LGC-200 Roller Compactor

LGC-200 Roller Compactor

Our LGC-200 Roller Compactors are a two grade granulating machines that precisely transform solid material into hard and dense sheets. The unique design of SaintyCo LGC-200 Roller Compactor features a dust-tight, compact and modular design; with a vertical feeding system.

Offering both standard and custom designed SaintyCo LGC-200 Roller Compactors; we provide pharmaceutical, R&D and foodstuff industries with advanced and precise machines. By adjusting our LGC-200 Roller Compactors using an inverter, you can configure them to meet the right material densification and granulation needs.

  • Fully automated system with PLC control
  • Cost competitive
  • cGMP compliant design
  • Fully sealed operation
  • Easy operation with POD display
Technical DataLGC-200
Roller Diameter(mm)200
Roller Width (mm)50
Granularity (mm)0.2-2.0
Throughput, Continuous Operation(Kg/h)30-100
Maximal Pressure Force (Bar)120
Screw Feeder Rotating Speed(Rpm)20-120
Maximal Granulating Rotating Speed(Rpm)200
Maximal Roller Speed(Rpm)16
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)1400×1150×1950

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