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What Is Lollipop Wrapping Machine Used For?

This is a machine that you will use to automatically cover various types of lollipops with film material.

It will cut the paper as per the wrapping specifications then wrap lollipops in it.

Besides, it makes sure you achieve uniform wrapping and lowers the cost of film you use per lollipop.

lollipop wrapping machine

lollipop wrapping machine

Can You Package All Types Of Lollipop With Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Yes, this is possible.

Lollipop wrapping equipment can wrap various types of lollipops as you can set the wrapping specifications.

As long as the production settings are correct, you can wrap lollipops such as:

  • Ball lollipops
  • Rainbow swirl lollipop
  • Flat lollipops
  • Candy cane lollipops
  • Cut-formed lollipops
  • Custom lollipops

How Does Ball Lollipop Wrapping Machine Vs. Flat Lollipop Wrapping Machine Compare?

Ball lollipop wrapping machine will cover lollipops that have a spherical look to them.

Flat lollipop wrapping machines will cover lollipops that have a flat appearance, more like a coin.

ball lollipop wrapping machine

ball lollipop wrapping machine

Both of these machines are suitable for covering lollipops in the confectionery industry.

They also automatically cover lollipops thereby increasing your production capacity.

Besides, they will cut the length of the film to fit each lollipop depending on the production parameters.

They also ensure all lollipops have similar appearances after covering them.

Both of them will operate faster and efficiently than manual wrapping.

Besides, you can integrate these machines into a lollipop production line to increase efficiency.

flat lollipop wrapping machine

flat lollipop wrapping machine

Which Features Should You Consider In Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Several features are available in a lollipop wrapping machine.

Make sure you understand them so that the machine you select will be suitable for your production line.

This will also enable you to have reliable, efficient, and effective results when using the machine.

Some features you should look out for when selecting this machine include:

  • Lollipop wrapping machine technical specifications
  • The power requirement of the machine taking into account electricity consumption and voltage capacity
  • Initial cost of the machine, including installation.
  • How many lollipops it can wrap per unit time to determine your production capacity
  • Safety features present in the machine to ensure safety to the operators, machine, and the environment
  • How many operators you will require to operate the machine
  • The configuration of the lollipop wrapping machine in relation to the work area available
  • Longevity of the major components and availability of replacements
  • The ease of repairing or troubleshooting the machine in case it has software or technical malfunction

Are There Super High-Speed Lollipop Wrapping Machines?

Yes, these machines are available and offer high production capacities than those with standard speeds.

They are the most expensive and are suitable for large industries that have high demands.

How Many Types Of Lollipop Wrapping Machines Are There?

The available types, depending on how they wrap, include:

Lollipop Bunch Wrapping Machine

This machine will cover the lollipop then tightly twist the film at the junction between the lollipop and the lolly stick.

lollipop bunch wrapping machine

lollipop bunch wrapping machine

Lollipop Double Twist Wrapping Machine

This machine will twist and tighten the film at both sides of the lollipop forming a double twist.

double twist lollipop wrapping machine

double twist lollipop wrapping machine

Lollipop Pillow Wrapping Machine

This machine covers the entire lollipop with the lolly stick in a pillow-like seal.

lollipop pillow wrapping machine

lollipop pillow wrapping machine

What Is The Difference Between Lollipop Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine And Lollipop Bunch Wrapping Machine?

The lollipop horizontal flow wrapping machine covers the entire lollipop with the stick.

horizontal flow wrapper machine

horizontal flow wrapper machine

On the contrary, the lollipop bunch wrapping machine will only cover the lollipop leaving the lolly stick bare.

Besides, the other difference may lie in their features and technical parameters.

What Are The Main Parts Of Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Several components make up a lollipop wrapping machine.

Besides, these parts vary depending on the model of the machine.

Here are the main parts you will find in lollipop wrapping machines:

Operating Platform

This is where the lollipop wrapping process takes place in the machine.

