Gummy Filling Machine

With high-performance gummy filling machines, you can profit from the growing gummy bear industry.

In today’s guide, you will learn how to choose a high-performance gummy making machine.

Whether you want to learn about specifications, parts, working principles, validation documents, safety features, or troubleshooting process, you will find everything here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Gummy Filling Machine?

Gummy filling machines are devices that you will use to electromechanically fill gummy candy into different sizes of packages.

 Gummy candy

 Gummy candy

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How Can You Use a Gummy Filling Machine to Skyrocket Your Business?

You can boost your business and the profit you make from gummy manufacturing by using the gummy filling machine.

Here are the main ideas that you should incorporate into your facility to skyrocket your gummy making business.

G150 gummy production line

Gummy making machine

  • Purchase high-quality gummy making machines that will perform well while reducing the machine downtime.
  • You should also hire personnel with enough experience in operating the gummy filling machine.

If not, you should consider training your personnel on becoming gummy filling machine experts.

  • You must conduct proper machine maintenance by cleaning and lubricating it on a regular basis to increase durability.
  • You must also do frequent inspections on the machine and also troubleshoot the machine for repair and replacement of parts.
  • You must also have proper knowledge of how the gummy filling machine works.
  • It is important to know all the parts of the gummy filling machine for frequent checkups and replacements.
  • Remember to stay in touch with your gummy filling machine supplier to ensure that he updates you on new developments.

In addition to that, your supplier will also provide you with other key services such as the proper maintenance of the machine.

  • Keep yourself abreast with new technological advancements and ensure you apply them on your machine.
  • Integrate the gummy filling machine with other support equipment to have a complete gummy production line.
  • You should consider purchasing a flexible gummy making machine that allows you to maneuver through the production specifications easily.

How Much Does a Gummy Filling Machine Cost?

Gummy filling machines vary in terms of the cost due to quite a number of factors including:

  • Size of the Gummy Filling Machine

Here, you will note that the bigger the gummy filling machine, the more it will cost you to acquire.

  • Filling Capabilities of the Gummy Filling Machine

You will look at the filling capabilities in terms of large scale or small-scale capabilities.

Large scale gummy filling machines will cost you more that the small-scale gummy filling machines.

Generally, the cost of gummy filling machines ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 US Dollars.

What are the Main Parts of a Gummy Filling Machine?

Gummy filling machines have various parts that work together to ensure success of gummy filling process.

Here are the main parts of the gummy filling machine that you have to look at.

Parts of gummy making machine

 Parts of gummy making machine

  • Control Panel

Fully and semi-automated gummy filling machines come complete with a digital control panel.

The smart control panel allows you to program, configure, and monitor the gummy filling process.

  • Safety Features

You can operate the gummy filling machine easily without risk of injury due to the presence of unique safety feature.

It has sensors that will automatically detect danger and send warning signals or shut down the machine automatically.

  • Machine Hopper

The gummy filling machine hopper is the part that will receive the gummy from the gummy making machine.

It will store gummy candy temporarily while maintain particular fill levels to avoid overloading the machine.

  • Filling Nozzles

The machine has filling nozzles that will direct the gummy candy into the gummy packages thus reducing wastage.

It has the capability of quantifying the amount of gummy candy to fill in every gummy package.

  • Transport System

The transport system is responsible for the movement of gummy candy from one station to the next.

It will guide the gummy candy and protect them from falling off the grid while in motion to different locations.

  • Electric Unit

The electric unit of the machine will provide and control the amount of power that the machine needs to work efficiently.

  • Lubrication Unit

This parts comes complete with lubrication oil that will grease all the moving parts of the gummy filling machine.

How Do You Choose a Good Gummy Filling Machine?

You can choose a good gummy filling machine by looking at the gummy filling machine specifications.

Here are the main gummy filling machine specifications that you have to pay close attention to.

  • Technological Advancements

You must purchase the gummy filling machine that have the latest form of technological advancements.

  • Level of Automation

In relation to technological advancements, you should consider purchasing a semi or fully automatic gummy filling machine.

  • Dimensions of the Machine

You will look at the dimensions in terms of the size of the machine by looking at the width, length and height.

The bigger the dimensions you need the bigger the type of machine you will purchase.

