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What is the Importance of Aerating Agent in Marshmallow Making Machine?

Marshmallow Production Line

 Marshmallow production line

Ideally, aerating agents are colloidal materials that form a relatively elastic coat around air bubbles to stabilize the foam.

Colloids, which form a major part of aerating agent, are large-molecule proteins to have form stabilization features.

Aerating agent, in essence, helps in faster formation of air bubbles, which are crucial in regulating bubble size and stabilization.

It prevents entrapped air bubbles from dissipating or coalescing.

Secondly, aerating agents help to produce desired behavioral features in processing the desired final texture of marshmallow.

What is Marshmallow Making Machine?

It refers to electromechanical equipment used for manufacturing a type of confectionery known as a marshmallow.

This machine is available in different types based on automation level and size.

You can use it in both small and large-scale production of different types of marshmallows.



Which are the Different Types of Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine?

There are two major types of commercial marshmallow making machine, which include the following;

Extruded Marshmallow Machine

It is also known as extruded and twisted marshmallow line or EM processing production line.

This line produces a wide range of marshmallows in different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs.

Ideally, this production line inflates ingredients through an aerator and divides them into multiple supplies.

Extruded marshmallow machine produce products in twisted or non-twisted filled or unfilled.

It is relatively efficient and is used in both commercial small, and large-scale production of marshmallows.

Deposited Marshmallow Production Machine

This is a marshmallow-making device, which features compact preparation unit for different types of center-filled articles.

It uses plastic molds for producing marshmallows.

Moreover, deposited marshmallow production line is effectively controlled using a servo motor.

The device features a Z-shape cooper nozzle, which is adjustable and can rotate to 360°.

Also, the deposition distance in this machine is adjustable, making the device compatible with several plastic molds for production of marshmallows.

What are the Features of the Best Marshmallow Making Machine?

In principle, different designs of marshmallow manufacturing machines have various technical properties.

It is vital to understand the main features since it makes it easy to regulate its different parameters during production process.

Here are some of the vital technical parameters of a suitable marshmallow making machine;

  • Solid design construction with significant components made of stainless steel material
  • High production capacity ranging from 30kg per hour to several hundred kilograms per hour.
  • Relatively compact hence lightweight, making it suitable for handling small-scale marshmallow production
  • PLC control display system with a fully integrated touch screen system for automatic marshmallow manufacturing
  • Versatility to facilitate making of different shapes and colors of marshmallow due to quick parts changeover
  • Electric of steam heating source
  • High-speed electric stir blade heating resource for appropriate mixing of ingredients

Which are the Main Parts of Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine?

Marshmallow depositing line

Marshmallow depositing line

A typical marshmallow manufacturing equipment consists of numerous parts and components.

All are integrated to ensure optimum efficiency in the production process of marshmallows.

In many instances, it is vital to ensure the machine design matches the structural design specifications.

Some of the major parts of this component include the following;

Hopper – Refers to a large, cone-shaped container that holds particulate matter or ingredients dispensed in the production line.

It is the component where you place the materials to enter the production line during manufacturing process.

Aerator- It is a mechanical device used for mixing the marshmallow ingredients with air.

Control panel – This unit contains all automated functions of the machine for monitoring and regulating manufacturing parameters.

This component usually features an LCD screen display relaying all relevant prompts and automation control information.

Conveyor unit – The largest part of the marshmallow manufacturing machine is tasked with transporting ingredients to different production line stations.

The unit contains different conveyor belts, rails, and tubes for moving other processed marshmallow elements to various stations.

Sensors – These are devices, modules, and subsystems integrated into the marshmallow-making machine to detect numerous prompts and changes occurring.

Sensors relay signals to the electronic system of the equipment to trigger the computer system to respond accordingly.

In a typical marshmallow-making machine, sensors come in handy in enhancing safety, efficiency, and functionality.

Mixing tank – It is the production line component designed for mixing all different ingredients of making marshmallows.

The materials are heated to a set temperature, melted, and mixed homogeneously to attain uniformity.

Motor – This is an electromechanical component designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

It is a vital part of this machine, given it facilitates effectiveness of the device in the overall manufacturing process of marshmallows.

Refrigeration unit – It is a cooling system used for eliminating excess heat from processed material in the production line.

Molding unit – This part is designed for shaping the marshmallow to its respective configuration.

This component uses different types of molds of different patterns made from different materials such as plastic.

Drying unit is a marshmallow-making equipment part designed to eliminate excess moisture to a preferred level.

Pneumatic unit – Also referred to as a pressure system; it is designed to control the air systems in the machine.

Different pressure levels within the production line of this equipment is necessary to facilitate push ingredients to various stations.

