ICS-120A Smart Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer Production Equipment

ICS-120A Smart Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer Production Equipment

Smart Seal™ ICS120A is an Air-Cooled inline induction sealing machine.You can choose from a standard flat sealing head, tunnel sealing head or customized sealing head for any cap inclusive of CRC caps, Snap-On caps etc. the in-built casters provide added mobility to be moved from one line to another.

The Solid State 3kw Induction Generator is housed in a sanitary stainless steel splash proof enclosure 400x400x200mm with all controls mounted behind a window with a lockable door.

Facilities are provided for interlocking the availability of output power with conveyor movement and a flashing beacon functions if a fault condition occurs.

The standard Induction Sealing Head is able to cover a wide range of closure designs and diameters up to 120mm.The sealing head is dimensioned in relation to the conveyor speed and other factors to optimize the sealing conditions.

In addition, the sealing head mounting is adjustable, including the ability to ‘skew’ which enables exposure times to be reduced if necessary as well as achieving a more uniform heat pattern for larger closures.

This versatile, self-contained and compact equipment, including Induction Sealer and water cooler/recirculator, operates from a single phase 220V 12A 50/60Hz supply.

Technical DataICS-120A
Max.Line Speed35 feet/min
Cap Size20mm-120mm
Electrics220V, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Dimension(LxWxH)700mm x 800mm x1600mm
  • Compact all-in-one design
  • Safety / Protection Alarm
  • Inbuilt Microprocessor Control
  • Universal Sealing Head/Customized Sealing Head, Seals from Cap size 20 to 120 mm
  • Safe Reliable Compact
  • User Friendly
  • Movable
  • Sealing Head Moving Standard-350 mm
  • Efficient head changing with plug-in sealing head design

Smart Seal™ induction cap sealers are the industry standard in cap sealing equipment.

Superior mechanical and electrical design make these sealers the most popular choice of packagers looking for reliable performance and ease of operation.

The compact all-in-one power supply and sealing system requires little floor space and virtually no maintenance.

Smart Seal™ engineering team has developed an assortment of custom sealing heads to meet almost every cap sealing requirement imaginable.

Matching the sealing head to an application optimizes productivity and efficiency.

Smart Seal™ induction cap sealing machine is loaded with features that meet the requirements of most applications head-on.

Standard microprocessor control and convenient plug-in induction sealing heads have recently been added to enhance the machine’s performance.


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