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The Ultimate Guide for Gummy Counting Machine

Gummy counting is a critical stage in gummy manufacturing process.  A reason you should choose accurate and reliable gummy counting machine. This guide will help you choose the best gummy counting machine in the market.

1. Benefits Of Gummy Counting Machine

It is among the notable machines offering modern solutions in gummy manufacturing process.

Some advantages it offers include the following;

High Accuracy

Often, manual gummy counting exposes the process to numerous errors and unnecessary inconsistencies.

However, using this equipment guarantees precision gummy counting, which is vital in enhancing overall quality and efficiency.

Increases Production Throughput

Typically, this machine is automated thus offers excellent counting speeds based on your ideal settings.

It is important, especially where high volume production is a concern since it allows you to attain the predetermined quantity easily.

Based on the preferred settings, you can achieve the required counting speed using this equipment.


This equipment has a PLC control system fitted with an easy-to-understand human-machine interface.

Hence, it becomes easy to regulate and monitor the various counting parameters to ensure you attain the most accurate results.


It barely requires human intervention during counting process allowing it to eliminate the daily running and operating costs, including labor.

gummy counting machine

gummy counting machine

Thus, you ultimately save a significant amount of money while attaining highest gummy counting efficiency.


Other than gummy counting, you can also use this equipment in different applications such as chewing gum, lollipop, and other pharmaceutical products.

It, therefore, means you will hardly require to acquire another piece of counting machine when producing such products.

Reduces Wastage

The computerized elements of this machine enable it to count the predetermined quantity of gummy products you are packaging.

Hence, in the long run, it prevents wastage and increases productivity.

Improves Safety

A typical gummy counting machine has myriad safety features, which are vital in safeguarding the operator from potential hazards.

Besides, this offers peace of mind, which is essential in influencing overall operator productivity.

Easy Maintenance

This equipment features a somewhat simple design construction making it quite easy to maintain.

Moreover, it guarantees high reliability during gummy counting process hence rarely requires regular maintenance.

2. Types Of Gummy Counting Machine

This equipment is classified mainly based on mode of operation hence available in two major types, which include the following;

Semi-Automatic Gummy Counting Machine

It is a variant that uses integrated manual and automatic operations to count various gummy products.

Ideally, this equipment has a few parameters that can be effected manually and others automatically.

In essence, it implies that it has operating provisions that require human intervention and others that are automatic.

It is quite effective, relatively accurate, and simple to operate. Semi-automatic gummy counting unit is also moderately fast.

semi automatic gummy counting machine

semi automatic gummy counting machine

A few notable features of this machine include a user-friendly HMI PLC touchscreen display for monitoring and regulating different operations.

Thus, it is suitable for counting different gummy products in a small and medium scale production setting.

Fully Automatic Gummy Counting Unit

It is a gummy counting machine variant featuring the latest technological innovations making it one of the most sought-after options in the market.

As the name indicates, this unit is fully computerized; hence all its functional operations are automatic.

Thus, you won’t necessarily need any type of human involvement in this machine during the counting process.

It features a specific designed algorithm that enables it to count gummy products and offer best results.

In essence, it offers integrated technology from different mechanical, electronic, optics, and computer engineering aspects.

fully automatic gummy counting unit

automatic gummy counting machine

Nevertheless, a fully automatic gummy counting machine does not necessarily eliminate the aspects of human involvement entirely.

Aspects such as data entry and settings require operator involvement to ensure the machine attains correct counting parameters.

Hi-tech image processing ability is one of the outstanding features of a fully automatic gummy counting machine.

It enables it to count the products precisely, even in high-volume processing.

Besides, this machine is also ultra-fast when counting gummy products thus can count thousands of items within a predetermined timeframe.

The PLC control system and HMI module touchscreen make it user-friendly and easy to monitor different counting parameters.

Some models feature an auto-cleaning system, thus relieving you from the stress of dismantling and reassembling the components to clean them.

