How To Package Gummies

Choosing the right package for gummies will guarantee safety of your food products.

Besides, the right package acts as an important marketing tool.

This guide takes you through the vital aspects of gummy packaging.

Step 1: Know The Type Of Gummies You Want To Package

Gummy bear


Sour Gummies.

Are readily accessible from the stores easy to make.

You can choose your own flavor and customize it to your taste and shapes.

Sourness flavor of the gummies is brought about with unflavored gelatin, flavored Jell-O and Kool-Aid.

For the best taste, color and appearance compliment Jell-O and Kool-Aid.

Gummies can be made from any shape of candy mold.

Making gummy candies is done in a pan and are cut into squares or use cookie cutters to make any shape.

You can also make them in ice cube trays or any silicone mold you have around.


-Water 1 cup.

-Unflavored gelatin 3 envelopes.

-2 packages Jell-O of any flavor.

-Unsweetened Kool-Aid of any flavor 1/2 packet.

Gummy Bears.

Gummy bears are very simple candies to make at home.

The main 4 ingredients are water, sugar, gelatin, and flavors.

When blended, heated and cooled naturally water and gelatin form a chewy candy.

Ingredients for making gummy bears are cheap and available.


-Cold water 12 cup (120 mL).

-Unflavored gelatin 2 tbsp. (20 g).

-Flavored gelatin 1 packet (85 g).

Packaging – Gummy bears are packed in polypropylene plastic bags which have no oxygen permeability hence longer shelf life.

Gummy bear

Gummy bear

Gummy Bunny

0.25 piece giant gummy bunny contains 31g total carbs, 31g net carbs, 130 calories, 0g fat and 2g protein.


Corn syrup, water, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, pectin, gelatin, citric acid, palm vegetable oil and carnauba leaf wax.

Gummy bunny

Gummy bunny

This is  to prevent sticking, fd and c red 40, canola oil, soy lecithin, rosemary extract.

Giant Gummies.

-340 Grams of jelly/jello
-1/4 Cup or 4 tablespoons of unflavoured gelatin
-1 & 1/3 Cups of boiling water

Giant gummy

Gaint gummy

Gummy Candy Corn.

Gummy candy comprises of gelatin, sweeteners, flavorings, and colorings.

It can be molded into literally thousands of shapes because of its nature.

It is a versatile confection products.

Gelatin is the main ingredient responsible gummy’s unique character.

This is an animal tissue protein that forms thick solutions or gels when placed in water.

The gels take the texture of the chewy, gummy candy when used at an appropriate concentration.

Gummy corn

Gummy corn

Gelatin used control the texture and the time candy takes to dissolve in the mouth.


-Cooking spray, for molds.

-6 packages unflavored gelatin, 1/4-ounce.

-1 package flavored gelatin, 3-ounce.

-Cold water 1/2 cup.

For gummy candy to gain its taste sweeteners and flavorings are added.

Since gelatin is a tasteless and odorless compound with no fat.

To prevent crystallization of other sugars from ruining the gummy texture, corn syrup is used.

It also maintain moisture, and keep costs lower.

Sorbitol sweetener helps the candy maintain its moisture content.

  • Gummy Body Parts.
  • Gummy Flowers.
  • Gummy Alligators.

Explore all types of gummies – indicating their ingredients and properties where possible

Also explain why knowing types of gummies is critical when choosing the packaging process

Step 2: Choose A Suitable Gummy Packaging Machine

Some of the main factors you should consider about gummy packaging machine are:

Ultra-1 Pre-Made Pouch Packaging Machine-2

Gummy packaging machine

  • Machine Capabilities

Packaging specifications determines the technical capabilities of the machine.

  • Labor Requirements

The labor you intend to hire will help you choose the right machine.

Machines that are semi-automatic requires more labor than the fully automatic gummy packaging machines.

  • Safety Levels

High safety levels for the machine and workers must be included in your choice for gummy packaging machines.

To help protect the workers and the machine safety features is a must.

  • Machine maintainability

A machine that is easy to maintain last longer and when maintenance need arises it is less costly.

Advantages Of Gummy Packaging Machine

Due to the following advantages gummy packaging machine is every manufacturer’s prime choice when it comes to gummies packaging.
Superior Packaging.
When it comes to upscaling gummies resealable packaging pouches, gummy packaging machine is the best.

Freshness, shelf life and high integrity of gummy products is ensured by the machine.
Time – Effectiveness
The fast procedure and flexible packaging that permits effortless gummy material packaging without facing any difficulties is gummy packaging machine.

Manufacturing companies’ productivity ratio can improve when gummy packaging machines are used.

Accuracy and Reliability.
Number of gummy products delivered into each assigned pouches or bag by the gummy packaging machine is accurate and reliable.

Excellent weighing, filling and sealing steps is ensured by the entire production line of the gummy packaging machine.

For gummy items filling and packaging operation procedures, you don’t need long standing hours for the entire procedure.

Using the integrated HMI touch screen system of a gummy packaging machine, feed the protocol.

Let the machine perform the rest of the operation.

Gummy packaging machine saves manual cost of labor leading to high production time.