  • Type of Materials

Stainless steel qualifies as the best type of material that your gummy filling machine must have among the others.

  • Production Capacity

The gummy filling machine you purchase must fit the production capacity of your production plant.

For instance, large scale gummy production will require fully automated gummy filling machines.

Which Other Machines Will You Use Alongside the Gummy Filling Machine?

Well, a complete production line will require integration of gummy filling machines with other support equipment.

In that case, you will integrate the gummy filling machine with the following support equipment.

  • Gummy Making Machine

You must have the gummy making machine in the production line to supply the gummy filling machine with gummy.

  • Gummy Sorting Machine

The gummy sorting machine will help in sorting out gummy candy into different weights and sizes before filling.

  • Gummy Cleaning Machine

You should maintain high levels of hygiene by using the gummy cleaning machine to dust off the gummy candy.

Gummy packaging machine will help in sealing and labeling the gummy packages after a complete filling process.

How Many Types of Gummy Can You Fill Using the Gummy Filling Machine?

You can use the gummy filling machine to fill all types of gummy candy into different types of packages.

Implying that, you can fill gummy candy of different sizes, shapes and colors by using the gummy filling machine.

You will, however, configure the machine according to the filling specifications.

In other words, you must control the filling nozzle sizes to accommodate the different gummy candy sizes.

What is the Working Principle of a Gummy Filling Machine?

Gummy filling machines work on a mechanism where it can determine gummy candy specifications before filling the packages.

It has the capability of changing the filling nozzles in relation to the gummy candy sizes that it intends to fill.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when filling gummy candy into different packages.

Filling the Machine Hopper

Obviously, you must take care of the machine and prepare it adequately before you begin the filling process.

Preparing the gummy filling machine requires proper inspection to ensure it does not have faults that might affect the filling process.

In addition to that, you will configure the gummy filling machine into the right filling specifications from the control panel.

As soon as you start the machine, you will fill the hopper with the right amount of gummy candy.

The hopper has the capability of controlling the capacity it requires at any particular moment.

Filling the Gummy Packages

This is the most important stage of the gummy filling process where the machine fills the gummy packages.

Here, the gummy filling machine will open up the valves closing the outlet of the hopper.

It will then allow gummy candy to flow from the machine hopper through the guiding rails.

At the end of the guiding rails is the package waiting to receive the gummy candy.

The machine will depend on the production specifications and control the amount of gummy candy entering every package.

It has a stopper at the middle of the transporting rail that will only allow a specific amount of gummy candy.

The process continues all through the filling process until you complete the whole bulk of gummy candy you intend to fill.

How Many Types of Gummy Filling Machines are There?

Well, there are two main types of gummy bear filling machines in the market basing the classification on the level of automation.

In that case, we have the semi-automatic gummy filling machine and the fully-automatic gummy filling machine.

Semi-Automatic Gummy Filling Machine

This machine will require the assistance of human labor to perform some of the key functions such as filling the hopper.

Fully-Automatic Gummy Filling Machine

The fully-automatic gummy filling machine will automatically perform most of the filling functions with minimal human labor assistance.

Which is the Best Material for Making Gummy Filling Machines?

The best material that you can use in making the gummy filling machine is stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a hygienic type of material that will not stain easily thus maintain proper health standards.

Apart from that, stainless steel is also very easy to clean thus getting rid of the debris that might stain the gummy candy.

In addition to that, it has corrosion resistant properties that will prevent the machine from rusting.

Finally, stainless steel has very high tensile strength that maintains the stability of the entire machine.

How Do You Maintain a Gummy Filling Machine?

The maintenance process of the gummy filling machine is very simple involving the following:

Cleaning the Gummy Filling Machine

You must ensure that you clean the gummy filling machine on a regular basis especially after every use.

You can dismantle the parts and clean them thoroughly thus getting rid of the dirt on the hidden parts.

Other gummy filling machines have the clean in place (CIP) program that cleans the machine automatically.

Lubricating the Gummy Filling Machine

You must also lubricate the moving parts of the machine on a regular basis to avoid destruction from friction.

Make sure that you use proper lubrication oil that will last for a longer period thus reducing the maintenance cost.

Replacing the Worn-Out Parts

After an extensive working period, some of the parts of the machine are bound to wear out.

