Jelly Making Machine

This guide covers all the critical aspects of jelly making machine such as components, working principle, troubleshooting process and material, just to mention a few.

It will help choose high performance and reliable jelly making machine.

Keep reading to learn more.

How Jelly Making Machine Can Skyrocket your Business?

Here is how you can skyrocket your business using the jelly making machine:

Jelly making machine

Jelly making machine

  • You must purchase high quality jelly making machines you can rely on fully during jelly production process.
  • You must have the right professionals with enough experience on how to operate the jelly making machine.
  • It is important to know how the jelly making machine works and every step on how it manufactures jelly.
  • You need to have enough knowledge on how to repair and maintain the jelly making machine.
  • Remember that staying in touch with the jelly making machine manufacturers will keep you up to date with new developments.
  • In addition to that, you must conduct frequent tests on the machine to make sure that it is working properly.
  • As soon as new developments emerge, you should consider factoring them into the jelly manufacturing system.
  • Apart from that, it is important to consider coming up with numerous jelly recipes and varieties to diversify the market.
  • Having proper knowledge on how to troubleshoot the machine will help solve jelly making machine problems faster thus saving time.
  • You should consider integrating the jelly making machine with other types of support equipment to enhance production.
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Types of Jelly Making Machines

Well, there are two main types of jelly making machines depending on the level of automation.

You can either choose to use the semi-automatic jelly making machine or the fully automatic jelly making machine.

Here is a comparison between the semi-automatic and the fully automatic jelly making machine.

· Semi-Automatic Jelly Making Machine

Semi-automatic jelly making machines are devices that require the support of human labor to perform well.

It is also capable of performing some of the production specifications on its own thus being semi-automatic.

· Fully Automatic Jelly Making Machine

Fully automatic jelly making machines will perform all the jelly production processes on its own.

In other words, it does not require the help too much human labor to produce jelly.

It is also faster and will produce jelly on a very large scale in comparison the semi-automatic jelly making machines.

Benefits of Jelly Making Machine

Jelly making machines will give a boost to your jelly making business with the following benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of using the jelly making machine.

· Increases Speed of Production

You will increase the rate of production by using the fully automatic jelly making machine.

It simplifies the work that you could do as it accurately and precisely produces jelly with minimal hitches.

· Increased Jelly Varieties

You can also produce jelly of quite a number of varieties using the jelly making machine.

It has provisions that will allow you to manipulate the jelly making process to produce different varieties.

· Reduction in Production Cost

You will also reduce the cost of producing jelly by using the jelly making machine.

It eliminates a few costs such as the cost of hiring more labor and the cost of frequent maintenance of the machine.

· Increase in Safety Levels

Jelly making machines are also very safe to use as it has different safety programs and features.

For instance, jelly making machines have sensors that will automatically shut it down in case of a malfunction.

Limitations of Jelly Making Machines

Well, just like any other equipment, jelly making machine also has particular limitations in the production process.

First, you should do adequate preparations in terms of your budget before purchasing and installing the jelly making machine.

This is because the cost of purchasing and installing the jelly making machine is very high.

Apart from that, you will also require a huge production plant to install the jelly making machine thus increasing cost.

Due to the size of the jelly making machine, you will have limits on the mobility of the production equipment.

How much Jelly Making Machine Cost

Jelly candy making machine

Jelly candy making machine

Jelly making machines are affordable with different prices ranging from 15,000 t0 180,000 US dollars.

The difference in cost is as a result of the different types of jelly making machines in the industry.

For instance, you will pay for the semi-automatic jelly making machine in comparison to the fully-automatic jelly making machines.

How Jelly Making Machine compare to Chocolate Making Machine

Just from the name, you will note that the jelly making machine is responsible for making of jelly.

On the other hand, you will use chocolate making machines to make different types of chocolate.

Due to the working principles, the jelly and chocolate making machines have different parts.

For instance, the chocolate making machine have the moulding system which you will not find in the jelly making machine.

One of the similarities between the two is that they are available in both the semi-automatic and fully automatic levels.

Parts of Jelly Making Machine

Jelly making machines are capable of producing different types of jelly with the help of the different machine parts.

Here are the main parts of the jelly making machine that you need to have a look at.

· Melting and Mixing Tank

Jelly making machines have a melting and mixing tank where you will mix and heat all the ingredients.

It helps in the formation of a homogenous mixture of all the ingredients thus forming smooth and sweet jelly.

· Control Panel

Fully automatic jelly making machines come complete with the control panel and a touch screen interface.

You will use the control panel to program the production specifications of the jelly making machine.

· Electrical Unit

The electrical unit is the main source of power for the jelly making machine system.

It is responsible for controlling and directing different quantities of power through the jelly making machine.

