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Popping Boba Machine

If you are looking for a machine for your start-up or running business? Well then, Saintyco is well-known in making high-class machines including popping boba machines.

  • Suitable for popping all kinds of pearls to various flavours
  • Can make popping pearls into different sizes
  • Easy to wash, store, and operate
  • Smooth and hassle-free
  • Has a 340K up tp 680K popping boba capacity

SaintyCo Popping Boba Machine

Do you have a coffee shop, milk tea shop or any shop that needs a popping boba machine? We have our latest and newest machine that produces popping boba balls for toppings for coffee, tea, and smoothies. All our popping boba machines offer longevity and tough performance. When you need this kind of machine, Saintyco can provide different models of popping boba machine.

Popping Boba Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you invest in a new popping boba machine, there are critical things you must know.

First, know what popping boba is.

Then, understand the working principle of popping boba machine.

This guide will take you through all these critical aspects that will help you skyrocket your popping boba business.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Popping Boba?

Popping boba is a tea-based drink.

It is also known in other names such as bursting boba balls or popping pearls, bubble tea, or pearl milk tea.

Popping boba originated from Taichung in Taiwan in the early 1980s.

The recipe contains milk or fruit.

Popping boba can be categorized into two groups.

These groups are milk teas and tea without milk.

Popping boba is normally filled with flavors that are found in real fruit juice.

Normally, they burst into the mouth when consumed.

 Popping boba

Popping boba

Why Invest in Popping Boba Machine?

With popping boba machine, you can get more customers who love popping boba.

Some of the reasons to invest in a popping boba machine include:

 Small popping boba machine

Small popping boba machine

Increased Production Capacity

The popping boba machine you invest in will produce more popping boba.

This is because the machine has been programmed to work efficiently.

Remember, the production capacity of each popping boba machine also varies.

For example, a fully automatic popping boba machine has a high production capacity than a semi-automatic popping boba machine.

Increased Sales and Profit

Since your machine will produce more popping boba, you can easily increase sales and profits.

Being able to meet these needs on time means your clients will be satisfied with your production level.

Variety in your Production

Having a popping boba machine means you will be able to produce a variety of popping boba.

Different flavors of popping boba require different ingredients.

Since the popping boba machine is fast and efficient, you will be able to produce a variety of popping boba.

As a result, you will meet the different tastes of your clients.

The popping boba machine will also produce popping boba of various shapes, sizes, and fillings.


Popping boba machines are efficient and reliable.

It will function effortlessly.

Your production needs will always be met as long as the popping boba machine is in good working condition.

Low Production Cost

A fully automatic popping boba machine will in the long run reduce your production cost.

This is because you will require less human labor to operate the popping boba machine.

What are the Components of Popping Boba Machine?

A popping boba machine has many components that work together in the production of popping boba.

You need to understand how each component works.

It will help you to monitor the entire process and know when a component has malfunctioned.

Besides, you have to maintain these components for optimal productivity.

Some of the components of a popping boba machine include:

 Automatic popping boba machine

Automatic popping boba machine

  • Jam hopper
  • SUS pan
  • Flushing system
  • Cleaning system
  • Feeder
  • Operating panel

How do you make Popping Boba?

The popping boba machine makes popping boba using a technique called spherification.

This is the reaction between water, calcium chloride, and sodium alginate.

Calcium chloride is a white powder while sodium alginate is a yellow powder.

Sodium alginate is generally salt and it is a product of neutralization.

When you extract and process seaweed, you find alginic acid.

This is mainly found on the walls of brown algae.

You will add sodium alginate to the desired juice.

This will then initiate the process of spherification.

To ensure that the alginate is distributed evenly, you will use a blender.

The juice you are to use should also be cold.

You should use cold juice so that the alginate does not solidify before you add calcium.

The downside of this is –  you will get jelly and not juice inside the boba.

The juice should also have a pH that is greater than 3.6.

If you use too much acidity, it will change sodium alginate back to the form of alginic acid.

This will make it thick.

To resolve this, you will add alkaline to neutralize the acid hence raising the Ph.

Alginate is a substance that will form a gel when you add it to water.

In the next step, you will use a syringe to add juice drop by drop into the water and calcium chloride mixture.

An increased number of bonds in the sodium and calcium mixture will form a bond that is ridged.

This will create a thin layer of gel outside the boba while maintaining the desired juices on the inside.

