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HZD Pharma IBC Blending System

HZD Pharma IBC Blending System

SaintyCo HZD Pharma IBC Blending System is a high capacity machine with a fully automated mixing system. From the touch screen HMI, you can control the offsetting angle, blending speed or change mixing axis; thus guarantees 99% efficiency.

Every SaintyCo HZD Pharma IBC Blending System is equipped with sensitive pressure sensors and prints blending data for all operations. With no dead angles, screws and concave-convex surface, the HZD1000-3000 Pharma IBC Blending System meets high safety standards.

SaintyCo offers a range of standard and custom HZD1000-3000 Pharma IBC Blending System for both pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing industries. They have superior dust handling capability with no cross contamination as required by the CGMP standards.

  • Printed reports available
  • cGMP compliant design
  • Steady performance
  • Airtight sealing
  • Highly efficient
  • Fully automated with PLC
  • Large capacity blending
Technical DataHZD1000HZD1200HZD1500HZD1800HZD2000HZD3000
Blending Speed(rpm)3-153-153-153-153-152-12
Max Bin Volume(L)100012001500180020003000
Loading Volume(L)8009601200144016002400
Loading Weight(Kg)50060075090010001500
Total Power(kW)8.58.510.511.511.511
Total Weight(Kg)300032003600400042005500

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