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SaintyCo gummy making machine can manufacture any types of gummy candies like gummy bear and more.

SaintyCo Gummy Making Machine is designed to produce candy from either gummy bear or jelly candy.

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Gummy Candy Making Machine

SaintyCo Gummy Manufacturing Machine including the following equipment:

Pre blending tank. 

  • Low pressure steam jacketed kettle with surface scraper.
  • With recirculating system
  • With pH meter in line on the recirculating pipe.
  • Temperature control to bring the primary blend to 140-150F

Holding kettle

  • Low pressure steam jacketed kettle
  • Slow speed surface scraper.
  • Recirculating system
  • Temperature control system to maintain 140-150F

Continuous Cooker by plate heat exchanger or shell and tube.

  • Cooking capacity 5kg / minute maximum
  •    Stam pressure available 10 bar max
  • Temperature control of final cook governing the pressure regulator.
  • Back pressure valve discharging into the vacuum chamber.

Vacuum chamber

  • Standard steam Jacketed vacuum chamber with dry air bleed valve.
  • Jacketed with low steam pressure to hold 200-220F

Holding kettle for cooked vacuumed gummy base (average hold time in kettle 20 minutes)

  • Steam jacketed kettle
  • Slow speed surface scraper
  • Temperature control to hold 200-210 F
  • Bypass valve to return product to holding kettle when the depositor is not working.

In-line mixer or static mixer.

  • In-line mixer mounted on the depositor hopper
  • Capacity 8-10 kg
  • Variable speed
  • Jacketed for temperature control 200F
  • multiple entry port for the addition of: Flavor, Color, Actives, Acid etc.


  • Steam jacketed hopper at temp of 220-230F
  • Dry air nozzles blowers to reduce product tailing.
  • In line airless spray system for molds lubrication.
  • Silicon and aluminum teflon coated molds with ejection pins.


  • Demolded product will be conveyed out form the depositor discharge point.
  • Manual loading of shallow (low shoulder) trays with ss wire mash bottom plane.
  • Stacking of trays onto bakers type carts with wheels. (40-50 tray / cart)


This system as described will also work for making hard candy using the aluminum molds.

We offer a versatile system that allows the customer to make gummies and hand candy (lozenges) as well.

More Descriptions

gummy manufacturing line


SaintyCo gummy candy making machine is a state of the art technology which produce various gummy candy shapes and eye-catching colors. These are ideal equipment allowing continuous production of high output confectionery.

We have a range of machines that can accommodate all types of gummies such as gummy vitamins, candies, and more. All our packaging equipment is perfect suited to the rapid market requirements of high-quality production machines.

G-300 Automatic Gummy Production Equipment factory

SaintyCo offers high performance, superior appearance, and efficient gummy candy making equipment that can be customized. Our machines will add marketability to your business for sure.

Our gummy making equipment is manufactured using quality raw material and advanced technology. Production processes are managed by our experienced and expert technical engineers.

Complete control throughout the system is performed. This leads to flawless and precise product development. We, in SaintyCo, make sure we will offer you the most advanced and authentic gummy making equipment. We provide top-quality outputs and production flexibility at reasonable costs.

Flexible Production

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 gummy candy equipment

SaintyCo manufactures commercial gummy making machines under strict quality control. Also, we consider the different safety standards such as CE and SGS. We know that quality and safety are some of the main concerns with every product.

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Gummy Bear Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

Let me guess, you are gummy bear candy fan and you would like to manufacture gummy bear candy?

If so, this guide will take you through every detail about the gummy bear machine.

A gummy bear machine is confectionary equipment that you will use in making gummy bear candy.

Gummy bear

 Gummy bear

Benefits of Gummy Bear Maker Machine

In the process of using the gummy bear maker machine, you will experience a lot of benefits.

G80 Automatic Gummy Production Equipment-6



Gummy making machine

The advantages that you will notice in the process include:

  • The machine is highly automated and you will not require the services of too much human labor.
  • High level of automation increases the production output and produces tens of thousands of candies within a short period.
  • You can configure the machine since it comes complete with a PLC control system and a touch screen.
  • It is contamination free since the main material is stainless steel which supports minimal to no contamination on the candy.
  • Using the control panel, you will be able to monitor and adjust all the production operations accordingly.
  • It guarantees your own safety since it has sensors that automatically shut it down in case of a problem.
  • With a human machine interface, you can easily control and adjust all the operations of the machine.
  • You can easily remove and replace all the parts of the machine for proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • You will spend very little money on maintenance since you might only have to grease the moving parts.

