SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer

SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer

SaintyCo SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer features unique design for effective and efficient homogenous granules processing. It is a one-step mixing machine for humidifying and granulating powder ready for other processes such as tablet pressing.

The SMG 2-6 series, popular for quiet operation, is a laboratory high shear mixing machine with a precisely positioned impeller and chopper. With a fully automated system via PLC, it is easier to monitor and configure rotation speed of impeller and chopper for optimal high shear mixing.

Furthermore, SaintyCo SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer records all processing data, with an easy to configure printing system to get a hard copy of processing data.

Rubber wheels, which can rotate through 360°, make this laboratory high shear mixing machine portable and easy to maneuver around. Its modular design ensures convenient configuration of stirring pans.

SaintyCo SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer fits most dynamic material processing needs in laboratory and R&D processes.

Main Technical ParametersSMG 2-6
Rated Output (Kg/batch)

(Preparation Density: 0.6g/Cm3 )

Mixing speed(rpm)160-970
Mixing Motor Power(Kw)1.5
Chopping speed(rpm)450-2700
Chopping Motor Power(Kw)0.75
Compressed AirPressure(Mpa)0.4-0.6
Outline Dimension  (L×W×H)mm980×550×1450
Net Weight(Kg)200

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