Lifting Column

Lifting Column

SaintyCo lifting columns are available in different options with unique and modern technologies to optimize operations in the pharmaceutical or food processing and packaging industries.

Depending on the series of SaintyCo lifting column equipment, they are designed to transfer, discharge, de-agglomerate, mill and homogenize granules. You can choose from the SaintyCo lifting column series NFT, NTS, NTG, NTD, NTY, etc.

Each lifting equipment features a unique technology such as a vacuum feeding system, chassis trolley, inversion system, telescopic post, hydraulic system, lifting drum, etc. You can choose from the 9 different types of SaintyCo lifting column machines.

The SaintyCo lifting column design is such that you can use it with other pharmaceutical equipment such as blenders, coater, tablet presses, capsule filling machines, etc.

Key Features of SaintyCo Lifting Column

  • No dead angles and protruding screws
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Efficient dust handling design
  • Design meets the CE, FDA and cGMP requirements
  • Ensures safe operation