Key IBC Bin Blender Applications in Modern Industrial Processes

If you haven’t thought of incorporating IBC bin blenders in your material processing and handling plant, maybe it is time to do so.

Since the first IBC bin blenders were introduced in the 1961, they have become an effective accessory in the pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, laboratories and nutriceutical industries, just to mention a few applications.

Surprisingly, material processing industries are now focusing on more specific IBC bin blender applications in an attempt to optimize production and income. In this article, I will focus on specific applications of IBC bin blenders.

#1: Mixing Different Types of Materials (Powder or Granules)

I know this is the most obvious IBC bin blender application. We use this equipment to mix dry powders, granules or powder and granules.

As you can see in the image below, as the bin rotates, it mixes all its contents to the desired proportion:

This rotation mixes the content of the bin blender

This rotation mixes the content of the bin blender.

In most cases, you can mix two or more substances.

#2: Bin Blenders are used in Effective Speed Blending Applications

Bin blenders are suitable for applications that require fast and effective speed blending. Depending on the capability of the blender, it can mix material in less than 10 minutes.

bin blender rotating during material blending process

Images showing bin blender rotating during material blending process.

This way, you can easily increase production in any industry; be it in pharmaceutical or R&D.

#3: Use Bin Blenders to Improve Material Blending Efficiency

There are many blending machines out there; however their efficiency cannot be compared to that of the IBC bin blending machines.

How is this possible?

As you will notice in this video, apart from rotating the blender, you can offset it to various angles that may vary between 15° to 45°, depending on the design of the equipment.

Furthermore, the intermediate bulk containers also come in irregular shapes.

These are crucial aspects that determine the efficiency of IBC bin blender applications. This is because the material will change direction at least six times in every rotation.

With this, you will for sure be guaranteed of a high product blending efficiency.

#4: They Can Blend Lubricants into Powder Mixture

In some industrial applications, after producing a homogenous powder mixture, this may not be the end of material processing. You may want to include lubricants into these mixtures.

HSD Bench Top Blender

This is a small SaintyCo bench top blender.

The only equipment you can count on when it comes to this is a modern IBC blender.

Another bin blender application that is closely related to this is in pre-blending applications.  That is, you can mix low-dose active ingredients with other portions of the excipients.

It is a common practice in pharmaceutical or drug manufacturing industries.

#5: IBC Blenders Prevent Cross-contamination of Dry Material during Processing

IBC is a perfect solution for dry material blending process. This is due to their exceptional product uniformity and fist product change over.

How to transfer bin blender content

How to transfer bin blender content. Image source: SaintyCo

Furthermore, with their unique designs, you don’t have to worry about any possibility of cross-contamination. This is due to the following key features:

  • Moving parts are not in contact with the material.
  • It is possible to blend all materials in one container
  • You can transfer blended product directly to the next processing stage, thereby, helping to maintain product quality
  • They can feed mixed materials directly to tablet presses and capsule filling machines.

All these make bin blender suitable for any materials processing task.


Clearly, as you can see in the 5 IBC bin blender applications I have listed above, the process is not just about mixing materials. The efficiency, consistency and ability to maintain product quality are some of the key reasons you need to consider bin blender for your next project in material processing industry.

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