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“Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies in Russia”

Find your best pharmaceutical company

If you’re looking for the top list of pharmaceutical companies in Russia, no need to look further. We’re bringing the best pharma companies to you.  You can always find the Russian pharma companies on our top 100 pharmaceutical companies list.

This list comes with a brief introduction about each company and its main address in the country.


Russia, 123100, Moscow, Presnenskaya Emb, house 12, Federation Tower (West), floor 42

Pharmasyntez is the largest manufacturer of anti-TB drugs. They are engaged in research, development, and distributing up-to-date, high-quality, and affordable drugs and medicines for the medical field. Aside from specialization, they also provide treatment for blood disease, oncology, hepatitis, etc.

Alpen Pharma Ltd.
75 Friederich Engels st. , building 10, 3 floor, off. 2. 105082 Moscow. Russia

This company is providing a comprehensive range of services, such as the promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products, clinical studies, pharmacovigilance, etc. They serve customers in Eastern Europe and Asia.

1-Ya Brestskaya Ulitsa, 29/22, Moscow, Russia, 125047

This is a Russian pharmaceutical company that offers innovative pharmaceutical products into segments like gastroenterology, neurological, and ophthalmology. They conduct research activities in the development of drug products.

."North Tower" Business Centre, 1 entrance, 10 Testovskaya street, Moscow 123112

They are fully committed to develop and manufacture modern pharmaceutical products. Pharmstandard delivers new products to meet the healthcare system requirements and patients’ expectations.

27A, 24 Linia, Vasilievsky Ostrov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 199106.

WERTEKS., a pharmaceutical company engaged in producing pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics. They have created IPQS according to local and international standards.

Biocad RF
Ul. Svyazi 34-A, Strelna St Petersburg, 198515

This company is one of the leading innovative biotech companies focused to produce innovative medicines for the treatment of complex health conditions, like HIV, Hepatitis C infections, cancer, and other disorders.

БЦ Демидов, Ulitsa Timura Frunze, 11, к 1, Moscow, Russia, 119021

MSD delivers innovative health solutions in more than 140 countries worldwide. They bring forward medicines, vaccines, biological therapies, and animal health products.

Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 10, Moscow, Russia, 123317

This is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that delivers innovative therapies that extend and improve lives. Pfizer works across developed and emerging markets to advance the treatment of severe diseases.

Ulitsa Letnikovskaya, 2, с. 2, Moscow, Russia, 115114

Roche focused on advanced science to improve people’s life. They develop medicines for the treatment of immunology, oncology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, and CNS diseases. The company extends its service to research labs, private medical labs, hospitals, and more.

STADA CIS Russian holding
119017, Russia, Moscow

STADA CIS Russian holding is a company focused on the development and marketing off-patent active pharmaceutical ingredients, generics, and branded products. They are active in the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare market in more than 120 countries.

Moscow, Russia

This company is a leading manufacturer of antiseptics, disinfectants, and other diagnostic products. They deliver solutions to healthcare institutions. Microgen supports healthcare providers in more than 80 countries.

125009, Россия, Москва ул. Тверская, дом 22 Бизнес центр 'Саммит' 8 этаж,Russia

This is a biopharma company that focused on human health. They are dedicated to research, production, and distributing pharmaceutical products for several diseases. They provide healthcare solutions around the world.

125196, Moscow, st. Lesnaya, 7, BC "White Gardens", building "A"

As a research-based biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie, Inc is dedicated to developing and sale of pharmaceutical products across key therapeutic areas. Including oncology, eye care, immunology, neuroscience, and more.

Johnson & Johnson
17, Strada 3, Krylatskaya Ul Moscow, 121614 Russian Federation

Johnson&Johnson is providing modern technological solutions in more than 175 countries in the world. They provide medical devices and disposables, used to treat several therapeutic areas, like ophthalmology and pediatrics.

