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Overwrapping Machine: Your Ultimate Guide

Investing in high quality and reliable overwrapping machine is important in your packaging line.

Incidentally, it is the first thing that your customers will see when they receive the goods.

Ordinarily, efficiency and consistency are the key elements of any ideal packaging.

In other words, you have to ensure that you cover your products with good stretch wraps to protect them from several aspects and enhance appearance.

But do you at some point ever wonder what kind of equipment is used in wrapping different products?

Well, this is what we want to discuss and with many other factors in this guide.

But first things first, let’s describe what this machine is.

What is Overwrapping Machine?

Okay! This is actually a good question to ask especially if you’re hearing it for the first time.

So I’ll make it as simple as possible for better understanding.

An overwrapping machine essentially refers to packaging equipment for wrapping a product or group of products to form a completely enclosed pack.

In most instances, this equipment is designed to overwrap the products by wrapping a flexible packaging material.

It uses different types of materials including a sheet of paper or film among others by using a series of folding and sealing operations.

Such materials often vary depending on numerous factors and some of the included paper, polypropylene, cellophane and polyethylene etc.

This type of machine provides a high quality level of presentation as well as producing a pack has a nice feeling to it.


 Overwrapping machine

 Overwrapping machine

Essentially, it is the features of flexibility and versatility which makes overwrapping a fundamental aspect in a wide range of industries.

So that’s the basic description of what this particular equipment entails.

As we move forward, we want to look at some of the common types of overwrapping machines you’re likely to find in the market and different industries.

Let’s have a look;

Types of Overwrapping Machines

Well, we have quite several overwrapping devices which are used differently in a wide range of production plants.

It is vital of course to know the various types of these machines to make it easy for you to know the right one for your needs.

In most instances, the preference of many people would vary depending on their specific overwrapping needs and resources.

That notwithstanding, let’s find out some of these key types of overwrapping machines;

·  Manual Overwrapping Machines

This refers to the type of overwrapping equipment that is physically operated or by hands.

All you do when using this type of overwrapping machine is include all the necessary materials and then roll the handles accordingly.

It is one of the best options to go for especially outer overwrapping square and rectangular products such as soaps, biscuit etc.

It is also ideal for wrapping sample boxes making and a small number of quantity boxes production and wrapping fresh food in supermarkets.

A manual overwrapping machine is relatively easy to adjust thus making it suitable for packing a variety of product sizes.

So if you’re looking for a compact overwrapping machine for small-scale overwrapping needs, then this ought to be your ultimate choice.

·Semi-automatic Overwrapping Machine

Like the name suggests, semi-automatic overwrapping machines are the improvement of the manual overwrapping machines.

It is suitable for a slightly high rate of wrapping packaging.

They are more expensive and efficient than the manual overwrapping machine.

For short batch-packaging, you can count on semi-automatic overwrapping machine.

Unlike the manual types, semi-automatic overwrapping machines, have some of its operations fully automated.

Of course, there are some operations that require technicians.

 Semi automatic overwrapping machine

 Semi-automatic overwrapping machine

For instance, most semi-automatic overwrapping machines can automatically fold and seal, with the operator monitoring and controlling operations via control panel.

It also comes with machine operator station to perform a few operations that the machine cannot handle automatically.

· Fully-automatic Overwrapping Machine

For high capacity and fast packaging, you can count on fully automatic overwrapping machine.

Fully automatic overwrapping machine handles all the wrapping applications without human intervention.

Take a look at this:

As you can see, fully automatic overwrapping machine features a robust control system.

The PLC control system coordinates all operations such as:

  • Feeding the film for wrapping
  • Feeding items you want to wrap
  • Heating the film
  • Cutting film
  • Wrapping items, among other aspects.

Ideally, it offers a seamless packaging solution you can count on.

In a nutshell, whether to go for manual overwrapping machine, semi-automatic overwrapping machine or fully automatic overwrapping machine, will depend on your packaging needs.

Why you Need Overwrapping Machines

Let’s just get straight to the point here;

If you need your products to have an appealing appearance once they get to the market, then this equipment is a necessity.

Investing in this equipment is vital because it makes it easy for you to benefit in a broad manner of ways.

Some of these ways include the following;

· Improves inventory control

You see, when you stack similar products together, it makes it easier to carry out inventory control.

In a busy production plant, the least you’d wish to experience is confusion and waste of time in regards to inventory count.

Ideally, an overwrapping system brings safety and consistency in your production line irrespective of size as well as the warehouse’s location.

