Paper Bag Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about paper bag machine.

From features, parts, to working principle – you will find everything about paper bag making machine right here.

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What Is Paper Bag Machine?

Paper Bag processing machine is a device used in collecting, flopping, inscribing, and refining papers to make clean sanitary paper bags.

The paper bags are used for wrapping items in different divisions, including edibles items, pharmaceutical items, vegetable stores and pastry shops.

Paper Bags Are Used In Various Divisions

Paper Bags Are Used In Various Divisions

Is Paper Bag Making Business Profitable?

Yes Paper Bag Making Business is profitable in long run mostly because it involves manufacturing a variety of different shapes, sizes.

The profitable part gets in due to high demand in the market for environment friendly paper bags that degrades quickly in disposal.

Apart from being environment friendly, It requires less investment to start and the materials used in paper making are relatively cheaper.

Why Invest In Paper Bag Machines?

The demand for paper bag is high especially due to the banning of plastic bags; this makes it a good deal.

Apart from being environment friendly other reason as to why we should invest in Paper Bag Making Machine is listed below:

 Increase In Production-

Production increases due to the automaticity of paper bag machine; this allows you to produce up to ten thousand bag pieces.

Automatic paper bag machines the assembly line is streamlined this saves money and time for Quick production and Quality Production expected.


The machine operates at a high speed to complete daily production and is efficiently made for large quality production at speed.

Has A Diversification Of Functionality-

Used in molding, scheming, pigmenting and categorizing, providing extensive scope for operation in distinct parts of production thus housing diverse consumer.


Being energy efficient and having features like PC control system, touch screen and color mark this makes functionality of machine good.


The effectiveness of paper bag making is precise, accurate in dimensions measured, free from defects like wood splinters, dust, and holes.

Does not Erode Through Effortlessly-

The construct plan and standard appliance is build of holdings automation structure that doesn’t abrade through as it is computer organized.

Above Are reasons Why You Should Invest In A Paper Bag Machine

Above are Reasons Why You Should Invest In A paper bag Machine

How Much Does Paper Bag Machine Cost?

Has no fixed price but the range from around 42 000.00 Dollars- 61 000.00 dollars, It defers on factors affecting price.

Some of these factors that may affect the prices include –Size of machine, the level of automation also affects the price.

How Does Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine Compare To Semi-automatic Paper Bag Machine?

 Completely Mechanized Paper Bag Making Instrument-

Its fully computerized, very productive or dynamic, fast and cheap to produce paper bags build on modern technology to optimize performance.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine

Fully Automatic paper Bag Machine

Semi-Mechanized Paper Bag Apparatus-

Takes after some of manual features, small power usage, increased durability, low cost, partial automation, varies size before produced, low maintenance.

What Are The Features Of Manual Paper Bag Machine?

Durability is high, it’s made with quality materials for longer stay effects to withstand harsh conditions exposed in and work efficiently.

Operating it is smooth and reliable and also Maintenance and servicing of it is usually low considering it being a manual.

The capacity of producing bag is 50-60 bags per hour for an average one and 100-200 mm being maximum length produced.

Design is stiffly.

How Does Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine compare To Hexagonal Bottom Paper Bag Machine?

Quad Bottom Paper Bag Instrument-

This is a flexible machine that uses rolling paper as the actual raw material leading to 100% compostable paper bags produce.

The machine is flexible when it comes to technique on operation, from folding at the bottom and also cutting rolled paper.

 The Characteristics Comprise:

Has mechanized touch display connection to exhibit advancement of performance, carrying motor controller steer that compel the instrument to work efficiently.

Saves energy, durability abilities, Pneumatic lift structure regulates the lifting of material, has automatic lubricating oil supply and is accurate too.

Hexagonal Bottom Paper Bag Machine-

Produces unique hexagonal shaped bottom papers bags which are biodegradable, this is unique due to their shaped bottom and It’s computerized.

What Are The Components Of Paper Bag Machine?

Form Of Paper Bag Making Apparatus-

Machines are usually either small size, large or medium in size one determines size by looking at the machine outward appearance.

