Gummy Manufacturing Process – The Step by Step Guide

What is Gummy Candy

Gummy candy is sweet-tasting confectionary consisting of gelatin and sweeteners among other ingredients available in vibrant colors and varied shapes.

Gummy candy

Gummy candy

Benefits of Gummy

Gummy Candy is a type of candy that is so popular among the people because of the following benefits:

  • Gummy candy comes in a series of adorable shapes
  • It also has a sweet taste
  • It is available for you to choose from in a wide range of colors
  • Due to its flexibility, you can easily mould gummy into different shapes according to your requirements.
  • Gummy candy is the most versatile form of candy that is available in the market in comparison to other forms of candy.
  • It is a diet supplement that you can take whenever you are hungry and low on energy before taking a meal.
  • Gummy is available for everybody even the ones with specific dietary requirements such as vegetarians.

Gummy Bear Ingredients

You can make gummy candy by using different types of ingredients depending on the target market.

The ingredients of gummy candy go through thorough approval by food technologists and chemists for proper health benefits.

You need to blend a series of ingredients controlling various characteristics to come up with the best taste and texture.

Here is a list of all the ingredients that you will need for making gummy bear candy:

Edible Gelatin

This is the main ingredient that you require for the making of gummy bear candy.

Gelatin is a type of protein that you can derive from animal tissues by boiling animal skin, horns, and bones.

It will form gel-like, thick solution when you mix it properly with the right amount of ingredients including water.

Mixing gelatin properly in the right conditions will lead to the formation of a chewy gummy texture of the gummy candy.

The elastic nature of gelatin will also allow you to come up with the semi-solid jiggle for the gummy candy.


This is a universal and the main solvent that you will use in mixing all the ingredients for making gummy candy.

You will, however, need to adhere to the proportions of water that you add to the mixture for a perfect mixture.

It is also the main lubrication ingredient that assists in making the gummy bear candy softer.


Gelatin, in itself, is odorless and has no taste.

You will need to have additional sweeteners to the mixture to improve the taste of the gummy bear candy.

Some of the sweeteners that you will add to the mixture are different types of sugars depending on the gummy candy.

The main sweetener that you can use comes from sugar cane or beets.

Apart from that, you can substitute sucrose with fructose as the main sugar sweetener.

Corn Syrup

You will require corn syrup to add to the mixture to help in the retention of the moisture in candy.

Apart from that, glucose syrup or corn syrup increases the volume of gummy bear candy and makes it softer.

What’s more, corn syrup assists in the prevention of sugar crystallization and increases the overall taste of the candy.

You will also add some additives alongside the corn syrup to help in the prevention of microbial growth.


You will make gummy candy in a variety of colors and shades depending on your requirements.

To achieve this, you will include food color to the mixture in accordance to the flavor of the gummy candy.


To give gummy candy different attractive forms of tastes, you need to add different types of flavors.

You can also make different types of gummy candy flavors including raspberry, orange, pineapple, strawberry, and lemon among others.

The flavor of the gummy candy is also a great determinant on the color you will use.

For instance:

i. Raspberry comes in a red color

ii. Orange flavor comes in an orange color

iii. Strawberry is usually in green.

iv. Pineapple coms in colorless shade

v. Lemon usually assumes the yellow color

Citric Acid

To preserve the candy and increase the shelf life, you will add citric acid to the mixture of gummy candy ingredients.

Citric acid has a low pH which makes it impossible for bacteria to thrive in such a low pH environment.


To increase the bulk of the gummy candy, you will add starch to the mixture of ingredients.

Starch also increases the health benefits of the gummy bear candy.

You should, however, note that the ingredients may vary depending on the target market.

For instance, the ingredients for gummy candy which targets the vegetarians is different as it has a different base ingredient.

How to Choose Gummy Making Machine

Whenever you are looking for a gummy making machine, there are specific factors that you need to look at.

Some of the factors that you need to look at when choosing a gummy making machine include:

Gummy making machine

Gummy making machine

· Dimensions of the Gummy Making Machine

The machine dimensions include the length, width, height as well as the overall weight.