Safe Packaging Machine.
Food-grade stainless steel high-quality constructed automated gummy packaging machine is durable and safe for treatment of gummy products.

Smooth Running of Packaging Material.

An advance piece of packaging equipment constructed to deal with specifically gummy and sticky products is called a gummy packaging machine.

Measured products are perfectly delivered into each packaging bag smoothly and efficiently.

Friendly Environment                             
No excessive waste created by gummy packaging machine, this is due to its advanced and efficient packaging properties.

Packaging of empty bags is made 15 cycles for empty bags before initiating the process to check performance of the machine.

The waste material is separated when the machine is running and disposed of as a recyclable material.

No harmful parts or those that induces negative impact to the environment are included.

Gummy Packaging Machine Components

Type of gummy products to be packed determines classification of the weighing system of gummy packaging machines.

  • Multi-Head Weigher
    Multi-head Weigher is recognized for its speed, accuracy and broader applications which makes it common and most popular weighing system.

It uses numerous weighing hoppers at one time.

When dispensing chances of clumping is less if weighing is done properly and correctly.

  • Linear Filling Weigher
    For broad applications of packaging, 2-8 linear filling weighers is employed in many areas.

It is applied in both dry and wet products packaging.

  • Vibrating Plate- Vibrating Feeder

Gummy packaging machine hoppers are fed with vibratory feeders which ensure amount of gummy product going into each hopper is accurate.

Differences may occur on amount of filling due to shortening or when the filling time increases.

  • Collecting Bin
    Above the weighing hoppers, gummy packaging machine is accompanied by a collecting bin which runs the process very quickly.

Gummy products are emptied very fast into the hopper.

Dispensed weight is communicated by a microprocessor which determines the correct weight for the next subsequent dispensing products.

  • Counting Sensor
    Counting sensor of a gummy packaging machine counts the units of gummy products as they pass and direct them to a bag by a funnel.

The vibratory feeder valve closes as soon as gummy products fills in packaging bag.

  • Sealing System
    Under the impact of temperature, time and pressure the sealing of packaging material is the principle parameter of the packaging machine.

A stable seal is created which cools off the system.
For sealing film to be fused together, gummy packaging machine uses heat sealing jaws or ultrasonics sealing system to seal.

Sealing temperature packaging material window varies from 110 to 150 °C.

Heat-sensitive products seal using ultrasonic sealing this occurs when heat is generated due to friction between two layers of film.

Ultra-sonic energy causes vibration energy to generate friction using frequency ranges from 20 – 40 kHz.

Ultrasonic sealing is the safest and best method in preventing product melting, less cleaning time and minimal cooling time.

Unlike heat sealing may cause contamination, melting of sensitive products and clumping.

  • The Blades
    Make sure the sealing of gummy packaging is completed.

Use mounted blades to cut directly in between the sealing jaws.

The blades is made of a flat and slanted side of cutting blades with asymmetrical cutting ends like halves of scissors.

The diameter of the cutting edge of a blade is 2mm wide.

  • Belt Conveyor
    Is a transport system that allows smooth movement of packaging material from one station to another.

The shape is flexible and without sharp edges thus no access to hands, fingers and loose clothing.

With this design safety of the user is ensured with risk of developing contamination reduced hence increasing cost and time wastage.

  • HMI Interference                                                                                                            Gummy packaging machine has a pre-programmed control panel and LCD screen for notifications display.

An operator program and control the gummy packaging operations.

The touch screen allows setting changes to be made.

How Gummy Packaging Machine Works

Gummy packaging machine works based on a vertical feeding of gummy products into desirable packaging material.
Put a film role on a supporting device of the gummy packaging machine.
To detect the trademark pattern use a photo-electric detector and controlling device on packaging material, guiding rods and tensioning device.
Fill the tube of the gummy packaging machine with gummy material then roll the film edge into a cylinder longitudinally.

To attain a sealed tube structure use a heat sealer to heat-seal.
Measure gummy items into a packaging bag using a metering device.

Use the upper filling tube in filling material of a packaging machine and then seal it with a heat sealer.

Step 3: Choose A Safe Material For Packaging Gummies

Gummy packaging

Gummy packaging

-Kraft Paper Bags


Fully sustainable packaging which when oxidation and biodegradation combines they degrade in the environment.

The consumers who buy the products and the companies’ carbon footprint is reduced.

It is a conscious packaging that is eco-friendly and does not harm neither individual nor the environment.


When a kraft paper encounter water it soaks up.

When printed with elaborated colourful patterns achieving the effect is difficult due to its rough surface hence uneven ink.

If you dealing with liquid products avoid kraft packaging paper.



They are very convenient easy to open and close or even scoop while in the bag.

Are very light when packaged with shatterproof qualities.

Space for branding and graphics is enough therefor showcasing premium look and feel.

-Plastic-free Materials


Material used e.g. aluminum jars can be recycled or reused.

Lightweight paperboard tubes are recyclable.

-Translucent Coloured PET


To make sure light-sensitive formulas are protected, translucent colouring packages are used and still the products are showcased.

