One Shot Chocolate Machine FAQs Guide

With the developments in technology, chocolatiers worldwide are seeking advanced equipment that they can use to produce a wide range of chocolates efficiently.

One-shot chocolate machine guarantees fast, accurate and efficient chocolate products.

Notably, a one shot chocolate machine – as the name suggests – carries out the production of the pralines in one cycle.

So, if you want to learn more about this machine – read this guide.

How Much Does One Shot Chocolate Machine Cost?

 One Shot Chocolate Machine

A One Shot Chocolate Machine

The  one-shot chocolate depositor’s price value is dependent on the features the machine has.

A chocolate machine may have or lack certain features which determine its price. Therefore, carefully check some of these features when budgeting for a one-shot chocolate depositor.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the cost of a one-shot chocolate depositor machine varies based on the type of equipment and the level of automation.

Some of the factors that determine the price are as follows:


When looking at dimensions, we consider the size of the machine. The larger the machine, the more costly it will be.

Price is tied to the size, bearing in mind that larger machines are manufactured using more materials compared to the smaller versions.


Under versatility things to consider include;

  • Modifications – If a machine can be easily modified or has sufficient room for modification, it will be fairly expensive.
  • Application – If you are hunting for a one-shot machine that you can use for various applications, the price will be slightly higher than a piece of equipment limited to one application.


1, 2, or 3D depositing are the available designs for a one-shot chocolate depositor.

However, a 3D depositing design has got all the capabilities of both 1D and 2D depositing designs.

This implies that you will spend more on a 3D depositor than 1D and 2D. In summary, the more sophisticated the design, the more costly the machine.

one Shot Chocolate Machine With 3D Design

One Shot Chocolate Machine With 3D design

Production Rate

A machine with a high production rate will be costly when buying and vice versa.

The production rate is directly linked to the size and sophistication of the machine.

Meaning, a machine that has a high production rate is either large, has a sophisticated design, or both. As such, these two factors contribute to its higher pricing.


The primary material for making food production machines is usually stainless steel. However, the grades of stainless steel may differ.

Stainless steel is used for the following reasons;

  • It is strong and has high tensile strength.
  • Easy to clean; hence maintenance is easy.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.

Notably, the various grades of stainless steel all have these properties but at varying degrees. Hence, if the stainless steel used has the highest degree of all these properties, the machine will be expensive.

Still, on the material, stainless steel is commonly used for the contact surfaces. For the outer parts of the machine, other materials are applied.

The materials used on the outer part of the machine will also contribute to the price rating of the specific machine.

Control Panel

The control panel is essential to the functioning of a one shot chocolate machine. It is the platform where the machine’s operations are monitored and controlled.

Depending on the type of control panel installed in the one shot chocolate machine the price will vary.

Most machines feature touch screen control panels which slightly adds to their price.

One Shot Machine Is majorly Made Up of Stainless Steel And Has A Control panel

One Shot Machine Is Mostly Made Of Stainless Steel and Comes With A Control panel

Does Adopting One Shot Chocolate Machine Guarantee Business Profitability?

Various machines are used in the chocolate production machines – but the one shot chocolate machine stands out. It boasts of speed and features other advantages that make your chocolate production process a whole lot easier.

Some of the reason why you should incorporate one shot chocolate machine are:

  • With the automation of one shot chocolate machine, you need little or no labor. This, as a result, cuts the cost of hiring personnel required to operate the machine.
  • You can produce a variety of chocolate products. You can do this by modifying or changing the pouring plates or the molds.
  • Depending on the one shot chocolate machine’s technology, the praline can get a bigger and stable filling.
  • You can choose from depositors such as single or double depositors when using a one shot chocolate machine. Additionally, you can also easily switch these depositors to suit your production needs.
  • One shot chocolate machine has a touch screen control panel, making configuration, operation, and even troubleshooting of the machine easier during the production process.
  • You can easily modify (remove, replace, and add) the parts of a one shot chocolate machine.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. The one shot chocolate machine has removable parts which make it easier to clean and maintain.

The material it is made of, stainless steel, also makes it contamination-free.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Using One Shot Chocolate Machine?

One shot chocolate machines have a few drawbacks, but these do not overshadow the numerous advantages. They include;

High Cost Of Acquisition

When buying a one shot chocolate machine, you will end up spending a considerably high amount of money, including the installation.

Limited Fillings

Rarely can you use liquid fillings or heavy viscous fillings when using the one shot chocolate machine. This will limit your praline production to only those that need medium viscous fillings.

Some other limitations can be connected to you manufacturer. If an uncertified manufacturer builds a one shot chocolate machine, the machine may have overwhelming drawbacks.

Which Chocolate Machine Replacement Parts Do You Have?