Your production needs and specifications will determine the dimensions of themachine that you will choose.

Apart from that, the size of the production facility will also determine the dimensions of the gummy making machine.

· Production Capacity

You will need a machine that has the capability of sustaining your production needs.

The bigger the production capacity, the bigger the machine and so it the level of automation.

For instance, for a big a higher capacity of production, you will need a fully automatic machine.

· Power Requirements

You need to know the kind of work that you will perform with the machine that you will purchase.

With help from the machine supplier, you will be able to get the right power ratings for the machine you need.

· Pneumatic Requirements

These are the pressure requirementsof the gummy making machine that you need.

Some of the important pressure requirements that you need to consider when purchasing the machine include:

i. Steam consumption of the gummy making machine in kilograms per hour.

ii. Steam pressure range in mpa such as 0.2 – 0.6 mpa.

iii. Compressed air consumption in cubic meters per minute such as 0.2 m3/min.

· Operational Conditions and Requirements

There are other operational requirements and factors such as humidity and temperature that will affect your choice of machine.

You can determine the highest temperature requirements in degrees centigrade such as 550 C.

You should also determine the highest humidity of operation in percentage such as 55% humidity.

With these factors at your fingertips, you will be able to get a proper machine fitting these conditions.

· Rated Depositing Time

You need to have a clear specification of depositing time of the gummy making machine.

This is the time it will take to ensure that the gummy making machine deposits the right number of products.

For instance, you can have a gummy making machine with a rated depositing time of 30 – 45 n/min

Other Gummy Bear Manufacturing Equipment

Gummy bear manufacturing uses different machines that you can choose from.

Some of the machines that you can use in the manufacturing of gummy bear candy include:

Gummy polishing equipment

 Gummy polishing equipment

· Weigher Gummy Making Machine

You will use this machine for the preparation of the ingredients or the premix of the gummy candy.

It depends on the vacuum to pump or transport the mixture to the next stage of the gummy making process.

· Coil Cooker Gummy Making Machine

You can use the machine for dissolving ingredients and pre-cooking as well as cooking of sugar-water-glucose-slurry.

· Tanis Jet Cooker

You will use the machine to cook the starch jelly ingredients that you will need for making gummy candy.

· Additive Blending System

You can use this machine to include additives to the mass that has gone through the cooking process.

• G-80 Automatic Gummy Production Equipment

This is a standalone equipment that you can use for all the production requirements.

• Gel Moulding Starch 800 R-HC

You can use this machine in the process of moulding jellies and gum masses.

• T-Gel Starch Conditioning

You will use the T-Gel starch conditioning machine to assist in the conditioning of starch.

• Candy Cleaner

You will use this type of machine to clean the gummy candy after the moulding process.

• Oiler or Oiling Drum

You can use the oiling drum to automatically add a polishing agent layer on jelly or gumming candy.

• Sander

This is an automatic machine that you can use for continuous sugar coating of starch molded soft boiled gummy candies.

• Gel Conditioning Room

This is the machine that you can use to condition the gummy candy efficiently.

Best Technique in Gummy Manufacturing Process

There are many gummy manufacturing techniques that you can choose from.

Among these techniques, the bets manufacturing technique is the starch molding technique.

This is the technique that most of the gummy bear manufacturing companies employ in the making of gummy candy.

This technique permits the addition of runnier materials in the process of making the gummy candy.

How Gummy is made

The starch molding process is the main process for making gummy candy using the gummy making machine.

You will go through the following steps to make some of the best gummy candy:

• Step One: Preparation Stage

First, you have to confirm that the machine is in proper working condition by doing a thorough inspection.

After that, place all the ingredients you need to use in the products hopper of the gummy making machine.

You should ensure that the ingredients in the product hopper are according to the right quantity.

After that, power on the machine and then configure it according to the production parameters before pressing the start button.

• Step Two: Compounding of the Ingredients

Allow the ingredients to move from the products hopper into the mixing and melting tank in specific quantities.

In the mixing and melting tanks, the ingredients will go through the process of mixing, heating and cooling.

You will program the machine to perform the above functions according to the production specifications.