3. Parts Of Gummy Counting Machine

The main parts of a typical gummy counting machine include the following;

Programmable Logic Controller

It is a computerized control module designed to continuously monitor the state of input parameters and determine the best decision depending on a custom program to control output elements.

Precision Optical Sensor

This is an electronic detector designed to convert light rays into electronic signals.

It enables the machine to measure physical light quantity and translate it into readable form to facilitate accurate gummy product counting.

Auxiliary Relay

It helps different primary relays in conducting the specific functional parameter.

PLC Touchscreen

This component displays different counting operations, and it is also used in monitoring and regulating various functional parameters.

Stainless steel Framing Structure

It supports all other components affixed onto it to ensure and maintain stability and efficiency during counting process.

Temperature Regulator

This device controls heat generated in the machine by comparing a sensor signal with a set of different operation calculations.

Bowl Feeder

It consists of several parts, including the hopper, vibrator, gummy feeding track, and dust cap.

Essentially, this component facilitates seamless and efficient feeding of the gummy products into the machine for subsequent counting into the packaging material.

Feeding Conveyor

It ensures gummy movement from one station within the machine to another one for respective counting process.

Control keys

These are buttons used to activate and disengage different operating parameters of this equipment.

Bowl Feeder

It is a device designed to orient and feed individual gummy products for packaging in the counting machine.

Electric System

This mechanism converts electric power into kinetic energy to enable different machine components to move accordingly.

Lubrication System

It comes in handy in lubricating different moving components of this machine to reduce the level of friction.

gummy counting machine parts

gummy counting machine parts

4. How Gummy Counting Machine Works

The working principle of gummy counting machine is generally straightforward since it has a simple design construction.

Nonetheless, here are the general steps of how it works;

5. Powering The Machine

It entails switching on the machine to activate the various counting parameters and ensure it gets ready for the task ahead.

While at it, ensure the machine is inert to prevent any unintended action from taking place.

Gummy Feeding

A batch of gummy products to be counted are placed in the hopper, and the necessary parameter adjustments set.

Some models also come with auto-gummy filler designed to feed the products into the equipment automatically once loaded.

The gummy products get into the machine through feeding trays depending on custom controls.

Gummy Counting

Gummy products move across the machine on a conveyor belt as the precision optical sensor continues counting them.

While at it, the machine vibrates rigorously, and the gummy products inside the equipment shake inside a rotating glass.

Each disc can count several gummy product variants.

Gummy Separation

Ideally, this equipment counts gummy and, at the same time, detects and separates the faulty ones accordingly.

Nevertheless, this machine is set such that any gummy product with a defect moves to a different side from the fine ones.

Package Filling

Often, this machine is integrated with a piece of filling equipment to enable seamless auto-filling of the respective packages.

But some models are highly advanced and have extraordinary features and enhanced performance.

6. Applications Of Gummy Counting Machine

This equipment is primarily used in a wide range of industries but mostly in the manufacturing sector, where product counting is a crucial concern during packaging.

It thus implies that it is quite versatile and some notable areas where it is used include the following;

Pharmaceutical And Medical Sector

It is used in companies that manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, and vials.

Chemical Manufacturing

Mostly, various chemical products that need counting during packaging are counted using this machine to ensure accuracy.

Food Manufacturing

Some food products are counted precisely during packaging, making the use of this machine in such applications quite ideal.

7. How To Choose Gummy Counting Machine

Whenever you shop for an ideal gummy counting equipment, it is imperative to establish some fundamental elements in making the right decision.

Some factors to have in mind include the following;

  • Mode Of Operation – Determine whether your production needs require a semi-automatic or fully automatic unit based on speed and throughput.
  • Production Throughput – Generally, choosing a machine variant delivering higher speeds is better on most occasions since it guarantees higher output.
  • Price – The cost of this equipment often varies based on several factors.

However, it is always advisable to ensure you get a piece of equipment that gives you value for your money.

  • Features – Ordinarily, most gummy counting machines have typical standard features across board.

But some models have more advanced specifications likely to add more value to your gummy counting process.

