Plastic Tube Filling Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects of plastic tube filling machine – from filling mechanism, sealing technology, features to working principle. In this guide, you will find all information on plastic tube filling machine.

1. What Is Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine?

It is a machine that fills different plastic and laminated tubes with various kinds of fluids, gels, creams, etc., and seals them.

 plastic tube filling machine

plastic tube filling machine

2. Advantages Of Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Efficiency In Production

A high-speed machine leads to high production efficiency and less time your products will take to reach the market, and that will boost your business.

It is more accurate and precise in providing a uniform and homogenous end product with no level or volume variation in the tube.

Decrease Labor Cost

The machine is automated to perform its function effectively reducing the operator’s management and maintenance and thus low labor costs.

Multitasking Operation

It is the best machine for filling and packaging in one cycle when dealing with different-sized tubes.

Save time and power you will spend changing machine settings to package different-sized tubes.

Reduced Product Loss

The machine precisely and accurately measures by calculating the exact amount of material that minimizes product losses.

Operation Is Easy

The human-machine interface for setting different working parameters of the machine for user convenience is provided.

For a smooth running of the machine, program options like temperature, tubes packed in one cycle, the volume of paste, etc. on the machine interface.

3. Plastic Tube Filling Machine Sealing Options

Hot-air Sealer

It is a system that generates and blows the open end of the plastic and laminate the tubes.

Heated air makes the material soft and pliable by penetrating and heating the plastic tube wall.

Softened plastics are gathered by a tube sealing jaws set, and the open end is closed by welding.

Ultrasonic Sealers

High-frequency vibration of an ultrasonic sealing horn in ultrasonic tube sealing seals plastics and laminate tubes.

Generate intense heat at the tube wall with high-frequency vibration that softens the polyethylene plastic tubes.

The plastic tube open end is held closed under pressure from the sealing horn and matching sealing anvil forming a stronger weld.

Impulse Sealer

It squeezes the tubes between hot elements which is similar to a hot iron that melts the tubes.

Dual-chamber Sealer

This mechanism is very fast when sealing tubes hence saving time.

It consumes less power and seals nice looking and different shape of the tube.

4. Dosing Systems In Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Vacuum Filling Mechanism

The filling mechanism is simple and straight forward:

  • Empty the vane cell.
  • Move the vane cell under the hopper.
  • Pour the material from the hopper slowly into the cell by a vacuum pump.

Piston Filler Mechanism

Pour material inside the cylinder. Use a piston to push the material from the cylinder into the tubes which are present below the piston nozzles.

Pour the right volume of the material inside the tubes using the filler. Travel to the capping station to cap the tubes.

Gravity Filling Mechanism

Program the filling time of the nozzles to help fill the tubes with an accurate volume of material. In the filler machines, gravity force makes material flow smoothly inside the tube.

Of course, there are machine using volumetric filling mechanism.

5. Types Of Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Manual Tube Filling Machine

These are the best machines for business with no electric source and compressed air and no need for a power supply when filling tubes.

manual plastic tube filling machine

plastic tube filling machine

Semi-automatic Plastic Tube Filling Machine

In this tube filling machine, it combines aspects of automated operations and manual processes.

Manually fill the tubes in the machine because the machine lacks a power conveyor.

Remove the tubes manually from the filling station and take them to the capping station.

semi automatic plastic tube filling machine

semi-automatic plastic tube filling machine

The working efficiency of the operator determines the machines’ production efficiency.

Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Machine

It is an automated machine that easily programs different options for working.

Automation increases the filling capacity of tubes in less time with little labor ideal for large-scale business.

Configure operating parameters programmable interface according to the need of an operation.

Automatic plastic tube filling machine

automatic plastic tube filling machine

The tubes travel to the filling station automatically using a conveyor system with speed adjusted in a programmable interface. Filling nozzles fill the tubes in the filling station with the products in the hopper.

The tubes then travel to the capping station for a cap to be fixed on the tubes.

6. Features To Look For In Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Some of the main features of plastic tube filling machines are:

  • Automated Feeding, Filling & Sealing Units.
  • These include automatic tube positioning, filling, sealing, coding, and discharging.
  • Compact structure and high-quality functioning and
  • Look for a fully compact structure machine that is fast and of high quality.
  • Equipment construction advancement
  • Consider a good quality material to produce a clear and safe filling process.
  • Piston head dispensing and easy to maintain mechanically.
  • Accuracy in the filling of the content is achieved by a reliable piston, a machine that is easy to assemble and disassemble the filling unit.
  • Effective filling nozzle.
  • Select a machine that the filling and sealing nozzle can be extended for effective filling thus protecting the quality of tubes under material adhesion influence.
  • An Air Blowing Unit.
  • Go for a machine with a good air blower unit to protect the sealing quality and filling volume influenced by highly viscous material.
  • Minimum Labour Input.
  • Take an automated machine that easily distinguishes fault during operations and troubleshoots without the operator’s effort.

7. Plastic Tube Filling Machine Parts

Although these machines have hundreds of parts and components, some of the main components are:


A frame of the plastic tube filling machine supports the entire part of the machine due to its robust material.


