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LGS-150 Roll Compactor Machine

SaintyCo LGS-150 Roll Compactor Machine is a stable, reliable and versatile with the ability to extrude, pulverize and granulate material to a required density and size. With a horizontal screw feeder, two-stages granulation and circulating cooling system; our LGS-150 Roll Compactor Machine offers a perfect solution in pharmaceutical chemical and foodstuff industries.

With a compact design of SaintyCo LGS-150 Roll Compactor Machine is easy to clean and maintain, while ensuring continuous and instantaneous material processing. Whether you opt for our standard or custom design, LGS-150 Roll Compactor Machine is designed to guarantee precise and consistent dry granulation.

  • PLC control system with HMI
  • cGM and CE compliant design
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Robust and compact design
  • Zero cross contamination and pollution
Technical DataLGS150
Roller Diameter(mm)150
Roller Width (mm)50
Granularity (mm)0.2-2.0
Throughput, Continuous Operation(Kg/h)40-120
Maximal Pressure Force (Bar)220
Screw Feeder Rotating Speed(Rpm)25-100
Maximal Granulating Rotating Speed(Rpm)200
Maximal Roller Speed(Rpm)25
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)1160×1180×1980
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