ABC Blister Cartoning Line

ABC Blister Cartoning Line

SaintyCo ABC Blister Cartoning Line offers a perfect solution for ampoules and vials packaging. Featuring robust robotic system, the ABC Blister Cartoning Line aims to improve and optimize efficiency at every stage in the blister packaging process.

With an optional YAMAHA 4 or ABB 6 robot feeders, expect accurate and consistent blister cavity feeding and sealing. This blister cartoning line adopts an independent PLC with advanced touchscreen HMI, while the electrical systems are mainly OMRON, SMC or Leybold.

The modular design and easy part changeover makes it easy to adopt SaintyCo ABC Blister Cartoning Line for a range of ampoules and vials packaging.

To ensure safety, all moving parts and processing sections of SaintyCo blister packing line feature a safety cover with an auto stop mechanism.

Besides, the SaintyCo ABC Blister Cartoning Line features a stainless steel structure, as per the cGMP requirements, with a robust and stable structure.

Easy to clean surface with virtually no dead angle meets the hygienic requirements in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.  Also, SaintyCo ABC Blister Carton Line comes in ABC -300 and ABC – 400 with custom designs available.