Limitation of Gummy Bear Machine

Well, every machine comes with numerous advantages but you will also experience a few hitches in the production process.

Some of the limitations that you might experience include:

  • You will spend a lot of money in the process of purchasing the machine since the original cost is high.
  • Apart from that, in case the distributor does not offer installation services, you have to dig deeper into your pockets.
  • Additionally, you need to be careful as the drying unit exposes a huge risk of explosion in case of misappropriation.

How to Specify Machine for Producing Gummy Bear

You need to specify certain factors whenever you are considering to purchase a gummy bear making machine.

Additionally, in case your interests are on getting a custom machine, you need to understand particular technical specifications.

Here are some of the technical specifications that you have to know before making a final decision.

G80 Pectin/Gelatin Starch Free Gummy Production line Layout

Gummy bear making machine

· Production Capacity of the Machine

Your production needs and specifications will determine the size of the machine to acquire.

You will need a bigger machine for a higher production capacity and a smaller one for smaller production capacity.

On the same note, the level of automation will also depend on the production capacity.

Implying that you will need a fully automatic gummy bear making machine to increase production capacity.

· Dimensions

In this case, you will determine the weight and size in terms of length, height and width of the machine.

With this knowledge, you will be able to determine the space that you need for the successful installation of the machine.

On the same note, the dimensions of the machine should also be in accord with other production specifications.

· Pneumatic Requirements of the Machine

The pneumatic specifications are the pressure requirements of the machine you intend to purchase.

The most significant pressure requirements that you should have in mind include:

i. Steam pressure range in mpa which may range between 0.2 mpa to 0.6 mpa.

ii. Steam requirements of the gummy making machine in kilograms per hour.

iii. Consumption of compressed air in cubic meters per minute for example 0.2 m3/min

· Power Requirements of the Machine

Depending on the mode of production, different machines will require different power levels.

The higher the amount of work the machine performs, the higher the power requirements of the machine.

· Rated Depositing Time of the Machine

You need to consider the time taken for the machine to process and deposit gummy bear candy at the outlet.

On the same note, you have to consider the number of products the machine will deposit within that period.

Implying that you might consider purchasing a gummy bear making machine with a rated depositing time between 30 – 45 n/min.

· Operational Conditions and Requirements of the Machine

You need to consider other operational factors within the factory including temperature and humidity.

You will rate the temperature requirements in degrees Celsius or centigrade for example 45 0 C.

Your humidity requirements will be rated in percentage for example 65% humidity during the operation.

Difference between Gummy Bear Maker and Candy Making Machine

You can use both machines in the process of making different types of confectionaries and candy.

You can either choose to use the automatic or semi-automatic type of both machines.

The working principle and the ingredients in both machines also differ accordingly.

Gummy bear making machine will make candy that is soft and chewable in different shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, candy making machine will make hard candy that melts in the mouth.

The gummy maker machine is bigger in size in comparison to the candy maker machine.

G150 Gummy Production Line

Candy deposit line

Parts of Gummy Bear Making Machine

The gummy bear making machine depends on different parts for a successful manufacturing process of gummy bear candy.

Here are the coordinating parts that the gummy bear making machine depends on:

Parts of candy making machine

 Parts of candy making machine

· Electrical Unit

The electrical unit is the part of the machine that deals with all the electric power requirements.

It consists of different regulators that control the amount of power going through the machine to power different operations.

· Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system in a gummy bear making machine is responsible for cooling the machine.

It eliminates excess temperature from the hot gummy candy as it moves from various gummy moulding stages.

It consists of different equipment such as fans that blow cold air over the candy leaving it in a solid, chewable state.

· Transport System

The gummy bear making machine depends on the transport system to assist in moving ingredients through different stations.

With the help of the conveyor system and other moving parts, the machine will also move finished products to different stations.

· Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system will provide the necessary pressure the machine requires to perform particular activities.

You will be able to configure the machine which controls the amount of pressure for performing different operations.

· Control Panel

Using the control panel, you will be able to configure, program and monitor the operations of the machine accordingly.

It comes complete with a touch screen that you can use to key in the right control parameters.

At the same time, the touch screen will also display errors and indicate where the error is coming from.

Additionally, with a human machine interface, you will be able to easily control the machine from the control panel.

· Melting and Mixing Tank

This is the part where you will heat all the ingredients including gelatin into a liquid state.

