensure there is uniform heat in the tank.

This helps in distributing heat within the gelatin service tank.

Again as the agitator rotates, the gelatin can move along the walls of the service tank as heating takes place.

Also, as it does this, there is a transfer of heat within the gelatin.

You can maintain the gelatin at a given temperature in case of power shortage using the insulation jacket.

This jacket helps prevent loss of heat to the surrounding.

The advantage of the insulation jacket is that it can maintain the temperature of the gelatin for up to 24 hours.

The insulation jacket covers the entire service tank hence marinating the temperature.

Salient Technical Specification to Look for Before Buying Gelatin Service Tank

Another aspect of gelatin service tank that you need to consider is the technical specifications.

Here is a look at the main specifications.

Technical drawing of gelatin service tank

Technical drawing of gelatin service tank

· Stainless Steel Structure

Most gelatin service tanks are made of stainless steel because of the characteristics it possesses.

This includes it being resistant to corrosion and rust.

Therefore, you can use it for a long time.

Not forgetting the high-temperature durability that makes it ideal for use in the making of a gelatin service tank.

· Quality Standards Compliance

Always ensure that the gelatin service tank that you purchase conform to the quality standards set.

You will see an indication on the side informing you of the standard compliance.

Most specific standards are the cGMP, GB9684-88 and Q/WEJ01-2002.

· Capacity (volume)

Gelatin service tanks come in different volumes which depend on your production level.

The common range of this volume is from 150 litres to 1000 litres.

However, most manufacturers can customise for you the capacity of gelatin service tank that will fit your production

· Wheels

Gelatin service tanks need to be flexible so that you can use them in different locations.

Always ensure that the wheels are firmly fixed at the bottom and that they move easily.

· Rated temperature

This refers to the ideal temperature in which the gelatin service tank can operate without malfunctioning.

Remember that for the gelatin to be effective; you need to maintain accurate temperature.

You can achieve this by observing the rated temperature of the gelatin service tank.

Different service tanks will have different rated temperature requirements.

· Gelatin supply systems

You can supply gelatin to the gelatin service tank using either pressure or gravity.

Pressure is where there is an external pressure system that forces the gelatin through the service tank.

On the other hand, you can use gravity to supply gelatin in the service tank.

This process requires the service tank to have a hopper on top of it.

What happens is that you place the gelatin on top of the hopper from where it flows down the gelatins service tank using gravitational force.

· Rated pressure

The rated pressure of a gelatin service tank refers to the maximum pressure that the walls of the gelatin service tank can hold.

This, of course, means that the walls don’t rupture.

Rated pressure varies depending on the quality of the material of the gelatin service tank.

Gelatin service tank technical data

Gelatin service tank technical data

SaintyCo Gelatin Service Tank – Your Trusted Softgel Encapsulation Equipment Supplier

There are many manufacturers of gelatin service tanks in the market.

With this, it becomes a problem identifying a genuine manufacturer.

However, let me open a secret for you.

SaintyCo is the leading manufacturer of the original gelatin service tank globally.

Why you may ask?

We manufacturer quality and durable gelatin service tanks from the highest quality products.

This tanks are capable of serving you efficiently and effectively.

We have been in the industry for a long period which has enabled us to understand the market dynamics.

This includes the different sizes of gelatin service tanks in demand.

Also, we tailor the prices of our products to meet the customer expectations.

You can purchase our tanks due to the flexible repayment methods we have.

Lastly, with the variety of production, we customize our tanks to fit the level of production of your company.

This ensures that you can get any tank you need from us


I believe you have an idea of the various aspects of a gelatin service tank.

This includes the reasons as to why you need to have one.

Also, you have seen why you need to check out SaintyCo when you want to purchase quality and reliable gelatin service tank.

The next part involves you making a reasonable mind on where you want to make your purchase.

However, you can always count on SaintyCo to listen to you.

Get in touch with us today and let us offer you solutions for your gelatin service tank.

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