So in other words, this practice makes it easy for you to enhance your inventory control needs at any moment you need to.

· Increases speed and efficiency

You can never compare the rate and effectiveness of wrapping products when using hands and a machine.

It’s just incomparable!

The thing is, this machine makes it easy for you to increase the packing rate and in an efficient manner.

In an ideal world, this is necessary given that it gives you an edge in the market to somewhat capitalize on the customers’ demands.

· Reduces labor needs

You see, the essence of using any machine for that matter is to help in cutting down the labor needs.

The fact that overwrapping machines have unique features makes it possible for you to attain the best results within the shortest time possible.

Therefore, you will not necessarily need human labor as such given that such machines are integrated to perform different tasks related to wrapping.

· Low risks of injuries and accidents

Using an overwrapping machine puts you or your operator at safety in like 99% of the total time.

What I’m saying here is that when you’re using this machine, there are fewer chances of getting injuries of accidents related to its operations.

The fact that there’s little interaction between an overwrapping machine and the operator, especially the automatic ones, also adds to its safety aspect.

· Reduces the cost of operation

The ultimate benefit of using an overwrapping machine is that it enables you to cut down on a huge chunk of operational cost.

And in business, the essence is always to ensure that you maximize your profit margin while consistently providing quality service or products.

So if there is one way you can use to attain this ultimate business goal in by automating most of the line operations including packaging.

· Protects your goods from dust, moisture and damage

And if there is any critical benefit of overwrapping machine you can easily take home, then it has to be this one.

Listen, once you are done with manufacturing your products, the next thing will be to let them get to the market for consumption.

But then, remember the market dynamics are quite a number, and they tend to influence the purchase decisions of consumers in several ways.

First, ideal packaging is what makes the product attractive.

The reason you need to invest in this machine is that it enhances the overall appearance of the item.

Secondly, it makes it easy for the product to have a longer shelf-life.

What I mean here is that the wrapping protects your items from dust, moisture and unnecessary damage.

So at the end of the day, you’ll increase quality in the product and at the same time extend its shelf-life.

As you can see, it is apparent that investing in this machine is quite worthy.

You tend to get value for your investment in several ways.

Moving on, I want us to now look at some of the fundamental elements to consider when you choose to buy an overwrapping machine.

Main Parts of Overwrapping Machine

Well, obtaining an overwrapping machine can be a considerable investment hence the need for making sure that you take care of it appropriately.

What happens in most instances is that you need to change quite a number of the parts of this machine which tend to wear out often.

So if you’re keen on extending the machine’s life, you ought to know the right time and components to change often.

 Parts of overwrapping machine

 Parts of overwrapping machine – Photo courtesy: Science Direct

Of course, as a unit, it is made up of several parts and components, which apparently, we cannot discuss all here.

And in that case, I will only touch on a few but key parts of this machine which you have to know about as a way of enhancing efficiency.

· PLC screen

This is the component where all the commands and controls are issued from.

Some of the models come with touchscreens interface which makes it easy for you to merely take charge of the machine via pressing the right key.

It is a crucial component since you also use it to monitor various parameters of the machine including the speed adjustment among others.

· Motor

This one refers to an electric component which tends to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The capacity of a motor in each of these equipment is dependent on the size of the machine.

But ideally, it is a necessary component which increases the reliability of the machine, especially when working for an extended number of hours.

· Magazine

It refers to a component which is used for stacking products that need to be labeled.

The magazine comes in different sizes which means that they carry different capacities of such products lining up for overwrapping.

· Temperature controller

This is a device which is used for controlling this instrument majorly without your involvement as an operator.

It is a necessary component because it enables you to determine how to regulate the temperature needs of the machine.

So that at the end of it all, you’ll be able to find the right temperature for attaining best results all the time.

· Heat Sealer

It refers to a component of the overwrapping machine which is majorly used for sealing and packaging products using heat.

So these components essentially make it possible for wrapping material to tightly and attractively cover the item.

Some instruments come with a fixed heat sealer whereas others come with portable ones.

Working Principle of Overwrapping Machine

It is vital to understand the different aspects of an overwrapping machine are what enables it to function effectively.

Understanding the working principle of this equipment is also a fundamental idea especially for the sake of enhancing efficiency and best results.

But before we even discuss the manner it works, it is fundamental to know that this machine fulfils three key functions; primary, secondary and transit wrapping.


Wrapping machine process flowOverwrapping machine process flow

Primary wrapping is ideally where the material contrasts with the product, such as a pack of loose playing cards.