Paper Film Feeder

This component feeds the wrapping paper to the machine for lollipop wrapping.

Control Panel

It contains a PLC and an HMI that assists in displaying and interactively controlling the lollipop wrapping process.

Bucket Conveyor

This part will automatically feed the lollipops to the multi-head weigher.

Also, the dimension of this part depends on the configuration of the machine.

Exit Chute

Once the machine successfully wraps the lollipops, the pieces leave the machine via this point.


This part will sound alarms and/or send signals to the control panel triggering a response from the operators.

Machine Frame

This part will hold the entire lollipop wrapping machine in a stable and secure position.

Packing Element

Depending on the design of the lollipop wrapping machine, this part may have a horizontal or vertical structure.

It also automatically makes and fills the film paper depending on the set size.

Multi-head Weigher

It will automatically weigh and fill lollipops according to the set weigh parameters.

Weight Checking System

This part will confirm the weight of the lollipops while rejecting the overweight pieces.

How Does Lollipop Wrapping Machine Work?

The working principle depends on the lollipop wrapping machine in question.

Besides, here is how the machine works:

  1. Begin by placing lollipops in the bucket conveyor that will transfer them into the lollipop wrapping machine.
  2. Here, a multi-head weigher will check the weight of the lollipops to ensure they meet the set weight.
  3. Lollipops then move to the operating platform where the machine wraps them with the paper film.
    The machine places a film on the lollipop via a revolving chamber.
    This chamber then presses the lollipop to one direction where the paper film from the film feeder awaits.
    The machine then wraps the lollipop and release it via the exit chutes.

What Are The Recommended Lollipop Packing Film Materials For Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

There are numerous film materials you can use for the wrapping of lollipops.

The type of film material depends on various factors such as the preference of the consumers, and the shelf life.

Some of the materials you may use include:

Polyvinyl Chloride [PVC]

This is a synthetic plastic polymer and you can find flexible options which make it ideal for lollipop wrapping.

Polyethylene Terephthalate [PETE or PET]

This film of plastic is from a thermoplastic resin suitable for wrapping lollipops.

Cast Unoriented Polypropylene [CPP]

This is a relatively cheap and low-density material but it still offers high performance.

Besides, the natural form of CPP is transparent thus offers superior optical clarity and strength.

Oriented Polypropylene [OPP]

This material is an intricate plastic film that has several layers that make it possible to wrap lollipops.

How Many Wrapping Styles Are Possible With Lollipop Wrapping Machines?

A lollipop wrapping machine will make use of four basic wrapping styles.

These include:

Pillow Wrap

Here, the machine will wrap and seal the whole lollipop, including the stick, resulting in a pillow-like seal.

Top Twist Wrap

In this method, the machine will seal the ball surface of the lollipop.

After that, it will seal it at the junction where the lollipop meets the stick.

This method is the most common method that several users prefer.

4-Side Seal Wrap

This style involves sealing the lollipop in a film that is in the shape of a square.

The lollipop wrapping machine will seal and wrap the lollipop using glue and heat from all 4 sides.

Twist Wrap

In this technique, the lollipop wrapping machine wraps the ends of the lollipop to form a seal.

The cellophane and the still material film will produce a cracking sound when you unwrap the lollipop.

What Is The Speed Of Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

The speed of this machine depends on several factors making the speed vary from one machine to another.

Speeds may range from 100 pieces per minute to 350 pieces per minute.

Can You Wrap Various Lollipop Sizes Using A Single Lollipop Wrapper Machine?

This will depend on the sizes of the lollipops you are dealing with in the production line.

For instance, you may need to change the feeding discs.

This is for you to match the size of the lollipops you are planning to wrap with the machine.

Besides, there are some parts that you are to change so that the setting is right for the size of the lollipops you are wrapping.

Examples of these parts include feeding plates, belts, chains, grips, etc.

With this in mind, it is possible to wrap a variety of lollipop sizes by the use of a single lollipop wrapping machine.