St. Petersburg Office, Artillerijskaya str., 1, Office 334, 614, 191104 St. Petersburg, Russia.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer of innovative patented medicines. They are focused on rheumatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, and other therapeutic areas. This company collaborates with academic and research institutions in Russia.

107113, Москва, 3-я Рыбинская ул., дом 18, строение 2,Russia

Bayer is a leading innovative company providing healthcare, medical products, consumer care products, and animal health products. They aim to discover and manufacture products to improve human and animal health.

35 ul. Valovaya. Moscow, 115054 Russia

Teva brings advanced therapies and providing the largest range of medicines. They provide quality health solutions to over 80 countries around the world. They are dedicated to research, development, and marketing generic and specialty medicines.

Lesnaya Ulitsa, д. 7, Moscow, Russia, 125196

Servier., est. in 2007 specializes in research, production, manufacturing, and packaging. They are known for their very high production quality and level of requirements equal to EU standards.

Leningradsky Ave, 70, Moscow, Russia, 125315

Sandoz., a healthcare company providing drugs and solutions for human and animal health. They are dedicated to manufacturing and processing drugs address to evolving needs of patients worldwide.

Detskaya Ulitsa, 5-а, St Petersburg, Russia, 199106

Krka., is a pharmaceutical company providing generic pharmaceuticals and drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal, infectious disease, and rheumatic diseases. They are providing solutions around the world.

Dolgoprundny Likhachevsky Travel 5 B Dolgoprudny, 141701 Russian Federation

This company is engaged in marketing and promoting drugs, medicines, and innovative solutions intended to enhance health and well-being. It currently holds more than 250 trademarks and a product portfolio.

Khimki Business Park. Leningradskaya Str., vladeniye 39, building 5,. Khimki, Moscow Region 141400, Russia.

Abbot Laboratories create and access technologies enable to improve people’s lives. They are providing treatment and solutions for people with diabetes, reduce chronic pain, and more.

Leningradsky Ave, 37Ак4, Moscow, Russia, 125167

This is a science-led pharmaceutical company providing pharmaceuticals, medicine, and health care products. They provide the latest trend drugs to create better solutions.

Moscow, Russian Federation

Berlin-Chemie is a developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, offering a wide portfolio of products in several therapeutics fields. Including respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolism, infectious disease, and more.

Yermolayevskiy Ln, 27, Moscow, Russia, 125047

Nativa is a pharmaceutical company in Russia, developing and producing world-class complex medicines essential for multiple sclerosis, oncology, anti-cancer drugs, and a unique product portfolio and pipeline.

Oruzheynyy Pereulok, 25, стр. 1, Moscow, Russia, 125047

PIQ-PHARMA is among the few Russian companies that produce medicines and pharmaceutical substances. Their product list includes 20 drugs effective for treating and preventing a wide range of diseases, such as neurology, and cardiology.

Mikoyan aircraft, 12 office complex 'Battleship', Building A 1 entrance, 2nd floor, Russia

Nearmedic is a manufacturer of original nanomedicines for the treatment of infectious diseases. They are dedicated to the introduction of products and services in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Business center "Nevskaya Ratusha" 11B, Degtyarny lane, St. Petersburg, 191144, Russian Federation

This company is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of pharmaceutical preparations. They specialize in restoring brain function and treatment of diabetes.

10, ent. 2, Testovskaya st., Moscow, 123112, Russia

This is a full-cycle research and production company capable to handle the full cycle of development of any biological drugs, molecule design- commercial production. They are cooperating with leading companies all over the world.

Сосновая ул., 1, Pokrov, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 142143

Petrovax., est. in 1996, they are engaged in discovering, developing, and manufacturing innovative medicines and vaccines. Equipped with modern high-tech equipment for production and post-production control.

Innovative Pharma
Grand Setun Plaza, Gorbunova 2 Street, Moscow

Innovative Pharma is a strong-growing pharmaceutical company, grow from 26 products to more than 1350+ products. They strive to improve access and affordability of medicines.