It is a chamber that holds products to be filled.


A device that signifies a funnel and basic unit for dispensing and transferring products from a receptacle to other units is called a hopper.

Tube Container

They act as a storage device for empty tubes before filling the products in an aligned manner.

Filling Nozzle

It is the control unit for the fluid flow into a container or tube.

Coding Jaws

It is a device that sets the tube in jaws by moving them closer/ and seals the tubes.

Dosing Pump

For dispensing products into the tubes.

Tube Holders

The tubes for the filling process are supported.

Plunger Valve

Fills products to be accurately dispensed.


Sufficient power control is enabled by a motor for the machine to perform basic functions efficiently.

Tube Feeding Unit

From the container, products are transferred to the feeding unit and then to the rotary table for filling, heat-sealing, and discharging.


Detects tube for content to be filled. The filling will not occur if the tubes are not detected.

Cooling Unit

Provide a good sealing effect by providing cold water approximately 10 degrees outside the tube.

Circulatory Unit

A rotary table continuously rotates the tubes for feeding in a circulatory unit.

Control Unit

It is a device equipped with components that regulate different parameters of the product filling machine.

Electronic Box

All electric connections are centralized in an electric box.

Heat Sealing Unit

After the product is filled, sealing is enabled by a heat sealing unit.

Discharge Unit

It ejects filled and sealed tubes after treatment toward the collecting unit for packing through the chute.

Safety System

A safety unit helps in safe operations and protects against emergencies and unwanted accidents.

8. How Plastic Tube Filling Machine Works

Some of the main working steps in this machine include:

i. Clean the machine.

ii. Insert the packing material or tubes into the feeding unit as per the packaging order.

iii. Use the smart Touchscreen control panel to select options like; filling, heating, tube loading, etc.

Then click ENTER to run the machine.

iv. Rest the machine to automate task performance for filling, sealing, coding, and discharging.

v. Products are filled in the tubes via a machined piston, with a sucking mechanism that sends an estimated amount of material into tubes.

vi. Materials in the plastic tubes are passed through the air-blowing unit to blow air out at the bottom of every tube.

vii. The machine trims/seals and ejects the plastic tubes from the filling machine.

9. Troubleshooting Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Some of the most common problems you may encounter when using plastic tube filling machine include:

Horizontal And Vertical Codes Are Printed On Both Sides Of The Tubes


  • Adjust the touchscreen control panel setting to tone down the photo-electric detector irradiated lights.
  • Regulate how heat ejector ejects tubes.

Machine Can’t Start


  • Check for electric power disturbance, if the power is OFF power it ON, and if the emergency STOP is pressed release the emergency press.
  • Examine PLC communication with the machine.

Filling Volume Is Not Accurate


  • Check for impurities in the filling liquid, the foam is present, clean the filtered liquid filling pipe.
  • Inspect if there is plate breakdown or electromagnetic valve interruption and clean the valve or replace it.

Sharp Edge On Sides Of The Tube


  • Vertically line up the heating device over the rotary table at the center of the hole. Adjust the volume of the cooling water and lower the temperature and pressure clamp.

One Side Of The Sealing Is Firm And The Other Is Loose


  • Check the machine between a cooling ring and tube, replacing the cooling ring if it’s loose.
  • Adjust and align the heating device vertically to the position of the hole of a rotary table.

Product Is In Contact With The Bottom Of The Heating Spray


  • Consider the material you fill in the tube or those that adhere to the wall of tubes by adjusting the filling blower to halt the material spattering.

Tube Released From The Cooling Ring After Heating


  • Confirm if the cooling ring is too tight or if the heating temperature is high, and adjust the distance between the heating unit and the tube.

10. How To Maintain Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Machine Body

Cut off the power supply after each shift.

Dip absorbent cotton in 70% alcohol and use it to clear the rotary table, filling nozzle, and parts where the material comes in contact with stations.

Cleaning maintains components making them free from specks of dust.

Scale Structure

Check and oil every week to lubricate the large column and scale structure.

Other procedures may include:

  • Frequent lubrication
  • Following manufacturer’s operation and maintenance guidelines
  • Inspecting the machine regularly

11. Uses Of Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Pharmaceutical Industry

Different kinds of viscous medicines are filled in the tubes with plastic tube filling machines in Pharmaceutical companies.

Medicines are packed in form of e.g. ointments, creams, syrup, and pastes used for the treatment of allergies and skin problems.

Hygiene Industry

They are used to pack hair gels, cleaners, toothpaste, shave gels, and conditioners in eye-catching and beautiful containers.

Food Industry

The foodstuff of several kinds e.g. mustard paste, sauces, tomato paste, mayonnaise, etc. are packed into containers and tubes using a plastic tube filling machine.

Stationary Industry

Oil paints/glitters, and watercolors of different types are packed in the tubes by the machine.

Cosmetic Industry

Different kinds of creams, foundations, lotions, sunscreens/ cleansers, and medicated gels in the cosmetic industries are packed in tubes and dazzling containers.

Pet Industry

Pet medicines like allergy creams, skin ointments of different types, and various pet food products like meat paste, are packed using this machine.

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