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1 Lollipop Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Lollipop Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let me take you through the basic and fundamental aspects about lollipop machine.

So, before investing in a new lollipop machine, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you acquire high performance lollipop machine.

What is Lollipop Machine?

Figure 1 Lollipop making machine

 Lollipop making machine

It is a piece of electromechanical equipment used for making a specific type of confectionery mounted on a stick intended for sucking or licking.

In some instances, it is referred to as lolly making machine or sticky-pop machine.

This equipment comes in a wide range of designs, sizes, automation levels, and production capacities.

Moreover, you can always use it for large and small-scale lollipop production, depending on your demands.

Most types of lollipop machinery contain various elements from cooking to wrapping of the product.

What is the Purpose of Lollipop Making Machine?

Lollipop machinery guarantees immense production capabilities of this type of confectionery within the shortest time possible.

It has several purposes in the overall production of lollipops, which include the following;

  • Mixing a variety of lollipop ingredients thoroughly and homogenously to manufacture a wide range of lolly products.
  • Coating the lollipop using wide-ranging coats based on your specific requirements
  • Wrapping and packing the suck-pops in various types of packages depending on your preference.
  • Labeling of the lollipops and their packages with brand names and other necessary information.
  • Lollipop scrutiny to eliminate the specific pieces, which do not fit into the prescribed production standards.

Technically, this type of machine is somewhat multipurpose hence improves the general quality and quantity of lollipop production.

What is the Difference Between Small Scale Lollipop Machine and Handmade Lollipop Machine?

In essence, both small-scale and handmade lollipop machines are designed to make different types of lollipops.

However, there are some differences between these two types of machines as far as manufacturing these products is concerned.

Ideally, a small-scale lolly machine is designed for small-scale production. However, most of its operative parameters are automated.

On the other hand, handmade lollipop equipment is also intended for small-scale production, but most of its functions are triggered manually and semi-manually.

In terms of speed, a small-scale lolly machine supersedes handmade lollipop equipment. As such, the former offers faster production capacity within the shortest time compared to the latter.

Small-scale lollipop equipment doesn’t require intensive labor or too much human involvement in the production process, unlike a handmade option.

Essentially, most of its prompts are automated and require settings to ensure the process flows smoothly and consistently.

In terms of maintenance, a small-scale lolly machine is seemingly more demanding than a handmade lolly machine.

The latter requires a frequent update of software, several diagnostic assessments, and other mechanical maintenance needs.

However, the latter also requires frequent maintenance but can endure various harsh circumstances better than the former.

And importantly, the cost of purchasing a small-scale lolly machine is relatively higher than that of buying a handmade option.

What are the Salient Features of Lollipop Manufacturing Machine?

A typical lolly-making machine has a wide variety of features ranging from safety, functional, and design aspects.

But most of these specifications often vary from one machine to another, mainly depending on the general design construction.

When buying this equipment, it is vital to understand the key properties to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Here are some of the common specifications of automatic lolly making machinery;

  • Sturdy stainless steel body construction
  • Highly versatile, thus ideal for manufacturing different lollipops types, designs, and shapes.
  • Digital PLC touchscreen control system
  • Adopt power rating
  • Electric heating source
  • Ultra-speed electric stir blade heating resource for ideal ingredients mixing
  • Water heating
  • Temperature control
  • Compact design

How do Flat Lollipop Making Machine vs. Ball Lollipop Making Machine Compare?

Flat lollipop

Flat lollypop

Round lollipop

 round lollypop

Technically, both flat and ball lollipop making machines have a similar working principle.

The major difference lies in the element of shape of the final product.

This is usually based on the specific settings of the machine.

In other words, you can use these two machines interchangeably as long as settings for respective lollipop design are appropriate.

Why Should you Choose Automatic Lollipop Machine?

Automatic lollipop making machine offers a wide range of advantages in the overall production process of this type of confectionery.

Some of the beneficial reasons why you need to select this machine variant include the following;

  • Increases reliability – Automatic lolly machines are reliable, efficient, and accurate in production of this confectionery.

It follows all the configurations and prompts accordingly, making it quite reliable and efficient.

  • Safe – This variant features several safety specifications both for the operator and the machine itself.

Essentially, it has several sensors warning of any safety issue of the machine or automatically shutting down in case of a severe malfunction.

  • Easy to maintain – It has a routine maintenance program making it easy to determine the various aspects to look into often.
  • Easy to operate – This type of machine comes with a detailed, comprehensive user manual allowing you to study and comprehend its various features.
  • Faster and higher production capacity – It is relatively fast hence guarantees a speedy production process and subsequently increased capacity.
  • Hygienic – Stainless steel, which is the primary material for making this type of machinery, is highly resistant to corrosion.