  • Certification – Make sure you purchase equipment that complies with all the relevant quality and safety standards.
  • Model – You can find this machine in various models, all with some unique features.

Even so, it is advisable to pick a reliable model tested and proven in the industry.

  • User Support – Pick a machine that allows you to access support from the manufacturer easily.

8. Features Of Gummy Counting Machine

A typical gummy counting equipment has several features, but the most remarkable ones include the following;

  • Customized control unit and vibratory bowl to ensure precision quantity of each bag
  • Intelligent temperature controller guaranteeing product sealing and attractiveness
  • Stainless steel framing material that provides sturdiness and durability
  • Safety protection device for safety operation
  • PLC touchscreen control unit with an easy-to-understand human-machine operation interface for straightforward operation.
  • High automation degree
  • Dust extractor to ensure the machine stays dust-free throughout the counting process
  • Multi-track counting for higher production throughput.

9. How To Ensure Gummy Counting Machine Operate Optimally

The notable measures to execute to allow this machine to attain optimal operation include the following;

  • Undertaking regular preventive, breakdown, and corrective maintenance processes to ensure the machine stays in great shape always.
  • Always replace any worn-out or damaged part with genuine original equipment manufacturer part.
  • Ensure all the moving parts of the machine are always lubricated to reduce friction and prevent parts from wearing out.
  • Update the software accordingly from reliable manufacturer sources.

10. Factors To Consider When Buying Gummy Counting Machine

They could be several factors often depending on what you want to attain when using this machine and the actual application demands.

Nevertheless, the notable elements you must always consider include the following;

  • Production volume
  • Speed
  • Precision
  • GMP design
  • On-Screen directions
  • Auto-cleaning and dust-extractor features
  • Machine set-up
  • Usability and user-friendliness
  • Ability to distinguish faulty gummy products
  • Maintenance schedule

11. Gummy Counting Machine Safety Features

An ideal gummy counting machine should have the following safety features;


Typically, sensors in this machine are designed to relay warning for different malfunctions, hazards, or any machine flaw.

These features are vital since they protect the machine and operator from potential damage or injuries, respectively.

Sensors also detect the presence or absence of gummy products during counting to ensure all products are counted accurately.

Temperature Controller

It is mainly designed to regulate the machine’s overall temperature and ensure it functions safely throughout the process.

This prevents it from unnecessary overheating and eventually allows it to attain desired gummy counting results as desired.

Stainless Steel Framing

Generally, stainless steel material is quite solid, and it gives the machine the necessary stability during counting.

Hence, irrespective of the vibration levels, the framing component ensures the machine remains steady throughout the process.

Emergency Stop Buttons

These are control keys used for neutralizing or deactivating the machine from operating if there is a need for a safety emergency.

Often, they are located at vantage positions where the operator can easily access and press them accordingly.

gummy counting machine

gummy counting machine

12. Troubleshooting Gummy Counting Machine

The common problems you are likely to encounter when using this machine and how to resolve them are as follows;

  • Display fault

Usually happens due to numerous causes but primarily due to dust accumulation in the tray or inaccurate tray insertion.

Troubleshooting this requires proper tray cleaning and ensuring it always remains clean.

  • Unit count fault

This error normally occurs due to dust accumulating on the glass window detector.

However, to solve it, you need to replace the glass window and ensure it always stays clean.

  • Counting error

Ideally, this error is often exhibited by attaining more or less gummy product quantity in the package.

Dust accumulation on glass detectors and fragmentation of the products are likely to yield excess counting errors.

Hence, troubleshooting the machine to solve this problem calls for ensuring the glass detector is always clean.

Besides, you also need to counter-check any broken gummy product to ensure they do not get into the machine.

On the other hand, under-counting is likely to arise due to machine mishandling and incorrect settings.

Thus, it is recommended to ensure the machine is handled gently and speed regulated accordingly.

13. Validation Test For Gummy Counting Machine

Essentially, it is recommended to conduct a validation test for this machine based on good manufacturing practices.