 Purpose Of Shape-

 Shape always issue defense to inside components and bit of the appliance, consequently defending the internal elements from any harm machine-like.

The structure provides the devices with acquirable suitable sizes and dimensions to fit in without causing any damage to the components.

Material Feeding Part-

This is the access point of materials that are raw and the flexible packaging film is released from a feeder roll.  This process of Paper Bag making involves passing a roll of film using intertwined operation that heats, seals, cuts and combs.

The binder reel will advance the film in the appliance then medium is elapsed between the in- feed onto producer division.

Then rubber lining on feeder presses against each other caused by pneumatic cylinders in these process materials sticks on the rollers.

Forming Section-

Uses braked hydraulic system which releases paper rolls and loads, Unwind unit installed with tension control allows running of paper web.

The Tube Forming Station-

The bag, gusset width is adjusted between small to large ranges, this allows tailoring the width of paper to appropriate value.

Because of Fitted creating panel one can adjust thickness and understand suitable worth, strengthen rotation sort support thickness is normally convertible.

The Bottom-Making Part-

 This is a device that has a function of folding the bottom and is adjusted to give wanted bottom bag width.

Bottom Pasting Part-

This is where the bottom part of paper bag is glued together, it contains Water-based glue applied to bottom part opened.

The completed or finished bags are always exited through the delivery table where the bags are usually automatically counted and collected.

How Does Paper Bag Machine Operate?

Operations of paper manufacturing have some steps incorporated which are inserting basic material, shutting, trimming and finally piling up paper bags.

Inserting Basic Matter Into The Device-

First thing involved is film unwinding gadget that supplies the film into machine in form of rolls from the feeder roll.

The unraveling unfolds in a way that does not actually interfere with any films tension as it is usually left intact.

Tension film is given by friction brake then unwinds correctly folding into chamber feed then transfers to next through feeder rollers.

Forming Stage-

The process usually starts by the feeder rollers that are from the in-feed sector, delivering film material to the forming stage. Cutting, sealing are two main things happening on forming stage, Film material taken through controlled temperature to ensure film is sealed.

Depending on the type of Material Manufactured, it’s important because it determines the sealing time and quantity of temperature being used.

Maintenance of temperature sealing components is done by separate hardware, after the sealing process the material is routed through chiller units.

Which is made up of numerous rollers, this chiller unit reduces the fabric temperature by spraying them thus cooling them down.

Material is brought to the cutters having sharp blades that move up and down cutting materials into various sizes and shapes.

Glue is applied then finished paper bags sent through series of rollers which presses them together coming out as one piece.


Bottom and top parts of different bags require good pasting as these bags have to be excellent for packaging powdered goods.

Pasting works well with valve bags and single-bottom bags so as to have good sealing characteristics for different products needing packaging.


After all the processes are done, bags are taken to the stacker. The stacker piles them and sends them to conveyor.

The conveyor on belt will transports various bits of paper bags to discharge point, which usually acts as final collection, point.

 A Paper bag Machine In Operation

A Paper Bag Machine In Operation

How Can You Troubleshoot Paper Bag Machine?

Misaligning The Paper Tube-

Before procedures one has to ensure the size of tube forming mold is correct, adjust middle insert wheels in vertical position.

 Examining The Regions Of Paper Bag Base If It Is Imperfectly Outlined-

Confirm accuracy of distance between first and second clamp; verify if the distance in between first and second clamp is right.

Confirm if the sizes that are incorporated of sides are correct, Check the knife insert if it is at right position.

Verify if open bottom clamp has ability of reaching first line and make sure production pressure of mechanical figure is right.

Wavering Of The Paper Tube-

Check the unwinding tension if it is right, confirm the position of the paper to be forming molds at right location.

Position of Insert platter needs alteration to have good opening inclination verify if pressure and friction in wheel is suitable point.

Try To Corroborate The Paper Tube Genuine Extent With The Processor Coordinate Distance

Correct the pull pressure of paper and always check the pressure of delivery when together with its location with the knife.

