Lifting Column Equipment: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Importers


Lifting Column Equipment

In several industrial applications, you may want to lift or adjust work stations.

And, you may not have the energy to lift the work station.

You need a robust and reliable equipment that lifts heavy work stations by pressing a button.

That’s exactly what a lifting column does.

So today, I am going to take you through the basic and advanced features of lifting column equipment.

I will start by discussing its main applications, parts, options available, features and how it works.

Then later, I will recommend 9 lifting column equipment you can consider for your material processing needs.

Keep reading to be an expert in lifting column equipment.

What is a Lifting Column Machine?

It refers to the type of equipment used for lifting, handling and adjusting workstations before, during and after an industrial process.

It is actually one of the material handling machines.

You see, when you get to factories that tend to manufacture the product in bulk, you’ll see the movement of different items from one point to another.

Mostly, movement of such bulky items, whether machines or containers often takes place with the aid of lifting column equipment.

Ordinarily, we all know how manual handling of such items especially when maneuvering them within the factory can be hectic.

And the complexity is what brings about inefficiency which consequently leads to low productivity levels or inferior quality products.

What’s more?

Manual handling can also be dangerous to you or your employees given that they are exposed to various risks.

This equipment can lift, turn and also invert the relatively bulk items necessary in the production process to enable smooth operation.

The entire technology of this system is integrated in such a way that you cannot necessarily see it from the outside parts.

So vitally, this machine reduces the human labor and instead helps to control the lifting and handling of various heavy materials within the factory.

Different types of SaintyCo lifting equipment

Different types of SaintyCo lifting equipment

And they are available in many options depending on the specific application that you want to use it for.

As you can see from the picture below, this is particular for applications revolving around pharmaceutical production.

Well, now that you’ve known what essentially a lifting column machine entails, let’s quickly shift focus to understanding its basics;

The basics of a Lifting Column Machine

First, let me tell you the truth:

Lifting column equipment is one of the most basic devices that you’ll ever come across in any manufacturing process.

In reality, this device is not directly involved in material processing.

But the fact remains it is an integral component in the overall manufacturing process, especially bulk processing.

Lifting equipment

Lifting equipment

One outstanding feature that makes this machine appealing is that it’s straightforward to operate.

It is not detailed to the extent of posing any significant challenge when using to lift and move items or heavy components of other machines.

Nonetheless, just like I did mention earlier on you need to be aware that this machine comes in different variations.

But still, the functional system of all the variations is more or less similar regardless of the application.

It’s only that some varyregarding size, design as well as corollary equipment, of course depending on the type of use.

And for that matter, shall we now look at some of the key uses of this machine, specifically in pharmaceutical production;

Main uses of a Lifting Machine in Material Processing

Clearly, the uses of this machine in material processing varies from one application to the other and is also dependent on its design.

Interestingly though, its ability to lift other parts of machines and maneuver them within the factory is what determines its efficiency.

And incidentally, this is no any different when using them in the pharmaceutical industry.

So, let’s look at some of the key uses before moving to the next section;

§  Adjustable Lifting of Loads

One aspect of this unit is that it comes with a considerable retraction to extension ratio.

What this means is that it can move from a low to a high point smoothly and rapidly.

Thisindeed is essential because it allows you to use it positioning the equipment accurately when and where necessary during the manufacturing process.

And for that matter, you’ll be able to control how and where you place the load which subsequently enable you to attain ideal efficiency.

Parenthetically, it is easy to adjust mechanically thus making it possible for you to lift the particular item and position it accordingly.

§  Discharging and De-agglomerating Granules

This is arguably the outright direct use of this device in any typical pharmaceutical factory.

What happens is that it is used for lifting the container so that it can carefully discharge and de-agglomerate the material particles.

So you’ll end up transferring the contents either for storage or additional processing depending on the necessity.

It is crucial in this case because at times manual is transferring and de-agglomerating of granules can be costly, time-consuming and risky.

§  Shifting Heavy Corollary Equipment

It is also another integral use of this particular machine.

Ordinarily, in pharmaceutical material processing, you’ll realize that in most of the times there will always be a change of components.

This, of course, is in the effort of making sure that you adhere to every detail during the manufacturing of such products.

And it is in such instances that lifting column equipment becomes essential.

It helps significantly in ensuring that it holds the particular component of a machine and shifts it to the required spot.

§  Creating Adjustable Trolleys

In most pharmaceutical industries, this machine has become phenomenal in acting as a material handling equipment.

Such that you or other employees of differing heights can use it to lift and handle different items without necessarily bending.

The importance of this is that from a broader perspective, it enhances your well being or that of the operators.

It follows that it reduces the possibility of employees suffering from inevitable injuries that apparently are avoidable.

And in a greatway, it saves you from incurring expenses that arise from claims against you as an employer and subsequent costly compensation.