Malaya Nikitskaya Street 29 Building 1 Moscow, 121069 Russian Federation

Sintez is a large pharmaceutical company in Russia, providing a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products. They operate according to relevant international standards.

KPMG International
Ul. Mapata, 69-71, лит.А, St Petersburg, Russia, 190005

KPMG International focused to develop a rich understanding of clients’ business and insight. They help firms’ professionals to do so and resolve address industry-specific issues and opportunities.

Moscow, Russia

Akrikhin is a leading pharmaceutical company in Russia. They are manufacturing high-quality medicines for the various therapeutic classes including neurology, cardiovascular, gynecology, and more. They are providing products to the Russian pharmaceutical market.

DSM Group
5-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 7 корпус 2, Северный АО, Moscow, Russia, 125040

This is a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in nutrition, health, and sustainable living. Their product and solutions address to biggest challenges in the world.

Luzhniki Embankment, 8, Moscow, Russia, 119270

AmeRuss is a next-generation CRO providing comprehensive clinical development solutions across the pharma, biotech, and medical device market. They are capable to conduct full service.

Bldg. 1, 125, Varshavskoe Shosse, 117545, Moscow, Russia

GRAND-CRYO., established in 2010, they are producing unique technology called cryotherapy. They provide a modern effective tools to ensure all performance.

Академика Сандахчиева пр-т, стр. 11, Kol'tsovo, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia, 630559

Katren is a distributor of pharmaceutical products. They serve hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities. Since founded in 1993, it had been one of the leading companies in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Pharma International Russia
Nalchik-city, Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

Established in 1998, Pharma International Russia operates as high-tech pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of infusion solutions.

195279 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Industrialniy pr. 71/2

This is a modern and dynamically developed company dedicated to manufacturing drugs and medicines. Skopinpharm Llc has been constructed with due reference to the GMP regulations.

19-1, Berzarina st., 123154, Moscow,Russia

As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Rinpharm is providing a full range of services related to the distribution and sales of pharmaceutical products.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Russia, Electrozavodskaya 27, bld. 8, Business center LeFort, Moscow

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical formulations and API’s. This multinational pharmaceutical company serves several countries.

Protek Group
Bldg. 4, 2, Admirala Makarova Str., 125212, Moscow, Russia

This is a large pharmaceutical company operating in all pharmaceutical sectors including the production of medications, distribution of health, beauty products, and retailing of pharmaceuticals.

Pharma Group Baltic
Yaroslavl, Russia

This is a full-cycle engineering company dedicated to providing the whole scope of services for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. From concept design to production, you could trust Pharma Group Baltic.

1-Y Krasnogvardeyskiy Proyezd, д.21, стр.1, Moscow, Russia, 125284

AstraZeneca Russia has a clear focus on providing a new set of standards for medicine across Russia and Eurasia. They are focus on the treatment of cardiovascular, oncology, autoimmune disease, respiratory, and inflammatory.

Dornier MedTech
Mytnaya Ulitsa, 3, Moscow, Russia, 119049

Dornier MedTech is a medical device company, leads in pioneering technologies and revolutionary therapies in urology. They develop the highest quality urology products in the market today.

Fidia Pharma Russia LLC
12, Krasnopresnenskya nab, entrance 3, office 1602 123610 Moscow

Fidia Pharma Russia LLC provides value-added solutions to healthcare challenges. They hold a diversified product portfolio on branded pharmaceuticals and medical devices, dietary supplements as well.

Russian Pharmaceutical Technologies LLC
Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation

This is a research and development company that focused on transforming innovative scientific discoveries into novel therapeutic agents.

141402, Moscow region, Khimki, 29 Leninradskaya str.

Pulse is a pharmaceutical company that produces innovative medical solutions in all areas. They are producing medical products for countries like Africa, Russia, and southeast Africa.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals
2bld1, Usacheva street, 119048, Moscow, Russia

As a global biopharmaceutical company, Takeda Pharmaceuticals focused on producing high-quality therapeutics to enhance people’s health. They developed life-changing treatments for various diseases.

d. 30 korp. 9, ul. Krylatskie Kholmy. Moscow, 121614 Russian Federation

AVVA RUS JSC manufactures and distributes innovative medical products that prevent rare and deadly diseases. They always improve medical treatments for better effectiveness.