Discharge unit – It is the component aiding the already processed marshmallow to eject from the machine for sorting and packaging.

How Does Marshmallow Making Machine Work?

Marshmallow production process

Marshmallow production process

Technically, the working principle of marshmallow making machine depends on the actual type and design of the equipment.

Nonetheless, the primary functionality of the manufacturing process of these machines tends to be more or less similar.

Here is an overview of how this equipment works in making marshmallows;

All the relevant ingredients for making marshmallows are adequately prepared in the kitchen before taken to the machine.

Ingredients preparation involves intensive cooking of all the materials in a fully automated vacuum cooker.

Cooking takes place under high pressure, thus reducing the cooking time to attain desired moisture.

The production line is also set accordingly to conform to the respective production requirements of these products.

Immediately the ingredients are ready; they are introduced into the equipment via the hopper, which relays them to other stations in a production line.

The cookers in the production line are a double jacket with an independently controlled system.

Gelatin and water are mixed until they are fully hydrated. The homogenous syrup is then pumped towards the initial scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE)

But before it enters, gelatin mixture is dosed into the syrup.

To attain absolute control of this process, it is regulated by flow meters.

The quantity of gelatin is determined as a percentage of the main flow.

In the first SSHE, the syrup is cooled to about 55°C. Once the cooling process is over, the syrup gets into a mixing head.

At this point, gelatin and syrup solution is aerated in the mixing chamber to attain the ideal density.

Air quantity is determined based on mass flow meter and dosed as a percentage of main gelatin and syrup flow.

The aerated marshmallow goes through the second SSHE for further cooling from 55°C to 38°C.

Once this is over, the product is directed towards color and flavor injection through a booster pump.

Cold and warm water circuits are necessary for the entire production of the system of marshmallow.

It forms an essential integrated part of the machine.

Division of main product stream takes place into different streams. Color and flavor are also injected into each stream.

At this point, the product is pumped into different extruder manifolds placed on the extrusion line to produce marshmallows.

Molding of the marshmallow to yield different desired shapes occurs at the molding unit before they are ejected from the machine.

What is the Role of Aerator in Marshmallow Production Line?

Ideally, an aerator is the core element of the complete marshmallow production line.

It facilitates an efficient mixture of ingredients with the right amount of air, which forms the marshmallow.

Aerator also ensures air is mixed is sufficiently mixed in marshmallow candy to guarantee quality and shelf time of the component.

This component helps to infiltrate more air inside the mixture, which is essential in yielding lighter marshmallows.

In a nutshell, an aerator is a vital component in producing a suitable marshmallow candy.

What is the Suitable Material for Making Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine?

The nature of marshmallow production requires a machine made from materials that can withstand harsh environmental and mechanical conditions.

In most instances, the processes entail chemical spillage, heating, and cooling to high and low temperatures.

It also involves several aspects, which could be a bit harsh.

As such, there is a need for the equipment construction material to be resistant to most if not all the possible unfavorable conditions.

The commonly used materials that meet such standards include the following;

Stainless Steel

Arguably, the most dominant material for making different varieties of marshmallow-making machines.

It has some of the best resistant properties, thus an ideal choice to consider for this type of equipment.

Stainless steel is hardy hence durable, has high tensile strength, incredible temperature resistance, and appealing to the eye.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain this material, environmentally friendly, and has better resistance to chemical corrosion.


It is also commonly used in making many components of marshmallow-making equipment.

Aluminum is lightweight, which is ideal for compact machines to improve portability.

This material is also flexible and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and non-magnetic.

It is also relatively easy to maintain aluminum material, making it an ideal choice to consider for marshmallow making machine.

Which are the Optional Equipment for Marshmallow Production machine?

The marshmallow manufacturing production line consists of several equipment, which facilitate the entire process.

Some of these equipment are necessary whereas others can be used on-need basis.

The common optional support components to consider in marshmallow production line include the following;

  • Cooling and dehydration unit
  • Vacuum dust collection system
  • Recycle starch dryer
  • Marshmallow sorting machine
  • Inspection machine
  • Thermometer
  • Marshmallow branding machine

What is the Cost of Marshmallow Production Line?

Several variables influence the actual cost of a marshmallow production line.

For instance, the specific type of marshmallow making equipment determines the exact amount you’ll pay for it.

This equipment comes in two main designs; extruder and depositor marshmallow making machines.

Pricing model, in this case, is based on the features of each machine design, especially level of automation.

Another cost determinant factor of this equipment is the production capacity. These machines are designed to produce different capacities of marshmallow at a specific timeframe.

In essence, though, the higher the production capacity, the costlier the machine is likely to be and vice versa.

The type of material used for making the production line of marshmallows is another determining factor of price.