Secondary wrapping refers to a situation where the product is already wrapped using a different style on that this time you need to add an overwrap on top.

Then transit wrap which is mostly used for collation of loose products.

So understanding these functions gives you a basis of knowing how this particular machine works.

Talking of how it works, the principle is that the product is pushed through a film sheet that is cut from a single real.

What happens is that either a longitudinal or base heat seal is created where the film tends to overlap.

So this equipment primarily consists of different mechanisms.

It has a wrapping mechanism, a transporting device which receives, moves and also unloads the articles.

It also contains a roll of wrapping materials that have already prepared labels, a gluing device and in some instances a counting device.

Overwrapping machine working principle

Overwrapping machine working principle – Photo credits: SOLLAS

So the articles are wrapped either on a turntable or on a line depending on the construction of the overwrapping machine.

This wrapping features a periodic displacement from one operating member of the wrapping mechanism to another such member.

This allows for one, two or three layers of packaging to take place.

Mostly, how this particular machine works, as you can see, it’s kind of simple all you need to do is to ensure that you integrate the parameters accordingly.

What’s more, is that this machine can be used either as an independent unit or better still as an automatic pre-packing and packaging equipment.

Considerations when Buying Overwrapping Machine

The truth is that before you even think of getting a suitable overwrapping machine, you need to put several aspects into consideration.

The reason I’m saying this is that investing in such equipment blindly can be a costly mistake.

So regardless of the size of your company or production needs, you have to ensure that you at the very least look into some elements.

Manual overwrapping machine

 Manual overwrapping machine

In this section, I want to briefly discuss with you some of these critical elements to give you an idea of what to expect and what to do.

So let’s get started;

· Usability

When thinking of buying this machine, you should at all times ensure that it is easy to operate.

Well, you can argue that most of them are automated, so it’s just a matter of pressing the control buttons.

That might be just a fallacy!

All you need to is to ensure that you know how to operate the machine.

· Technology

This is also another unquestionable element that you should never fail to consider when buying this machine.

Given that most of the operations of this equipment are automated, it becomes prudent to go for one that has a high level of technology integration.

· Flexibility

A suitable overwrapping machine should be flexible by all means.

This simply implies that you should be able to use to wrap a wide range of items of different sizes with minimal changeovers.

This way, you’ll be sure of attaining the necessary efficiency and reliability when packing the various products at the same time.

· Appearance

This is what happens; many people rarely look at the design features when shopping for overwrapping equipment.

Well, at times, it is unnecessary especially if you’re certain that its performance and other related aspects are top notches.

· Size

The size of the machine is, of course, another fundamental element that you have to put in mind when buying one.

In most instances, the relatively large equipment are always ideal for large scale production and mostly used in factories.

However, if your production is somewhat small, it would be practical to choose a smaller unit as long as it serves you effectively.

· Material construction

So whenever you’re out there shopping for an overwrapping machine, you’ll notice that most manufacturers use or incorporate different materials.

Of course, you have to look at the environment and many other factors including the type of products you’ll be packaging.

· Cost

You’ll have to agree with me that even a quick search on the internet right now will reveal different prices of this machine.

Definitely, several factors guide the particular price tag that is put on a specific type of overwrapping machine.

The bottom line nonetheless is that you need to go for an overwrapping machine that is worth the cost.

· Changeover

Of course, this arises mostly when there is a variance of packed products.

It also arises when there is a need to incorporate different types of elements during the packaging process.

Therefore, you should ensure that the machine you’re purchasing allows for as minimal changeovers as possible.

·   Wrapping rate

Well, the truth of the matter is that the essence of using an overwrapping machine is to enhance the speed and reduce time wastage.

So, it is prudent to go for a machine that has a reasonable wrapping rate per minute or hour.

This way, you’ll be able to wrap a significant number of items that need to get to the market within the shortest time possible.

· Maintenance

You see, whenever you’re purchasing this kind of equipment, you also need to factor in its maintenance needs.

Like, you need to figure out the cost of spare parts and the availability of the same.

You also need to determine the ease of fixing the parts and also the regularity of carrying out the general maintenance.

· Mode of operation

Determining your choice for the machine based on its mode of operation is essential. It gives you an idea of how you’ll use it.

Overwrapping equipment, most of them feature two major modes of operation, which include the following;

    • Mechanical

This one, you basically have to carry out most of these operations somewhat manually.

    • Servo

This refers to a mechanism which integrates automation of different parameters of this machine by using error-sensing negative feedback to correct various actions.