Guarantee that the extent of the real double shade blemish will be ostensible or be precise communication to the calibrate distance.

The Produced Paper Bag Is Securing Imperfectly-

Guarantee you inspect the similarity of end batten distance with bag thickness and further scrutinize locking shank secured position is right.

 Ensure accuracy of the height of the bag bottom then get rid of glue and dirt by cleaning the closing bar.

Possessing Shattered Paper Bag Section-

Check if the pulling of the rollers open bottom is right and then see the inserted dimensions of sides are okay.

 Check to ensure accuracy position of open bottom clamp, this is important when it comes to having broken paper bags corners.

Continuity Of Glue In The Bag Bottom-

Check the excessiveness of the bottom glue and then reduce it and also confirm the size of the cushion coating glue.

The cushion coating might be too large and thus requiring shortening and check if the glue is suitable for gluing base.

 Damaging The Front Paper Bottom-

 Check position of centre of open clamp, if it’s inappropriate and also confirm the tallness of middle clamp open is okay.

Having Irregular Paper Tube Side And Formation Of Wrinkles-

Check if the delivery belt pressure if its utmost and besides discern the accepted position of the conveyance pipe is right.

Asymmetry Assembly Of Paper Container-

Check delivery belt pressure amount required then choose type of transport mechanism in place at delivery belt to adjust from touch-screen.

How Will You Optimize Working Of Paper Bag Machine?

You can optimize the working of paper bag manufacturing machine by:

Use It To Improve Labor Productivity-

Mechanical bag making is very faster, more efficient, productive, doesn’t get tired because most of them are computerized compared to manual.

 To Effectively Guarantee The Quality Of Paper Bags-

It produces consistence commanded specifications according to the exact actual required shape and size according to the requirements of paper bags.

Reduces The Intensity Of Labor And Working Condition Is Improved-

Does all work which is tiresome, energy consuming, time wasting with less production when human involved in process of bag making.

Reduce Cost-

It actually reduces the scope of the waste products and also reduces the waste of raw materials involved because of accuracy.

Are There Multifunctional Paper Bag Machine?

Yes there are some paper bag machines which are actually multifunctional in many ways as they have other accessory such as:

Printing Line –

These are usually located in between the feeders to actually help in positioning of bags tightly beneath the blades and sealers.

The verified motive of printer is to inscribe mark on paper container, these smudges can incorporate the producer emblem, dimensions, style.

Punching Holes-

Automatic paper bag machine punches holes in paper bags and the accessory in paper bag machine depends on the pneumatic system.

Pneumatic system is actually a conclave of the connected parts that precisely uses compressed air to ensure the automated equipment works.

This ensures accessory program attached works in a programmed way .Equipment items relying on pneumatic system include  handle punch component, zippers, and sealers.

 A Multifunctional Paper Bag Machine Has Various Accessory Machines Attached

A Multifunctional Paper Bag Machine Has Various Accessory Machines Attached

Which Features Should Consider When Buying Paper Bag Machine?

Measurements Of The Paper Bag-

Make sure that the dimensions you actually  want is precisely the same with the dimensions produced by the paper bag machine.


Choose size that fits adequately in your factory and doesn’t occupy  all the space or the size to your preferences.

Production Speed-

It should actually precisely produce the daily required amount of paper bags, produce them fast and efficiently without getting worn out.

Automation Level-

Make sure that the machine is fully automated to reduce the expense of labor workers and minimize mistakes and errors too.

Trader Or Dealer-

Obtain Paper bag machine from dealer or supplier who is known and has good reputation as this guarantees good quality machine.

Do Paper Bag Machines Have Warranty?

Yes paper bag machine have warranties but generally it depends with your manufacturer or supplier, but mostly one to five years.

What May Cause Failure In Paper Bag Machine?

Inappropriately Designed Corners Of The Paper Bag-

Inaccuracy distance between first, second clamp, Inadequate pressure from middle clamp and on bottom fuming molds, wrong placement of insert knife.

Deviation In The Paper Tube-

The actual source of this error is mostly because of the slight change of the paper tube from the previous spot.

