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How to use Gummy making Equipment to Skyrocket Your Business

Are you having trouble getting the best and making money out of your gummy making machine?

Well, maybe you are not taking some factors about gummy making optimization into consideration.

In this guide, you will learn about the strategies that you can employ to skyrocket your gummy making business.

Choose High Quality & Reliable Gummy Making Machine

G150 gummy production line

Gummy making machine

First, you need to consider choosing a gummy making machine that is of high quality.

Such a machine will guarantee you the best results due to the following advantages:

  • It is durable and will serve you for a very long time.
  • High quality machines also have the latest form of technology that will boost gummy production.
  • It is very efficient in its operations with minimal downtime thus increasing the working period of the machine.
  • You will also spend very little money in the process of maintain a high-quality machine thus boosting your profits.

When choosing a high-quality machine, you have to consider particular factors such as:

1. Dimension of the Machine

This includes the weight of the machine as well as other dimensions such as width, height and length.

If you get the dimensions right, you will get very high-quality machines that you can use to boost your business operations.

2. Production Capacity

In this case, you will determine the production capacity early enough with the projections of what you intend to produce.

Manufacturers will make high-quality machines that will meet your production capacity specifications.

3. Power and Pneumatic Requirements

You have to consider the pneumatic and power requirements of the machine and have the right ratings for your machine.

You will be able to maximize your production by getting the basic requirements of your machine right.

4. Rated Depositing Time

With the knowledge on how long it will take to deposit gummy candy, you can optimize your production.

In this case, you will know how to manipulate your machine and make proper adjustments for maximum production.

Consider Gummy Making Machine with New Technology

You should also do your research and find out about the latest form of technology in gummy making machine.

With this information, you can upgrade your current machine or purchase a machine with the latest technology.

Here are the latest forms of technology that you can consider when purchasing a gummy making machine.

  • SiMoGel is a technology which will boost the speed of gummy making machines according to the type of mold.

This technology replaces the starch moguls and introduces blisters thus reducing the manufacturing time.

  • Advanced digital sorters on your machine will detect any foreign material and remove it early enough.

This form of new technology ensures that you get clan and high-quality gummy candy thus boosting your business.

Learn How to Operate Gummy Making Machine

G600 gummy production line-0

Gummy production equipment

One of the most significant factors that you should take under consideration is how to operate a gummy making equipment.

Knowledge on how to operate a gummy making machine will allow you understand every step in case of faults.

You will also be in a position to make proper adjustments in case you run into problems.

Here is a step by step guide on how a gummy making machine works.

Step One: Preparation Stage

First, you will prepare all the ingredients and make sure that the machine is in proper working condition.

With the right quantity of ingredients in the products hopper, you will start the machine and allow the operations to proceed.

Before pressing the start button, make sure that you program the machine according to your production specifications.

Step Two: Compounding

At this stage, you will allow the ingredients to flow from the products hopper and into the mixing and melting tank.

In a process you can identify as compounding the mixing and meting tank will heat, melt, mix and cool all the ingredients.

It might take between three to four hours for the machine to form a homogenous mixture.

On the same note the time the melting and mixing takes to form a homogenous mixture will depend on product quantity.

You will take part of the homogenous mixture to a laboratory to test the quality of the batch.

Your test will be in accordance to the production specifications.

Step Three: Formation of Gummy candy

In case the batch meets the right quality, you will pump it from the mixing tank to the mogul or moulding machine.

At the moulding machine, mix the batch with starch as starch will assist in the following:

  1. It holds gummy candy in the right position at the drying and cooling stage.
  2. Improves the texture of the gummy candy by absorbing enough moisture from the candy.
  3. Prevention of the batch from adhering to the walls of the mogul or moulding machine.

The mogul has different trays of different shapes and sizes that will mould the gummy bear candy accordingly.

As the process of moulding continues, the gummy candy cools down and changes into a solid state.

The batch will then move on a conveyor belt all the way to the starch buck.

As it moves on the conveyor belt, the machine will move the gummy candy.

Step Four: Final Process

At this point the batch will from the trays and onto the vibrating metal sieves.

This is the point where the oscillating brushes as well as the vibrating metal sieves gets rid of the excess starch.

You can decide to include additional decorations on the gummy candy before doing the final inspection.

Finally, you will pack the gummy candy into the right packages for storage and transportation.

Know how to Maintain & Troubleshoot Gummy Candy Making Machine

In this case, you have to follow all the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures of the gummy candy making machine.

Frequent cleaning and maintenance of the machine will ensure that it is in proper working condition for a long time.

Implying that, proper cleaning and maintenance increases the durability of the machine thus boosting your production business.

You can clean and maintain the gummy making machine by going through the following steps:

  • Disconnecting the machine from the main source of power supply
  • Carefully disassembling the machine to gain access to the hidden parts
  • Cleaning and drying the machine thoroughly using water and other cleaning equipment.
  • Replacing the worn-out parts with new parts
  • Lubricating the moving parts
  • Assembling all the parts together
  • Performing a test on the equipment to ensure it is working properly

Ensure you Install Gummy Making Machine as Required

You have to seek the assistance of professionals from your supplier to assist in installing your gummy production equipment.

The installation process should be in accordance to the current good manufacturing practices.

You will also receive proper documentation of the tests you will perform during the installation process.

Here are some of the documents that you will receive after successful installation and tests.

  • FAT document which will certify that the machine is in proper working condition as it leaves the factory.
  • IQ validation document that will prove that the installation process is a complete success.
  • OQ validation document that will ensure that the machine is in proper working condition after installation.

