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Popping Boba Machine

Popping Boba Machine – The Ultimate Guide

Popping boba is one of the most popular ingredients or toppings in many deserts today. These toppings are available in varying ingredients, nutritional value, and colors.

They are also called popping bubbles, boba popping pearls, or bursting popping boba.

Their spherical shapes and unique bursts to produce varying flavors make the manufacturing process quite intriguing.

The good news – if you want to start making popping boba, this guide will help you get the best popping boba production line.

What is Popping Boba Production Line?

A popping boba maker is a special machine that mixes and deposits material for center filling and shell or outer membrane. Although these boba machines come in different configurations, the working principle remains virtually the same.

However, whenever you want to buy a popping boba machine, check whether it has the latest technology. For instance, old machines were using nozzles. Therefore, to change the bursting popping boba size, you had to change the nozzles.

Modern machines feature popping boba molds. Therefore, to change the size of the boba popping pearl, you will only switch the mold type.

Why Invest in Popping Boba Machine


There are many reasons why you should invest in high high-quality popping boba-making machine:

  • Produce a wide variety of popping boba
  • Increase popping boba production capacity
  • Maintain high hygiene standards since most processes are automated
  • Maintain popping boba size and control quality
  • Expand the popping boba business with fully automated machines

Parts of Popping Boba Making Machine

Popping Boba Production Line
Popping Boba Production Line

Although the popping boba machine has many parts and components, we will focus on the main sections. Remember, these machines are assemblies of small parts and components.

· Material Preparation Tanks

This is where you will prepare material for the inner and outer sections of popping boba. In most cases, we have two tanks:

  1. Tank 1: For preparing material you wish to fill in the popping boba
  2. Tank 1: For preparing material for the outer shell

All these tanks use different tumbling mechanisms to mix ingredients. Again, they may have heating systems that supply the required heat for proper blending of material.

· Storage Tank

It stores mixed material ready for the popping boba-making process. Again, the tanks are such that they maintain they keep material in the desired state (ensuring homogenous mixture and temperature).

· Bottom Tray or Bath Tray

This section is below the dosing station. It contains sodium alginate or a mixture of calcium lactate (calcium chloride). Remember, this is the outer shell material.

· Dosing System

Depending on the popping boba-making machine design, you may have mold systems or depositing heads. They drop the fill material into the sodium alginate solution.

· Conveyor Systems

A conveyor moves the bursting popping boba from the depositing station, through the sodium alginate bath to the collection point.

· Pumping System

They help to move products from the tanks, ready for the popping boba-making process. In addition to these, we have the PLC systems that control the normal operation of the machine.

Note: Remember, parts that are in direct contact with the products are made from food-grade stainless steel that complies with the FDA regulations.

Types of Boba Making Machines

Fully Automatic Popping Boba Production Line
Fully Automatic Popping Boba Production Line

Broadly, there are many popping boba-making machines available in the market. Each design features unique performance specifications.

However, we can classify existing machines as:

· Semi-automatic Popping Boba Making Machines

As the name suggests, there are operations the machine will automatically execute. However, there are certain operations you have to control.

These machines are suitable for small to large-scale production. They are affordable compared to fully automatic machines.

Their designs also vary. For instance, you may be forced to mix the filling material and shell material separately. The machine will only produce the popping boba.

· Fully-automatic Popping Boba Machines

With these machines, once you enter process parameters, it will handle all processes. That is you put material for inner filling and outer shell in their respective containers.

Then, have the suitable molds ready depending on the popping boba you want to make. It will conduct all processes successfully.

Fully automatic popping boba-making machines are costly. They are suitable for mass production. So, if you are running a large popping boba business, this is the right machine for your company.

How to Make Popping Boba

The working principle of popping boba maker machine is quite straightforward. This is because most modern machines have PLC systems that monitor every popping boba-making process.

Depending on the design of your machine, you can prepare the inner filling material and outer shell materials separately. This is a common phenomenon for small popping boba machines or semi-automatic designs.