However, it is tasking as you need to change and alter several parts of the machine to accommodate the change in size.

Besides, when the difference in size is minimal, you can easily wrap these lollipops with no change in parts.

What Is The Recommended Color Code For Lollipop Packing Film?

The recommended color is white.

Also, make sure that you use no patterns or colors in the color code area.

Is It Possible To Insert Lollipop Sticks With Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Yes, this is possible as you can use a variety of lollipop sticks.

Also, make sure the manufacturer is aware of the size of sticks you are to use with your lollipop wrapping machine.

The types of lollipop sticks you can use include:

  • Bamboo sticks
  • Plastic lollipop sticks
  • Glow sticks
  • Paper lollipop sticks

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In The Best Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

There are many benefits to investing in a lollipop wrapping machine.

Some of these benefits include:

Increase In Output

One benefit is that you can connect a lollipop wrapping machine with other machines in the production line.

This will exponentially increase your production output.

For instance, you can apply a transporting conveyor to transport lollipops between the lollipop wrapper and lollipop cooling tunnel.

Enhances Hygiene

The machine will automatically wrap lollipops without the need for manual operation.

Once you load the lollipops in the hopper, the wrapping process happens automatically with no physical human contact.

This will increase the hygiene of the final product making it suitable for human consumption.

Saves On Time

The best lollipop wrapping machine will automatically wrap lollipops in a fast and effective manner.

On the contrary, manual wrapping is time-consuming and will lead to you hiring more laborers.

Besides, you will redirect these workers to work on other valuable duties efficiently.

The machine will enable you to wrap several lollipops, and of different designs, per unit time.

This will in turn make you meet your production needs and increase your sales and profits.


It may cost you a lot to purchase the best lollipop wrapping machine.

However, you will soon break even and start making profits in the long run.

This is because the lollipop wrapping machine will automatically wrap the products with minimal supervision.

Also, you will require fewer laborers to operate the machine.

Besides, features such as no lollipop, no wrapping film will prevent the wastage of wrapping film.

This will thereby improve the rate of usage of the wrapping film.

Enhance The Beauty Of Lollipops

When you use the best lollipop wrapping machine, you are certain that your products will have an attractive look.

This makes your lollipops have a clean appearance thereby making them stand out from the competition.

In turn, it will increase your sales and profit margins in the long run.

Health And Safety

The best lollipop wrapping machine has several features that will enhance the health and safety of operators.

Also, this includes safety to the surrounding environment.

Some safety features include sensors that alert the operators in instances where they need to take urgent action.

How Should You Present Your Lollipop Wrapping Machine Requirements To Supplier?

There are several machine requirements that you need to present to your supplier when purchasing a machine.

This will save you a lot of time and will make you purchase the machine that is ideal for your operation.

Also, this will make it possible for your supplier to custom make your lollipop wrapping machine.

Some of the machine requirements include the following:

Size Of Lollipop

Different lollipops come in a variety of sizes and this is reliant on their densities and formula

Aside from the weight of the lollipop, other important factors include:

  1. Diameter of the lollipop
  2. The lollipop stick diameter
  3. Height of the lollipops
  4. The length of the lollipop stick
  5. Total height of the product, that is, from the top surface of the lollipop to the bottom of the stick.

Production Capacity For Your Lollipop Production Line

This entails knowing how many pieces of lollipops you can produce from your production line for every hour.

Such information will help the supplier understand the kind of lollipop wrapping machine that is suitable for your operation.

It also helps them understand the number of lollipop wrappers you require.

Delivery Time For The Machine

When the supplier is aware that you need the machine urgently, they will respond swiftly.

They may also offer you a nice price in return.

What Are The Factors Affecting Production Capacity Of Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Several factors will affect the production capacity of these machines.

These include:

Size Of The Lollipops

When you are producing ball-type lollipops that have a bigger diameter, it will take you more time.

On the other hand, when the diameter is small, you will produce more lollipop wrappings per unit time.