Primarily, those are the critical uses of this machine when it comes to the manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, you’ll find that it is used in other applications within the same factory which probably we haven’t mentioned here.

But the essence, in this case, is to know that it’s vital in a wide range of fundamental processes in this particular industry.

And above all, the most important thing is that this machines mainly supports material transfer and discharge from one equipment to the other.

This is particular when it comes to pharmaceutical material processing.

Some of these processing equipmentincludefluid bed dryer, capsule encapsulating machine, IBC bin blender and tablet press among others.

Key Parts and Components of Lifting Colum machine

The truth is that you can’t really start operating this machine without knowing some of its vital parts and components.

Coincidentally, lifting column equipment contains few parts.

And it is what makes it ideally easy to use and still enable you to attain the necessary efficiency and quality process.

But at the same time, you must also know that as much as the components of this machine are few, they all play fundamental roles.

So let’s look at some of these parts in detail;

§  Control Box

It is unquestionably one of the vital components of this machine.

The control box ordinarily consists of various elements that determine the functionality of this machine.

What it means here is this box is the central point where all the programs that determine the parameters of this machine lies.

Control box

Control box

For example, if you want it to lift a container, there is a button that you press which relays the motions hence lifting it up.

So primarily, the control box contains all the necessary aspects that make the operation of this machine possible.

The type of control system is dependent on a particular model and design of this equipment.

§  Chassis Trolley

This refers to the component which you use for moving the entire unit from one point to the other.

A chassis trolley has wheels attached on a metallic plate which facilitates movement of this equipment when switching positions.

Chasis trolley

Chassis trolley

Nevertheless, you should also understand that this particular component is mostly applicable inmobile lifting column machines.

And for the fixed units, the chassis is available for holding the machine intact on the floor.

§  Lifting and Drum Inversion Systems

These systems consist of some parts which play different roles in the entire process.

But primarily, they are components responsible for raising the corollary equipment from a lower point, transferring and discharging the materials.

You operate the entire system from the control box by pressing the relevant buttons which relay signals accordingly.

Lifting and Drum Inversion Systems

Lifting and Drum Inversion Systems

Ideally, there is a “raise” and “invert” buttons which you press accordingly depending on the preferable action.

§  Lifter

This refers to the rail that provides the surface for lifting the material from the lower point and raising it to the preferable point.



In general, a lifter helps to offer a comfortable, convenient and swift movement of the material container up and down accordingly.

§  Motor

It refers to the device that converts electrical power into energy that powers the machine to perform its various functions.

A motor in this equipment plays a significant role since it ensures that it facilitates easy movement and functionality of the entire system.

Electric motor

Electric motor

 In most instances, the size of the motor in these machines varies depending on the model, design, and size.

And therefore, whenever you see the lifting and drum inverting systems functioning seamlessly understand that it’s as a result of motor generating power.

§  Pneumatic Height Stop Device

This is mainly a component which enables easy regulation of the specific points where you need the machine to stop at.

In some instances, you’d be working from a particular height which you’ll always prefer to transfer and discharge materials at.

And so to make the process seamless, you need to set it at that specific point, and that is how this component becomes handy.

It is vital because it enhances the overall efficiency given that it also operated pneumatically.

So you’ll not need to keep on adjusting and re-adjusting it all the time.

In general, these are the essential parts and components of an ordinary lifting column machine.

Undoubtedly it also contains other parts depending on size and design which we may not discuss all herein.

And talking of design, let’s explore some of them in this next section;

Types and Design of a Lifting Column

The truth is that this equipment has been around for several years.

This is obviously an indication that it’s always been used in a wide range of applications.

And so it definitely suggests that several designs to suit various needs and applications are available.

However, in this section, I want to look at some of the types and designs of this machine from the perspective of the pharmaceutical application.

Essentially, they are two designs that suit this application, and they include the following;

1. Movable Lifting Column Equipment

This refers to the type of machine which can shift positions from one point to the other within or outside the factory.

It is a design that primarily contains wheels that help to move the entire unit in different places.

A movable lifting column is highly a practical option that you can go for especially if you’re dealing with various corollary equipment simultaneously.

Movable lift column

Movable lift column

They assist in facilitating shifting of workstation quite easy and faster given that all you have to do is to push and attach it to the applicable component.

Some are usually large and can be heavy if loaded, so you need extra effort to move them from one point to the next effortlessly.

Nonetheless, this design presents a wide range of options to choose from depending on your needs and preference.

2. Fixed Lifting Column Equipment

It is the second type of this machine that is equally important in pharmaceutical material processing.

Fixed literally means that it is stationary and unlike movable one, it cannot necessarily move from one point to the other.

Fixed lift column equipment

Fixed lifting column equipment

Fixed lifting column machines essentially have its chassis permanently attached on the floor hence you cannot move them.

