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Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for equipment that will help you in segregating, scalping, separating or grading powder, then buy pharmaceutical Vibro sifter.

However, you must insist on buying a quality, durable and reliable accessory.

That is exactly what this guide is focusing on:

What is Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter?

This is also called a vibrating sifting device and is one of the most important machines in pharmaceutical and other industries.

It’s a circular unitary screen that rotates and processes materials in bulk.

It helps in facilitating particle separation, grading, and scalping of materials.

Pharmaceutical vibro sifter machine

 Pharmaceutical vibro sifter machine

When was the Vibro Sifter invented?

This device is one of the old technologies, although, over the year, it has been updated to the current technological development.

Its invention is dated back in the year 1930.

What are the advantages of pharmaceutical Vibro sifter?

There are very many benefits brought about by the use of this accessory. Among them include the following.

  • It is cost-effective, and even with little money, you can acquire one.
  • This machine consumes little power while operating. This helps in reducing the whole operation cost, thus giving more returns.
  • The machine is so flexible, and for this reason, it can be used both domestically and at the industrial level.
  • It is the most relevant device for separating different powder grades.
  • The machine can be moved from one place to another because it is light in weight.
  • Pharmaceutical particles of different sizes can only be separated well by this machine.
  • It provides high quality and efficient particle separation services.

What are the differences between a Vibro Sifter and Mechanical Sifter?

These sifters have a difference and, at the same time, similarity.

They differ in terms of the energy source they use.

A Vibro sifter used electricity, whereas the counterpart is just operated mechanically.

However, they all run on vibrating principles to perform their functions.

Mechanical sifter machine

Figure 2 Mechanical sifter machine

What are the disadvantages of Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter?

There are several limitations to this accessory.

These shortcomings are outlined below.

  • It is a complicated machine and, therefore, requires professionalism in running it. Because of this, its running cost becomes high.
  • The device requires a large space for installation. This may not be friendly to those who have a small space and intend to use a big one.
  • When it operates at a low pace, particle breaking down may be affected. This may lead to discard of larger particles, which are a waste of products.

What are the uses of Vibro Sifter in Pharmaceuticals?

This machine has several uses.

Let’s look at them one after the other in my discussion below.

Vibro sifting machine

Vibro sifting equipment

1. Sifting

The lumps or growth that might have formed on the products after being stored for a longer period are removed.

They are passed through a mesh that opens, leading to finer materials.

For example, we have sifted flour in the food processing industry.

The product is released to the consumers after packaging and removing strings, insect larvae, tags, and insect fragments.

Therefore, this is a process that enables the products to attain their required properties.

2. Scalping

Here the lumps or some other unrequired foreign particles are removed from the refined products.

For example, twigs, tags, strings, and sticks, among others, are some of the foreign materials being removed by scalping.

The mesh opening size is larger than the product size.

This facilitates the easy scalping of more products, even in a small screen area.

This leads to effective and efficient separation of products.

3. Proof Sifting

This is the process that finally verifies the products.

For industries using this technology, the machine provides the final check on the product after completing the entire sifting process.

Proof sifting happens after the product has been filtered.

The process is either scalping or grading, depending on the installation type.

4. Screening and Grading

This process can sometimes be referred to as bolting, sifting, sieving, or even seizing.

It’s also another important task performed by the Vibro sifter machine.

It involves the separation of materials according to size.

It’s mostly useful when there is a task that is supposed to be performed by the separation of the materials.

Screening and grading can either be fast or slow, depending on many factors.

These factors include the type of material and its properties and the speed of the process of screening.

When the output is very low, a less screen area may be useful.

The user must understand important adjustments that can help improve machine efficiency.

Is there difference between the Vibro Sifter and Vibrating Machine?

Vibro sifter operates while vibrating, and therefore it is a vibrating machine.

There is no difference.

It runs based on the vibrating principle to perform its functions.