For instance, one manufactured using stainless steel material parts is seemingly more expensive than a unit made from aluminum.

Also, the specific brand of the machine is an essential element, which influences the actual cost.

Some brands have an incredible reputation and have made a name out of their products, thus tend to be more expensive than relatively known ones.

In short, there is no exact figure to place as the price tag for buying marshmallow making machines.

However, the price of a quality unit would start from $35,000 or thereabout.

Can you produce all Types of Marshmallows in One Marshmallow Manufacturing Line?

Not necessarily.

Marshmallows come in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Extrusion and depositor machines are designed to produce different types of these products.

For instance, extrusion machine has extruder nozzles, which determine the specific shapes of the marshmallow.

Primarily, this machine or production line produces twisted and non-twisted marshmallows.

On the other hand, creamed and chocolate stuffed marshmallows are made using a depositor production line.

As such, it is not necessarily possible to produce all types of marshmallow using a single production line.

How do you Prevent Overheating in Marshmallow Maker?

Most marshmallow makers tend to overheat during aeration process, often causing the products to lose shape.

The ideal technique to prevent or reduce overheating incidents in marshmallow maker is by integrating a cooling device in the marshmallow maker.

This device is installed between the manifold extruder and aerator.

It means the production process will have a relatively short final cooling line, thus preventing incidences of overheating.

Are there Small-Scale Marshmallow Making Machine?


Marshmallow making machines come in different sizes and production capacities.

This is vital since it ensures that all levels of production are catered for.

You can always find marshmallow manufacturing machines for small-scale production needs.

Most of these designs have an average production capacity of 30-100kg/hr.

Also, they are a bit compact owing to the capacity, which is essential since it facilitates portability convenience.

Which is the Best between Semi-Automatic Marshmallow Making Machine vs. Automatic Marshmallow Making Machine?

Ordinarily, an automatic marshmallow making machine tends to be superior to a semi-automatic option in many aspects.

First, a fully automatic unit is quite faster than the semi-automatic option.

Of course, this is an essential aspect, especially when it comes to meeting high production demands within shortest time possible.

Secondly, an automatic marshmallow making machine doesn’t necessarily require several operators, unlike semi-automatic.

This is vital because it allows you to reduce or cut down on extra running costs, which could eat into your profits.

Maintaining a semi-automatic marshmallow manufacturing machine can be more cost-effective than running an automatic unit.

Ideally, most of the operations prompts and controls in automatic can be expensive to fix if they break down.

Furthermore, troubleshooting most problems in automatic machines can be a daunting task, especially for non-experts.

Also, the initial purchasing cost of automatic marshmallow making machine is a bit higher than that of a semi-automatic unit.

In general, though, based on efficiency, functionality, speed, and reliability, automatic marshmallow making machine is more superior to semi-automatic option.

Which are the Main Ingredients Used in Marshmallow Manufacturing Process?

In the past, marshmallows were manufactured by mixing sugar, white eggs, and mallow root sap.

Nowadays, mallow roots sap was replaced by gelatin as one of the major ingredients.

Here is a brief description of the primary ingredients used for making marshmallows;

  • Gelatin – This is primarily an aerator containing natural protein often derived from raw collagen.

It is made of 18 amino acids, some of which are vital elements of a healthy diet.

Gelatin is combined with water to form a gel, which is thermally reversible. In other words, it can melt and reset since it has high sensitivity to temperature changes.

  • Sugar – In marshmallow, it is known as sucrose and appears as a whitish compound found naturally in most plants, particularly sugarcane and sugar beets.
  • Citric acid – It is a fundamental ingredient, which activates the flavor of marshmallows. The component is derived from citrus fruits and juices.

Citric acid also acts as a preservative guaranteeing a longer shelf-life for marshmallow candy.

  • Water – Mostly, purified water is used and serves as the main solvent for mixing all ingredients used for manufacturing marshmallows.

Purified water is also the main lubrication ingredient, which assists in softening the marshmallow candies.

  • Glucose syrup – Also known as confectioner’s glucose, it is a versatile and well-tolerated liquid sweetener.

This syrup contains maltose, dextrin, and dextrose and forms long tangled-up carbohydrate molecules.

It prevents other sugars from crystallizing and gives the marshmallow candy its translucent appearance.

  • Food colors – In some instances, it is known as color additives, and it is essential in making varieties of colored marshmallows.

Is there Difference Between Cotton Candy Making Machine and Marshmallow Making Machine?

Not necessarily!

The significant difference between these two pieces of equipment is the ultimate product for each.

Also, the ingredients used in these machines tend to vary, given the end product for every component is different.

Nevertheless, the working principle of both cotton candy and marshmallow making machine is relatively similar.

But particular parameters also vary between these two machines based on the required setting.