However, for fully automatic designs, it prepares the two materials at the same time. With that in mind, here is what happens:

Step 1: Inner Filling Material Preparation

The inner filling material is a specific flavor of your pearl-popping boba. It can be caramel, peppermint, grapefruit, orange, etc.

That is, you will mix your favorite flavor with water, plus any other ingredients and flavoring.

Step 2: Prepare Outer Shell Material

At the same time, you will prepare the solution for the outer shell of your bursting popping boba. In most cases, sodium alginate is the perfect material for the outer shell.

The outer material mainly consists of seaweed extract. It is a gel-like material that forms around the inner filling material. That is, it warps the flavor.

Therefore, by the end of this process, you will have two liquids – one for the inner fill material and then two for the outer surface.

Step 3: Dosing Station

In most popping boba production lines, the outer shell liquid will be in a container just below the dosing station. Modern machines have an automatic depositing system.

The machine will fill the molds with the appropriate quantity of inner filling material. Remember, it is the molds that determine the overall size of the popping boba.

Once the molds are filled, the machine dips them in the alginate bath.

Alternatively, if you are using the old popping boba maker machines, the depositing head simply drops the inner fill material directly into the alginate bath solution.

While in the “bath,” a spherification process occurs. That is, the sodium alginate reacts with calcium lactate or calcium chloride. It increases the reaction process to form spherical popping boba.

The result is a flavor surrounded by a think gel-like membrane.

Step 4: Rinsing Popping Boba

Next, the popping boba maker machine rinses the spherical balls.

In case your popping boba production line is integrated with a packaging system, you can package the bursting popping boba ready for the next stage.

Or, you can integrate it with the popping boba vending machine. The machine will dispense the right quantity according to the client’s request.

How to Choose Popping Boba Production Line

 Popping Boba Machine
Popping Boba Machine

There are many machines available today for making popping boba. However, certain variables will help you choose a perfect machine for your popping boba production.

Let’s summarize this checklist in the table below:

Popping Boba Making Machine RequirementsRemarks
Popping boba production capacity· For small to medium-scale popping boba production choose a semi-automatic machine

· High high-volume or large-scale popping boba production choose a fully automatic machine

Dimensions· Large fully-automatic machines will require larger spaces unlike semi-automatic machines
Quality compliance· Important quality compliance includes, FDA, CCC, and CE

· All parts in contact with the busting popping boba should be made from food-grade stainless steel

· Easy to clean and maintain

· Prevent possible popping boba contamination

Customization options· Consider ease of customization to your production needs

· These may include production capacity and popping boba molds

Machine brand· Choosing a reputable popping boba production line from reputable manufacturers

· At SaintyCo, we are trusted popping boba machine manufacturers in China

Features to enhance efficiency which may vary from one machine model to another·  Automatic cycle system for sodium alginate

· Hopper with a double layer to preserve heat

· Automatic material depositing system

· Easy integration with the packaging line

· Touch screen panel for easy machine configuration


Remember, all these will affect the prices of popping boba-making machines.

Who Can use Popping Boba Maker?

First, as you have learned, there are two main machines – a semi-automatic boba sealing machine and a fully automatic popping boba machine. Choosing any machine will depend on whether you need boba popping pearls for small scale or large scale.

· Tea Shop, Coffee Shop, and Milk Shop

Popping pearls form an important topping in tea. A reason they are also referred to as bubble tea. Depending on your clients, you can choose a fully automatic machine or a semi-automatic machine.

· Ice Cream Vendors

Popping boba in ice creams is also another fascinating idea. You can acquire a machine to make popping boba for ice creams.

· Hotels and Restaurants

If you want your clients to have a fun-filled drink, then try adding popping boba. You can add popping boba to your desserts and drinks. Popping boba in yogurt or desserts is a creative idea.

Whether you want creamy boba, fruity boba, or non-fruity boba, you can make popping bubble boba within your hotel.

With a popping boba-making machine, you can make your bursting popping boba for cocktails, desserts, salads, or other beverages.

At SaintyCo, we offer a range of popping boba machines depending on your production needs. Whether you need a simple popping boba maker or large equipment, SaintyCo will customize the machine for your unique needs – contact us now.

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