Vibro sifter machine

 Vibro softer machine

What is the importance of Sifting in Pharmaceuticals?

There is numerous importance of sifting in pharmaceutical industries. Below are some of them.

  • It helps in the de-bagging of raw materials.
  • It aids in the proper blending and mixing of pharmaceutical raw materials, and this helps in reducing contamination.
  • This process helps in preventing contamination around the packaging area.

Which Material is used in Making Vibro Sifter?

This machine can be made from different materials.

Therefore materials that are likely to be used in making this machine include:

Stainless steel is durable, free from corrosion and reaction with many products, Aluminum alloy, and Copper wire.

Plastics that are light in weight and Cast iron are also some of the materials that can be used.

Vibro sifter and screen

 Vibro sifter and screen

How can you choose a Suitable Mesh Screen for Vibro Sifter?

The following are some of the factors to bear in mind when choosing a mesh screen for this machine.

Vibratory sifter screen

 Vibratory sifter screen

The mesh screen material: The available materials for the mesh screens are woven stainless and steel wire material.

Woven stainless material is the most common and durable.

It can be widely used and therefore, it’s the best.

Another factor is the size of the mesh: This is important since it will influence the maximum efficiency the device can offer.

The tension of the mesh: This influences the ability of the mesh to hold the products during the process of sifting.

What is a Multi-deck Vibro Sifter?

Vibratory sifter

Vibratory sifter

This is more than one a Vibro sifter machine.

The products go through numerous machines before reaching the final required quality.

Multi-deck vibratory sifter has a unique L-shaped sieve that helps in facilitating the process of the changeover.

Its characteristics are outlined below:

  • Its change over requires only 10 to 15 minutes, and this is facilitated by its L-shaped sieve frame design.
  • It allows for single, double, or triple layer sieves to be used as desired by the machine user.
  • It is easy to assemble, disassemble, and operate since it has a completely separate unit.
  • It has a large sieving area with higher and efficient performance. This increases the industry returns.
  • Its frame and cover are made from stainless steel 316LOR 304.
  • The machine design ensures that the secondary sieve supports the primary ones. This makes fine sieves to have extraordinarily long-serving life, thus making it cost-effective.

Multi deck vibratory sifter

 Multi deck vibratory sifter

How can you Improve the Performance of Vibro Sifter?

The performance of this device can be improved using the following options.

The use of a beater rotor that rotates very fast, a vibrating sieve, and a housing.

This aids in the quicker separation of fine ingredients from coarser ones.

It can also increase flour yield up to 0.8 t/h.

If this is applied as a bran finisher, the result increases up to 2.5 t/h.

The clean separation is very good because it bars the flow of unwanted flour into the subsequent pass.

What is the best Construction Design for Vibro Sifter Equipment?

Construction of vibrator sifter

 Construction of vibratory sifter

The best construction of this machine is possible, but only when you consider some of the following factors.

The machine must be built up in a design that is easy to clean to minimize the likelihood of bacterial build-up.

Also, it should be small in size.

This makes its cleaning and maintainance easier, and also requires little installation space.

Consider the use of either stainless steel 316L or 304 or carbon steel materials when making this machine.

These materials are easy to clean, free from corrosion, and other reactive substances.

Construct a machine with few layers since it’s easy to maintain.

A machine with a large operation area is the best.

Therefore, constructing ones with such a wide operation area create a higher capacity.

This will be cheap in terms of production.

Build a machine that has high operational efficiency.

This is because this will have a high separation rate at reduced energy use.

A Vibro sifter machine with multiple feed points is better that one with a single feed point.

Therefore, it’s vital to put this factor into consideration when constructing this machine.

What are the Features of Vibro Sifter?

The machine has many features. These include:

  • L-shaped frame design which is unique in allowing for fast and convenient changeover of sieve mesh. It is flexible since this depends on the number of sieve layers mounted.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and this helps in facilitating the production process.
  • The machine has a larger sieving area, which promotes efficient machine performance.
  • Both the primary and secondary sieves are contained in the machine. This design provides support for fine sieve. This makes the machine durable and hence reduces the overall machine cost.
  • It has been made using stainless steel, which makes it more durable.

