Hard Candy Molds: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

As a matter of fact, your candy production machine will not be complete without high quality hard candy molds.

A reason this guide will help you choose the hard candy molds in the market.

So, before importing hard candy molds from China, read this guide.

What Is The Difference Between Hard Candy Mold And Chocolate Mold?

Here is how these two compare:

Hard Candy Mold

Hard candy mold

Hard Candy mold

For these, you will make them using white opaque plastic materials and they are also less flexible.

Chocolate Mold

Silicon chocolate mold

Silicone chocolate mold

The plastic that makes these chocolate molds are usually translucent and the material is somewhat flexible.

Is It Possible To Make Hard Candy Without Using Molds?


You can make hard candy without the use of molds.

Instead of molds, you can use a heat-resistant surface or use a sheet of cookie that has grease on it.

When using these materials, you will pour the hot candy on them and let them cool for a while.

As it cools slowly, you will use a sharp knife to score them in a checkerboard pattern.

After the cooling happens completely, you can then break them into small pieces that are in the shape of a square.

There are also other alternatives you can use to make hard candy. These include cutting candy when it is warm using well-oiled scissors.

Besides, you can also pour the candy inside a cookie sheet that has powdered sugar. After pouring it, you will then cut the candy which is still warm.

Some of the advantages to using powdered sugar are:

  • The candy appears warm and supple for a longer duration
  • Powdered sugar will resemble a cushion thus making the candy you cut not be flat but rather pillow-like

What Are The Primary Categories Of Hard Candy Molds?

Candy molds come in different shapes and sizes and have varying properties.

This is because there are a variety of candy molds which come in different designs.

The primary categories include:

Flat Hard Candy Mold

Flat hard candy mold

Flat hard candy mold

When you are making candy molds, there are three choices to settle on. Besides, you will choose a simple option and make candy using the flat hard candy molds.

Also, they are the common and popular choice when you are making these kinds of candies. It allows you to make several kinds of shapes such as berries, hearts, etc.

3D Hard Candy Molds

3D Hard Candy mold

3D Hard Candy Mold

This type of hard candy mold is quite attractive and is suitable for hard candies. Also, it enables you to have a variety of shapes than that of flat hard candy molds.

They are not flat on one side like that of flat hard candy.

Besides, they produce large and shapely hard candies on the entire surface.3D hard candy molds are easy to operate and handle similar to flat hard candy molds.

A majority of these 3D hard candy molds have two pieces.

One bit will remain on the surface end of the mold and the other bit is at the back part of the mold.

Begin by pouring the candy on the mold and make sure it almost reaches the highest level. This will enable the candy to be hard.

Then, pour candy on the other side of the mold to a level that is 0.025 inches below the highest level.

After this, allow the candy on this mold to harden and when it is nearly hard, remove the candy on the front mold.

Place it on the back mold and when they harden slowly, they will attach and remain together.

Also, you will find these molds come as single items that have two halves and you can also fold them together.

Begin by pouring candy together on each side then fold the mold in half before they begin to harden.

Resin Hard Candy Molds

Rasin hard candy mold

Resin hard candy mold

This is another option to make hard candy molds and you can use plastic, rubber, or resin material.

They are flat and you first begin by pouring hot candy in the mold and allow it to harden.

Besides, they are flat and feature varying styles making it possible for you to press the candy.

It allows you to form many hard candies per unit time. After the candy cools, you will gently flip the mold and it will pop out easily.

Also, you can apply a little bit of force on the backside to allow it to exit the mold without breaking.

After you remove it, you will see design imprints on one of the surfaces of the candy. The other side will be plain and flat with no design.

Hollow Candy Molds

Hollow hard candy mold

Hollow Candy Mold

These molds are suitable for filling the middle part of candies with treats such as spread, honey, or cream.

This makes them great for hard candies and you can also use them for chocolates.

When you melt chocolate, you begin by applying chocolate on every side of the mold by using small brushes.

Then you will cool the chocolate quickly through refrigeration.

This process happens several times up to the point where you have chocolate on the edges of the mold. When the layer of chocolate becomes thick enough, insert the filling in the mold.

Then you will cover it by using the remaining portions of the chocolate.

Which Are The Materials For Hard Candy Molds?

Since making hard candy is a delicate process, you will need to use the best material to make the best hard candy.

Some of the materials you can use to make hard candy molds include:

White Plastic

Besides being similar to clear plastic, they can withstand temperatures of up to 350o.

This makes it suitable for use in ovens and with hard candy.

Also, you can use white plastic to make other crafts like crayons and wax from candles.

Clear Plastic

When making hard candy molds using clear plastic, make sure it has approval from Food and Drug Administration [FDA].

Clear plastic is also a versatile material that you can use with several food products.

Also, you should never heat them to high-temperature levels. This means you should not heat them with ovens as this causes them to melt.

Besides, you can use clear plastic to make various products like bat bombs, plaster, soap, or concrete.

Clear plastic also enables you to see when the hard candy has set and does not attach to the mold.


This material serves the main goal of making hard candy. They produce suitable results and are also long-lasting.