Once in its liquid state, the gelatin will mix easily with other ingredients.

In the same state, it will flow easily from one station to the next.

Additionally, the mixing tank has a series of mixers that homogenously mix all the ingredients to a uniform mixture.

· Product Hopper

You will place all the ingredients you need for making gummy bear candy in the products hopper.

It will guide all the ingredients and allow them to move in various proportions to the mixing and melting tank.

· Lubrication System

This is the system that will provide enough lubricants and oil to the gummy bear candy.

It will also make sure that the moving parts of the machine have enough grease to reduce friction.

· Sieve

This is the part of the machine that will remove excess starch from gummy bear candy.

Apart from that, you can use it for other purposes such as blocking unwanted ingredients into the gummy bear candy.

It consists of a series of metals of varying sizes that can vibrate and get rid of excess starch from gummy bear candy.

· Candy Moulding Station or Mogul

You will mould the gummy bear candy into different shapes and sizes at the candy moulding station.

Apart from the shape of the bear, you can also use other mould to make the gummy candy in this station.

·         Sensors

The sensors will assist you in detecting any irregularities with the operating system of the machine.

It has the capability of automatically stopping the machine from operating in case of any problem.

You can also calibrate the machine properly using the sensors since it can determine various levels.

·         Oscillating Brushes

This is the part of the machine that rotates and dusts away excess starch from the gummy candy.

· Dust Collection Unit

This is the part where you will collect all the dust or starch from the machine.

You can easily recycle the starch you will collect from the dust collection unit.

How Gummy Bear Machine Works

As you are thinking of buying a gummy bear machine, you should think of how you will operate it.

You can successfully operate the machine only if you understand how the machine works.

Here is a step by step guide on hoe the gummy bear machine works.

Step One: Initial Preparation Stage

First, the most important thing is to confirm that the machine is in proper working condition before anything else.

Apart from that, you need to prepare all the ingredients and have them within a reachable distance.

With that in place, you can commence the production process by placing all the ingredients in the products hopper.

You will have to measure the ingredients accordingly before you place them in the products hopper.

After that, you can power the machine to warm up and then the production process begins.

Remember to configure all the product specifications at the control panel before everything starts.

Gummy bear formulation

 Gummy bear formulation

Step Two: Compounding Stage

At this point, all the ingredients will move from the products hopper into the melting tank.

The melting and mixing tank will mix, heat, and melt all the ingredients to form a homogenous mixture.

At the same time, it will also cool the homogenous mixture to get rid of excess heat.

You will allow the ingredients to compound and mix properly for about three hours.

The time taken will depend on the amount of ingredients you intend to compound.

You also need to ensure that the batch is of high quality by taking a sample to the quality control laboratory.

Referring to the production requirements, you will test a sample to ensure it meets the right quality standards.

Step Three: Formation of Gummy Candy

In case the batch meets the right quality standards, you will pump it from the melting and mixing tank.

The homogenous mixture will flow to the mogul or the molding station.

This is the point where you will introduce starch into the mixture to perform the following functions:

i. Starch will prevent the molten mixture from sticking to the wall of the mogul or molding machine.

ii. It will absorb moisture from the candy and leave it with a proper candy texture.

iii. It also assists in holding gummy bear candy in the right place during the drying, setting and cooling process.

The mogul has trays with various moulds or shapes that will shape the molten mixture.

You will choose the trays according to the shape of the gummy candy you are making.

As soon as the molten batch flows into the moulds, it will cool into a solid state.

After that, you will move the batch on a conveyor belt to the starch buck.

As it moves on the conveyor belt, the machine will iwove the candy.

Step Four: Final Process

Once it reaches the starch back, the batch of candy will fall onto the sieves which are in a vibratory mode.

Vibration of the sieves, as well as oscillation from the oscillatory brushes, will remove excess starch from the candy.

You may also decide on passing the gummy bear candy through the decoration stage for proper decorations.

After that, you need to inspect the gummy bear candy with the help of the inspection machine.

You will separate the gummy bear candy with defects from the ones without defects.

Finally, you will pack the good gummy bear candy for storage and later transportation.

Support Equipment to buy with Commercial Gummy Making Machine

The process of making gummy bear candy is a rigorous process.

You will need additional support equipment to assist in the rigorous production process.

Here are the support of machines and equipment that you will need:

· Gummy Bear Counting Machine

You will need a gummy bear counting machine to determine the number of gummy bear candy you are producing.