What are the Basic Parts of the Vibro Sifter?

This device is made up of many components.

Below is the highlight of the parts of this machine.

Parts of vibratory sifter

 Parts of vibratory sifter machine

· Motor

This component energizes the machine so that it can perform its intended function without any problems.

The machine uses electricity, and therefore, it’s this component that converts electricity to the energy that runs the machine.

Multiple plane vibration motion by the motor generates more power, which increases the ingredient particle passing rate through sieves.

The motor size of a Vibro sifting machine may be different because of the machine size, production capacity, and design.

· Hopper Lid

This is also called a cover lid.

This component covers the ingredients being processed on the upper section of the machine.

It prevents them from falling off whenever the machine is vibrating.

Hopper lid is made from metal.

It is also important because it helps in preventing the materials from contamination and dusting.

Also, it is held up on to the device by a clamping ring.

The mesh is also covered by this component, and this prevents it from coming into contact with unwanted objects.

This is because these foreign objects might destroy it since its fragile.

·  Filter Screen

The component aids in providing a smooth surface finish for materials during processing.

The filter screen is made using wire mesh with a fine surface that can sieve the materials properly.

Leakage causes during material processing can be avoided using this component.

It is available in different sizes, and this depends on the machine design.

· Wire Mesh Screen Ring

This is the part where the wire mesh is attached.

It has a glue that supports the bonding of the mesh to the ring.

Also, this bonding makes the mesh to last longer and helps it remain intact during material processing even with high-intensity vibration.

· Oversize Material Outlet

It can also be called an oversize material chute.

It discharged the large ingredients after the sieving process is completed.

It is positioned on the upper part of the device to allow easy and quick discharge of these large particles.

· Screen Material Outlet

This is the opposite of the Over-sized material outlet.

It’s the outlet for all graded, screened products from the machine.

If further processing, if necessary, it’s done after letting them through this chute.

It is located in the lowest part of the machine.

This allows easy collection of screened ingredients and quick discharge out of the machine.

· Springs

The application of the Vibro sifter machine will determine the number of springs it should have.

They ensure the machine has a hydraulic movement.

The springs also hold the upper part of the machine as it vibrates and processes the materials.

It’s the springs that allow this device to vibrate freely and prevents the vibration from reaching the floor.

They also facilitate the positioning of the machine so that it can operate efficiently.

· Control Panel

This component is also among the most important ones.

It has many buttons that are used to send signals to the machine about certain actions it should undertake.

The technology of this machine is integrated through it, and it has an LCD touch screen panel.

This part is where all the configured operations are displayed.

Should there be any default in settings, it can be seen and corrected here.

What are the Principles of Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter Machine?

Gyro principle is the principle of a Vibro sifter machine.

The machine relies on the gyratory motion, which is generated from a gyro motor located below the vibrating machine.

During machine operation, it vibrates, and the screen also does vibrate, pushing the material particles to flow through it.

This process is dependent on particle sizes.

The gyro principle aids particle separation, sifting, and scalping, and all these are determined by the machine type and setting.

How does a Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter Work?

To understand how this machine works help in familiarizing with it because it is a simply designed machine.

It’s important to get a few basics about it so that you may not face difficulty while operating it.

Below is how this device operates.

  • Make sure the base frame, cover, and screen structure are tightened with clamping rings.
  • Charge the materials inside the feeding hopper of the equipment.
  • Put on the power from the electricity source, and this will prompt the motor to rotate. The motor will begin generating energy causing vibration due to off-balance weight assembly.
  • The sieve then begins to vibrate vigorously. The ingredients poured onto the hopper will move across the sieve and pass through. This will vary depending on the requirements.
  • The materials will be discharged from the machine after a successful separation of ingredients. The fine ones are discharged in a different container from the coarse ones. The fine particles will depend on the permeability of the screen of your machine.

