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HM-Lab Hammer Mill

SaintyCo, a world leader in powder size reductiontechnologies, presents HM-Lab, offering modularmilling solution for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.HM-Lab is a high-performance hammer mill for the fine milling and pulverization of hard, crystalline.

The product goes through the feeding valve which ensures a consistent product flow to the milling chamber. Then the product is impacted by the high speed rotor and then becomes smaller particles which goes down through a screen mounting below the rotor. Customer can adjust the rotor speed and screen size to achieve required particle size distribution.

  • The milling chamber can be dismantled via a tri-clamp.
  • The safety switch does not have cable outside.
  • The half round screen has as high as 40% active opening.
  • Easy to clean, no outside cable.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Easy access of operation.
  • The smallest milling size is 30um.
Technical DataHM-Lab
Throughput50g-120 kg/h
Voltage220V 50Hz
Power0.75 Kw
  • Highest speed can reach 18000 rpm.
  • Minimum particle size can be 30um.
  • Suitable for batch 5g-50kg.
  • Support CIP/SIP.
  • All tri-clamp assembled feeding device.
  • AT rotating cylinder.
  • The high speed rotor with both knife and hammer side.
  • The rotor and the sieve do not have mechanical contact.
  • High active opening sieve.
  • The milling head can be easily dismantled.
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