Usually, the compounding takes around one to three hours depending on the amount of ingredients in the mixing chamber.

After the compounding process, take a sample of the batch to the quality control laboratory for quality testing.

At this point, you will test if the batch sample is in accordance to the production requirements.

• Step Three: Forming Gummy Candy

This is the stage where the gummy candy will take shape of various forms.

After completing the quality inspection of the batch is complete according to the right specifications, pump it from the mixing tank.

The mixture flows to the molding station or another molding machine known as a Mogul.

At this stage, the machine will mix the molten batch with starch.

The starch is responsible for the following:

i. Preventing molten mixture from sticking to the walls of the molding machine.

ii. Holding gummy candy in the right place during the drying, setting and cooling process.

iii. Absorbing enough moisture from the candy leading to proper texture of the candy.

It also has tray with different shapes or moulds that will shape the batch accordingly.

The moulds may assume the shape of different things such as the bear, fish, fruits or any other shape.

The mixture will take the shape of the moulds and will solidify due to the conditions within the molding station.

After that, the conveyor belt will move the batch all the way to the starch buck.

The gummy candy will be iwove as it moves along the conveyor belt on trays.

• Step Four: Final Processing Stage

At the starch back, the batch falls onto vibrating metal screens known as sieves.

The vibration of the sieve together with action from oscillating brushes, will remove the excess starch from the batch.

At this point the batch contains gummy candy assuming the shape of the moulds.

You can also pass the batch of gummy candy through the decoration stage for decorations.

Inspect the candy in accordance to the production needs and eliminate the ones that have damages.

After that, you will allow the gummy candy to proceed to the packaging stage for further processing.

How Long Gummy Candy take to Dry

The time that you will accord to the drying of the gummy candy will depend greatly on the climatic conditions.

Using a machine, you will have to allow it to dry for about 72 hours under certain conditions.

It will allow the gummy candy to lose enough moisture and make them as chewy as possible.

Allocate 48 hours for gummy bear candy to dry while laying on their back then turn them for another 24 hours.

Storing gummy candy

Storing gummy candy

Controlling Quality During Gummy Manufacturing Process

You need to ensure that the gummy candy is of the highest quality as possible.

You can achieve this by ensuring that all the processes are according to the highest quality standards as possible.

It begins from the selection of the raw materials which should meet specific high standards.

You will conduct testing procedures of the raw materials before using them to ensure proper quality standards.

Apart from that, the manufacturing, packaging, and storage conditions should also be top notch by using the best machines.

This includes collecting samples during the production process and test them in the quality testing laboratories.

Additionally, you should maintain the set standards of international quality standards such as:

  • cGMP for current good manufacturing practices maintaining high quality of manufacturing.
  • FDA for the food and drug administration for maintaining high hygiene and safety standards
  • ISO certification which ensures proper standards for the working environment and technicians

How to Preserve Gummy

You should preserve gummy candy and maintain them fresh for a long time.

You can achieve this by going through the following maintenance instructions:

First, you will add citric acid which is a very significant ingredient that will prevent growth of microbial bacteria.

This will allow the candy to stay fresh and increase the shelf life.

Apart from that, you should be careful during the packaging process by:

i. Sealing the chewy gummy bear candy in airtight packages allowing very minimal air contact.

ii. Making sure that the packages are dry enough and do not have moisture that could jeopardize its integrity.

What’s more, you should store the packages in a cool and dry place such a pantry shelf.

You will ensure that gummy candy remains fresh, soft, and chewy enough for a long time.

Common Problems and Solution in Gummy Bears Manufacturing Process

You might experience some problems in the process of manufacturing gummy bears.

Here are some of the problems that you might experience and how you can sort them out.

Gummy candy production process

Gummy candy production process

• Sticking Gummy Bear Candy

You may experience a lot of gummy bear sticking together after completing the production of gummy bears.

It might be as a result of adhesion between the sugar and other ingredients in the gummy bear candy.

You can sort this problem by sprinkling corn starch or powdered sugar over the gummy bear candy and then shake well.

• Gummy Candy Ingredients Fail to Bloom

The gummy candy ingredients may fail to bloom during the manufacturing process.