· Wrapping style

The type of wrapping that the choice of your machine uses is also an integral factor which you ought to consider.

Different models feature various styles of wrapping.

However, the major styles include the following;

i. Enfold underwrap

ii. Cello wrap

So depending on your preference, you might choose the right one that suits you in regards to wrapping style.

Alternatively, you may choose to go for an overwrapping machine which can offer a wide range of wrapping styles.

So primarily, all these points which I have described briefly herein are quite essential to look into whenever you’re shopping for this equipment.

They increase the chances of getting a highly reliable and efficient process hence making it easy for you to attain desirable results.

In the next section though, I want us to also look at an equally significant aspect of overwrapping machine; use requirement specifications.

Overwrapping Machine User Requirement Specification

URS, as it commonly is known as one of the stringent regulations which all machinery manufacturers have to adhere with.

The essence of URS is to ensure that it maintains all the stipulated quality standards as far as the functioning of the machine is concerned.

So upon purchasing this instrument, you’ll get a URS document, which is ideally compulsory.

For that reason, let’s now go through some of the details you’ll be able to find in this particular document.




This part forms one of the bases of the documents as it points out some of the people or bodies involved in reviewing and authorizing the use of this equipment.

All the approvers have to sign for the authorization of this particular machine.

2. Introduction

This is the section which provides you with the highlights of the many elements regarding this equipment.

It’s at this section that you’ll see the general description, the design, operating details among others.


The outline section entails some form of detailed information as far as the operation of this machine is concerned.

Some of the aspects this section describes include, required production rate, number of package sizes involved, frequency of changes and labor requirements among others.

4. Product requirements

The focus here in this section is to understand the various factors surrounding the process and design specifications.

Examples of some elements in this part of URS include the packaging rate, operating system as well as general maintenance and parts of the machine.

5. Safety concerns

This section provides details regarding the safety perspective of the machine as well as the operator.

6. Compatibility

It highlights all the other equipment and accessories that are compatible with this machine and can work with it effectively.

7. Acceptance test

8. Supply requirements

It discusses some of the key elements as far as the manufacturer is concerned regarding the supply of the instrument to the customers.

9. Limitations

10. Quality standards

11. Abbreviations

It is the section which describes all the short form and codes used in this particular document.

As you read the URS, you’ll notice the several wordings are either coded or abbreviated.

And so for better understanding the terms, the abbreviation section gives you an idea.

Applications of Overwrapping Machine

Now, as we approach the final section of this guide, there is still this significant element that I need us to discuss.

By any standards, it is vital to understand the common applications of this machine.

This is what gives you a practical idea of what it does and how it works.

It is without a doubt that in one or more occasions, you have come across the applications of these instruments, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

For that matter, let me take you some of these common applications of overwrapping machines, albeit briefly.

Application of overwrapping machine

· Pharmaceutical industry

Most industries that manufacture pharmaceutical products use this instrument widely.

Incidentally, it is one of the line instruments necessary for packaging the products before they finally get to the market.

So when you take a walk in any comprehensive pharmaceutical, you’ll find this type of machine used extensively as part of the manufacturing process.

· Food processing

It is also the other area where the use of this equipment is common.

Quite often, you see a wide range of food products in well-packaged containers.

In most instances, the food processing companies use this machine as it helps in ensuring that packaging meets the required standards.

It also helps in making sure that the packaging is attractive to guarantee commendable sales from the consumers.

· Chemical industry

Most of the chemical manufacturing companies also use this type of machine for sealing their products.

As you know, most chemicals are always deemed harmful hence the need for making sure that they are well packaged.

That way, it becomes easy to safeguard people, animals and the environment as a whole from the effects of the chemicals in case of disposal.

· Industrial packaging

Well, the truth of the matter is that many of the industrial products that you need for various reasons are often wrapped.

As we did discuss earlier on, this wrapping serves quite a number of beneficial reasons for the products.

Increased shelf-life, attractiveness, damage prevention among others are just a few of these reasons.

Practically, this machine is used by several industries that need to pack their products accordingly.


Well, so far, you ought to have noticed that indeed overwrapping machines are quite significant additions in line production.

This guide has also revealed to you the many details surrounding this instrument that possibly you didn’t know.

The bottom line nonetheless in this article is that there are so much into overwrapping instruments which of course matter.

Therefore, next time you think of owning one, simply make this article your key point of reference, and you’ll be good to go.

And now, what about hearing from you?

Your suggestions, comments, inquiries or anything to add?

Well, just drop it at the comment section. I’ll truly get back to you!

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