You should store the boba in the same juice as what is in it.

This is because it is very thin and permeable.

Meaning, it will dissolve if stored in water.

The popping boba comes out as spheres because syringes were used to create droplets.

With other tools, you can create a variety of shapes.

Of course, this is a general overview how you can make popping boba.

With a popping boba machine, the process will be fast and straight forward.

You will only choose the right ingredients and the popping boba machine will handle all the remaining processes.

That is, it will form the spherical shapes of the popping boba, alongside other processes.

What Flavors Can Popping Boba Machine make?

A popping boba machine is capable of making popping boba of many flavors.

Some of the flavors that a popping boba machine can make include:

  • Cranberry popping boba
  • Orange popping boba
  • Kiwi popping boba
  • Blueberry popping boba
  • Green apple popping boba
  • Passion fruit popping boba
  • Strawberry popping boba
  • Yogurt popping boba
  • Cantaloupe popping boba
  • Lychee popping boba
  • Mango popping boba
  • Peach popping boba
  • Pomegranate popping boba
  • Cherry popping boba

What are the uses of Popping Boba?

You can use popping boba in many ways.

Popping boba is made of real fruit juice that is in the form of jelly-like balls.

Some of the ways you can use popping boba are listed below:

  • Ice cream
  • Egg tart fillings
  • Tea
  • Juice
  • Bubble tea
  • Cake decorations
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Iced bubble tea
  • Cocktail drinks
  • Custards
  • Sweetbreads

Why is Popping Boba Machine Popular in Food Industry?

A popping boba machine has gained popularity worldwide.

It is considered a popular topping.

Some of the reasons a popping boba machine is popular include:

· Low in Calories

The popping boba machine can produce popping boba low with calories.

· Less Preparation Required

Popping boba is primarily made ready to eat.

It does not require you to do many preparations before serving it.

You are also reminded to keep refrigerated once you open the popping boba container.

It has Many Flavors

A popping boba machine can make popping boba in a variety of flavors.

This means the clients will always have a lot to choose from.

You can get over 12 flavors of popping boba.

It is Colorful and Unique

Popping boba comes in many colors that will bring light to your drink or dessert.

Popping boba is unique, clear, and come with a gummy texture.

The texture is made from the extract found in seaweed.

You can Enjoy it in Many Ways

You can enjoy popping boba in a countless number of ways.

One way to enjoy it is to freeze the boba and letting it burst into your mouth releasing an explosion of flavors.

You can use it in drinks and desserts such as yogurt, shaved ice, cocktails, salads, and even ice cream.

How do you determine the Production Capacity of Popping Boba Machine?

Automatic popping boba machine

 Automatic popping boba machine

The production capacity of a popping boba machine depends on the type of machine you choose.

Usually, a fully automatic popping boba machine has a high production capacity than a semi-automatic popping boba machine.

When you purchase a popping boba machine, the capacity will be included in the technical specifications.

In addition to this, big popping boba machines will have a higher production capacity than small popping boba machine.

Commercial popping boba machines also have a high production capacity compared to small-scale popping boba machine.

What Material is Popping Boba Machine-made of?

The best material that is used in the manufacture of popping boba machine is stainless steel.

This is because stainless steel is durable and it is also easy to clean.

You can easily maintain the sanitation standards as stainless steel does not corrode easily.

How does a Fully Automatic Popping Boba Production Line compare to Semi-automatic Popping Boba Machine?

You should always choose a popping boba machine that will meet your production needs.

Also, your budget will determine the kind of machine you will have.

Using a semi-automatic popping boba machine means that you need to employ some staff to assist in its operation.

This is because it cannot do all the functions by itself.

On the other hand, a fully automatic popping boba machine will perform all the activities by itself.

If you plan to start small-scale production of popping boba, you are well of purchasing a semi-automatic popping boba machine.

Contrary to this, if you want to go large scale, you are better off purchasing a fully automatic popping boba machine.

Generally, a fully automatic popping boba machine will cost you more than a semi-automatic popping boba machine.

Fully automatic popping boba machines also have a programmable logic controller [PLC].

This will allow you to easily monitor the machine from a central station.

What are the Technical Specifications of Popping Boba Machine?

The technical specifications of a popping boba machine will determine a lot about its capabilities.

A glance at the technical specifications of a popping boba machine will enable you to choose the one that suits your business.