Crocus Expo IEC, hall 2, Moscow

PharmTech is a medical company that is expert that offers the best development and manufacturing of medical products. They are well-engaged in drug delivery, ingredients and packaging.

Swixx BioPharma
Building B2, floor 2Business Centre “Riga Land”143421 Moscow region, Krasnogorsk city district, Baltic road 26 km

Swixx BioPharma is one of the multinational companies that develop and produce medical devices and other medical products worldwide. They are also an ethically-driven and service-oriented company.

2, building 46, 2nd Kabelnaya street, Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation

Pharm-Sintez is a Russian biopharmaceutical company that produces all the needs in oncology, surgery, oncology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, and radioisotope diagnostics.

Acino Russia
ul. Palikha, 10, Moscow, Russia, 127055

Acino Russia is one of the most advanced medical companies in Russia in terms of oral dispersible forms and modified release oral forms. They are extending their products and services around the world.

Butyrskiy Val Ulitsa, 68/70 строение 1, Moscow, Russia, 127055

NANOLEK is a Russian biopharmaceutical company that specializes in innovative drugs and production with GMP standards. They are experts in manufacturing statins, antihypertensive, and antihistaminic agents.

t-Petersburg Plant address: 195279 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Industrialniy pr. 71/2, lit

Solopharm is a Russian pharmaceutical company that develops liquid sterile dosage forms and holds a product line of gastroenterological, rheumatological, injection solutions, ophthalmic, otolaryngological, and cosmetological products.

600910, Vladimir Region, Raduzhny city, SP 16

BioChimPharm is a biotechnology company that is an expert in the research and development of phages. They focused on producing medical treatments that prevent infections caused by resistant-bacteria.

пос, ул. Заводская, стр.107, Vol'ginskii, Vladimir Oblast, Russia, 601125

VTF is a Russian-owned pharmaceutical company that manufactures all kinds of medicines and dietary supplements. They develop new ideas in manufacturing these products to enhance its effectiveness.

10 Ostozhenka, Ostozhenka Office Building, 119034 Moscow, Russia Primer Capital

GemoPharm develops medical treatments and solutions to cure cancer. One of their main product is a humanized antibody belonging to the IgG1 isotype.

Rue du Trône, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) is a biopharmaceutical industry that develops medicines, vaccines, and therapies for various diseases. They are one of the fast-growing companies in Russia.

Johnson & Johnson
Moscow, Russia

Johnson & Johnson is a pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures medical devices, consumer health products, and pharmaceutical products. The company produces outstanding products and services.

Accell Clinical Research
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Accell Clinical Research is a multinational company that masters the development and production of oncology products and other medical devices. The company ensures they provide products on a high clinical basis.

150, Varfolomeeva Str., Rostov-on-Don, Russia

PHOENIX group is one of the leading healthcare providers. They manufacture and produce drugs and medical devices. Their main company is located in the heart of Europe.

St.-Petersburg, Russia

GEROPHARM-Bio is a professional company that focused on developing medical products for neurology and psychiatry. They produce ophthalmology, myopia, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.

Ucb Pharma
БЦ "Конкорд", 3 этаж, Shabolovka St, 10с2, Moscow, Russia, 119049

Ucb Pharma is expert in producing all the solutions for neurology and immunology. They have the most advanced skills when it comes to human biology, biomarkers, and genetics.

Rus Biopharm
Ulitsa Programmistov, 4, помещение 215, Dubna, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141983

Rus Biopharm produces innovative medical products for patients with life-impacting diseases. Since 2012, they focused on biological products and biosimilars. They also hold a full portfolio of COPD drugs and asthma.

Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
Elektrozavodskaya Ulitsa, 27 с 8, Moscow, Russia, 129223

Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited develops medical products that are approved by Food & Drug Administration. They are specialists in manufacturing generic medicines.

Ulitsa Stanislavskogo, 21, строен.2, Moscow, Russia, 109004

Allergan is a pharmaceutical company that has been producing medical solutions for over 30 years. They produce products that provide profit for both companies.

ММДЦ "Москва-Сити", 7 этаж, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 8с1, Moscow, Russia, 123317

Amgen offers discoveries, development, and production of innovative human therapeutics. They always develop more effective medicines because their main objective is the fundamental of human biology.

Novo Nordisk
Lomonosovsky Prospect 38, office 11, Moscow, 119330,Russia

In defeating diabetes, Novo Nordisk is your best solution provider. They also produce all the solutions and treatments to cure chronic diseases like obesity, rare endocrine diseases, and blood diseases.

Leningradsky Ave, 70, Moscow, Russia, 125315

Sandoz develops medicines that improve and enhance human health. They produce products for ophthalmology, respiratory and hormonal therapeutics. The company manufactures creams and gels, tablets, and patches.

Zubovskiy Bul'var, 22/39, Moscow, Russia, 119034

Alium is a pharmaceutical company that produces diversified products for cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, infectious and colds, gastroenterology, colds, pain relievers, and phlebology.

Valenta Farm
Ryabinovaya Ulitsa, 26с10, Moscow, Russia, 121471

Valenta Pharm manufactures and produces medical products for immunology, virology, urology, antibacterial therapy, gastroenterology, and psychoneurology. They produce medicines with brands like Phenazepam and Teraligen.

SOTIO Russia
Pravdy Street, 8 bld. 1 (8th Floor) Moscow 125040. Russia

SOTIO Russia provides immunotherapies for patients suffering from cancer. They also offer biologics, small molecules, and cell therapies. The company holds a large product line of immuno-oncology.

Alliance Healthcare Russia
Ulitsa Peschanyy Kar'yer, 3, Moscow, Russia, 109383

Alliance Healthcare Russia distributes medical solutions in the international market. They already distributed medicines in countries like France, Great Britain, Italy, Czech, and Spain.

Gepach International
3-Ya Khoroshevskaya Ulitsa, 18, Moscow, Russia, 123298

Gepach International is a pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1992. They are one of the trusted companies of the medical fraternity. The company produces high-quality products at competitive prices.

14/26, Gorokhovaya, 191186 St. Petersburg, Russia

North-west pharmanaturals is a medical company that develops formulated dietary supplements.

Ulitsa Salova, 72 корпус 2, St Petersburg, Russia, 192102

Polisan is an expert company when it comes to packaging products. They produce high-quality packaging for water, foods, and cosmetic products. The company also produces custom-made products.

NPO Petrovax
1 Sosnovaya St., Pokrov village , Podolsk, Moscow region, Russian Federation 142143.

For many years, NPO Petrovax has been manufacturing immunobiologicals and other pharmaceutical products. They produce products for immunology, gynecology, urology, therapy, preventive vaccination and cardiovascular diseases.

Omega Pharma
Ulitsa Akademika Koroleva, 6, 1. Moscow

Omega Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1987. They produce medical products for all patients. From infants to adults, the company provides all the therapeutics.

Federal Institute of Industrial Property 24, Berezhkovskaya nab. Moscow 123995

Adzhio-Farmatsevtika is a Russian-pharmaceutical company that develops high-quality medicines. They manufacture medicines like Diclogen, Gentamicin, Bikotrim, Ajisept, Kanizon, Mikozon, and Tsinarin.

Prospekt Marshala Zhukova, 74/2, Moscow, Russia, 123103

AO Medintorg is a medical company that has a full service in neurology, psychiatry, cardio surgery, gynecology, transplantology, and vitro fertilization. They supply medications for tuber-colossi and immunobiology.

