Manual Bottle Labeling Machine: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Manual bottle labeler is a piece of industrial equipment that dispenses, prints, or applies various labeling elements on bottles.

Simply put, the design of machine is to enable it to apply different prefabricated labels to bottled products and bottle containers.

In this guide, you will learn critical aspects surrounding manual bottle labeling equipment.

After all, you’ll easily make knowledgeable decisions as far as procuring this equipment is concerned.

What Makes Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Valuable?

A Manual Bottle Labeler Machine

A Manual Bottle Labeler

A typical manual bottle labeler presents a host of benefits in the overall production process, such as the following;

  • Affordability

This labeling equipment variant is arguably the most affordable than any other type in the market.

Ideally, its design construction is quite straightforward and does not feature any complicated software program.

Besides, this machine features a few mechanical parts and components.

  • Easy to maintain

Given that the operation module of this instrument is manual, its running and maintenance cost is quite low.

In essence, it hardly requires issues to do with a software upgrade or expensive replacement parts and components.

  • Versatility

You can use this specific labeling machine in a wide range of production environments and still attain the ultimate results.

Usually, it comes in handy in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, and chemical industries among others.

  • High reliability

A typical manual bottle labeling machine guarantees reliability since it offers ideal working performance.

Moreover, it rarely presents any meaningful breakdowns, making it quite convenient.

Similarly, troubleshooting this machine is reasonably easy given it features a simplified structure with less moving parts.

  • Compact size

This machine is available in relatively small and medium sizes, which is fundamental, especially for low-scale production.

Furthermore, the compact size makes it easy to fit in environments with limited spaces.

Since the equipment is not bulky, it also implies you can easily move around with it when such needs arise.

Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Is Compact In Size And Easy to maintain

Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Is Compact In Size And Easy to maintain

What Components Constitute Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

Generally, the design construction of a manual bottle labeling device is quite simplified.

Hence, it implies it features a few basic parts and components, and the main ones include the following;

Sticker applicator – The design of this part is to apply the labels on the surface of the bottled product or container. In different instances, the label may come with adhesive or be applied to this equipment.

Bottle holder – It comes either in vertical or horizontal orientation plates used for holding the bottle in place for label application.

Roll control – The part is designed to deliver the labeling materials to the label applicator. It is quite effective and usually maintains a continuous orientation.

Label positioning plate – In other instances, it is known as a label holding plate designed to separate labels for the roll handling to pick the labels.

Twin locators – These parts are integral in locating labels and labeled bottles. Essentially, they play a crucial role in enhancing bottle labeling accuracy.

Manual handle – It guarantees the rolls are in a consistent move to drive the label to the bottle.

Parts Of A manual Labeler Machine

Parts Of A Manual Bottle labeler Machine

Why Is Rigid Design Construction Recommended For Manual Bottle Labeler?

Ordinarily, the rigid design construction of manual bottle labeling equipment is attributed to the following factors;

  • Stability

There is a need for this equipment to be stable, specifically if it is used in doing intensive labeling work.

Essentially, this is imperative because it guarantees safety of both the machine and the operator.

  • Resilience

In general, rigid construction of this equipment enhances its strength significantly.

Of course, this is fundamental because it makes it easy for the machine to guarantee an extended service lifespan.

  • Flexibility and dependability

Often, different labeling tasks can be challenging to attain with a typical manual bottle label applicator.

Thus, rigid design construction of this machine makes it possible to achieve such demanding labeling tasks.

The Rigid Design In Manual Bottle Labeler Machine Provides Stability

The Rigid Design In Manual Bottle Labelers Provides Stability

What Aspects Reduce Efficiency Of Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

Occasionally, you are likely to experience a few mishaps or failures when using this equipment to apply labels on bottle surfaces.

These mishaps usually arise due to various factors surrounding different elements of the machine and reducing the equipment’s efficiency.

Some of the common causes of this equipment’s efficiency include the following;

Poor maintenance – Failure to properly maintain your manual bottle labeling machine often reduces its efficiency significantly.

It is thus important to ensure you adhere to timely and proper routine maintenance to reduce incidents of machine failure.

Using incompatible labels – Ordinarily, different labels are designed for specific bottle surfaces. Hence, you need to ensure you are using the correct types of labels for the particular bottles.

Incorrect settings – Manual bottle labeling equipment has several parameter settings that you need to get right. Incorrect settings often lead to inefficiency, inconvenience, and undesired final labeling results.

Worn-out parts – It is always imperative to check the status of the main parts and components of this machine. Worn-out components often inhibit the machine’s efficiency causing unnecessary delays, inconsistencies, and poor results.

Irregular bottle surface – In some instances, the bottle surface may have irregular seams, and this often makes the label somewhat difficult to attach.

What Elements Must You Have In Mind When Buying Manual Bottle Labeling Equipment?

When buying a manual bottle label, applicator is vital to ensure you look for one that can suit your production demands.

Hence, establishing some vital factors surrounding the machine vis-à-vis your production needs is a significant concern.