It’s the ideal packaging for silk screen decoration and pressure sensitive labelling.


Limits clear vision, you can’t see everything inside clearly.

-Square Footprint


When arranging on the shelves and during shipping they occupy less space thus more packets can fit.

For product messaging and decoration there is a large billboard.

-Utilizing Shrink Sleeve Decoration


Even with their custom shapes, they provide maximum coverage for decoration.

Opaque and transparent designs are incorporate at ago.


Not so light when you want to save on the cost of shipping.

Step 4: Know Why You Should Package Gummies

Packaging gummies protects the products and elevate the look of the brand.

It is a storage means and also for hygiene purposes.

Customers are informed of some properties of the products using packages.

Packaging is a transport ease for those with less time.

Step 5: Choose Suitable Gummy Packaging

Sealed Plastic Bags

Polypropylene plastic made bags are the most common bags used for packaging gummies.

Bag is filled by weight or specific quantity by manufacturer and the top opening heat-sealed to create an airtight closure.

Are commonly used for vitamins, supplements and candy gummies.

Bagger machine and heat sealer are the basic equipment before starting bag packaging process.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are easy to source, cost-effective and are able to easily re-close after opening.

  • Are easily sourced in a variety of shapes and sizes from larger jars to smaller travel-friendly options.
  • Consider equipment like capper, bottle unscrambling equipment and Induction sealer before starting a packaging services.


Cartons are easy to dispose after the package has been emptied due to the tough paper material that they are made from.

Carton packaging sourcing materials is cost-effective and these containers are easy to fill.

Easily configured into a various shapes for different aesthetic options.

Equipment like cartoning machine must be considered before starting the process.

Packaged gummies

Packaged gummies

Step 6: Step-by-step Gummy Packaging Process

Feed the gummies in the gummy packaging machine is the first step.

For you to package with the gummy packaging machine, ensure the machine is integration into the production line.

Fill the hopper with the gummy candy from the gummy-making machine.

Declumping screen and conveyorized product feeding system is introduced if the gummy is sticky.

The gummy-making machine begins the packaging process after receiving the gummies.

Make sure the package hopper has enough packaging materials during the process.

Natural separation is created starting from the hopper to the conveyorized system.

This is due to the constant movement and vibration of the product being fed.

Conveyorized gummy system also creates an opportunity for inspection and sorting of the product being fed.

Use dimpled surfaces from Weighers, feed pans, supply hopper and bucket elevator to counter sticky nature of gummy products.

Load of the packets or bottle

Ensure the weights are ok.

Gummy candy flows bit by bit through the guide rails from the gummy candy hopper to the filling station.

Modifying the scale so that the vibratory feed pans are tilted downwards is an added advantage.

This gives gummy additional help from the gravity allowing packaging materials to flow from hopper through to the filling station.

Gummy candy falls in an open packaging material.

It is continues process until all the gummy candy materials are inside the packages.

Sealing the Gummy Packages

As soon as the gummy candy is within the gummy packages the machine will close them by sealing the bags.

Ensure the air bags are purged by the machine before sealing them completely.

Seal the bags airtight enough ensuring nothing goes in.

With the labeling machine, label the packages.

How Manual Gummy Packaging Compare To Fully Automated Gummy Packaging Process

Manual gummy packaging process require more labour force hence more costs unlike automated process.

Depending with the number of products to be packaged and type of automation, automatic is less time consuming than Manual process.

Automatic process creates a safer working environment compared to when working the manual way when it comes to packaging heavy products.

With automatic packaging you are sure of same protection for each item where shape and design are tailored unlike manual operation.

Automatic packaging is economical it reduces amount of waste by using a set amount of material thus saving packaging cost.

Small scale gummy packaging machine

Small scale gummy packaging machine

It create an efficient pattern by cutting material to size thus utilizing minimum level of material as compared to manual.

Step 7: How To Control And Check Quality During Gummy Packaging Process

Ensure you using the best packaging machine and correct packing materials.

Correct packaging size and packing style.

Adhere to the set international quality standards always.

Identify point where contamination could potentially occur and look for control measures.

Always ensure protection of the products you packaging.

Ensure moisture absorbent quantity is enough.

For equipment and machinery ensure lubrication and services are done properly.

How Gummy Packaging Process Can Impact Your Business.

For any business that makes or sells products packaging is a key part of the marketing plan.

Product packaging influence on purchase decisions necessitates attention to detail and a sense of brand image.

Customer’s eye is attracted by the right packaging design hence making the product stand out.

A faster and more efficient turnaround for your manufacturing process is ensured when a full gummy production cycle in-house is adopted.

This saves time by enabling you to create, package and prepare more batches for shipping.

During gummy packaging process it is easy to prevent defective products from reaching store shelves at a higher rate.

This is because when transitioning gummies from manufacturing to packaging, greater control is taken by the quality assurance team.

In that if an error is noticed decision is made on time.

Greater business development opportunities is created to contract manufacturers serving multiple pharmaceutical clients.

This is done with gummy packaging machine by offering their partners a complete in-house production service.

Greater customer confidence in your operation is instilled and allows you to continue earning your partners’ trust.

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