It is also easy to clean, thus reducing contamination chances to a significant extent.

What are the Main Parts and Components of Lollipop Machine?

Anytime you are shopping for or buying a lolly-making machine, it is always important to have an idea of its main parts and components.

It is significant since it also allows you to understand the essence of each part, thus increasing efficiency and reliability in the manufacturing process.

The major parts of this type of machine include the following;


It is a funnel or cylindrical-shaped container designed to hold loose material and ingredients used in making a lollipop.

This component is usually located at the top of the machine on the furthest end to allow smooth flow of materials into the equipment.

You can choose to feed the materials to hopper manually or using other viable mechanical means.


These are modules, subsystems, or devices designed to sense or notice various events and changes within the machine.

Sensors transmit signals to the electronic or computer system of this machine to trigger the necessary response.

They are numerous with specific roles in various parameters such as safety, speed, temperature, and pressure among others.

Control Unit

It is a component containing all automated operational functions of lolly making process.

This unit provides a platform for displaying, monitoring, and controlling different parameters of this equipment.

This component features a digital LCD touchscreen displaying information of different parameters of the machine.

Electric Unit

This component consists of numerous electrical components integrated within the machine to relay different electrical functions.

Primarily, electrical parts are designed to convert electrical power into essential capacities to operate numerous machine parts.

Conveyor Unit

It consists of moving belts, tubes, and rails transporting materials to different stations within the machine.

Mixing Tank

This is where all lollipop making ingredients are thoroughly and homogeneously mixed to form a recommended syrup.

It also features an integrated heating system that heats and melts all the ingredients to respective set temperatures.

Cooling Unit

Also known as a refrigeration unit, it features a cooling system designed for eliminating excess heat from processed lollipop in a production line.

Pneumatic System

It is the component responsible for controlling air systems within the lolly-making machine.

Molding Unit

This is a component designed to shape the respective lollipop into a preferred configuration.

Dispatch Chute

It is the part where the already molded lolly leaves the machine to other necessary processes in the production line, such as branding and wrapping.

Which are the Main Equipment found in a Lollipop Production Line?

Ordinarily, a lollipop production line consists of several machinery integrated to provide efficiency and reliability.

These lines vary depending on the specific type of suck-pops you are producing.

Nevertheless, here are the primary equipment needed in this production line;


It is designed for mixing different lollipop raw materials and ingredients up to the required level.

This equipment is essential in ensuring the mixture forms a homogenously concentrated syrup for making the suck-pops.


This equipment is primarily used to complete the extrusion process in a typical lollipop making machine.

It features barrels and cylinders to heat the material and propelling through molding unit to create desired shape.

Cooling Tunnel

The design of this equipment is to reduce the temperature of the confectionery before wrapping and packaging.

Coating Pan

It is the component, which forms an organic or aqueous film around the lollipop.

The specific coating pan varies based on the particular type of suck-pop you are producing.


This is the equipment where the heating process of the lollipop making ingredients occurs.

Pop Former

It is responsible for making the pop of this confectionery based on your preferences.

Other equipment often used depending on the type of lolly you are making include;

  • Bunch wrapper
  • Sugar sender
  • Stick pack
  • Seal wrapper

Lollipop machine

Lollipop machine

How Does Lollipop Production Line Work?

Each piece of equipment in the lolly production line has a designated function, which it must fully execute before prompting the subsequent stage.

Ideally, the entire process starts with sugar melting. This is majorly from the perspective of heating the ingredients to attain the ideal texture and temperature levels.

It generally involves heating the sugar, glucose, and water to a set temperature, often 110°C to form a syrup.

Sugar melting takes place at the cooker, melting tank, or mixer, depending on the configuration of the production line.

The ingredients move to the storage tank, where the syrup and filling pure syrup are stored for a particular period awaiting the next stage.

Microfilm cooker is the next element in the production line designed to heat the syrup once more to a temperature of 145° C. The essence here is to enhance the lolly taste and lowering the moisture content of the syrup.

Lollipop candies are deposited into a depositing tank for further cooling. The molds come in various designs and shapes depending on your preference and taste.

This is followed by plugging the sticks into lolly molds at the stick plugging machine.

Finally, packing machine comes in handy in sorting and packaging the product. Packaging machines come in varied designs depending on the specific equipment model.

What is the Production Capacity of Lollipop Making Machine?

It varies from one specific machine to another based on numerous factors.

For instance, the size of machine, in general, determines its overall capacity.

Ideally, most larger lollipop making machines tend to have higher production capacities compared to relatively small units.

Automation level is another important aspect in determining the production of this equipment.

In many instances, fully automatic lolly machines are quite faster and efficient given most of the functional parameters are automated.