· Transport System

Well, you will depend on the transport system to move the jelly making ingredients from one station to the next.

The transport system is a combination of different parts such as tubes and conveyor systems that transport different ingredients.

· Cooling Refrigerators

Jelly making machines have the cooling system that will aid in eliminating excess heat from the jelly making ingredients.

You can control the time and the cooling temperatures that the cooling systems will be operating at.

· Heating System

All through the production of jelly, you will need the heating system to maintain a certain level of jelly temperatures.

You will control the jelly temperatures from the control panel of the jelly making machines.

· Safety Features

Jelly making machines are safe to use because of the safety features such as sensors and covers.

For instance, the machine has covers over the electrical and heating units to prevent shocks and burns.

How Jelly Making Machine Works

The main working principle of the jelly making machine relies on the heating, mixing, moulding and cooling processes.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when operating the jelly making machines.

1) Preparation Stage

First, you must make sure that everything that you need in the jelly manufacturing process is in the right order.

You will look at the ingredients and also inspect the jelly making machine before you initiate the production process.

Apart from that, you also program the jelly making machine according to the production specification.

Measure the ingredients according to the production specifications and then add them into the machine hopper.

The machine hopper will slowly guide the ingredients into the mixing and melting tank as soon as you press start.

2) Mixing of the Ingredients

Here, the main function will involve proper mixing of all the ingredients that you need to make the jelly.

Since you want a homogenous mixture, you will have to melt some of the ingredients and stir them accordingly.

The process might take 2 to 3 hours depending on the quantity of ingredients as well as the production specifications.

After that, you will proceed to the quality assurance stage to test the quality of the jelly ingredients mixtures.

3) Quality Testing Stage

Well, at this stage, you will take a sample of the jelly making homogenous ingredients for testing.

You must have a quality testing lab where you will test the jelly according to particular quality standards.

Jelly production must meet high quality standards of health since it is a food product.

As soon as you complete the testing process, you will proceed with the production process if the quality is good.

4) Cooling and Molding Jelly

The jelly making machine will release the ingredients from the mixing and melting tank to cooling system.

It will pour the slurry into molds that will give the jelly its final shape and transport it to the cooling system.

The cooling system will eliminate excess heat from the jelly while leaving it in a semi-molten state.

Alternatively, you can pour the final jelly product into the glass jars and the cool them slowly after packaging.

Features to Consider in Jelly Making Machine

It is important to look at the main features of the jelly making machine before you commit to making a purchase.

You can achieve this by having the following features at hand when shopping for a good jelly making machine.

Jelly making machine

Jelly making machine

· Dimensions of the Machine

You will look at the dimensions of the jelly making machine in terms of length, width, height and also weight.

It implies that, the size of the jelly making machine will depend entirely on the dimensions.

· Type of Materials

Here, you will choose the type of materials that you want on your jelly making machines.

Most jelly making machines use stainless steel as the main materials due to its resistance to corrosion.

· Technological Advancements

You should go for the latest form of technology available at the time of purchasing the jelly making machines.

The machine must also have provisions that will allow you to improve it to the latest form of technology over time.

· Level of Automation

At this point in time, you should go for the fully automatic jelly making machines that you can easily control.

Fully automatic jelly making machines allows you to move from one production level to the other depending on the market.

Support Equipment to Integrate with Jelly Making Machine

You should consider having a support system with different equipment that will enhance the jelly production process.

On that note, here are some of the jelly making machine support equipment that you should consider having.

· Jelly Packaging Machine

You must have the jelly packaging machine to assist in packaging of jelly into different sizes of packaging containers.

It will automatically work according to the packaging specifications in terms of quantity requirements.

· Holding Tank

The holding tank will act as a temporary storage device for jelly as you move through different stations.

The holding tank has the capacity of heating and maintaining the jelly making syrup temperatures.

· Cooling Tunnels

In case you package jelly while hot, you will need the cooling tunnels to accurately and slowly reduce the temperatures.

· Jacketed Cooker

As an alternative to the jelly mixing and melting tank, you can use the jacketed cooker to safely heat the ingredients.

It is a safe machine that can heat and mix all the ingredients according to the production specifications.

How to Conduct FAT for Jelly Making Machine

You should ensure that your jelly making machine is of the right quality and is in accordance to the manufacturing specifications.

This is possible only by conducting a factory acceptance test (FAT) before the machine leaves the factory.

To conduct a factory acceptance test, you must have the following at hand.

  • Have a proper plan on how you are going to conduct the factory acceptance test.
  • Have the production specifications at hand that allows you to do proper comparisons and tests.
  • You should station the technicians and operators at various points to help in conducting the test.
  • You must have a “failure script” that you must follow to the letter to avoid making mistakes.
  • It is important to have a look at the replacement parts and test the production procedures.
  • Remember that safety is paramount – you must test all the safety features of the machine.
  • Take your time during the production process and integrate the machine with other machines and test them as well.

