HTD Post Bin Blender

HTD Post Bin Blender

SaintyCo HTD Post Bin Blender is a cGMP compliant dry powder and granule blending machine with a single column hopper lifting, saving on installation space. Through the touchscreen HMI panel, you can set the blending time and speed with an option of printing batch processing data.

Every HTD Post Bin Blender features sensitive pressure sensors that help initiate the blending process while infrared sensors isolate the working area to guarantee safety. The unique design of our HTD Post Bin Blender makes it handle bins of different models and capacities.

SaintyCo is a pharmaceutical container blender manufacturer you can count on for any material processing in the chemical, drug or foodstuff processing industries. You can choose from our standard or custom designs.

  • Space saving design
  • Fully automated system
  • Printed reports available
  • cGMP compliant
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Cost competitive
Technical DataHTD400HTD500HTD600HTD800HTD1000HTD1200HTD1500HTD2500
Blending speed(rpm)3-203-153-153-153-103-83-103-8
Max bin volume(L)4005006008001000120015002500
Loading volume(L)32040048064080096012002000
Loading weight(Kg)2002503004005005507501250
Total power(kW)
Total weight(kg)10001200130016002000220020005000

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