You will be able to know the number of gummy bear candy you are producing within a particular time.

Additionally, you will easily determine the number of gummy bear candy to pack.

Quick release tooling-


Processed gummy bear

· Gummy Bear Polishing Equipment

This equipment will assist you in polishing and getting rid of any debris from the gummy bear candy.

It consists of vibratory sieves and oscillating brushes that polish and get rid of the debris from the gummy bear candy.

CP-1000 Sugar Polishing Pan

Gummy bear polishing

· Gummy Bear Ingredients Mixing Tank

The ingredient mixing tank is the equipment where you will mix all the ingredients that you need.

It consists of mixers within the tank that assist in the mixing process of the ingredients.

It is available in different capacities and sizes according to your production specifications.



· Gummy Bear Storage

The gummy bear storage is a cool and dry storage facility where you will keep all the gummy bear after packaging.

The storage has specific conditions that will maintain high level of freshness for the gummy bear candy.

Gummy bear storage

 Gummy bear storage

· Gummy Bear Packaging

Using the gummy bear packaging device, you can easily and comfortably package the right quantities of gummy bear candy.

It is capable of opening and sealing the packages with the right quantity of gummy bear candy.

· Weigher Gummy Making Machine

You will use this machine for the preparation of the ingredients or the premix of the gummy candy.

It weighs all the ingredients both in liquid and solid form and then mixes them thoroughly to form a homogenous mixture.

You will add all the ingredients to the machine in the order of the recipe.

· Coil Cooker Gummy Making Machine

You can use the coil cooker gummy making machine to perform the following functions:

i. Dissolve all the ingredients for making gummy candy including water, sugar and glucose slurry.

ii. Pre-cook and cook sugar-water-glucose-slurry.

The machine has high capacity and is easy to clean and maintain a continuous cooking system.

· Tanis Jet Cooker

You will use this machine for cooking starch jelly ingredients for making gummy bear candy.

It has a high capacity and is easy to clean and maintain as well.

· Additive Blending System

You can use the machine to include other additives to the mass after the cooking process.

Some advantages of using the additive blending machine include:

i. It offers accurate dosing of the additives to the mixture

ii. It has a proper system for the insertion of vitamins.

iii. You can manipulate 6 different colors and flavors that you add to the mixture using this machine.

· Gel Moulding Starch 800 R-HC

You can use this machine for moulding jellies and gum masses.

The advantages of using the machine include:

i. You can have easy access to the main parts of the machine.

ii. It deposits ingredients to the gummy moulding process in accurate proportions since it operates at a slow speed.

iii. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to clean and reduces the chances of starch contamination.

iv. It is capable of operating at different moulding heights and adds starch to the mixture during the moulding process.

v. The cost of operating the machine is low as it saves a lot of energy and works in the most efficient forms.

· T-Gel Starch Conditioning

You will use this machine in the conditioning of starch.

The advantages you will experience by using this machine include:

i. It is energy efficient and saves a lot of energy thus reducing cost of production

ii. It has a proper balance of flow in moving ingredients from one point to another for further processing.

iii. It consists of a triple sieve system which ensures that the starch is clean enough before transfer.

iv. The machine is safe and you can be sure that there will be no explosion as you use it.

· Oiler or Oiling Drum

You can use the oiling drum to automatically add a polishing agent layer on jelly or gumming candy.

It is available in small, medium, as well as large capacities.

The features and advantages of the machine include:

i. Stainless steel also ensures proper hygiene in the execution of oil on the gummy candy.

ii. You can add varying quantities of dosing agents.

iii. It is available in small or large capacities depending on your production requirements.

· Sander

You can use the sander for continuous sugar coating of starch molded soft boiled gummy candies.

It is available for use on small, medium as well as large capacities.

The advantages of using the sander include:

i. Hygienic execution of the entire process thus promising no contamination.

ii. You can adjust the machine to incline at different angles depending on the production specifications.

iii. It consists of a reliable double drive system and a stainless-steel body.

iv. It has a steamer with a special exhaust system for proper moisture reduction.

v. It also has heaters that you can use for drying sugar and air.

· Gel Conditioning Room

You can use the machine to condition the gummy candy efficiently.

The advantages of using this machine include:

i. It is easy and less costly to purchase and maintain.

ii. It has a proper regulation of the airflow control system that reduces overheating and cools coils.

iii. It has alternative units that support one another when one of the units is down.

iv. It has smaller ventilations with bigger rooms which consume minimal energy.

