Gum Packaging Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Gum packaging machine is an electric device designed for packing a wide range of gum candy products.

It is available in different designs, sizes, and capacities, making it easy to select the most suitable one for your demands.

This article gives broad information by answering all the critical questions regarding gum packaging machines.

Hence, if you are looking for the right information about different aspects of this equipment, you are at the right place.

What Components Make Up Gum Packaging Machine?

Gum packaging machine

gum packaging machine

A typical gum packaging machine comprises several parts and components playing different roles but integrated with one another.

In essence, all these parts ensure seamless and efficient operation within the machine to attain the desired results.

The main parts and components of this equipment include the following;

PLC Control Unit

This component features a digitized PLC panel integrated into a user-friendly human-machine interface.

The main function of control unit is to enable you to regulate different operating aspects of the machine from a single station simultaneously and conveniently.

Feeder Unit

It is the part of the equipment responsible for feeding different gum products into the machine.

Ideally, you can also use this unit to feed various gum packages into the machine.

Conveyor Unit

This component moves the products from one station to another through the machine for various functions.

Lubrication Unit

This unit systematically lubricates different moving parts of the gum packaging machine.

The essence is to create smooth surfaces by reducing friction between the moving components for efficient machine running.

Electric Unit

It is a component featuring all the electric elements that run the machine.

Labeling Unit

This part applies labels to different gum products surfaces systematically depending on the set speed.

Sealing Unit

It ensures the gum products are properly closed up in an airtight package to prevent air and moisture from getting into the product.

Moreover, it enables the gum product to maintain its quality and extends its shelf life.

What Types Of Gum Products Do Gum Packaging Machine Packs?

You can pack an array of gum products using typical gum packaging equipment.

Nonetheless, the common types include the following;

  • Sugar-free gum
  • Bubble gum
  • Stick gum
  • Tube gum
  • Ball gum
  • Ribbon gum
  • Functional gum
  • Medicated gum
  • Stick gum
  • Center-filled gum
  • Tab gum
  • Nicotine gum
  • Wrap gum
  • Dragee gum

Why Is Gum Packaging Machine A Beneficial Investment?

Gum packaging equipment presents a wide range of advantages in the overall packaging process of different gum products.

And this is beneficial because it implies you get an ideal ROI, which is important in enhancing your business or operations.

Some core beneficial reasons that make this equipment a worthy investment include the following;

  • You can pack numerous gum products within the shortest time available.

Ideally, this is important, especially if you have several large orders to fulfill within a tight deadline.

  • It features highly automated features for gum packaging, making the overall packing process and experience quite convenient and simple.
  • This machine guarantees high hygiene levels since it eliminates any chances of contamination when packaging different gum products.
  • You can constantly adjust the packing speed of this machine accordingly to match your production demands.
  • It is user-friendly since it features a highly mechanized system integrated into a human-machine interface for easy operation.
  • The safety features of this equipment are top-notch, which protects the operator from injuries and the machine from damage.
  • You can use it for packing gum products in airtight packages and this is vital in improving the product’s shelf-life.
  • The running costs of a typical gum packaging machine are significantly low, increasing your profit margins.
  • It enables you to produce high-quality gum products that are quite attractive to the customers.

 Chewing gum production line

Chewing gum production line

What Material Is Suitable For Making Gum Packaging Machine?

Usually, gum making machine has different parts made using different materials.

Of course, this is important since different materials are suitable for various parts or components.

However, the main materials used in making most parts and components of this equipment include the following;

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Rubber

Which Is Better Between Multifunctional Gum Packaging And Ordinary Gum Packaging Machine?

Technically, as its name suggests, a multifunctional gum packaging machine can carry out different gum packaging operations simultaneously.

Multi functional gum packaging machine

multifunctional gum packaging machine

In essence, it features different gum packing parameters, which you can easily regulate from the digitized control panel.

For instance, you can change the packaging specifications for a particular gum product without changing the packaging product.

Ordinary gum machine

ordinary gum machine

In essence, the main difference between multifunctional and ordinary gum packaging machines is the former supports diverse packaging operations.

Therefore, multifunctional gum making unit stands out as a better option than the ordinary unit, especially in highly commercial production.

How Is Automatic Gum Packaging Machine Superior To Manual Gum Packaging Machine?

The difference between automatic and manual gum packaging machines is quite apparent.

Manual gum machine

manual gum  machine

Some elements making the former significantly superior to the latter include the following;


You can use automatic gum packaging equipment to pack different quantities of gum products, whether large or small scale depending on your needs.

In essence, you can adjust it accordingly to suit your respective gum packaging demands.

Manual gum packaging machine, on the other hand, is only suitable for packing gum products in small-scale production.


Automatic gum packaging machine is faster; thus, you can use it to pack a large volume of gum products within shortest time possible.

On the other hand, manual gum packaging equipment is slower and can take more time to pack various gum products.

Labor Needs

You can use one operator to run automatic gum packing machine since most of its operating parameters are systemized.

However, a manual gum packaging machine requires use of relatively more human labor making its running cost a bit higher.


Automatic gum packaging equipment is electrically powered and can also use pneumatic pressure for its more critical functions.