Once this is done, you can start all over again and go through the same process.

How can one Prevent Cross-contamination in Vibro Sifter?

Cross-contamination can be prevented while using this equipment

. This is possible when the machine is highly polished.

It can also be made possible when the machine is made using 316L grade stainless steel.

The stand and base are also made from stainless steel to help in preventing pitting and oxidation.

Why is Vibro sifter considered the most Hygienic in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

This machine is one of the most hygienic because of the following reasons:

It has a highly polished surface.

This helps in reducing the chances of cross-contamination of the equipment.

It can easily be cleaned and maintained.

The sifter screen can also be easily replaced.

The design of this device has no gaps that can keep dirt.

This prevents any bacterial build up on the screen edges.

This machine has a smaller footprint.

The smaller the machine footprints, the minimum chances of bacterial build-up, and the less cross-contamination.

These small footprints also facilitate ease in the cleaning of the machine.

Are there standard screens for Vibro sifter?


There are no standard screens for this equipment.

But the selection of a screen varies depending on the machine design and model.

What are the Quality compliances for Vibrating Sifter Machine?

This machine is made from electric and mechanical components.

One such component is a motor that helps in converting electric energy into mechanical energy.

It has many quality compliances, which include the following.

  • It is light in weight, and this makes it portable within the operation area.
  • The machine must conform to the CGMP requirements, which include material choice and hygiene. Because of this, this machine is made from high-quality 316L stainless steel that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • All the sealing and sieves must be made from materials that have been approved by the FDA. They must also be able to handle dust greatly.
  • It must be compliant with CE. This includes the choice of electrical motors and other materials.
  • The equipment must have tight seals, net holes, and effective dust handling capabilities. These will reduce cross-contamination and keep the machine and its content hygienic. For this reason, this is the most preferred vibrating machine that most industries use.

What are the Types of Vibrating Sifter Machines?

Equipment manufacturers have come up with various types of Vibro sifter machines.

Below are some of them.

Types of vibro sifter machine

 Types of vibro sifter machine

  • One layer, Vibro sifter.
  • Double layer Vibro sifter, which has two layers.
  • Triple-layer Vibro sifter that has three layers.
  • Industrial Vibro sifter which is commonly used in food processing industries.
  • Laboratory Vibro sifter that is normally used in laboratories like those of pharmaceutical industries.
  • L-shaped sieve frame Vibro sifter. This is a unique machine that has been an L-shaped sieve frame.
  • The small sieve diameter Vibro sifter. This one is ideal for sifting tiny-sized particles.
  • The large-sized diameter Vibro sifter. This type is very relevant for sifting particles that are large.

What are the Precautions should you take when using Vibro Sifter Machine?

The successful operation of this machine depends on taking up some precautions. These include:

  • You should ensure the power is switched off in-case the machine will not be used for a long time.
  • Ensure the screw caps are tight before you begin operating the device.
  • Make sure you clean all the standard screens after using the machine. This helps in preparation for the next use of the equipment.
  • To reduce electric shock, do not hose down the machine.
  • When you are operating the machine and you here of unusual noise, switch it off. Thereafter, investigate the source of the noise.

What Factor should you Consider when Identifying Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter?

The following factors should be considered when you are identifying a pharmaceutical Vibro sifter:

  • It should be light in weight to facilitate easy movement in the operation area.
  • It should be made in compliance with CGMP and FDA. This will promote the hygiene and safety of the products being processed.
  • The machine should be able to work efficiently and for longer hours without posing any challenges to the user.
  • The equipment should be easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Apart from these, it should not have any gaps that may promote bacterial build-up.
  • This machine should be operated, cleaned, and maintained easily.

How does a Multi-mill differ from Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter?