How to Verify Quality of Gummy Candy Machine

Gummy Depostitor-


Gummy bear manufacturing line

It is important to purchase a gummy bear making machine that complies to the set quality standards.

The quality standards will make sure that the machine is durable and safe for use.

The quality standards that you need to pay close attention to include:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) certification in accordance to the international manufacturing standards.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) that will ensure your machine adheres to current manufacturing practices.

This is inclusive of all the recent and most advanced technologies.

  • CE which ensures the safety of all the electrical parts of the gummy bear making machine.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which ensures high quality of hygiene and safety of the gummy bear candy.

The quality system that you will use in declaring quality of machine will vary in different regions.

How to Choose Machine to Mass Produce Gummy Bears

In the process of determining the type of machine to purchase, you will follow specific guidelines.

The guidelines that you need to follow will depend on the following specifications:

· Cost of the Machine

You will purchase the machine that you can easily afford to operate and maintain.

· Production Capacity

In this case, you have to have clear knowledge on the amount of gummy bear candy that you need to produce.

You will choose a bigger machine for a higher production capacity.

· Machine Supplier

You need to enquire from other machine users on the best type of machine that you can use.

In the long run, you should settle on the machine supplier with numerous referrals.

In that case, you will be able to get a more trusted supplier for a very good gummy making machine.

· Model of the Gummy Making Machine

You should also settle for the model which is more reliable in terms of operation and maintenance.

This include looking at specific factors including, performance, power and pneumatic requirements of the machine.

Additionally, you should also look at the rated depositing time before settling on a particular.

· Dimensions of the Machine

In such a case, you have to determine the size of the factory where you will place the machine.

Apart from that, your production capacity will also determine the weight and size in terms of length, width and height.

Gummy Bear Machine Validation Documents

You should perform a validation test on the machine with the supplier in accordance to the current good manufacturing practices.

You will have complete faith in the machine in terms of safety, originality, working conditions and durability.

After the validation process, you will receive different validation documents such as:

· FAT Documentation

You will receive FAT documentation after the machine goes through proper factory assessment test.

In this case, your supplier will subject the gummy bear making machine through a series of inspections and tests.

The FAT test will subject the machine through static and dynamic inspection of the machine.

Static review and tests of the machine involves the following:

i. Electrical Inspection

ii. Safety Inspection

iii. Mechanical Inspection

iv. Mechanical Inspection

Dynamic review and tests include the performance and dry tests of the gummy bear machine.

Performance test involves putting the machine to work by adding the necessary ingredients.

Dry tests involve testing without the use of the ingredients to test is the parts are in proper working condition.

· IQ Validation Documentation

Installation qualification is the process of evaluation of the new equipment at the installation stage.

The first test is the test of efficiency such as testing the validity of 316 stainless steel according to specifications.

This test will force you to go through all the parts of the gummy bear machine to establish their efficiency and validity.

At the same time, you need to focus on the power requirements of the machine as well in the room.

In case everything is in accordance with the agreement, you will receive an IQ certification document.

· OQ Validation Document

This is the operational qualification document which will qualify the machine to be in good operational condition.

With the help of the supplier, you have to make sure that the machine is in the right operating condition after installation.

After a successful test, you will receive an OQ validation document as proof the machine is in proper working condition.

Industries using Gummy Bear Machine

You can use the gummy making machine in different industries to make different things.

The main industries where you can use the gummy bear making machine include:

· Food Processing Industry

In the food processing industry, you will use the gummy bear making machine to make gummy bear candy.

You will be able to produce different types of confectionaries according to the requirements of your customers.

· Nutraceutical Industry

In this industry, you can make nutraceuticals for supplementing different diets using the gummy bear making machine.

These nutraceuticals will be important in the prevention and treatment of different types of diseases in your body.

How much Gummy Bear Candy Machine Cost

The cost of gummy bear candy machine will vary according to size and level of automation.

The bigger and faster the machine, the higher the cost of the machine.

Apart from that other factors such as speed, production capacity, quality and number of sets also come into play.

The rule is that the better the qualities of the machine, the higher the amount of money you will pay.

Here is a list of the cost of some of the machines that you can purchase:

  • Gummy making machine gummy candy machine costs between 10, 000 – 40,000 US dollars.
  • Semi small starch mogul gummy making machine is available at an estimated price of 40,000 – 80,000 US dollars.
  • Automatic weighting cooking gummy coating sugar candy jelly costs between 60,000 – 200,000 US dollars.