Can you Customize Marshmallow Production Machine?

Marshmallow making machine

 Marshmallow making machine


There are several components of marshmallow production equipment, which can be customized to suit different needs of the user.

In many instances, such customizations are usually done as after-market interventions upon establishing specific demands.

However, you can also choose to customize the equipment at the manufacturer’s factory once you have known the exact production demands.

For instance, you can customize size of a hopper, melting tank, mixing tank, motor, conveyor system, and cooling unit among others.

The bottom line marshmallow production equipment can be tailor-made to fit the requirements of the end-user.

Is there Minimum Order Quantity when Buying Marshmallow Making Machine from China?

Not necessarily.

Most manufacturers of this type of machine do not essentially peg a specific MoQ when purchasing.

They are flexible and can allow you to procure a single unit or anything more than one depending on your needs.

However, it is important to understand that for better-discounted rates, it would be ideal to purchase more units if you can.

It is more cost-effective given other charges such as customs clearance and shipping are involved when importing.

However, there are parts and components of marshmallow making machine that may have minimum order quantity.

This largely depends on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing the items from.

How do you Prevent Sticking in Marshmallow Manufacturing Plant?

First intervention to look into is proper mixing of the different ingredients in right proportion.

Getting it right from the mixing process is vital since it allows all the ingredients to balance and avoiding sticking on the machine.

Another intervention would be to ensure you use an efficient pneumatic conveying system.

In many instances, low pressure lead to sticking of the material in marshmallow manufacturing plant.

And this can be disastrous, especially if the pneumatic conveying system is dysfunctional or ineffective.

Also, you need to ensure the conveyor system and other stations in the production line are clean.

Can you Manufacture Colored Marshmallow using Marshmallow Making Machine?


All colored marshmallows are manufactured using the marshmallow making equipment.

Essentially, the extruded marshmallow production line inflates the ingredients through the aerator and divides them into multiple streams.

Continuous manufacturing leads to several extruded marshmallows in numerous colors and shapes.

Some varieties of colored marshmallows include twisted, rainbow, and piped among others.

In a nutshell, it is possible to produce any type of colored marshmallow using this specific machine.

Which are the main Technical Specifications of Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine to look for?

When selecting an ideal marshmallow manufacturing machine, it is essential to consider several technical specifications.

They play a fundamental role in determining the suitable unit to serve you diligently, efficiently, and offer necessary reliability.

Some of these features to look into include the following;

Production Capacity

Refers to the quantity of marshmallows the machine can produce within a given set period.

It is an important factor to have in mind since it guides your purchasing decision based on your production needs.


Principally, marshmallow manufacturing machine is available in a wide range of sizes.

The dimensions vary, which is crucial because it makes it easy to determine what suits the space available in your place.

Moreover, size determines the production capacity of the equipment, which is a core element when buying.

Automation Level

The ever-advancing technological inventions make it prudent to consider fully automatic marshmallow making equipment.

It features some of the best and advanced properties, allowing you to manipulate it to suit your production demands easily.

Such a choice also makes it easy for you to easily adapt to new changes in newer machines if you happen to upgrade.


Marshmallow making machines are made majorly from stainless steel and aluminum materials.

However, there are different parts and components made from other materials.

Always be specific and choose a particular one based on the possible conditions the machine is likely to be subjected to.

What are the Quality Certifications for Marshmallow Making Machine?

The nature of products this machine manufactures compels it to comply with a wide range of quality certifications.

Some of the commonly used quality certifications for this equipment include the following;

CE Marking

This refers to an administrative marking indicating the equipment’s conformity to health, environmental, and safety protection standards.

It is common for products and machines used or exported within the European region.

CE marking is not necessarily a quality indicator. However, it reaffirms the machines’ suitability to meet the required standards set within the applicable stipulations.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

It is an agency responsible for safeguarding public health by enforcing safety, efficacy, and security of products and equipment.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

This refers to regulations regarding practices required to conform to recommended guidelines by agencies controlling authorization and licensing of devices.

Technically, cGMP ensures consistent quality and safety of manufactured products.

Which are the Emerging Trends in Marshmallow Production?

In the recent past, marshmallow production has been conforming to various emerging trends in the confectionery industry.

One of the trends includes manufacturing of gluten-free marshmallow, which is an ideal option for consumers who don’t prefer eating gluten.

Marshmallows are also hitting the cafés in a bid to catch up with the increasing café culture among the millennials.

Also, these products are nowadays used as toppers, mostly in coffee and hot chocolate. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and a variety of cute characters.

In the recent past, marshmallows are also finding their way to wedding favors, usually sold in a container of segmented partitions.

Bottom line is that marshmallows are likely to establish a strong connection in the confectionery industry for a long time.

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