Semi-automatic lollipop machines are a bit slower given some operations are manually operated, thus consuming relatively more time.

Also, the power rating of machines influences the specific production capacity.

Essentially, highly powered equipment tends to have higher production capacities and vice versa.

On average, a typical lolly making equipment has a production capacity of about 250kg/hour.

Does Lollipop Machine Allow Continuous Production?


The design of this type of machine features a production line, which supports continuous production.

All the machines in the production line of this equipment have specific functions making it easy to attain an efficient nonstop production process.

Which are the Types of Lollipop Molds Used in Lollipop Production Line?

Lollipops are made using hard candy molds.

Ideally, hard candy molds you can use on a lollipop production line are available in different varieties, including the following;

  • White plastic molds
  • Polycarbonate molds
  • Silicone molds
  • Aluminum molds

These varieties have incredible tolerance to high temperatures and can withstand a high level of up to 350°F and beyond.

Moreover, they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. It is essential since it allows you to choose the most suitable one for lollipop production needs.

Figure 5 Molds for manufacturing lollipop

 Molds for manufacturing lollipop

Can you Manufacture Different Lollipop Candy Shapes with a Single Lollipop Machine?


In this case, you’ll need to use lollipop molds with different shapes or patterns.

This makes it possible for you to attain the specific lollipop shapes which meet your demands using a single lolly making equipment.

How do you add Flavors and Color in Lollipop Manufacturing Machine?

The lollipop-making syrup is heated in a micro-film cooker at least to a temperature of 145° F.

At this point, flavors and colors are added to the production line since the syrup will have a relatively reduced moisture content.

As such, the flavors integrate appropriately with the syrup, thus producing quality and homogenous color and taste.

What are Some of the Safety Measures to Follow When Using Lollipop Making Machine?

A typical suck-pop making machine features several safety features making it ideal and safe to use.

Nonetheless, it is always imperative to ensure you observe and uphold all essential safety measures when operating this equipment.

Some of these safety measures include the following;

  • Ensure the respective safeguards are installed correctly in the machine before you start using it.
  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, ear protection, and other body protection gears.

They are necessary since they prevent you from electrical, heat, chemical, and airborne hazards among others.

  • Be aware of your surrounding by knowing all the possible hazards within the machine and the area.

Constantly look out for hazards within the surroundings and machine since they can happen at any time.

  • Stay alert and awake. It is essential to have proper rest since it improves concentration and reduces likelihood of accidents.
  • Ensure you understand all the functions on the control panel before you start operating the machine. If you are not familiar with the device, you can read the user manual to have an idea.
  • Never attempt to stop the machine or any of its components using your hand or body. Use the relevant control panels and allow it to stop naturally.
  • Stick to the right procedures as stipulated and never take shortcuts since they primarily lead to a likelihood of injury, whether immediately or in future.
  • Always take breaks regularly since they help to keep you focused and alert. Working for an extended period without breaks in between increases the chances of accidents since your concentration levels decrease.

Can you Make Center-filled Lollipop Candy Using Lollipop Machine?


Modern lolly machines have depositors, which come in handy in filling your preferred ingredients in the center of a lollipop.

These depositors are set to fill the ingredients of flavor of a particular quantity at given speeds.

Additionally, you can use lolly making machine to center-fill lollipops of different ingredients.

What is the Lollipop Making Machine Price in China?

It varies significantly based on a host of factors such as the following;

Construction Material

Mostly, lolly machines are made using stainless steel or aluminum materials.

However, the latter is seemingly more expensive than the latter making it a fundamental variable, determining the cost.

Automation Level

Technically, a fully automatic lollipop machine is more expensive than a semi-automatic or handmade machine option.

In essence, the former offers efficiency, speed, and other fundamental aspects compared to the latter.

Production Capacity

Primarily, the higher the production capacity of a typical lollipop making machine, the more expensive it is likely to be and vice versa.

Moreover, most high-production lollipop machines have better and improved features, which inflates their costs.


Different manufacturers of this equipment often price their products differently based on various factors.

Ordinarily, most renowned brands tend to be more expensive than unknown brands due to market forces.

Additional Machinery

The entire lollipop making process requires different machinery in the production line.

As such, the cost of the machine is mainly dependent on the number of equipment you’ll need in the production line.


Manufactures also base their pricing on the number of machines you are likely to purchase.

Of course, buying more machines guarantees you better discounts and general cost-effectiveness than vice versa.

Primarily, there is no definite cost of lolly making machines in China.

It is dependent on many factors, including the ones mentioned above.

How do you Insert Lollipop Stick when Using Lollipop Making Machine?

There is a lollipop stick insert machine filled with the sticks and configured to place them on each cavity of hard candy molds.