For a one shot chocolate machine to be fully operational, it needs some essential parts to discharge its role efficiently. Different one shot chocolate machines may have varying parts, but some parts are constant in all of them.

These vital parts present in all the machines include;

Tempering Unit

This part is responsible for feeding the one shot chocolate machine with the needed chocolate.

This heating unit present in the tempering unit keeps the chocolate in molten state by maintaining a required temperature condition.

Note that, for efficient chocolate production and machine operation, the chocolate needs to be in a molten state at this point.

The Conveyor

It is responsible for the transportation of the chocolate to all parts of the machine during the production process.

Without the conveyor in the one shot chocolate machine, it will be impossible to finish production successfully.

Nozzles And Pistons

The pistons inject ingredients used for filling in their right proportions.

On the other hand, there are filling nozzles that fill the chocolates into the moulds and other nozzles that inject the shell coatings into the moulds.

The piston and nozzle may seem to perform similar roles but that is not usually the case.


This is a mass tank in a one-shot chocolate machine that briefly stores the chocolate and fillings before being carried to the hopper.

How Does One Shot Chocolate Machine Operate?

Understanding the operation of a one shot chocolate machine is key in efficiently using the machine.

Mostly, the design of one shot chocolate machine is such that is injects chocolates and fillings in the moulds.

As a result, producing pralines.

Furthermore, depending on your desired final product, you must predetermine the percentages of both the fillings and chocolate you inject into the machine. If correctly done, you will come up with a final product with a chocolate coating.

The operation of the various one shot chocolate machines will not be the same, however the simultaneous injection is constant.

Therefore, the formation of a chocolate filled product involves the following procedure:

  • Firstly, fill the one shot chocolate machine with the correct percentages of chocolate and the fillings.
  • The components will then be injected simultaneously upon turning on the machine to produce your final product.

Note: This working principle is mainly for the automatic one shot chocolate machine.

 The Final product Of The One Shot Machine , Chocolate

The Final Product Of The One Shot Machine , Chocolate

How Does 3D Movement And 2D Movements In One Shot Chocolate Machine Compare?

Generally, the 2D or 3D is the piping function of the specific one shot chocolate machine.

If a one shot chocolate machine has a 2D piping function, it implies that the filled product is directly deposited onto the cooling belt.

You can summarise the above process (movement) as ‘from filling direct to cooling.’ The movement is one-axis.

On the other hand, a one shot machine with 3D movement or piping function features an extended depositor belt for two-axis movement.

Consequently, 3D movement one shot machines are ideal for manufacturing decorated chocolate.

Is It Possible To Integrate Chocolate Tempering Machine With One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Currently, most one chocolate machines feature a compact design which incorporates a tempering unit to the machine. This makes the praline production process more efficient.

Regardless, this does not mean you cannot connect a tempering machine to a one shot chocolate machine.

In fact, using a stand-alone chocolate machine will greatly boost your praline production by ensuring constant chocolate feeding.

Is There Recommended One Shot Chocolate Machine Maintenance Process?

Ideally, machines used in the food industry should be easy to clean and maintain.

This is for the sole reason that humans ingest the food product produced by the machine, and any contamination may translate to food poisoning.

Importantly, maintenance involves the repair of the malfunctioning parts of the machine. But first, you will need to first catch the problem before correcting it. You can do this through these two main ways:

  • Keenly observing and taking note of the operation of various parts of the machine. If any part becomes slow or is operating inefficiently – there’s your green light to carry out maintenance.
  • Monitor the production rate of the machine. If you realize a gradual drop in the production rate, there is a high probablility that your machine needs maintenance.

You should note that this does not imply that you wait for the above to manifest so as to conduct maintenance on your machine. Routinely carry out maintenance on various parts of the machine such as the moving parts.

You should also make sure that you clean the machine regularly and use it for its intended purpose. Keeping with these few guidelines will ensure that your one shot chocolate machine lasts longer.

Note: The above information is simply an overview of maintaining a one shot chocolate machine. For the fleshy details, it is essential you consult the user manual that comes with your machine.

Can the One Shot Chocolate Machine Produce Multi-Colored Products?


In most cases, producing multi-colored products can be a challenge.

This functionality is only possible if your upgrade your machine.

For instance, upgrading the one shot chocolate machine to a two-shot or quad-shot will enable you to produce products with two colored shells or different fillings.

Can You Recommend Any Fillings For One Shot Chocolate Machines?

First and foremost, let me tell you fillings you shouldn’t use – liquers or heavy liquids.

It will be a challenge injecting heavy liquids using one shot chocolate machine.

With that highlighted, several one shot chocolate use medium viscous or creamy fillings. Examples include condensed milk, fat, and ganache.

Filling A one Shot Chocolate Machine

Filling A One Shot Chocolate Machine

Which Nozzles Do One Shot Chocolate Machines Use?