The most vital aspects you need to always be mindful of when shopping for this equipment include the following;

Replacement parts availability – Ordinarily, this machine involves quite significant parts’ motion, which is likely to wear out occasionally.

Thus, it is necessary to ensure you can easily find such replacement parts to enhance production consistency and prevent unwanted interruptions.

Machine features – When shopping for this equipment, you need to look into its specific features. For instance, you need to consider the product dimension and surfaces to ensure you get the best label applicator for your demands.

Labeling throughput – Manual bottle labeler is usually available in different sizes, thus different labeling volumes. It is advisable to always choose one with a production throughput that fits your demands.

Tolerance levels – often, it is necessary to ensure the labels are applied accurately on the bottle surfaces. Therefore, it would be ideal to go for a manual bottle labeler, which fits the required tolerance level.

Type of labels to use – Bottles are labeled using different labels such as film, paper, or foil. Thus, it is necessary to ensure you choose your specific equipment based on the particular type of labels you’ll be using.

Budget – The cost of purchasing this component is quite a critical element you should always have when looking for one. Often, the price depends on several factors but ensure your preferred one is within your budget.

Dimension – Classic manual bottle labeling machines are generally compact size. However, you can find them in different sizes, which is vital to ensure you get the most suitable one for your available space.

The Features Of The Machine And Its Size Are Some Elements To Consider During Purchase

The Features Of The Machine And Its Size Are Some Elements To Consider During Purchase

Which Label Variants Can You Use On Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

You can use this labeling device manual to apply a wide range of labels such as the following;

  • Vinyl labels – These are generally flexible stickers, thus suitable to apply on bottles with comparatively elongated surfaces.
  • Paper adhesive stickers – In most instances, these labels are used on glass bottle surfaces. Commonly, these labels are available in many color shades and textures hence easy to match.
  • Laminated stickers – Generally suitable for labeling products exposed to moisture, oil, and other liquids.
  • Polyester labels – Like laminated labels, polyester stickers are also ideal for bottle containers and products exposed to oily and moisture environments.
  • BOPP stickers – These stickers are strong hence suitable to apply on bottles that hold relatively corrosive substances.

What Is The Functional Process Of Manual Bottle Label Applicator?

The working principle of this machine is quite straightforward since it is operated manually.

This process begins with selecting label rolls before actual labeling takes place and its dimensions established based on the bottle you’re labeling.

While at it, the bottle surfaces must be clean and dry to avert incidences of different labeling mishaps.

So the label roll is placed manually on the frame.

The label head is also extended through the label holding plate to the roll.

Next in the process is the handle turns to maintain a consistent roll movement and ensure correct positioning of the label for application.

Bottle wait on labeling is put between the two rolls manually to reduce movements and minimize vibrations for easy label application.

The handle of this machine is then turned manually. The essence is to guarantee the bottle stays in position and sticker applied on the surface.

This machine can apply one or two stickers on the same bottle based on its specifications.

In essence, it implies that you can apply two different labels simultaneously on a similar roll to apply on same bottle surface.

Between Manual And Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine Which One Is Better?

Ideally, both manual and automatic bottle labeling machines serve their respective demands accordingly based on your production needs.

However, over time, there would be a need for expanding the business and production for formidable sustainability.

You can scale several processes easily, but the manual bottler labeler exhibits a few restrictions.

For instance, an automatic bottle labeling unit can easily double or triple the production volume you can attain with the manual option.

Also, it is easier to integrate the automatic unit into an existing production line, unlike the manual alternative.

You Can Easily Intergrate The Automatic Labeler Machine In The Production Unit

You Can Easily Integrate The Automatic Labeler Machine Into The Production Line

On the other hand, procuring an automatic bottle labeler is often a costly affair; hence you need to have significant initial capital.

Besides, setting up the automatic unit can be daunting and challenging due to its complexity and various delicate parts and software program.

However, in the long run, you can save a reasonable amount of money, resources, and time when using an automatic unit as opposed to manual one.

Technically, the efficiency of automatic bottle labelers is significantly high.

It has an enhanced accuracy and reduced human error, which are quite common in manual bottle labeling units.

Consequently, somewhat, manual bottle label applicators have minimum adjustments as far as calibration is concerned.

Mostly, this always leads to critical inconsistencies during labeling process.

In a nutshell, the automatic unit is relatively superior to the manual bottle labeling equipment in many aspects.

Does Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Restrict Bottle Size?

Not essentially.

There is no definite specification for the size this machine can label.

Ordinarily, every bottle to be labeled using this equipment is often customized to fit the product needs.

Undeniably, this is more recommendable than having the device command the specific bottle size it can label.

Simply put, as long as the bottle stays put in the rollers of this machine, it is easy to label it.

Technically, stability is the core element as far as bottle labeling is concerned.

How Can You Inhibit Labels From Flagging In Manual Bottle Labeler?

Mostly, flagging in this machine happens when the labels are bigger than the bottle.

Also, it can happen when you are using an incorrect label shape for a curved bottle surface.