Technically, the hot syrup flows into the sprayed mold cavities, and the stick insert machine places each stick on each mold cavity immediately.

Once done, the syrup cools down at room temperature to allow it to set appropriately for the sticks also to wedge appropriately.

What are the Factors to Consider before Buying Used Lollipop Machine?

There are numerous aspects you must look into when intending to purchase a used lolly making machine, including the following;

Condition Description Matching its Inspection

Meticulously inspect or hire an expert to check the general condition to determine whether the details match.

If there are discrepancies, it would be advisable to avoid purchasing the equipment.

Listing Price

Several variables determine the listing price of a used lollipop machine.

Ideally, it should represent the equipment’s worth based on its past maintenance, operating time, and age. The overall condition is also an essential aspect in determining an ideal listing price.

Maintenance History

Some of the factors surrounding maintenance history include major repairs, frequency of care, and current replacement needs.

Records for past damages provide you an insight into the intensity of the equipment’s usage in the past.

State of Sensors

A typical modern lollipop machine is quite sensitive to different faults, malfunctions, and safety features.

Therefore, always ensure all the sensors are effective and responsive.

Opportunity to Test

Having a chance to test the equipment makes it easy for you to determine its standard capabilities.

Always find a seller willing to let you test the machine before purchasing it.

Buyer and Seller History

This information is critical since it allows you to whether the seller is reputable.

You also tend to know the nature of transaction after carefully inspecting the individual or company selling it.

Technically, buying a used lollipop machine is somewhat cheaper than purchasing a new one.

However, it is advisable to always go for a new unit from reputable manufacturers.

It gives you an edge since you get a warranty, which is vital, especially if the machine breaks down.

Which are the Parameters to Consider in Technical Specifications of Lollipop Making Machine?

The fundamental technical specifications to look into when purchasing a lolly making equipment include the following;

  • Possibility of integration to an existing line
  • Automation level
  • Throughput and speed
  • Self-diagnostic ability
  • Gross weight
  • Torque control
  • Compressed air consumption and pressure
  • Dimension
  • Power rating
  • Production capacity

How can you Get a Good Deal on Lollipop Machine Cost?

It is advisable to explore many options of lollipop machines available to find one which suits your requirements.

The essence of this is it also allows you to obtain better discounts given you’ll be comparing prices to find a better deal.

You can also get a lollipop machine at better rates by shopping during big sales events.

Most manufacturers and industry players often have trade fairs and other annual sales drives. In such events, you can easily get better rates since most sellers usually offer discounted prices on the machines.

Importantly, ensure you purchase from dealers offering bonus perks such as free shipping and free return.

This is necessary consideration since some of these machines are bulky and can be quite expensive to ship.

Finding a supplier who offers such perks on purchasing machines allows you to save a considerable amount of money.

Do you have Ancillary Equipment for Lollipop machine?


Lollipop Stick Insert Machine

It is used for inserting sticks on lollipops while still in the mold cavities.

However, some machines come installed with an automatic stick insertion system.

Dosing Pump

Used for injecting colors and flavors on the lollipop.


This equipment is used for crushing ingredients and turning them into powdery form.


It is a heavy-duty steam jacketed container with solid construction designed for mixing a variety of ingredients.

Wrapping Machine

It wraps the lollipops before packing.

What is the IP Rating of Lollipop Processing Machine?


Ideally, this particular rating guarantees complete airtightness and agreeable water tightness.

IP65 protection rating prevents any risk of fire outbreak if there is water seepage into the machine.

It also prevents dust from damaging the machine.

Can you Customize Lollipop Making Machine?


In most instances, the demands for different lollipop making machine users vary based on various factors.

Therefore, you can always go for a customized unit designed to fit your specific requirements.

In such instances, you can always consider providing a design blueprint of your preferred customized machine to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer assesses the viability of the design and approves or makes necessary adjustments to the provided blueprint.

Once approved, the manufacturer goes ahead to make the machine according to the customized design specifications.

Figure 6 Lollipop making machine

Lollipop making machine

How do you Ensure Quality Control during Construction of Lollipop Machine?

All the raw materials used in building up the machine are certified by the relevant regulatory bodies. The essence here is to ensure quality consistency in the entire construction of the machine.

The manufacturing process is audited by different governmental authorities to ensure it meets all the stipulated quality standards.

Machine and other tools used in building the lollipop making equipment must also attain the minimum requirements. This guarantees consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Designers and technicians involved in constructing a lollipop machine are adequately vetted to ensure they attain the required skill sets and knowledge.

Which are the Quality Standards for Lollipop Maker?

They are quite several at a national, regional, and international level, depending on the specific target market.

However, the commonly used and universally accepted ones include the following;

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • ASTM International
  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001
  • Current Good Manufacturing Standards
  • SGS

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