The Flickering Of The Paper Tube-

This is actually due to the inappropriate posting of the friction and the pressure wheels poor opening inclination of insert plate.

Produced Paper Container Has Sub-standard Locking-

Due to length of closing bar not same as width of paper bags, because of inaccurate arrangement site of closing bar.

The imprecision of the high point of the paper bag obstructs the production and unclean closing bar is also another cause.

Incompetent Paper Container Assembly-

Is actually caused by the slowed rate in transportation mechanisms and the pressure at the delivery belt precisely being really low.

Paper Bags Having Splinted Sections-

Inaccuracy of measured dimensions that is placed on sides, bottom clamp being wrongly positioned and rollers of the polling being incompetent.

Machine Not Powering-

This is due to the primary motor not receiving electrical supply due to the out phase and Failure in switch signet.

The Conservation against non-observance of the original creator inverter cause machine to not power, disunity of lines with main power source.

Do You Offer Replacement Parts For Paper Bag Machines?

Replacement Parts of machine are offered in stores you bought from, online order offers replacement and authorized dealer in your country.

Which Materials Do Paper Bag Machine Use To Make Bags?

Brown Kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper, art paper, grease proof paper, glossy paper, ivory board paper, film- laminated paper, offset paper.

How Do You Feed Papers In Paper Bag Machines?

Films unwind gadget from feeder roll then it unwinds film in form of rolls into machine while film tension is intact.

Pneumatic provides necessary film tension needed then the film unwinds in a way that is folded correctly into the indeed chamber.

Afterwards the film becomes unrolled and is extracted to insert bower where the inserter moves to handover film into succeeding section.

Film Of Paper Being Rolled Into A Paper Bag Machine

Film of Paper Being Rolled Into A Paper Bag Machine

What Determines Production Capacity Of Paper Bag Machine?

The Computerization Of Paper Bag Making Machine-

This permits the instrument to be self-supporting throughout the scheme of the labor since they will sometimes demand the human surveillance.

They operate incessant without getting fatigue; their function is computerized from boarding basic materials to bosomy completed bags with no oversight.

Execution Of Paper Container Instrument-

Automatic paper bag machine actually produces wide range of the different sizes of bags and can punch holes in paper bags.

This is important in the production capacity of the paper bags as it shows the efficiency, the accuracy and runs smoothly.

Do All Paper Bag Machine Produce Paper Bags With Windows?

Some of the machines have windows and some do not have windows but mostly one will require Machine with this functionality.

Do Paper Bag Machine Have Printers?

Some do have them and some don’t have them, printers are very essential devices in the process of paper bag making.

The purposes of these printers are actually apparent and are straight forward as it stamps some printings on the paper bag.

Markings on the paper bags are the company design, logo, size designation; printer prints all the markers on the paper bags.

Location for printing machine is between feeders, print-mark control acts on feeders to align bags as required under blades and sealers.

The inscribe-logo power has the film enrollment amenity which labor on the film which has got illustration or even reissues facts.

How Do You Test Quality Of Paper Bags?

Bursting Strength Test-

This test is actually used to determine the forces needed to fail the adhesion force it is a very important process.

Test can estimate the weight a bag bears without losing its adhesion point then the weight carrying the capacity is divided.

This Test Helps To Determine How Much Weight A Paper Bag Can Bear

This Test helps Determine How Much Weight A Bag Can Carry

Cobbsizing Test-

Sampled is placed on a fixture having a steel cavity over it, then the sample is filled with water to completely.

Sample is placed inside the container for some time to absorb most of water before being removed to drain excess water.

The excess water from the sample is actually drained using an equipment which is heavy and stainless steel in cylindrical shape.

The weight is actually measured precisely and compared with before weight and after the difference got is cob value of paper.

Tearing Strength Tester-

As the actual name suggests the test usually determine the tearing strength by actually calculating accurately the resistance of the paper.

Peel Strength Tester-

Evaluates the constrain appropriate to breakdown attachment and can valuate adiposity that bag endures without failing out at the attachment mark.

 A Peel Strength Tester

A Peel Strength Tester

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