Manual gum packaging machines, on the other hand, only use electricity for some minor functions.


The exactness level in auto-gum packaging machine is immense since all operations of this unit are systemic.

Manual gum packaging device, on the other hand, does not guarantee high accuracy since most of its operations are manually operated.

To sum it up, auto-gum packaging machine demonstrates superiority to manual units in various aspects.

Thus, it is a better option to consider between the two choices.

How Do You Select Most Suitable Gum Packaging Machine?

A typical chocolate gum making machine is a significant investment.

Therefore, it is important to consider several important factors to ensure you purchase the most suitable unit for your needs.

Some critical elements to look into include the following;

  • Production output – Ensure you establish whether your preferred unit guarantees the specific capacity that meets your requirements.
  • Technical capacity – Check the specific technical specifications of the unit and make sure they are compatible with your production demands.
  • Maintenance needs – Determine the level and frequency of maintenance the specific unit you are selecting will require.

Besides, figure out the availability and cost of spare parts.

  • Technological integration – The automation capacity of the gum packaging machine you are buying is also an imperative consideration to bear in mind.
  • Safety features – Ensure you are going for a unit with properly integrated safety elements to safeguard the operator and the machine.
  • Conformation – It is important to make sure your preferred unit is easy to configure into different settings since this augments effectiveness and convenience.
  • Power rating – The power consumption of your machine is also a necessary consideration to look into when buying one.

It allows you to determine whether you’ll need a backup power plan in case of an outage.

  • Flexibility – In essence, check the ease of changing different parameters of the machine on and off operation.
  • Labor needs – Always choose a gum making machine depending on your labor needs.
  • Cost – You’ll find gum packaging machines at different prices based on numerous factors. However, it is important to shop around and ensure your preferred unit fits within your budget.
  • Integration compatibility – Gum packaging is part of gum manufacturing process.

Thus, it is imperative to go for a unit that you can easily integrate with other existing equipment in the production line.

What Can You Use Gum Packaging Machine?

Ordinarily, gum packaging machines are used in different industries where product packaging and sealing is needed.

The common areas where the use of this equipment is quite broad include the following;

Food Manufacturing

Most companies that manufacture a wide range of confectionery products such as sweets often use this machine in fulfilling packaging solutions.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Some pharmaceutical products are packed and sealed using a gum packaging machine.

Such products require airtight sealing to prevent them from air and moisture.

Part-Making Companies

Various companies that manufacture different machinery and equipment parts also use this device to pack various products.

For instance, auto-parts manufacturing companies pack parts such as bearings, rings, locks, and seals using gum packaging machine.

How Does Gum Making Machine Pack Gum Products?

Often, gum packaging equipment is integrated into the general gum manufacturing line containing other support machines.

In essence, it makes it easy for the operation to be seamless and continuous, eliminating unnecessary production downtime.

Thus, the working principle of this component follows the following sequence;

Configuration Setting

This stage involves setting the machine to conform to the required packaging requirements based on the specific product and packaging material.

It is a straightforward process, but it determines the overall outcome of the packaging process thus requires necessary meticulousness.

Feeding Phase

It entails filling the hopper with the respective gum products.

Besides, the equipment receives additional gum products from the gum making equipment in the production line.

It is imperative to ensure the hopper contains adequate packaging material always.

Packing Stage

The conveyor unit dispatches gum product to the filling unit from the hopper.

Packages for respective gum products synchronously move from the hopper to the filling station.

After the gum product gets to the filling station, it falls into a packing material, which is already opened.

Several mechanisms are integrated into the machine to ensure the appropriate volume of gum candy fills the packing materials.

Besides, it ensures it attains the right weight for final product.

This process takes place continuously until the end of the packaging process.

Sealing Stage

Immediately the gum product fills the packages; this equipment creates an airtight package seal.

Also, this machine eliminates any air within the package before creating a seal.

Gum wrapping packages also come with different labels identifying the product and containing relevant details.

What Makes Buying Brand New Gum Packaging Machine The Best Option?

Purchasing a brand new gum packaging machine is essential and beneficial in many ways than buying a used unit.

Here are a few fundamental reasons, which makes buying brand new equipment an ideal alternative;

  • You get a clear and valid warranty, and this gives you peace of mind and eliminates worries of breakdown, repair, and replacement.
  • It gives you value for money and returns on investment because such a unit maintains efficiency and functionality for long.
  • Buying a new gum packaging machine allows you to order customized units and parts that suit your production demands.
  • New gum packaging machines have relatively new parts and components, which guarantees longevity and reduces unnecessary repair and replacement costs.
  • You are guaranteed gum products, which meet the required standards when using a new gum packaging machine.
  • The level of technology-infused in new gum packaging equipment is top-notch, enhancing efficiency in the production process.

Which Other Additional Machinery Can You Integrate With Gum Packaging Machine?

Ordinarily, auxiliary machinery, in this case, refers to different pieces of equipment you will use together with gum packaging machine.

