Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (PrimaFill CF-12)

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (PrimaFill CF-12)

SaintyCo PrimaFill CF-12 automatic Capsule Filling Machine features a 5 stage tamping technology, which guarantees high accuracy and conforms to the WHO, CE, GMP and cGMP standards.

With 8 stations and 2 segments, this automatic encapsulating machine has a maximum production output of 3,000 to 8,500 pcs/hr. for pallets and 6,000 to 12,000 pcs/hr. for powder.

For easy operation, SaintyCo automatic capsule filler uses a SIEMENS PLC, with a versatile touch screen HMI. Users can change all parameter modes and monitor the production of the automatic encapsulator through the HMI.

SaintyCo PrimaFill CF-12 automatic encapsulation machine has an enclosed dosing system and turn table, alongside a vacuum cleaning system. This ensures a low-maintenance operations and optimizes productivity.

The PrimaFill CF-12 series is a high quality automatic capsule filling machine that features high end technology for any pharmaceutical manufacturing company. You can fill all capsules sizes with standard designs such as #00 to #5.