If you enjoy crafting hard candy, aluminum material is worth the investment. One of the advantages of aluminum material for making hard candy molds is that it is extra strong.


Durable polycarbonate material makes this kind of hard candy mold. Since they are rigid, you will see the designs and the small details of the hard candy.

Polycarbonate is the main material that most professionals use to achieve professional results. Besides it will enhance your hard candy making process.


The molds are highly flexible and easy to use when making hard candy molds. Also, you can easily use them to make and bake hard candy. They are also long-lasting and flexible.

Besides, there are applications in which it may be problematic to release. These may be due to non-tempered chocolate of wax that is not cool.

The flexibility makes it beneficial for many usages, for instance, bath bombs.

How Do You Make Hard Candy Using Hard Candy Mold?

There are a number of steps that you should adhere to when making hard candy.

Here are steps that you can follow to make hard candy using hard candy molds:

Using hard candy molds

using hard candy mold

Step One: Cleaning Molds

Here, you will wash all the hard candy molds. This is to eliminate all debris and dust that may collect during manufacture, warehousing, and transportation.

Step Two: Preparing Hard Candy Molds

To achieve the best outcome, make sure the hard candy molds are level. Most hard candy molds sit on a level plain when they are not in use.

However, hard candy molds that have odd cavity shapes need support to make them level out. Two methods are available when you think of leveling hard candy molds.

The first technique involves placing the hard candy mold on a bowl of the right size.

Another technique involves folding towels to a shape the will hold the hard candy mold in a level plain.

By placing paper on the towel will shelter it from the candy drips.

Step Three: Filling Cavities Of Hard Candy Molds

In this stage, you will fill the cavities of the hard candy molds with one of the following mixtures:

  1. Pouring the candy from the melting container is good for large mold cavities.
  2. Spooning the candy inside the hard candy mold which is suitable for small to medium-sized mold cavities.
  3. Squeezing from a bottle is suitable when filling tiny cavities as it is simple to operate. Besides, you can keep the candy warm by placing the bottle in a bath of warm water or heating it in a microwave.
  4. Using a brush that is shed resistant which is good for tiny cavities or when you are painting the molds. This method needs a lot of patience.

Step Four: Removing Air Bubbles In Molds

Here, you will release the air bubbles that are inside the mold. This can happen by sharply rapping the mold on a countertop many times after you pour the candy.

Step Five: Removing Hard Candies

This step involves demolding and you should not use force to remove the hard candy from the mold.

Also, you can air cool the mold and this will make the surface tough thus making them easy and efficient to handle.

The molds can be put in freezers which will also make demolding an easy task.

This can be between 5 and 8 minutes as this largely depends on the size of the hard candy mold and your fridge.

What Is The Procedure Of Filling Hard Candy Molds?

To fill a hard candy mold with a center that has caramel or cream, begin by filling the cavity to less than half full.

Then paint the sides up to the top cavity edge by using a brush or a decorator and make sure no light passes through it.

Allow the hard candy to set for a couple of minutes then fill every cavity with a filling of your choice.

Besides, make sure the filling is cold or is at room temperature since hot fillings will melt all the work that did.

Then, allow an eighth of an inch of space below the edge then fill it will the candy or chocolate.

Tap the hard candy mold to eliminate air bubbles that form during the filling process and then allow it to set for some minutes.

Allow the bottom part of the mold to appear frosted when you realize the hard candy does not release easily.

This you can do by allowing the hard candy mold to set for a few minutes.

How Do You Release Trapped Air In Hard Candy Molds?

By tapping the hard candy mold after filling it with candy. The tapping force will displace the air bubbles by allowing the denser candy to sink as the air bubbles rise.

Is It Possible To Make Layered Candy With Hard Candy Molds?


You can make layered candy and make it look like it has stripes on its sides.

Layered hard candy

Layered hard candy

First, you will melt two or several colors of hard candy then place them in a disposable decorating bag. Then you will pipe in the number of layers you would like to have.

Besides, make sure to tap the hard candy mold after placing each layer to eliminate air bubbles and allow it to set.

It is also possible to tilt the hard candy mold at an angle and allow it to cool to form angled layers.

How Long Does It Take The Candy To Form Within The Hard Candy Molds?

The time this will take largely depends on the size of the hard candy mold.

Small molds may require between 5 and 10 minutes. Medium to large hard candy molds may need between 15 and 20 minutes.

What Is The Best Between Plastic Hard Candy Mold And Silicone Hard Candy Mold?

Plastic hard candy molds are recyclable, easy to clean, and come in numerous shapes and sizes.

Silicon hard candy molds are costly than plastic molds. Also, silicon hard candy molds are dishwasher friendly, unlike plastic hard candy molds.

Silicon hard candy molds can withstand high temperatures, unlike plastic hard candy molds.

Can You Use Flexible Plastic Molds To Form Hard Candy?

Flexible plastic molds are suitable when making soft candies. Their flexibility makes it possible to twist the mold and release soft candies without deforming them.

How Do You Add Color Details When Using Hard Candy Molds?

To do this, you begin by filling piping bags with candy of different colors in a liquid state.

