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How to Manufacture Cannabis Oil Softgel Capsule

After Uruguay became the first country to fully legalize marijuana, Canada has now followed the same path.

And guess what?

A number of states and countries have already legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes.

But, I know you’re asking yourself:

How can you use marijuana as part of your treatment plan?

Do you smoke, squeeze its juice or chew it?

I have a perfect solution for you – consider cannabis oil Softgel capsule.

These are what I am talking about:


Softgel capsules

But why cannabis oil Softgel capsule?

   i. Provides baseline control over the patient’s symptoms with enduring relief

  ii. Enables the accomplishment of the day to day activities more comfortably and with relative ease

 iii. It’s discreet, effective and guarantee safe delivery method of cannabis oil

  iv. There is no smoke, odor or consuming unwanted products – you just get pure cannabis oil.

Now, why should you read this article to the end?

Because, in this article, I want to guide you on how to make cannabis oil softgel capsules using a soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

In fact, this process is quite easy, and you can do it within the shortest time possible.

All you need is a high quality encapsulation machine and cannabis oil.

Cannabis extract which is highly concentrated and liquid oil are some of the major ingredients which you must have before you kick-start this process.

Now, let’s go straight to the process:

Manufacturing Cannabis Oil Softgel Capsule

In this section, I am going to take you through a step-by-step process on how to make cannabis oil Softgel capsule.

It is a simple and straightforward process.

Step 1: Preparing the Capsule Shell

The first step in this process is the preparation of the capsule shell also known as gelatin.

An encapsulation machine has a melting tank where preparation of gelatin occurs through heating.

The most important thing, in this case, is making sure that gelatin material contains essential ingredients that would not react with cannabis.

Soft gelatin melting system

Soft gelatin melting system

Generally, the gel mass needs to be relatively soft but not to the extent of becoming extremely fragile even to hold cannabis fill material.

At this stage, you would also consider using water, ideal plasticizer and necessary colorants that you prefer.

The first stage in the process is essentially this short and straightforward.

It is the only process you need to achieve at this stage.

The next stage in the manufacturing process of the cannabis oil Softgel capsule is preparing fill material.

This is what we want to look at now.

Step 2: Preparing the Cannabis Oil Fill Material

Cannabis extracts are among the fundamental ingredients that you obviously need to use in this process.

Before putting the extracts into the capsules, you mostly have to prepare it so that it takes a form of oily substance or non-aqueous paste.

Cannabis oil extract

Cannabis oil extract

You can incorporate one or a combination of different components for this process, including the fluid bed granulator.

In this case, it helps in reducing the moisture content in the oil-based material to an appropriate level to allow for proper and faster encapsulation.

Heated and unheated transfer tanks may be necessary when it comes to preparing the fill material to the required condition.

Nevertheless, once you make an appropriate fill material from cannabis oil, it becomes relatively easy for it to flow from the hopper to the injection edge.

Step 3: Encapsulating the Fill Material

Now, this is the actual stage in this production of cannabis oil softgel using an encapsulating machine.

You see, by the time this oily-like syrup gets to this particular stage, it already consists of all the essential ingredients.

And given that it gets to point while in the form of syrup, it makes it relatively easy for the machine to encapsulate it in the capsule shells.

So here is what primarily happens at this stage;

The moment the conversion and integration of all the ingredients are over, wrapping of the gel mass around the oily-like syrup substance occurs.

The essence of this is to ensure that formation of what would now turn out to be the actual cannabis Softgel capsule.

Ordinarily, a fundamental thing that happens here:

The encapsulating machine combines the gelatin and the oily cannabis syrup, which is now the fill material.

As a result, the Softgel capsules, which are rich in medicinal marijuana then forms.

Importantly, you also need to know that Softgel capsule machine has a component known as die rolls.

The die rolls at this encapsulation stage help in creating somewhat unique shapes for the capsules.

Cannabis Softgel

Cannabis Softgel capsules – Image source: Dope Magazine

What brings about the creation of this unique shape is the fact that the die rolls contain two ribbons that move into the capsules.

This becomes even more possible given that the die rolls are always in rotary motion, hence enabling the creation of the preferable unique shapes.

Softgel encapsulation machine tooling system

Softgel encapsulation machine tooling system

So once the encapsulation process is over, the product, which is now a complete cannabis oil Softgel capsule then leaves the machine through the discharge chute.

Different shapes of Cannabis oil Softgel capsule

Different shapes of Cannabis oil Softgel capsules

During the process of manufacturing cannabis oil Softgel capsules, some portions of this product will most likely stick on the die rolls when they pass through.

But in many cases, you’ll find that most encapsulation machines have a brush on the die rollers, which help to remove any traces that might stick.

At this point, the process of manufacturing cannabis oil Softgel capsule will be complete.

But still, there is one more thing you should do:

Step 4: Drying Cannabis Oil Softgel Capsule

Drying cannabis oil soft gelatin capsules is an important process.

After the gelatin goes through the discharge chute of this machine, it will still contain some traces of moisture.

So the essence of drying at this stage is to remove the excessive and unnecessary moisture that is on the outer cover of the gelatin.

This makes the surface of the cannabis Softgel capsule relatively firm given that it will shrink.

Remember, drying cannabis oil Softgel capsule requires a proper equipment.

If you fail to do this, you’ll end up damaging the contents and ingredients.

As a result, you will reduce its effectiveness.

And in as much as the tumble dryer will perfectly dry Softgel capsules, you need to make sure that the setting is also right.

Tumble dryer

Tumble dryer

In many instances, you’ll determine the drying level, which you prefer the product to attain.

So that is what you’ll use to establish the ideal setting on the encapsulation machine.

For better drying, you may need drying trays.

You’ll use these once the cannabis oil Softgel capsules leave the tumble dryers.

Drying trays

Drying trays

Normally, the drying process is faster, leaving cannabis Softgel with a good shape.

Step 5: Inspection and Sorting

Now at this stage, you’re done with the manufacturing of cannabis oil Softgel capsules.

Of course, sorting is also another important procedure whenever you want to manufacture cannabis oil Softgel capsule.


It will help you detect defective, empty or badly-shaped cannabis Softgel.

Remember, the damage on cannabis Softgel capsules may happen soon after the tooling system or even drying trays.

Also, through inspection, you will know whether the cannabis Softgel capsules meet the standard specifications or not.

Therefore, be careful at this stage to ensure you discard cannabis oil Softgel capsules that do not meet the right specifications.

Again, it is at this stage that you will separate cannabis Softgel capsules of the same sizes and shapes.

Once you are through with this, go ahead and pack your cannabis oil Softgel capsules.

Here, you can use a blister packing machine and cartooning machine.

Cannabis oil in blister pack

Cannabis oil Softgel in blister pack – Image source: Crown Centuries


As you can see, manufacturing cannabis oil Softgel capsules is a simple and easy process.

All you need is the right Softgel encapsulation machine with the right support equipment.

I will give a link to some of the most reliable equipment at the end of this article.

Also, I want you to remember that there are homemade cannabis oil Softgel capsules.

It is only suitable for small scale production.

However, it does not guarantee efficiency and quality.

It is a tedious process.

I hope you’ve learnt how to manufacture cannabis oil Softgel capsules.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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