This can be as a result of failure to properly hydrate or add enough water to the mixture of ingredients.

You can sort this out by measuring the amount of water and properly hydrating the mixture for it to bloom perfectly.

• Failure of Gelatin to Set Properly

You may experience a situation where the gelatin might fail to set properly.

This can be as a result of using certain ingredients that will prevent the gelatin from setting properly.

These ingredients have protease enzyme which will prevent proper gelling of the gelatin.

You can solve this by avoiding ingredients that will lead to improper setting of gelatin such as:

i. Particular fresh fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, mango, figs, ginger roots and papaya among others.

• Premature Setting of Gelatin

You may also experience problems with the gelatin setting too early than you expect it to.

It might be as a result of insufficient temperature which cools the gelatin leading to premature setting.

You can solve this by maintaining the temperatures at a particular point that will increasingly keep the gelatin warm.

• Variation in Sizes and Weight

You may realize that the gummy bear candy is not uniform and have varying shapes, sizes and weight.

This might be as a result of variation in the depositing process as well as in the moulding process of the machine.

You can sort this out by setting the machine properly to allow uniform deposits into the moulds.

You should also consider changing the moulds as they may have widened in particular sections.

• Improper Flow of Ingredients

You may experience a sluggish movement in the process of ingredient flow as a result of the following:

i. The transport system of the machine might be operating at a low speed

ii. The outlet of the ingredients may also block as the ingredients are heavy and thick

You can sort this by adjusting the speed of operation and allowing the ingredients to flow faster.

You can also consider making the ingredients lighter by adding more water thus making it lighter to flow.

Remember to inspect the machine regularly and unclog and clean the outlets to enable proper flow of ingredients.

• Jelly-like Gummy Candy

You may also get gummy candy that is too jelly like to form the right thickness for moulding into gummy bear candy.

It can be as a result of improper mixture of the ingredients making it impossible to form properly.

You can sort this by adjusting the mixing parameters including time to allow it to mix properly.

How to Optimize Gummy Manufacturing Process

You need to keep pace with the diversified and ever-increasing consumer preferences in gummy making.

To achieve this, you need to deliver new and trendy products on the crowded shelves to stand out in the market.

You will optimize the gummy manufacturing process through the following processes:

 Gummy candy production unit

Gummy candy production unit

• Increasing Flexibility in Moulding Starch

The technology of moulding starch will allow you to create a wide array of gummy candy using one machine.

Due to the versatility of the machine, you will be able to produce gummies in different sizes, shapes, and formats.

The machine will also provide you with flexibility in processing different confectionary masses including fondant cream, marshmallow and liquorice.

The process of depositing also provides different opportunities that can accommodate varying colors and types.

There are plenty of pump variations that comes with more flexibility in the moulding of starch.

Implementation of the starch moulding technology allows gummy manufacturers to optimize the production of gummy candy.

• Adding Finishing Touch

Another mode of optimizing of gummy manufacturing is the seasoning technology which automatically coats gummy bear candy with sugar.

Apart from that, adopting the technology will increase the speed of production and improve the yield of production.

You should employ a more recipe driven technique to optimize the process of gummy manufacturing.

It involves the demonstration of tackling agents that you can at specific rates using specific equipment that will minimize drenching.

You can also use a controlled delivery system to bring the citric acid and the sugar into smaller tumble drums.

This will optimize the process of gummy manufacturing by a shorter production time and improvement of quality.

• Better Packaging Technology

You should consider adding an effective bagging technology that will maximize product throughput as well as packaging speed.

For instance, you should consider including the Vertical form sill and seal which enables easy and rapid bagging of different confectionaries.

This kind of facility has the capability of packaging at a high speed of about 250 bags in a minute.

Apart from that, addition of this technology will also help in waste management by incorporating striper tube closures.

This kind of closure will ensure that the packages have the highest form of seal integrity thus keeping the gummy intact.

What’s more, the technology has incorporated all the mechanical changeability of parts to suit different packaging purposes and requirements.

You will not stop the machine for mechanical adjustments as it will automatically change according to the production specifications.

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