Some of the technical specifications of a popping boba machine include:

  • A compressed air requirement of 0.2m3/min and 0.4 to 0.6MPa.
  • A temperature requirement of 250 C or less.
  • A humidity requirement of 45 to 55%.
  • It uses an average of 8kW and 380V in terms of power needs.
  • A depositing peed of between 20 to 25 times per minute.
  • It has a capacity of between 50kg/h and 600kg/hr.

Which Ingredients does Popping Boba Machine use?

The ingredients that a popping boba machine uses depend on the type of popping boba you are making.

For instance, if you are making passion fruit popping boba, you will require passion fruit juice.

Some of the other ingredients a popping boba machine used include:

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Fruit juice
  • Coloring
  • Fruit flavorings
  • Calcium lactate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Malic acid
  • Seaweed extract

What are the Quality Standards of Popping Boba Machine?

Food production equipment has to adhere to standards that are set by international bodies.

This ensures that the popping boba machine you are using is fit for the production of human consumables.

You should be aware of these standards to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Some of the standards that a popping boba machine should adhere to include:

CE Mark of Quality Standard – This mark shows that all the electrical equipment is of the right standard.

Food and Drug Administration [FDA] Standard – This standard will ensure that the popping boba machine meets all human health standards.

International Organization for Standardization [ISO] – With this quality standard, you will know that the popping boba machine works in the best way possible.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP] Standard – With this quality standard, you will be able to know that the machine meets all standards from manufacturing to packaging.

It vets all the processed that are used in the production of popping boba.

What Determines to Cost of Popping Boba Machine?

The price of a popping boba machine varies a lot and depends on the type of machine you buy.

Generally, a fully automatic popping boba machine will cost you more than a semi-automatic popping boba machine.

Big popping boba machines which are used in the commercial production of popping boba are also expensive.

This is because they have a higher production capacity than their smaller counterpart.

The price of a popping boba machine will range from 2000 US Dollars to 85000 US Dollars.

How do you Maintain Popping Boba Machine?

Proper maintenance of a popping boba machine means that the machine will always meet its production capacity.

In addition to this, the popping boba machine will also last long.

Another advantage of maintaining a popping boba machine is that you will spend less on maintenance and repairs.

You are encouraged to clean the popping boba machine frequently.

If you notice that a part of the machine is damaged, you are required to replace it immediately.

For moving parts, you are to make sure they are lubricated well to avoid tear and wear.

For replacement, always use genuine parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

This will save you money as counterfeit parts will lead to the machine breaking down frequently.

As a result, it will cost you more.

Are there Limitations to Popping Boba machines?

The limitations of a popping boba machine depend on the kind of equipment you choose.

For instance, your production capacity will be low if you use a semi-automatic and not fully automatic popping boba machine.

The initial cost of purchasing a fully automatic popping boba machine is also high.

You also will need to undergo some training to be aware of how the machine operates.

What is the difference between Popping Boba and Tapioca Boba?

Popping boba is usually made from a seaweed extract and has fruit juice flavoring on the inside.

Tapioca boba is chewy and can be made sweet with the addition of sugar and honey.

Tapioca boba is made from tapioca and has little flavor when a sweetener is not added to it.

Also, tapioca boba needs to be cooked while popping boba does not need cooking.

Popping boba pops and it mixes with the other flavors when consumed.

Tapioca boba offers more neutral flavors meaning it can pair with anything.

On the other hand, popping boba comes in many varieties but lack neutral flavors.

Which Support Equipment do you need Alongside Popping Boba Machine?

A popping boba machine can work with other machines in the production line.

Some of the support equipment that you need alongside popping boba machine include:

Automatic Sealer Machines

This machine created an airtight seal on the cup.

Automatic sealer machine is efficient, making a perfect choice for most applications.

It will also save you money as plastic seals are relatively cheaper than traditional lids

Boba Shaker Machine

This machine makes sure you have a perfectly shaken drink.

They are capable of rapidly shaking the tea so that the mixture is perfectly mixed.

Automatic Fructose Dispenser

The main function of this machine is to keep the drink delicious.

It also does the job of maintaining quality consistency.

You can easily program the machine to get what you want when you are serving.

Automatic Boba Cookers

This machine will help you serve a consistent product to your clients.

It will boil water as well as stir the ingredients.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range of popping boba machines, depending on the market demands.

We help you through the installation, commissioning, training and subsequent maintenance.

Contact us today for your popping boba machine needs.

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