Roller Compactor for Dry Granulation

Are you looking for a machine that can increase bulk density, reduce particle size and guarantee dust free operation in pharmaceutical material processing?

Well, you need a roller compactor for dry granulation. This is due to the numerous benefits that I am going to discuss in this article.

When it comes to dry granulation in pharmaceutical material processing, you may find it difficult to choose the right procedure. Normally, you can choose between roller compaction and slugging.

From my experience, I am not a proponent of slugging process when it comes to dry granulation. Probably, this is due to the nature of material processing tasks in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Roll Compactor is cGMP Compliant

All roll compactor for drying granulation machines conforms to the current good manufacturing practice (cGMP).

RC-5B Automatic Dry Granulator Machine

A roll compactor machine

Looking at this machine, it is made of the FDA approved material. All parts that are in contact with the product are made from AISI 316.

On the other hand, parts that are not in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 steel. Furthermore, all seals are also made from FDA approved rubber.

Basically, this makes all pharmaceutical machines to:

  • Conform to the required hygiene standards since steel is easy to clean and hygienic
  • Modular design, thus, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Fully sealed section to prevent cross contamination
  • Ensure advanced dust handling capability
  • Minimize product retention, hence easy to clean

Normally, the roller compactor machines are based on intense research pharmaceutical R&D. This will make it an ideal machine for processing chemical and biological and active ingredients.

2. Guarantees Better Process Control & High Capacity

During the machine design process, we focus on the ability to fully control the dry granulation process for material processing consistency and reliability.

Dry Granulator

End product of the dry granulation process

Under normal circumstances, achieving this can be a difficult task for most material processing companies.

But, how does pharmaceutical roller compactor for dry granulation ensure high degree of process control?

  • With a roller compactor, you’re guaranteed of high material processing efficiency per hour.
  • Ensures continuous material processing
  • A reliable way to process heat and moisture sensitive pharmaceutical materials
  • Suitable for material with poor flowability such as ibuprofen

Furthermore, with multiple roll design, you can control the shapes of the final product. This is irrespective of shape or type of material you intend to process.

Again, a number of roll compactor manufacturers focus on designing a proprietary feeding system. This guarantees optimal and accurate material processing.

In short, all measures are put in place to achieve the desired bulk density of material.

3. A Cost Competitive Product thus, you’ll get Value for Your Money

Our main focus has always been how to optimize operation and functionality of the pharmaceutical roll compactor. We achieve this by insisting on designing and manufacturing machines that conform to high quality standards.

We are able to blend our patented, European and American technologies ensure the equipment is not only cost competitive, but also guarantees value for your money. The unique roller compaction technology ensures these machines remain cost-effective.

RC-150 Dry Granulator

Roller compaction process

Depending on the option of the roller compactor machine, they may be equipped with many features such as:

  • Different rollers such as plain, knurled or corrugated for fast and efficient material processing
  • Hydraulically force distribution system that ensures quality material processing and minimize possible wastages
  • A top scraper that removes any powder that sticks on the roller component
  • Fully automated system, hence, there’s no need for more manpower

Moreover, roller compactor for dry granulation requires low investment and comes with low maintenance costs.

Ideally, this is one of the most efficient material processing machines you can trust for any material processing in industrial and laboratory applications.

4. A Flexible Machine You Can Adapt to Most Material Processing Applications

There are three aspects you need to focus on whenever you’re planning to ensure efficiency of material processes. These include the ability to:

  • Increase particle size
  • Control and increase bulk density of material
  • Ensure better flow of material
  • Efficient boding of particles

In short, all these will improve homogeneity of all active ingredients and reduced possibility of material segregation.

Processes in roller compaction for dry granulation

Processes in roller compaction for dry granulation

You can achieve all these when you buy an efficient roller compactor for dry granulation machine. Whether you’re in:

  • Pharmaceutical industry where you process antibiotics, lactose, paracetamol, riboflavin, etc.
  • Chemical industry such as toner substances, detergent powder, etc.
  • Food processing; animal feeding, vitamins, flavors, etc.

Since these machines come in modular designs, you will only require simple adjustments such as:

  • Choosing the right roll size; consider its dimensions which are in diameter and width
  • Roller output speed
  • Surface of the roller that may vary from knurled, smooth or corrugated.
  • Adjust maximum roll force
  • Cantilever bearing design makes replacing and cleaning of rollers, easy and simple
  • Mobile design ensures flexibility

With modern machines, you can make all these adjustments via the PLC system.

Definitely, you can adapt this machine to nearly all applications, saving you the cost of buying a new machine. You can produce granular or briquette shaped products.

Furthermore, roller compactor machines guarantee a high degree of scalability. That is, the process is fully transferable from laboratory to full scale manufacturing process.

Therefore, you don’t have to waste time on experimental trials that are expensive.

5. Roller Compactor for Dry Granulation Ensure High Degree of Safety

No one wishes to operate a machine that doesn’t guarantee safety. All roller compactor manufacturers have put many measures in place to protect the safety of equipment and users.

RC-150 Full Automatic Dry Granulator Machine

SaintyCo Roll Compactor Machine

Let’s review some of the most critical safety measures that ensure seamless operation of this equipment:

  • Efficient automated mechanism that controls; feeding process, pressure, speed, amount of powder, force, momentum, supply, etc. Some of these processes are interlocked to ensure consistent and reliable operation.
  • A contained design that prevents any contamination between the product and technician. Furthermore, a dust tight system isolates material processing section from the external environment.
  • A safety clutch between the AC driven feed screw and gearbox (depending on the design).
  • Pre-compressing chamber protects the machine from leakage or slippage.
  • For heat sensitive products, the machine must have water jacketed design.
  • A flame proof motor
  • Emergency stop and overload relay
  • A limit safety switch for slip clutch drive and chamber

The safety measures may vary depending on the design of roller compactor for dry granulation. Remember, you need to follow all the recommended safety procedures to ensure seamless operation while eliminating the possibility of downtime.

6. Robust Design that is Durable for all Material Processing Applications

Design plays an integral role in dry granulation. This is why manufacturers have adopted unique and modern roller compaction technologies.

This is quite clear in the design and performance. For instance, a laboratory and pharmaceutical roller compactor will vary based on performance or capacity of the machine.

Automatic Dry Granulator Machine

Here are some critical design features of pharmaceutical roll compactor for dry granulation:

  • A compaction seal design; reduces cross contamination and guarantees process integrity
  • Modular design for quick part change-over. No need for sophisticated tools or training.
  • Easy to clean, assemble and disassemble design
  • Pharmaceutical roller compactor machines feature a cGMP compliant design that blends our unique patented, European and American technologies. They are approved by the biomedical and drug manufacturing industries/associations.
  • Design ensures minimum product retention
  • Cantilever bearing design for easy part replacement.
  • Mobile/portable design for R&D machines
  • Compact design that is fully integrated with the HMI
  • Design requires minimum lubrication and daily maintenance
  • A cGMP compliant design
  • Both standard and custom made designs available
  • Design prevents powder sticking on the rolls

In short, the roller compactor for dry granulation should feature a design that optimizes performance and minimizes downtime. This is the only sure way to get value for your money.


Clearly, you can see that a roller compactor for dry granulation offers so many benefits that guarantee successful and seamless material processing. All that matters is your ability to choose the right pharmaceutical roll compactor machine.

Of course, this will depend on your area of specialization. You can get a roll compactor machine specially designed for pharmaceutical, R&D, laboratory or food processing industries.

For questions or inquiries about roller compactor machines, contact us today.

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