This design only gives you the option of using it from point hence you cannot use it on various corollary equipment simultaneously.

They also come with various parts and in different sizes and models.

Therefore, it makes it possible for you to select a suitable alternative for your needs and budget.

How a Lifting Colum Works

Well, this is one of the fundamental aspects which you need to grasp before you buy or start operating this type of machine.

Like I said earlier, the lifting column equipment comes in various designs, sizes, and components.

However, the working principle in almost all the variations is seemingly similar from a broader perspective.

Incidentally, this machine works simply than you can ever imagine.

i. It starts with switching on the motor so that it can generate sufficient energy for powering the unit.

ii. Once the machine is running depending on the material you’re processing you’ll ensure that you fill the container with the necessary ingredients. In some instance, the essence is always to convey the material from one corollary equipment to the other. So, in that case, you’ll need to accurately connect it and ensure that it collects the granules appropriately. This, of course, will be at the relatively lower position.

iii. The next thing is using the right buttons at the control box to lift the material container to the appropriate size. The lifter uses a valve to raise the material container to the required height.

iv. When it gets the appropriate height, the unit then inverts the container so that it can connect downstream equipment receiving port.

v. Next is that you’ll have to connect the passive and active valves then lock them tightly. The valves will open after some moments which then enables the material to transfer from the container to the particular equipment.

The working principle of an ordinary lifting column machine is as simple as that.

The only meaningful difference in the operation is the model and what you’re using it for.

But in the long run, you’ll realize that the automation of this machine makes it operation quite easy, convenient and fast.

Features of a Lifting Column

This type of machine consists of some of the appealing features which make it an ideal acquisition for various pharmaceutical lifting tasks.

Of course, some specific features in these machines are also dependent on the model, design, and size.

Design of a fixed lifting column

Design of a fixed lifting column

But in general, one of the features that is available across almost all of these machines include a chassis, column, and drum inversion system.

Such features are essential because they guarantee efficiency during operation.

The other element is this machine is the stable construction which enhances overall performance and easy operation.

This type of machine also prevents misoperation of the valve which is vital in safeguarding you as well as the equipment.

Control panel for a fixed lifting column

Control panel for a fixed lifting column

Other general features include interlock system, non-explosion proof design, arm rotated and motorized lifting and lowering among others.

SaintyCo Lifting Column Equipment

One vital point that perhaps I’d also wish you to know regarding importing this equipment is the choice of manufacturer.

And one of the most reliable manufacturers for a wide range of these machines to consider is SaintyCo.

This company produces lifting columns in different options that come with unique and advanced technologies.

SaintyCo lifting column series features unique technologies including:

  • Inversion system
  • Chassis trolley for the movable
  • Feeding system
  • Lifting
  • Telescopic and hydraulic systems, among others

Machines like a blender, tablet press, capsule filling, capsule encapsulating, and coaters are among some of what you may use with SaintyCo’s lifting column.

Some of the pertinent features of all of the SaintyCo lifting column devices include easy operation and maintenance.

Here is a list of all the nine models of lifting column machines you can get from SaintyCo;

§  ZLZ100-1000 Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter – Stationary

This instrument is common in applications surrounding robust dosage production procedure for transferring and discharging particles.

It supports corollary equipment to enhance homogenization of materials and de-agglomeration of agglomerates accordingly.

SaintyCo Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter – Stationary

SaintyCo Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter – Stationary

It also features reasonably solid construction and provides stable performance which enhances easy operation.

What’s more?

The entire machine doesn’t contain any dead angle or protruded screws, it safe and easy to assemble and dismantle.

The ZLZ is also compliant with cGMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.

You may as well use this machine in various applications such as food processing, and chemical industries.

§  ZLT200-1000 Lifting Conic Mill-movable

This model is helpful in the homogenization of granules to help in attaining the ideal uniform granules necessary for the process.

SaintyCo Lifting conic mill-movable

SaintyCo Lifting conic mill-movable

This machine features a chassis set with four casters which help to support significant mobility.

You can as well lower or raise the height of the mill cum sifter to match the specific height requirements.

Additionally, dust or cross pollution isentirely avoidable when using this machine.

As a requirement of any medical device, the ZLT Series Lifting Mill cum Sifter also complies fully with the GMP specifications.

Other than pharmaceutical application, you can as well use it foodstuff and chemical industries.

§  NTY50-100 Drum Lifting Column-Movable

This is another SaintyCo’s unit that supports other corollary machines including blenders, mill facility, tablet press and coater among others.

You can majorly use it in the solid dosage production procedure for transferring and discharging ingredients.

It features durable construction and provides stable performance thus making it easy for you to operate.

SaintyCo Drum Lifting Column-Movable

SaintyCo Drum Lifting Column-Movable

This machine is safe, easy to dismantle and also to wash.

You can use it in a wide range of industries including chemical and food processing.

