SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

Distinctly known for its intelligent control system and space saving vertical design, SaintyCo SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator meets the dynamic material processing needs in many industries. It is a highly efficient high shear mixer granulator that produces granules in one step.

Through precisely controlled actions of mixer, chopper and spraying nozzle, SaintyCo SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator produces stronger and rounder granules with a high density. The machine can easily be integrated with the core milling equipment.

Being a premier wet granulation equipment manufacturer, SaintyCo invests in robust and accurate PLC automatic system in all its granulating machines. Thus, SaintyCo SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator guarantees automatic discharge and compressed air sealing mechanism.

With any of the 9 series of SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulators, SaintyCo designs every machine to save and optimize process time. They are handy machines in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical and feed processing industries.

SMG-T 600

ParametersSMG-T 5SMG-T 10SMG-T 25SMG-T 50SMG-T 100SMG-T 250SMG-T 400SMG-T 1200
Working Volume3.57183570180280420840L
Output Capacity1.
Agitator Speed25-50025-50025-50022-22022-22022-22015-15512-14010-110
Chopper Speed100/3000100/3000300/3000300/3000300/1500300/1500150/1500150/1500150/500


Discharge Height(h)6009009001200120012001200

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