There are various types of nozzles to meet an individual’s specific production needs. This availability allows manufacturers to customize nozzles according to your specifications.

Below are some of the commonly used nozzles:

Capillary Nozzles

  • Provide a drip-free dispensing and clean cut off.
  • Tubes can be single or multiple.
  • It is recommend for thin liquids.

Diaphragm Nozzles

  • Drip-free dispensing.
  • Clean cut-off.
  • Ideal for thin liquids.
  • No splashing due to laminar flow.
  • Has a simple design that provides a fast actuation.

Horizontal Cut Off Nozzles

  • Used for thick and slurry applications.
  • Size range is between 1 to 3 inches.
  • Offer a decent cut off.

Inverted Cone Nozzles

  • Drip-free dispensing resulting to limited splashing.
  • Used for cream, liquid and sticky applications.
  • Size ranges between 0.37 inches and 1.85 inches.

Rotary Cut Off Nozzles

  • Are ideal for products that build up such as sugar or generally thick products.
  • Have a maximum size of 3 inches and a minimum size of 1 inch

Bevelled Seat Nozzles

  • Ideal for both thin and thick liquids.
  • Mostly, the openings may vary from 0.2 to 1.5 inches.

There Are Various Nozzles To Choose From

There Are Various Nozzles To Choose From

What Material Do You Use To Make One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Most machines intended for the food and beverage industries have stainless steel as their main body material.

It includes the one shot chocolate machine.

Various international bodies have approved of this because stainless steel:

  • Very strong and durable
  • Less prone to corrosion
  • An easy to clean material

It is worth mentioning that most one shot chocolate machines will have their contact surfaces or parts made out of stainless steel.

However, the outer parts that do not come into contact with the chocolate product are made from other durable materials such as anodized aluminium.

How Can You Determine Production Speed Of One Shot Chocolate Machine?

The speed of a one shot chocolate machine is measured in terms of how many pralines or filled products the machine can produce per hour.

The speed is dependent on various aspects, including the machine’s design, the technology integrated on the machine, and the machine’s size.

In most cases, a one shot chocolate machine can produce a minimum of 70kg of filled produce every 30 minutes.

Of course, this will vary depending on the design of the one shot chocolate machine.

Why Do You Need Heating System In One Shot Chocolate Machine Reservoir?

The reservoir, also known as the mass tank, is the part in the one shot chocolate machine that temporarily stores the chocolate and fillings before they are used.

Therefore, the heating system ensures that the two components are maintained at the right temperatures before being forwarded to the hopper.

Consequently, the chocolate recrystallization is prevented, and the fillings maintain their thickness.

Are There One Shot Chocolate Machines Designed For Different Types Of Chocolates?

You can make different types of chocolate using one shot chocolate machine.

Shifting from one chocolate type to another simply requires a change of the moulds and the pouring plates.

Mostly, one shot chocolate machine has different moulds and pouring plates.

Therefore, you can produce a range of chocolates depending on your needs.

What Causes Failure In One Shot Chocolate Machine?

All machines, at one point in their operating life, are prone to fail. Bearing that in mind, your one shot chocolate machine may also fail due to the below reasons:

  • Using heavy liquid as a filling may damage the machine.
  • Also, misusing the machine may result in failure.
  • Lack of maintenance will result to worsening of a problem and, in turn, machine failure.
  • Replacing the damaged parts with non-compatible parts might corrupt the entire machine.
  • If the machine is past its estimated life span, it may begin to operate slowly and gradually fail.
  • Lastly, cleaning and maintaining the machine without sticking to the instructions on the user manual will damage the machine.

Are There Advanced Technologies In One Shot Chocolate Machine?

In a world characterized by technological advancements, machines also have their fair share of these advancements.

Modern one shot chocolate machines have employed new technologies, which have include:

  • Numerical control technique – which has improved the nozzle lifting and enabled accurate and continuous depositing.
  • Modular technique – It has made the production process more flexible with quick and easy adjustments.
  • Packaging integration technology – With this, the filled chocolate product exits the one shot chocolate machine already packaged.

Is There Away Of Increasing One Shot Chocolate Machine Efficiency?

Apart from regular maintenance, you can include the following:

Decoration Depositor

This depositor is ideal for all decorations, with or without moulds. Also, it has the capability of producing various decorated products under one production line.

Lastly, most decoration depositors have 48 pistons that allow for double-color decoration.

Integrating this specific depositor will offer you the platform for producing a variety of decorated and multi-colored chocolate products.

Mixing Depositor

If you are venturing into manufacturing mixed chocolate products, this depositor is a must-have in your production line.

It features a mixing system that efficiently mix chocolates with products such as dried fruits, nuts, and brittle rice.

With The New Technologies , A More Efficient One Shot Machine Is the Solution

With the New Technologies a More Efficient One Shot machine Is The Solution

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