Pay Attention to Future Prospects in Gummy Bear Manufacturing Industry

You should consider the future prospects of the gummy candy manufacturing process as technology advances fast.

The future is looking into increasing the speed, safety, and efficiency of gummy bear making machines.

One specific area that needs improvement is the starch dryer which poses great safety hazards due to high explosion levels.

You should also consider embracing other developments such as that of killing microbial organisms in the ingredients.

Additional forms of gummy candy, flavors and shapes will also be available for you to consider in skyrocketing your business.

Get Efficient Support Equipment for Gummy Manufacturing Process

Gummy polishing equipment

Gummy candy storage

A gummy production chain includes a lot of gummy making equipment that boost the manufacturing process.

You should make sure that you have all the necessary equipment that you need for making gummy candy.

Here are the main equipment that you should have in your gummy candy production line.

  • Jacketed Cookers for mixing and cooking different sugars including maltose among other ingredients.
  • Holding Tanks for storage of syrup ingredients for making gummy candy.
  • Gummy depositor that deposits various quantities of gummy bear candy at the depositing end.
  • Cooling tunnel where the machine will get rid of excess moisture and cool it down to solidify.
  • Weigher gummy making machine which weighs all the ingredients for making gummy bear candy in the manufacturing process.
  • Coil cooker gummy making machine which dissolves and pre-cooks all the ingredients in the gummy making process.
  • Jet Cooker for cooking starch jelly ingredients for making gummy candy.
  • Additive blending systems to blend and add more additives to the entire mass after cooking process.
  • Gel conditioning room which conditions the gummy candy efficiently thus the gummy candy properties.
  • Sander which increases the sugar-coating capabilities of the gummy making equipment to make soft boiled gummy candy.
  • Oiling drum or oiler which is responsible for supplying enough lubricants onto the gummy candy during the manufacturing process.
  • Candy Cleaner which is responsible for getting rid of impurities as well as excess starch from gummy candy.
  • T-Gel Starch conditioning which is the main equipment that will condition starch.

You should have all the gummy candy support equipment in the capacities that will fit your production line.

The gummy candy making support equipment come in different capacities suitable for different production capabilities.

Ensure Gummy Making Machine Complies with Quality Standards

You should also be on the safe side of the law to avoid runs with safety authorities and ensure safety of your workers.

Apart from that, complying to quality standards also ensure that you produce safe gummy candy that consumers adore.

Here are the quality standards that you have to adhere to when making gummy bear candy.

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) dictating high quality standards according to international manufacturing laws.
  • CE quality standards which will assure you the electrical efficiency and safety of your gummy making equipment.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which ensures that you get the highest quality of gummy candy safe for human consumption.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which ensures that your machine has the highest quality of parts.

You must have a quality control laboratory where you will test the quality of different batches of ingredients.

You will test the quality of the gummy candy ingredients in accordance to flavor, color, odor and appearance.

In the long run, you will produce quality gummy candy which consumers will adore to adhere to.

Explore Different Flavors of Gummy Bear

To capture a wider market, you have to have clear understanding of the consumer behavior.

One factor that stands out in consumer behavior is diversity and human preference to different treats of flavors.

In that case, you should consider exploring different flavors of gummy bear candy.

Here are the different types of gummy bear candy flavors that you should consider:

Gummy candy

  • CBD gummy candy which have cannabidiol oil and comes in a variety of flavors and colors.
  • Herbal flavor gummy candy especially for CBD gummy candy.
  • Fruit flavor gummy candy with different fruit flavors such as:
  • Orange fruit flavors
  • Citric or Lemon fruit flavors
  • Mango fruit flavors
  • Pineapple fruit flavors
  • Strawberry fruit flavors
  • Cherry fruit flavors
  • Pink grape fruit flavors
  • Water melon fruit flavors
  • Blue raspberry fruit flavors
  • Lime fruit flavors
  • Green Apple fruit flavors

You have to ensure that you pass the flavor through different quality control procedures to approve their safety.

Frequently Test Gummy Making Equipment

Another important factor that you should take under consideration is frequent testing of your gummy making machine.

This includes proper testing of every essential part of the machine to enhance its efficiency in the gummy making process.

Additionally, frequent testing will ensure that the machine is in proper working condition for a very long time.

It increases durability by eliminating any chances of operating a faulty machine thus reducing downtime in the manufacturing process.

Only Trained Technicians Should Operate Gummy Making Equipment

You should consider working with professionals who understand a gummy making equipment well.

Working with professionals will enhance the gummy making process as they will be able to execute every step flawlessly.

Additionally, professionals also have knowledge on how to boost the machine for maximum production.

You will also spend very little money in the maintenance process as the professionals will be able to handle it.

This includes proper maintenance after every gummy making process and fixing any faults on the machine when it arises.

Understand the Working Principle of Gummy Making Equipment

A gummy making machine works in conjunction with many other gummies making equipment.

It is important to have proper knowledge on how the gummy making equipment work.

Keep in Touch with Gummy Bear Making Machine Manufacturer

You should keep in touch with your gummy bear machine manufacturer to help you with the machine updates.

Your manufacturer will always come in handy when you are having issues with the machine to offer help you need.

Apart from that, in case of any updates on new technology for your machine, you will be in a position to know.

Your manufacturer will also help you with technical advice on the best practices to boost the efficiency of your machine.

In that way, you will be in a position to skyrocket your business using the gummy making equipment.

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