Then proceed to cut off a small hole from the tip of the piping bag.

This method will allow you to control the places you will fill with the candy details.

Also, remember to allow every color detail to cool before adding another color on top.

If you add more color details before it cools, the two colors will mix.

Can You Make Candy Lollipops Using Hard Candy Molds?

This is possible if the hard candy mold has a notch where you will place the lollipop stick.

The first process to making candy lollipops is filling the hard candy mold halfway then tapping to release air bubbles.

Then you will dip the candy lollipop stick in the notch until the filling covers it completely.

This will ensure that the stick securely grips on the candy lollipop.

Then proceed to fill the cavity with melted candy, then allow to chill after tapping to release bubbles.

Once the underside gets frosted, tap the hard candy mold on the counter then lift using the lollipop stick.

Lollipop hard candy

Lollipop hard candy

Are Hard Candy Molds Dishwasher Safe?

Not all hard candy molds are dishwasher safe. For instance, silicon hard candy molds are dishwasher safe, unlike plastic hard candy molds.

Besides, it is advisable never to wash your hard candy molds in dishwashers as the detergent will affect them.

Should You Spray Hard Candy Molds Before Adding Hard Candy?

There is no need to spray hard candy molds with oil.

All you need to do is use the right hard candy molding then allow it to set in the refrigerator.

After this, the hard candy will release on its own.

How Many Cavities Are In Hard Candy Mold?

The number of cavities depends on many factors such as the size and design of the hard candy mold. Besides, you can find hard candy molds with cavities ranging between 10 and 100.

The number of cavities available in the mold will influence the number of hard candies you can process per unit time.

If you would like to make more candies quickly, it is advisable to purchase a mold that has several cavities.

Besides, there are hard candy molds that have different designs on the same mold thus allowing you more designs.

Can You Add Centers When Using Hard Candy Molds?


You can add a center of your choice to the candy using a hard candy mold. Begin by melting the candy then place it in a disposable decorating bag.

After that, fill every cavity halfway through then tap to release air bubbles. Then proceed by placing the center of your choice on the cavity mold on top of the filling.

Thereafter, fill the cavity with candy, tap to release bubbles, then place it in the refrigerator to set.

Centered hard candy mold

Cantered hard candy mold

Are There Other Applications Of Hard Candy Apart From Molding Hard Candy?


You can use a hard candy mold to mold different materials of your choosing.

These include:

  • Candle wax
  • Soap
  • Concrete
  • Bath bombs
  • Plaster
  • Chocolate

Where Should You Store Hard Candy Molds?

Always store hard candy molds in clean, moisture-free areas and away from direct sunlight or dust.

This will increase their shelf life and prevent damages.

How Do You Clean Hard Candy Molds?

The first process is for you to wash hard candy molds with hot soapy water.

Besides, always hand wash them and never soak them in soapy water.

Since they are porous, soaking in soapy water may make the mold absorb the soap.

This will make the taste of the soap leak into the hard candies during processing.

Also, it is advisable never to wash or clean hard candy molds in a dishwasher.

The dishwashing detergent will make the hard candy molds etch.

In case you wash them in the dishwasher, they will be of no use after you dry them in the machine.

Are Hard Candy Molds Reusable?


They are reusable and you can make hard candies with them over and over again.

This will save you tons of money since you will not be purchasing new hard candy molds every time. Besides, this is also environmentally friendly.

Are Silicone Hard Candy Molds Food Safe?


Silicone Hard Candy are food safe since FDA categorizes food-grade silicon as not harmful to foods. The materials that make silicone are inert.

This means that the materials will not leach in the hard candy during the hard candy making process.

Also, silicone is safer than plastic since many people use it as it is environmentally friendly and more durable than plastic

Other than being food safe, silicon offers several benefits such as:

  1. They are flexible and offer many options to make different shapes.
  2. Silicon is easy to clean, durable and long lasting.
  3. Besides, they can withstand high-temperature levels.
  4. They come in many colors and are non-stick than the other alternatives.
  5. It does not contain BPA like most plastics.

What Is The Service Life Of Hard Candy Molds?

If you properly care for hard candy molds, they will last for many years.

For instance, you can find hard candy molds that last over 20 years.

Here are some tips on how to increase the lifespan of a hard candy mold:

  • It is advisable never to place your hard candy mold in a dishwasher as it will damage it.
  • Do not expose the hard candy molds to extremely high temperatures as may cause physical and structural damages.
  • Always wash them after use and place them in a cool dry place.

What Is The Price Of Hard Candy Molds?

Different factors will determine the price of a hard candy mold.

These factors include:

  • Type of material that makes the hard candy mold
  • Country of origin
  • Number of hard candy molds you purchase at one time
  • Type of hard candy mold
  • The designs available on the mold
  • Size of the hard candy mold
  • Number of cavities on every piece of mold

Taking all these into consideration, hard candy molds will cost from 3 USD.

Do You Supply Custom Hard Candy Molds?

Yes, we do.

All you need to do is share with us the custom details and we shall manufacture the hard candy mold for you.

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