Target Medicals
121205, Nobel str. 7 (Skolkovo Innovation Center), Moscow, Russian Federation

Target Medical Group targets the discovery and development of therapeutics like Cytochromes. The company holds the techniques and expertise in crystallography.

4-Y Zapadnyy Proyezd, 3 строение 1, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia, 124460

Binnopharm is a nanopharmaceuticals company that focused on developing medicines for hematology, oncology, respiratory diseases, and infections. They produce pills, tablets, capsules, sprays, and ampoules.

4 ofis 402, ul. Koroleva. Obninsk, 249030 Russian Federation

Niarmedik Farma, OOO is a biopharmaceutical company that was founded in 2011. They are experts in fabricating, manufacturing, and processing medical products for both human and veterinary use.

Laboratories Servier S.A.
Lesnaya Ulitsa, д. 7, Moscow, Russia, 125196

Laboratories Servier S.A. is an independent pharmaceutical company that produces a wide range of servier medicines and generic medicines. They also provide outstanding E-health solutions.

Federal Institute of Industrial Property 24, Berezhkovskaya nab. Moscow 123995, G-59, GSP-5

Medargo is a pharmaceutical company offering the widest range of medical products used in several therapeutic areas such as anesthesiology, and intensive care.

Business center "Nevskaya Ratusha" 11B, Degtyarny lane, St. Petersburg, 191144, Russian Federation

This company offers pharmaceuticals-related products, such as medicine raw materials preparations. They provide a wide range of analyses for clinical research.

Kashira Hwy, 22 корп. 4, Moscow, Russia, 115201

As one of Russia’s most high-tech and innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, the company provides full manufacturing cycle of injection solution in syringes and ampoules.

Janssen-Cilag Oy
Krylatskaya str. 17/3, Moscow 121614,Russia

Janssen-Cilag Oy is a manufacturer, developer, and marketer of pharmaceutical products. They create products for the treatment of psoriasis, schizophrenia, and other diseases.

Maxwell Biotech Group
Ulitsa Bol'shaya Yakimanka, 1, Moscow, Russia, 119180

This is a company is a partner and financial resource of biotechnology companies. They help enable rapid and cost-effective achievements of clinical objectives.

30-1 Berezhkovskaya nab. GSP-3. Moscow 123993

Zyngenia., founded in 2008, focused to develop the next-generation of antibody-derived drugs. They use proprietary technology to enable the development of ingular molecular entities.

2/12, Ak. Timakova Street 630117 Novosibirsk Russian Federation

SibEnzyme specializes in a new class of methyl-directed DNA endonucleases, new methods of DNA methylations detection, epigenetic methods for oncodiagnostic, and an assortment of restriction enzymes. This company has ISO 9001 certified production.

Boehringer Ingelheim
119049, г. Москва ул. Донская, 29/9, стр.1,Russia

Boehringer Ingelheim is a research-driven pharmaceutical company improves human health and animal health. They provide high therapeutic value for most novel products.

X7 Research
ул. Красного курсанта 25H БЦ "Тусар, St Petersburg, Russia, 197198

X7 Research is a provider of clinical trials and research in challenging regulatory environment under tough economic conditions. They provide a full range of services to related medicinal products.

Pharma Group Baltic OÜ
Yaroslavl, Russia

This is a full-cycle engineering company that provides the whole scope of services for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Among services are conceptual and basic design, and construction management.

Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation

The company focus to design and manufacture machines and equipment for several industries. They are engaged in the business for more than 15 years. Askon capable to provide a full range of services.

University Embankment, 7. St. Petersburg, Russia 199034

Genestack is a provider of innovative off-the-shelf and custom solutions in a different fields, including pharma, consumer goods, biotech, healthcare, and agriscience. The company provides a complete range of professional services.

2a-1, Rabochaya St. Khimki, Moscow region, 141400 Russia

Focusing on novel therapeutic and diagnostics, NewVac provide personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine, Oncophage, cancer diagnostic tools, and more. The company engaged in discovering and development of cancer treatment.

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