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The SaintyCo Innovation Center is designed to demonstrate the value of SaintyCo products and services through the operation and application of our equipment.

A team of experienced specialists available in our Innovation Center enables us to guide customers through the entire process: from devising their optimal production line to delivering technical training, and from the original concept to finetuning products for trouble-free commissioning of a new plant or product launch.

The center will also feature assembly, demonstrations, testing, know-how transfer, parts, services, and production solutions, all complemented by our exemplary customer service.

Here, we bring your dream gummy to life!


Durable Construction
6000 sq.ft Workspace for innovation

Where we transform customers’ ideas into products and refine their recipes and processes.

6 Experienced Specialists

Our staff can help you gain a competitive edge.

300 Days per year

We welcome visitors year-round to find the right equipment, exchange knowledge, conduct tests, and trials, and enjoy technological support.

High Productivity
10 Minute drive from Sarasota airport

Easy to travel. Reduce trip costs and time from anywhere in the US or worldwide.


Our SaintyCo Innovation Center is open to anyone in the hemp/CBD/pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries. Some typical roles are, e.g. as follows:

  • Formulation developers
  • Operation staff and directors
  • Maintenance and technical specialists
  • Start-up owners


  • Resolve concerns or confusion before purchasing SaintyCo equipment
  • Develop skills and knowledge of SaintyCo equipment operation and maintenance
  • Work with our expert team to test your product possibilities
  • Discover the latest trends across the industry
  • Mitigate machine downtime by using the center’s equipment
SaintyCo—Your Professional Gummy Machine Manufacturer
Find training – Equipment workshops Technology, operations and maintenance

(1) Instructor-Led Operator Training

A series of machinery-specific training programs from SaintyCo is one of our expanded services to enable customers to get the most out of that purchase with skilled operators.

Get instructor-led SaintyCo equipment operator training delivered at our Innovation Center or customers’ site. Our training sessions are custom-built specifically for each client’s needs. Besides direct training, we can also provide “train the trainer” sessions. These enable companies to organize their training courses as and when required to ensure that the benefits of training are sustained.

Instructors provide hands-on and classroom training covering topics from the customer’s SaintyCo machinery and equipment operator manual:

  •         Equipment component locations and functions
  •         Installation procedures andtest
  •         General operation
  •         Cleaning and hygiene
  •         Preventive maintenance
  •         Fault finding and troubleshooting
  •         Safety

If travel is an issue, our SaintyCo Innovation Center offers virtual instructor-led operator training.

(2)Equipment Maintenance Services

When the risk is not an option, trust us to protect and maintain purchased SaintyCo equipment with one of our flexible service plans.

Share Knowledge - gummy production Making gummies with confidence

Attend regular seminars at our SaintyCo Innovation Center, where customers can explore the latest trends, gummy products, and innovations and how they can be applied to solve their business challenges.

We also recommend our gummy courses as excellent opportunities for those just entering the industry and refresher training for those seeking extra practice in a small group setting. Participants will understand applying scientific principles, techniques, and recipes for making gummies. The session combines lectures and laboratory exercises with hands-on opportunities to try traditional and vegetarian formulations using essential equipment (like our gummy-making machines). Courses will be centered on the starchless process, emphasizing the starchless depositing process.

Test Innovations – Small batch trials Recipes, products, and processes

Speed to market is critical. SaintyCo Innovation Center helps you shorten the mind-to-market cycle.

SaintyCo Cutting-Edge Pilot Processing & Packing Lines specialising in jelly and gummy products with an In-House Advanced Test Lab are at your service. Before mass production & market release, customers can experiment with new recipes, develop products, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials on a laboratory scale.

Today’s better-for-you options are innovative, integrating natural ingredients, clean labels, and functional benefits. Thus, our center serves as a testing hub where our customers can examine raw materials’ impact on end products, rheology, and gummy structures. Customers can also use various analytical tools for flavor analysis. Alternatively, customers can bring along your technologies to integrate with our existing equipment.

Products that can be tested using our unique starch-free process include gummies and jellies in solid, striped, layered and filled varieties.

Keep Manufacturing - Bridging program Production without downtime

At SaintyCo’s Innovation Center, our bridging program is an ideal solution for a high-quality replacement machine to fill in the gaps during downtime.

This program is aimed at our clients who are trapped in the downtime in manufacturing – both planned and unplanned, in addition to new customers who are awaiting machines to be set up but looking to stay ahead of production milestones.

This range of gummy making and packaging equipment is permanently available, and specialized units can be brought in – from other suppliers if necessary – to complete a process.

Customers working with or without SaintyCo’s professionals are assured complete confidentiality.


We look forward to your visit.

Our mission is to send you away with winning solutions that are unique to you so that you can turn your vision of gummy manufacturing into a reality.

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Head of SaintyCo Innovation Center, Florida, USA

Donald Swanson


Phone: +1 941-866-6187

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Address: 2145 63rd Ave E. Bradenton, FL 34203, USA

Open time:  8AM-6PM EST Monday to Sunday

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