You should also conduct the FAT with your manufacturer with details on the difference between FAT and SAT.

Making URS for Jelly Making Machine

The user requirement specifications is a document that will detail all the specifications that you want on your jelly making machine.

In this case, you will communicate to the jelly making machine manufacturer with all the production details that you require.

In the user requirement specifications document, you must have the following:

  • Introduction

In the introduction, you will have the system scope and the objectives of having the jelly making machine.

You must also consider including the applicable regulatory concerns within the introduction level.

  • Program Requirements

Here, you must have the work flow and the functions that you expect of the jelly making machine.

  • Data Requirements

You should also have the type of information that you will be able to process during the jelly manufacturing processes.

  • Life Cycle Requirements

In this case, you will specify how you intend to maintain the jelly making machine.

Apart from that, you must also detail how the personnel will operate the jelly making machines.

Troubleshooting Jelly Making Machine

During the jelly making process, you might come across a few issues that affect the jelly making process.

You can solve such problems faster with minimal hitches by troubleshooting the jelly making machine.

Here are some of the issues that you can solve by troubleshooting the jelly making machine.

· Lack of Ingredient Flow

The ingredients might fail to flow due to improper missing of the ingredients in the melting and mixing tank.

You can sort this out by fixing the melting and mixing tank while adjusting the production specifications at the control panel.

In addition to that, you must also have the perfect measure of all the ingredient requirements.

· Solid Jelly Texture

You can also produce solid jelly as a result of excess drying or cooling in the production system.

You can sort the problem by controlling the cooling temperatures on the machine.

In case the cooling system is faulty, you will have to repair or replace the entire system.

Technological Advancements in Jelly Making Machine Industry

Well, jelly making machines advance and become better with advancements in time.

As time goes by, you will need to improve your jelly making machine with the latest form of technology.

Here are some of the advancements that you can include in the jelly making machine.

· Increasing the Speed of Production

You can increase the speed of producing jelly by incorporating SiMoGel technology.

It is capable of increasing the production speed of jelly by five to ten minutes.

· Advanced Sorting Machines

You can also use the advanced digital sorting machine that will help in eliminating all the foreign materials.

It will improve the quality of jelly by getting rid of all the foreign objects on the jelly.

Uses of Jelly Making Machine

Well, the main use the jelly making machine is to produce jelly in different industries.

You can use the jelly making machine to perform the following functions.

Jelly making equipment

Jelly making equipment

  • Heating all the jelly making ingredients at various temperatures.
  • Mixing all the jelly making ingredients to make a homogenous mixture.
  • Sorting out the jelly and cleaning it by eliminating the foreign objects.
  • Cooling down the jelly to the right temperatures while maintaining its texture
  • Packaging the jelly into containers of different quantities.

Quality Standards of Jelly Making Machine

Jelly is a food product that you must produce in accordance to high quality standards.

You can achieve high quality standards by maintain high quality of the jelly making machines.

Here are the main quality standards that the jelly making machine must adhere to.

  • CE Quality Standards
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Standards
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Standards

Best Materials used to Make Jelly Making Machine

The best materials that you can use to make the jelly making machine is stainless steel.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and has very high tensile strength.

It is a very clean type of machine that will not affect the hygiene of the jelly making process.

Apart from that, you will need other materials such as rubber or plastic to make other parts of the machine.

How to Maintain Jelly Making Machine

Maintaining the jelly making machine is a very simple process that will increase the durability of the machine.

Proper maintenance requires frequent cleaning of the jelly making machine especially after completing the production process.

In addition to that, you should also do frequent inspections of the machine in order to identify faults.

Replace all the faulty parts on a regular basis to avoid losing precious time doing major machine repairs.

In addition to that, you should lubricate the jelly making machines regularly to reduce friction.

How to Optimize Jelly Making Process

You can optimize the jelly making process by ensuring that all the production factors meet the optimum standards.

This includes having all the production specification standards right and programming the machine accordingly.

You must also have proper personnel with proper training on how to handle the jelly making processes.

Maintain the jelly making machine through frequent updates of the hardware and software with new technology.

Safety Features of Jelly Making Machine

Your machine must have safety features such as sensors that will protect you from any form of harm.

The sensors have the capability of detecting malfunctions on the machine and send warning signs.

In case the malfunctions pose great danger, then the sensors will automatically shut the system down.

The machine has covers on the electric and heating systems that will prevent injury from burns and electrocution.

In short, before importing jelly making machine from China, it is important that you understand everything in this guide.

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