How to Troubleshoot Gummy Bear Machine

You may experience a mechanical breakdown of the gummy bear machine during the production process.

Well, to identify the source of the problem, you will have to troubleshoot the machine.

Here is a list of some of the problems and solutions of gummy bear making machine you can experience:

Lack of Flow of Ingredients

In some cases, you may experience a lack of flow of the ingredients due to the following reasons:

i. Slower speed will limit the flow of ingredients at the right time.

You can sort it out by adjusting the speed of the machine to match the production specifications

ii. Gummy candy ingredients may block the exit holes thus hindering direct flow.

You will unclog the passage and exit holes of the products to allow them to flow easily.

Jelly-Like Gummy Bears

In other cases, you might have the final gummy bear candy in the form of jelly.

This will be a result of improper mixing of the ingredients in terms of quantity and quality.

Apart from that, the mixing time might not be sufficient.

You will sort this out by adjusting the mixing parameters including, quality, quantity and mixing time.

Gummy Bear Making Machine Maintenance Process

You should put the gummy bear making machine through regular maintenance and cleaning.

This will ensure that your gummy bear machine is in proper working condition for a longer period.

You can go through the maintenance process through the following steps:

Gummy bear

Gummy bear

Step One: Disconnecting the Machine

You have to clean the machine when it is off and nothing is in operation.

After disconnecting it from the power, you will allow it to cool off before the cleaning process begins.

Step Two: Removing the Parts

At this point, you will remove the parts that you can easily remove to access the hidden parts.

Remember to follow the cleaning manual from the supplier.

It will guide you through every step especially for assembling and removing the parts.

Step Three: Cleaning the Machine

You will commence the cleaning process using different cleaning equipment such as rags, brushes, detergents, and water.

You should use the right detergents that will not affect the parts of the machine.

Carefully clean and rinse the parts after which you will dry them thoroughly

At the same time, you need to replace the worn-out parts.

Step Four: Assembling the Parts

At the end of the cleaning process, you will assemble the parts back together.

Make sure that all the parts are in place and grease the moving parts well.

Test the machine after connecting it to the power to complete the maintenance process.

History of Gummy Bear Manufacturing Process

The origin of gummy bear manufacturing process dates back to the early 1920s.

The inventor of the gummy bear manufacturing process goes by the name Hans Riegel.

In the past, the gummy bear making process produced gummy in the shape of a bear.

The idea of making gummy bear candy in the shape of bears was as a result of a street circus.

The inventor saw bears performing in the circus and decided to make candy in the same from.

The name gummy comes from the original ingredient which was gum Arabic.

Types of Gummy Bear Machines in the Market

You can choose from the different types of Gummy bear machines available in the market.

Here is a list of the different types of gummy bear machines available in the market.

i. Semi-Automatic Gummy Bear Making Machine

You will use the semi-automatic gummy bear making machine with the help of a few assistants.

It is capable of performing a few tasks automatically while others must be assisted by human labor.

ii. Fully Automatic Gummy Bear Making Machine

This machine is fully automatic and will perform all the production procedures automatically.

You will need very few human assistance or labor in case you purchase a fully automatic machine.

Future of Gummy Bear Making Machine

In the future, you will have the opportunity of purchasing a more efficient and faster gummy bear making machine.

Additionally, manufacturers are working tirelessly to come up with a safer gummy bear machine in the future.

Work on improving the starch dryers from explosion is underway with the use of spark proof switches and blast walls.

Additionally, manufacturers are also working on better ways with which they will kill the microbial organisms in the gummy candy.

You will also be able to produce new forms of gummy candy such as marshmallows in gummy candy.

Why Trust SaintyCo Gummy Bear Machine

You should consider purchasing gummy bear making machine from SaintyCo because of the following:

G300 Gummy Bear Production Line


SaintyCo gummy bear machine

  • The machines are clean enough as they go through the most sanitary conditions and eliminates contamination.
  • You will receive the best customer services in the industry from designing all the way to the installation.
  • You will also receive after sales services including installation, consultation as well as repair.
  • With the help of experienced engineers, you will be able to make custom gummy bear making machines.
  • SaintyCo will also train your team on the best ways of handling and operating the gummy bear making machine.

G80 Gummy production line

CBC gummies gelatin making machine

Grow Your Business With Saintyco

Saintyco always provide you quality equipment and grow with your business. We have global office in North America, Europe, South America and other area.
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