SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

For strong, round, homogeneous and high density granules, SaintyCo SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator uses an intelligent control system to coordinate every process. It mixes and granulates material in one step with its precisely controlled chopper, impeller and spraying nozzle actions.

SaintyCo SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator has 304 and 315 stainless steel structure with wheels allowing for easy maneuverability. This is a highly efficient, robust and accurate high shear mixer granular that produces consistent granule sizes.

With the 11 series of SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator available, there is always a machine that fits small batch or large scale material processing. It could be in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries.

Being a premier high shear granulator manufacturer, SaintyCo invests in modern technologies such as automatic mixing, discharge and air compression sealing. The latest technology in the SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator saves both time and money.

Standard SpecificationTotal
Volume (L)
Volume (L)
Container Dimensions (mm)Mix Speed (rpm)Mix Power (kW)Chopper Speed (rpm)Chopper
Power (kW)
Dimensions (mm)


SMG-10113-8262100-10001.5280-28000.751490 x 540 x 1330
SMG-2527.58-2036070-7002.2280-28001.11870 x 630 x 1360
SMG-5056.515-4048048-4805.5280-28001.52000 x 700 x 1500
SMG-10011135-8560025-2507.5280-280042150 x 900 x 1840
SMG-15017150-13570022-22011280-28005.52350 x 1050 x 200
SMG-25025075-18080022-22015280-28005.52500 x 1050 x 2200
SMG-300338100-26090022-22022280-28007.52850 x 1200 x 2570
SMG-400393118-31095020-20022280-28007.53000 x 1200 x 2600
SMG-450439130-340100016-16022280-28007.53000 x 1200 x 2600
SMG-600640150-500115015-15030150-150011.53600 x 1450 x 3500
SMG-80060042011505-16045150-150015.53600 x1450 x3500
SMG-1000100068011505-16055150-150018.53600 x1450 x3500

Lab Use SMG-3 High Shear Granulator

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