Power Requirement

The voltage capacity of the machine will affect the production capacity.

Lollipop wrapping machines that have a higher power requirement will wrap more lollipops per unit time.

This is in contrary to machines that have a low voltage capacity which produces relatively fewer lollipops per unit time.

Level Of Automation

Lollipop wrapping machines come with various levels of automation depending on their specifications.

Fully automatic lollipop wrapping machines will offer a high production capacity than semi-automatic versions.

Configuration Of The Machine

Large lollipop wrapping machines often have a high production capacity than their smaller counterparts.

This is because they have several parts, capabilities, and features that enhance the production capacity

Lollipop Wrapping Type

Various lollipop wrapping options have various dynamics in relation to manufacturing capacity.

For example, lollipop bunch wrapping machines achieve a high production capacity than pillow wrapping machines.

Do You Provide Training On How To Operate Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Yes, we do have such information that will assist you in how to operate the lollipop wrapping machine.

We can do this in two ways:

Providing Audiovisual Information

This involves first performing tests on the machine before we ship it to you.

Then we shall make training videos, take photos, and document files on how to use the machine step by step.

This will assist you to use the machine with ease and saves a lot of time for you.

We also offer online video support that will give you a step-by-step illustration of how to adjust and test the machine.

Sending An engineer

Here, if the situation permits, we will send engineers to your side to assist you further.

Are Lollipop Wrapping Machines Capable Of Labelling The Lollipop Package?

Yes, this is possible as a majority of modern machines have these features built-in.

Depending on your design preferences, you can easily make labels on the lollipop package using this machine.

Also, make sure you have the correct settings for the machine you are using with a lollipop wrapping machine.

Which Parameters Affect The Cost Of Lollipop Wrapping Machine in China?

The price of a lollipop wrapping machine from China will depend on various factors.

Besides, China offers numerous manufacturers of a lollipop wrapping machine meaning the price will range considerably.

Here are some parameters that will affect the price of this machine:

Level Of Automation

Semi-automatic lollipop wrapping machines will cost less than fully automatic lollipop wrapping machines.


Large lollipop wrapping machines will cost more than their smaller counterparts as they have several features and capabilities.

Power Requirement

Machines that offer a better power rating are costly than those that do not.

Construction Material

Stainless steel and aluminum are the main materials that make up these machines.

Besides, stainless steel construction is expensive than aluminum.

This is because stainless steel offers a myriad of advantages over aluminum.


These machines come with varying specifications.

The kind of specification a machine has will influence its price.

Those with high-end capabilities will cost more than those with fewer features.


Since there are different manufacturers available, the price will also vary widely.

Reputable brands that have more experience and expertise will have their machines costing more.

On the other hand, less reputable brands will offer these machines at a cheap price.

Can You Find Small Lollipop Wrapping Machines?

Yes, these systems are available.

They are relatively inexpensive and are suitable for small-scale production plants.

Do You Have Replacement Parts For Lollipop Wrapping Machine?


We do offer spare parts for all our lollipop making machines and lollipop packing machines.

Always ensure you use only genuine parts and components.

What Does Your Lollipop Wrapping Machine Warranty Cover?

The warranty will cover problems or defaults that happen to the machine that is not due to negligence by the user.

Besides, this is valid during the period of warranty.

Must All Lollipop Wrapping Machines Comply With cGMP Standards?

Yes, this is important as it will ensure the machine meets all the regulations set by international bodies.

This ensures the machine is safe to handle food for human consumption.

Besides, it is cGMP compliance is also an indication of high quality machine that will serve you for a long time.

Which Are The Lollipop Wrapping Machine Maintenance Guidelines?

Maintaining a lollipop wrapping machine ensures it operates for long periods and meets your production needs.

Some maintenance guidelines include:

  • Repair or replace faulty parts instantly to ensure the machine continues operating
  • Clean the machine after each use to eliminate the buildup of dirt and contaminants
  • Lubricate all moving parts to minimize wear and tear

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