Multi mill vibro sifter

 Multi mill vibro sifter

A multi-mill is different from Vibro sifter in many ways.

First, it operates on the principle of different force swing beaters that has both knife and impact edges.

These knife and impact edge rotates within a selected screen to achieve the required material size reduction.

On the other hand, the Vibro sifter operates on vibration principle to separate, sift, and scalp ingredients.

The quality and output of the final product from a multi-mill depends on the shape of the beater.

It is also influenced by the speed and the screen of the machine.

Contrary to this, Vibro sifter product quality and output depend on the size of the screen mesh.

The multi-mill is applicable in the processing of both wet and dry granulations.

They are useful in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, dye staff, and food processing industries.

On the other hand, a Vibro sifter is used in the processing of dry granulations.

It is applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, cement, and food processing industries.

Multi-mill is used in granulating at high speed, pulverizing, mixing, shredding, and chopping of products.

On the contrary, Vibro sifter is used in separation, sifting, scalping, and grading of materials.

What is the likely Capacity of Standard Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter?

The capacity for this machine differs depending on its size.

Some are small, while others are large.

Why are Circular Unitary Gyratory Screens in Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter Important?

A circular unitary gyratory screen means the same thing as the Vibro sifter.

This machine is important because it is ideal for separating ingredients based on their particle sizes.

It also performs the task of grading the particles according to their various sizes.

The process involves removing any foreign materials that might contaminate the product.

Therefore, it helps in making the materials safe for human consumption.

For this reason, it is ideal equipment for both the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Which Parameters are used to Classify Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter Systems?

Three main parameters have been used in classifying this system.

These parameters include:

·   Number of Sieves

In the current market, single, double, triple-layer sieves are available.

This will be determined by the application you need it for.

It also influenced by the extent of ingredient separation it has been designed for.

· Specific Application it is Intended for

The equipment can be used for a variety of applications.

These could be for laboratory experiments or industrial processes.

Therefore, it does not matter the application.

If you want to process small quantity products, you should purchase a smaller Vibro sifter machine.

The smaller one is also ideal for laboratory experiments.

Large products require larger machines.

For instance, pharmaceutical or food processing requires a large machine that will give a large quantity output.

Therefore, it is important to conduct proper research first before sourcing for this machine.

· General Design

Manufacturers come up with their unique designs, which they think can give them a competitive edge in the market.

For instance, an L-shaped sieve frame design may show different separable design.

How can you Clean the Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter System?

The cleaning of this machine is very important as this will keep it safe.

The process of cleaning this machine involves the following steps:

First, you have to turn off the electric power supply.

Then cover the motor, starter plug, and the leads using polybags.

Secondly, remove the hopper, sieve, and silicon gasket and clean them at least two times using 50-liter water. Ensure all the residue has been washed off.

Using a lint-free cloth, clean them with 2.5% teepol solution, and rinse thoroughly with purified 50-liter water.

Using 25 liters of hot water, wash the hopper and the sieves and finally rinse with purified 50-liter water.

Use a dry lint-free clean cloth to dry them.

Again use another clean lint-free cloth with 70% of v/v solution of isopropyl alcohol to further clean them.

After all, these keep the already cleaned hopper, sieve, and silicon gasket on a pallet.

Clean the remaining parts of the vibrating sifter machine and wipe them using a dry lint-free clean cloth.

Indicate in the logbook that it has been cleaned on that particular date.

When the machine is not used within 72 hours, it should be re-cleaned before use.

This will help in avoiding cross-contamination of the machine and the content.

What is the Gyro Principal in Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifter System?

This is a principle that relies on the gyratory motion.

It is a motion that is generated by the gyro motor located below the vibrating machine.

When the machine is running, it vibrates.

This also triggers the vibration of the screen, causing the flow of particles.

Also, this varies with the size of the particle sizes.

This gyro principle facilitates the separation, sifting, and scalping of ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.

The entire process is influenced by machine type and settings.

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