Additionally, this machine is GMP compliant which implies that it meets all the standards for medicine production.

§  NTS50-100 Pharma Lifter-Telescopic & Movable

This is majorly common in pharmaceutical production for transferring and charging materials.

You can use it alongside other equipment such as tablet press, blender, mixers, mill cum sifter and encapsulating machines among others.

Pharma Lifter-Telescopic & Movable

Pharma Lifter-Telescopic & Movable

This unit prevents dust and pollution, and you can use it in various industries including chemical, foodstuff, and raw medicine.

Also, it is cGMP compliant, features durable construction, and has no dead angle or concave/convex face.

This unit also provides steady performance; it is easy to wash and maintain and also feature customized casters.

§  NTJ-100 Closed Material Conveying System-split Valve

It is one of the unique lifting column machines regarding design that you can obtain from SaintyCo.

The design of this equipment is on the basis of broad research, absorption, and digestion of advanced foreign models.

SaintyCo Closed Material Conveying System-split valve

SaintyCo Closed Material Conveying System-split valve

It comes with a durable structure which enhances its ease of operation as well as stable performance throughout.

Moreover, this machine does not have any protruded screws or any dead angle.

It is safe to use and features and configured split valve that offers high containment surrounding.

It is compliant to FDA and GMP specifications for pharmaceutical production.

The machine is mainly common for conveying in the solid dosage production procedure.

§  NTG50-300 Drum Lifting Column-Fixed only in the Floor

This equipment from SaintyCo is also mainly used for solid dosage production procedure in transferring and discharging ingredients.

It thus makes it possible to support other corollary machines such as blender, tablets press, capsule filling, and granulators.

SaintyCo Drum Lifting Column-Fixed only in the floor

SaintyCo Drum Lifting Column-Fixed only in the floor

You can use this machine in different applications including pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries.

The design of this machine is also on the basis of extensive research, digestion, and absorption of foreign particles.

Additionally, it does not include any dead angle or protruded screws.

This machine also guarantees safe production since it incorporates a device which avoids mis-operation of the butterfly valve.

And importantly, it is fully GMP compliant.

§  NTF200-800 Pharma Lifter-For Fluid-bed Granulator Bowl

This series is one of the most common types in the pharmaceutical sector for shifting, transferring and operating granules.

You can use this machine alongside other several key processing machines including fluid-bed dryer among others.

SaintyCo Pharma Lifter-For Fluid-bed Granulator Bowl

SaintyCo Pharma Lifter-For Fluid-bed Granulator Bowl

You can also use it to shift granular materials to the next processing machine for continuous or further handling.

Moreover, you can use this unit in manufacturing foodstuff, chemicals as well as raw medicine among other notable applications.

Its design features durable stainless steel construction, with no dead angle, no concave and no screw on its surface.

You can wash it quite easily, dismantle and assemble it effortlessly.

It guarantees high performance, and it’s also in conformity with the GMP specifications.

§  NTD600-2000 Pharma Lifting Column-For Bin

It is necessarilylifting column equipment for transferring materials in the pharmaceutical industry for solid dosage sector.

This series is usually used in the pharmaceutical industry mainly for transferring and charging powder and granules.

SaintyCo Pharma Lifting Column-For Bin

SaintyCo Pharma Lifting Column-For Bin

You can as well use it alongside other corollary equipment such as tablet press, bin blender, capsule filling machine, and coater.

Using this machine in any of the suitable applications guarantees you maximized production flow, prevention of dust and cross-pollution.

This machine features a stainless steel durable construction with no concave-convex face or dead angle.

You can easily wash it, and it finishes all crafts in the same container to prevent regular charging, shifting and transferring.

All the relevant authorities also certify this unit as an ideal product for manufacturing pharmaceutical-related items.

§  NTC200-1000 Pharma Lifter-Between Floors

Just like any other lifting column machine from SaintyCo, this one also helps in transferring solid dosage ingredients between floors.

In most instances, this unit comes in handy in transferring materials in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nonetheless, you can still use it in other sectors including raw medicine, chemical as well as the food processing industry.

SaintyCo Pharma Lifter-Between Floors

SaintyCo Pharma Lifter-Between Floors

This equipment is made of austenitic stainless steel material, and all its contacts parts polished to high grade.

It is easy to maintain, safe to use and does not contain any dead angle, or screw on its surface.

This device also features an electric interlock system to guarantee safety and conforms to the GMP specifications.


At this stage, I am sure you’re an expert in lifting column equipment.

I can tell you this for free – if you consider everything in this guide, you can shop for the right lifting column equipment.

But as I’ve explained before, when selecting this machine ensure that you look for the ideal one at SaintyCo.

You’ll never go wrong at all.

And if you have any concerns, suggestions or inquiries about this equipment, also feel free to contact us directly.

We will be glad to offer help always!

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