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GummyCount 90 Production Equipment

GummyCount 90 Production Equipment

There are four reasons why the GummyCount 90 Rapid Gummy Channel Counter will count your gummies:

  • 1. Floor Level Bulk Feed Hopper with Cleated Elevator Starts the Process
  • 2. The Gear Driven Rotating Double Finger Bar
  • 3. The Adjustable Variable Speed Diverter Bar Above the Product Channels, Sweeps Back
  • 4. Flexible Silicone Funnels Finish the Process by Reducing the Incidence of Gummies


Technical DataGummyCount 90
Number of Tracks18
Number of Feeding Trays3
Numbers of Funnels2 Silicone
Output (Gummies / min)Maximum 3,600 (3g)
Output (Standard product/min)Maximum 9,000
Product Size Range2 – 30mm
Container Height Range45 – 200mm
Container Diameter Range25 – 100mm
Conveyor Length2.4m
Weight of Machine750Kg
Machine Dimensions2400x1580x2130mm
Air Requirements0.5Mpa
Air Consumption120L/Min
Electrical 220/380V 50/60Hz 1pH
Power Rating:3 kW

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  • nStainless steel 316L with contact part, 304 for other part.
  • nPLC & Touch Screen Control Panel
  • nThree-stage vibration
  • nProduct memory
  • nError message display
  • nHead height adjustment
  • nVariable speed
  • nAccurate counting target speed
  • nTransparent soft capsule counting
  • nDismantling without the use of tools
  • nNo bottle, no fill
  • nSensor control counting accuracy
  • nLevel sensor in Hopper
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