Some typical validation tests to carry out include the following;

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

It is a type of assessment of the machine used for verifying that newly manufactured and packaged equipment meets the intended objective.

Technically, this test validates the machine’s operations and ensures the end users purchase order specifications, and other requirements are met.

The common elements assessed in FAT validation test include electrical inspection, mechanical inspection, and safety inspection.

Installation Qualification Test

IQ validation test refers to the process of evaluating new equipment primarily at the installation stage.

Ideally, this test assesses machine’s efficiency to ensure it meets all the required specifications.

This validation test subjects you through the gummy counting machine parts to determine their respective efficiency and validity.

A successful installation qualification validation test guarantees an IQ certification document.

Operational Qualification Test

It is the type of validation test that qualifies the equipment to be in excellent operational condition.

Of course, it is necessary to ensure the machine is operating correctly once installed and starts functioning.

Normally, an OQ certification is issued upon successful validation test to demonstrate the equipment is in great working condition.

14. How To Import Gummy Counting Machine From China

The process of importing this equipment from China to your preferred country of destination is quite straightforward and entails the following;

Selecting Gummy Counting Machine

You need to pick the ideal equipment based on your application and preference demands.

This is quite easy since you need to search and identify the suitable manufacturers and suppliers to engage.

Ensure you select the ideal manufacturer carefully by reading reviews and other relevant information.

Specification Requirements

Once you determine the ideal manufacturer, they will ask for the machine’s specifications that meet your requirements.

Of course, this is essential because it allows you to determine whether the equipment is compatible and reliable based on advanced technology.

Get The Quotation Of Selected Machine

If the manufacturer or supplier finds the particular machine with all the matching specifications, ask for quotations.

Ordinarily, China, as a leading marketplace for these machines, you are likely to find several options with different quotations.

Compare specifications and cost, then determine the most affordable supplier.

Make Payment

Different dealers have various payment preferences when purchasing this machine as an international customer.

Ensure you get the right and convenient payment option suitable for both you and the supplier.

Aftersales Support And Facilities

Ideally, you need to know several aspects of the machine regarding what post-sale support is offered.

It is necessary, and it comes in handy when any problem arises within the warranty period; they can easily direct you.

Taxes And Tariffs

Always know how tariffs and taxes are calculated when importing this machine from China.

Ordinarily, it is recommended to seek assistance from a customs broker to help you during this process since they are experienced in matters of taxes and tariffs.


You can use several shipping channels, including air, road, rail, or sea, depending on the urgency, budget, and your exact destination.

Finding a reliable freight forwarder, in this instance, comes in handy and ensures you get the best services at affordable rates.

15. Importance Of Gummy Counting Machine Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

The significance of carrying out FAT tests when purchasing a gummy counting machine includes the following;

  • It guarantees quality and safety of the equipment since it evaluates all the vital aspects before proving its usability.
  • The parties engaged in selling and buying this equipment can easily resolve any arising issues regarding its technical, mechanical, and operation conditions.
  • FAT enables you to save a reasonable amount of money, resources, and time since it evaluates various elements of mechanical and technical concerns.
  • It allows you to ascertain the equipment’s ability to endure different unfriendly mechanical and environmental conditions.

16. Gummy Counting Machine Maintenance Process

The ideal maintenance practices for this equipment include the following;

  • Ensure the machine is always clean by removing dust from various devices like sensors to reduce errors and unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Always lubricate all moving parts and components to minimize friction and increase efficiency of the unit.
  • Replace worn-out parts and components with genuine ones to enhance consistency and machine reliability.
  • Use the right diagnostic tools and programs to troubleshoot and fix all the programming errors accordingly.

17. Products You Can Count Using Gummy Counting Machine

The versatility of the equipment makes it ideal to use in various products such as the following;

  • Pills
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Chocolate balls
  • Soft and hard gelatin capsules
  • Dragees
  • Sweets
  • Bubble gums
  • Chewing gums
  • Candies

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