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IBC Blender

SaintyCo IBC blender is a highly efficient and robust equipment designed for pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical industries. Our Bin blender features high-tech and scientific principle where it can automatically raise, clamp, blend and lower various components.

This IBC blender has a stainless steel frame that ensures hygienic blending operation. There is no risk of cross-contamination.

The rotating cage, drive mechanism, braking and control systems ensure efficient and optimal operation of all SaintyCo container blenders.

SaintyCo IBC blender has a robust system that automatically stops the rotating cage depending on the set parameters of rotation speed and time. This reduces human intervention that is prone to errors.

Even lifting and lowering of the bin system is fully automated. Furthermore, every SaintyCo IBC blender prints batch data, allowing for process evaluation and auditing.

Their unique designs reduce product wastage, operational costs and fast changeover.

Key Features of SaintyCo IBC Blenders

  • Fully automated system with PLC
  • Ensures accuracy and precision
  • cGMP and CE compliant
  • No exposed screws and dead angles
  • Cost competitive
  • Guarantees safe production
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