Nevertheless, the ideal practices you can use to prevent flagging incidents in manual bottle label applicator include the following;

  • Sizing your stickers appropriately – You need to know the actual size of the bottles to ensure you size their respective labels accordingly.
  • Determine the ideal label material – Often, use the label printer to determine the right stickers for labeling bottles.
  • Establish strength of adhesives – Always ensure the sealant applied on the label is strong enough to fit around the bottle surface.

Is It Necessary To Conduct Factory Acceptance Test On Manual Bottle Labeling Equipment?


Unquestionably, Factory acceptance test (FAT) on this equipment is fundamental in various ways, including the following;

  • Makes it easy for you to establish whether the machine can withstand operating in different conditions it is likely to be subjected to.
  • FAT allows you and the seller to resolve different arising issues about the state of machine before delivering it to your shop.
  • Through FAT, it becomes easy to determine the responsible party between you and the seller in case of a detected defect.
  • You end up saving a reasonable amount of money and time since FAT looks at any potential mechanical problem of the machine beforehand.
  • FAT guarantees safety and quality concerns of the machine, given it considers all the minimum requirements for the same.

What Are The Best Troubleshooting Practices On Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

Ideally, the suitable troubleshooting technique for this machine depends on the type of fault or mishap it encounters.

In other words, different faults are solved using different approaches since this equipment is not necessarily software-based.

Thus, once you identify the specific problem, you can easily check out the user manual to establish best way to fix it accordingly.

Which Limitations Do Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Exhibit?

The main disadvantages of this labeling equipment include the following;

  • Inefficient for large scale production

Since it is operated manually, it gives relatively low output compared to other variants of bottle labelers.

Besides, it requires intensive human labor, making it quite uneconomical for industrial labeling needs.

  • Limited accuracy

A typical manual bottle labeler can hardly adjust automatically if certain parameter changes are effected.

Hence, the task of manually changing the settings can be tedious and, in many instances, affects labeling precision.

  • Low production volume

The general labeling speed of this equipment is quite low thus can only label limited bottles within a specific duration.

Manual Bottle Labeler Machine Has Low Production Volume

Manual Bottle Labeler Machine Has Low Production Volume

Why Is Rubbing Method In Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Beneficial?

Essentially, rubbing is the main labeling technique used in manual bottle labeling devices.

In this technique, the labels are printed on bottles immediately after the equipment’s leading-edge is glued on bottle surface.

Rubbing method is fundamental because it guarantees faster labeling speeds.

Besides, it offers relative labeling accuracy depending on the specific labeling speed and labels distribution.

What Routine Maintenance Are Suitable For Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

Each time ensure you clean this device systematically with mild detergents after using it. This prevents its surfaces from corrosion, which can easily wear out the moving parts easily.

Another practice is always to lubricate the moving components to reduce friction that can always lead to faster tear and wear.

Also, when replacing worn-out or damaged parts, ensure you use genuine components as recommended by the manufacturer.

And importantly, always conduct frequent checks and routine maintenance since it enables you to detect any possible mishap.

What Are Effective Techniques Of Enhancing The Productivity Of Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

Since this machine is manually operated, there are a few interventions you can undertake to improve the overall efficiency, such as follows;

  • Adjusting mechanisms frequently to reduce or eliminate defects from occurring on the design labels.
  • Configuring electricity power supply to prevent interference of the machine’s operation with any manual input.
  • Minimizing the stripping power of this equipment by factoring in elements such as skidding.
  • Ensuring the mechanical structure of the machine is firm and rigid to ensure reduced or no vibrations, which may impede labeling process.

What Is The Typical Speed Of Manual Bottle Labeling Machine?

It usually varies depending on a host of factors.

Often, the size of this machine is one determinant of its production volume.

In many instances, bigger manual bottle labeling machines tend to have higher production output and vice versa.

Also, the particular specifications of this machine play a significant role in determining its production volume.

One with relatively superior features tends to be faster thus offers higher production volume than one with basic features.

In a nutshell, there is no defined production volume of this equipment.

Instead, it is dependent on different factors, including the few ones mentioned above.

How Is Manual Bottle Labeling Equipment Priced?

Usually, the price for this equipment is based on numerous factors.

What happens, mostly, is that the specific manufacturer or brand you are purchasing from determines the price depending on different elements.

Some brands are more expensive, whereas others tend to be more affordable.

Also, the size and specifications of the manual bottle labeler you purchase define the actual cost.

One with more superior specifications tends to be more expensive than its alternative with basic features.

The specific quantity of this machine you buy may also influence the exact cost.

Often, buying more units tends to attract better discounts hence you end up buying the machine at cost-effective rates.

As such, there is no standard price for this equipment, but it depends on numerous prevailing factors.

Can Manual Bottle Labeling Machine Apply Multiple Labels?

Absolutely yes!

Most modern manual bottle labelers can easily apply multiple labels on the same bottle.

They feature specifications allowing them to support multiple label applications.

What’s important is ensuring you fit the machine with a suitable roll that can support multi-label application on same bottle.

Fig 8-Modern Bottle Labelers Allow Multiple Labelers To Be Applied To A Bottle

Modern Bottle Labelers Allow Multiple Labelers To Be Applied To A Bottle

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