The commonly used auxiliary equipment include the following;

  • Gum making machine – It is the leading equipment that initiates and makes the gum product.
  • Gum sorting equipment – This equipment sorts the gum products and arranges them in different groups based on size, style, etc.
  • Gum labeling machine –The function of this equipment is to apply labels on the surface of the gum product or packaging material.
  • Gum cleaning machine – It is tasked with cleaning the gum products before packing in respective packaging materials.

Is Gum Packaging Machine And Gum Wrapping Machine Same?

Not certainly!

What happens is that the gum packing machine is a model of a horizontal flow wrapping machine.

Gum products get into a conveyor and wrapped with a continuous wrapping element.

This happens before they are cut and wrapped into single wrappers by a cutter and heat sealer.

Hence, you get an airtight flexible package.

In contrast, gum wrapping equipment first makes the wrapping base material.

This could be a plastic film, aluminum foil, or paper.

Gum product is fed into the package for heat sealing before cutting into single packages.

Gum packaging machine

Gum packaging machine

What Is The Perfect Packing Speed Of Gum Packaging Machine?

Mostly, it depends on the specific design, specifications, and configuration of the machine.

Often, semi-automatic gum packaging machines tend to rely partly on human labor thus may be a bit slower.

On the other hand, you can always adjust the speed settings of an automatic unit to suit your packaging needs.

Nonetheless, a commercial gum packaging machine can pack up to 5,000 pieces per hour, depending on its capacity, specifications, and settings.

Are There Mandatory Quality Standards For Gum Packaging Machines?

Typically, all gum packaging machines need to meet various quality standards set by international organizations.

These standards stipulate that the production of food and related products must meet the safety requirements for human consumption.

Nonetheless, these standards often vary from one country to another or one economic region to another.

But the most common ones, which you need to look into when buying this equipment include the following;

  • SGS certification
  • CE marking
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)
  • Physical Agents Directive Certification (PAD)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification
  • American Standards for Testing and Material (ASTM)

It is recommended to ensure that the specific gum packaging machine you are buying is approved by these quality standard certifications.

Primarily, it shows the equipment meets all the necessary quality and safety standards to handle food for human consumption.

What Are The Common Problems You Are Likely To Encounter With Gum Packaging Machine?

Often, you may encounter a few challenges when using this machine in packaging different gum products.

The common issues you are likely to come across include the following;

Improper Tracking of the Packaging Material

Primarily, the main issue of this problem is poor alignment of the packaging material on the carriage.

To solve this problem, you need to place the roll at the middle and tighten the pivot accordingly.

Wrinkling Packaging Material

It could result from several factors, such as wrong alteration of the forming roller.

Mostly, the best way of handling this is by replacing the forming roller.

Jamming Packaging Film

Often caused by excessive pressure on vertical seal band.

Solving this requires minimizing heat formation.

How Can You Enhance Longevity Of Gum Packaging Machine?

A gum making equipment with extended longevity gives you great value for money.

Hence, it is important to establish ideal ways to enhance the service lifespan of this machine, such as the following;

  • Always ensure you shut off the machine completely before removing any component to prevent any hazard.
  • Make sure you clean the machine using recommended compatible cleaning mild detergents that won’t react with surface material.
  • Regularly inspect the machine to ensure all the components are in good condition.
  • Replace any worn-out or damaged parts accordingly with genuine parts.

What Are The Market Rates For Buying Gum Packaging Machine?

Numerous elements often inform the market rates for purchasing this equipment.

For instance, a manual or semi-manual gum packaging machine is relatively affordable than a fully automatic gum packaging unit.

Also, the specifications of the particular gum making equipment in question determine the actual price.

A fully-loaded unit will be more expensive than a simple machine, which only has basic features.

Moreover, the particular brand of machine you are buying also determines the exact cost.

Often, relatively popular brands tend to be a bit expensive than less known brands.

Again, the number of units you are buying may influence the price.

Manufacturers will always offer comparatively high discounts on more pieces than buying a few units.

Hence, there is no definite price for this particular machine.

In many instances, suppliers and dealers often look at some of the above-mentioned factors to establish the exact cost of the machine.

Is Clean-In-Place A Critical Feature In Gum Packaging Machine?


It is an integral feature in this machine since it facilitates effective cleaning of the equipment during operation.

Ordinarily, during intense production, gum products often fall into various components of this equipment.

Some of these components are located in relatively interior places where it could be hard to reach for cleaning.

Moreover, during packaging operations, stopping to clean the equipment often leads to unnecessary downtimes.

Thus, CIP feature makes it easy for the machine to self-clean even when the operation is ongoing.

Ultimately, this enhances efficiency, high performance, continuity, faster production, and increased production capacity.

Besides, CIP feature prevents contamination of the packaged gum product.

What Is The Warranty Upon Purchasing Of Gum Packaging Machine?

Mostly, it depends on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing the gum packaging equipment from.

Some offer a warranty on specific components, whereas others provide a comprehensive warranty covering the entire machine and its components.

Therefore, it is necessary always to read and understand the specific terms and conditions of the gum packaging machine you are buying.

In essence, there is no definite warranty for this equipment.

You need to inquire from your preferred manufacturer or dealer to determine the actual warranty terms.

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