You should do regular inspection and identify the parts that require replacement for proper part replacements.

What are Benefits of Using the Gummy Filling Machine?

Gummy filling equipment have numerous benefits that will help boost your gummy production business.

Here are the main benefits of using the gummy filling machine.

G600 gummy production line-0

Gummy making machine

· Increases the Production Speed

You will automatically increase the speed of producing gummy candy with the help of the gummy filling machine.

It will help in saving time that you can channel into other gummy production activities.

· Easy to Operate

Operating the gummy filling machine is quite a simple process that does not require extensive levels of training.

· Easy to Maintain

The process of cleaning and maintaining the machine is very simple with minimal requirements such as water and detergent.

· High Accuracy Levels

Gummy filling machines work on very accurate and efficient levels with adherence to particular filling specifications.

Do the Gummy Making Machines Exhibit any Limitations?

Well, gummy filling machines have very few limitations that you might not experience with proper planning.

One of the greatest limitations of the gummy filling machine is the high cost of purchasing and installing.

You might have to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase and install the gummy filling machine.

With proper budgeting, you will definitely avoid this limitation of using the gummy filling machines.

Which Quality Specifications do Gummy Filling Machines Adhere to?

Gummy filling machines deal with gummy candy which are confectionaries that people consume.

It is the reason why you have to maintain very high health standard levels.

You can achieve these high health standard levels by adhering the international quality specifications.

Here are the main international quality standards that the machine must adhere to:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Standards
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards

What is the Production Capacity of Gummy Filling Machines?

The production or filling capacity of the gummy filling machines usually vary depending on the type of machine.

You can also manipulate the gummy filling machine to accommodate different gummy filling capacities.

Which Validation Documents Do You Need when Purchasing the Gummy Filling Machine?

It is very important to ensure that the gummy filling machine is working according to your requirements.

In that case, you will have to ensure that the manufacturers conduct tests on the machine at different levels.

Here are the main validation documents that you will receive after conducting the tests on the machine.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Validation Document

You will conduct the FAT while the machine is still at the factory in preparation for transportation.

You will receive the FAT validation document as soon as you confirm that the machine is in perfect condition.

Installation Qualification (IQ) Validation Document

You will receive the IQ validation document as soon as you complete the installation inspection process.

Operation Qualification (OQ) Validation Documents

You must also conduct an operation test on the machine to ensure that the machine operates efficiently.

Are there Future Prospects on Gummy Filling Machine Developments?

Well, the future is looking bright with interventions on improving the filling speed of the machine.

Apart from that, there is a technology that will focus on making the gummy filling machine safer.

Such technological advancements will also help in reducing the cost of purchasing the gummy filling machine.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Gummy Filling Machine?

You should troubleshoot your gummy filling machine to identify any problems that affect the machine.

Here are some of the problems and solutions of the problems you might encounter after troubleshooting.

The inability of Gummy Candy to Flow

The gummy candy might fail to flow through the system because of blockages on the system.

With the help of a technician, you can check on the clog and unclog the entire system.

Which Industries Use the Gummy Filling Machine?

You can use the gummy bear making machine in different industries such as:

· Food Industry

You will need the gummy filling machine in the food industry to fill gummy confectionaries into different packages.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

You will use the gummy filling machine to fill gummy that have pharmaceutical ingredients into different packages.

Do You Offer Warranties for the Gummy Filling Machines?

Absolutely, we offer warranty of a particular period on the gummy filling machine.

We believe that our machines are of high quality and will not fail that’s why we have a warranty.

Which Safety Features Must the Gummy Filling Machine Have?

The gummy filling machine must have safety features that will protect you from injury.

Apart from that, the safety features will also protect the machine from damage.

In that case, the main safety feature of the gummy filling machine is the automatic sensor.

It has the capability of sensing imminent danger and machine malfunctions.

It will either send warning signs or automatically shut down the machine to avoid damages.

Which After Sales Services Do You Offer to Gummy Filling Machine Customers?

We ensure that we transport and deliver the gummy filling machine at the right destination.

After that, we install the machine and then perform tests on it.

As soon as the installation is complete, we can train your personnel on how to operate the gummy filling machine.

You can also call in for information on technological advancements as well as proper maintenance guidance or assistance.

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